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Any­one who knows me KNOWS that Solange is my ulti­mate lady crush! Although her hair is more than like­ly a wig, I still strive for her curls, like ALL THE TIME. The only prob­lem, that darn pineap­ple method! I mean, real­ly, who does the pinap­ple method real­ly work for?!?!

With two kids it’s vir­tu­al­ly impos­si­ble to do the prop­er night­ly rou­tine for my curls. When I lay my 3 month old down to sleep, I typ­i­cal­ly fall asleep as I’m putting him down. As I wake up in the morn­ing, I usu­al­ly have a dry, lop­sided curly afro…LOL.

So, of course, I couldn’t do with the nap­py fro every morn­ing and I had to do some­thing to give my hair some life. Even though I love my wash-n-go curls, I can’t keep wait­ing upwards of an hour for my hair to air dry every morn­ing. Some­times I have to be gone in min­utes.

After review­ing Wild Sun­shine Bliss’ tuto­r­i­al for the pineap­ple method a few months back, I tried it and of course IT DIDN’T WORK FOR ME! I was bummed and went back to my reg­u­lar rou­tine *which was NO ROUTINE*. Fast for­ward to last night, I got the sleepies again while putting my son down so I decid­ed to try the pineap­ple method one more time, but I’m going to switch it up a bit. I changed it slight­ly by pulling my hair for­ward to the top of my head and plac­ing a satin bon­net on top and by-gol­ly, IT WORKED!

For you natru­al­is­tas look­ing for a bet­ter night­ly rou­tine, I found a few tuto­ri­als you can try to find a reg­i­men that’s best for you. I know there are many dif­fer­ent hair types so there is some­thing for every­one!

Soooo, if stretch­ing your tight­ly coiled hair is a major con­cern for you try this:

Ok, so your hair is kind of short…here’s one for you too:

I even found one for you medi­um length naturalista’s (with lay­ers):

I’ve tried all three and I’ve failed mis­er­ably, so here’s my rou­tine:

What’s your night­ly rou­tine??? Do any of these meth­ods work for you? If so, what’s your favorite? If not, how did you switch it up?

Marie Young is founder and edi­tor of Good­LooknOut, an online plat­form for women to share, inspire and ‘LOOK OUT’ for oth­er women. Fol­low Marie on Twit­terInsta­gram and Face­book!

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Izehi Amadasu

I can’t seem to find the arti­cle

Newly Natural

I have still yet to find a nigh­t­ine rou­tine for me. The only way i can get a sec­ond day out of a wash n go is not putting any scarves or bon­nets on it and “sleep­ing pret­ty” (on my arms not allow­ing my hair to touch any­thing) it sucks and is very uncom­fort­able since i love sleep­ing on my back, but idk guess i’ll keep fail­ing until my hair gets long enough for a pineap­ple. It stopped grow­ing a yr ago though.


[…] and I have to learn not to take it per­son­al so per­son­al — yep, there was that whole “Nat­ur­al Nazi” state­ment I made… *imag­i­nary blog­ger-tail hides between […]


[…] and I have to learn not to take it per­son­al so per­son­al — yep, there was that whole “Nat­ur­al Nazi” state­ment I made… *imag­i­nary blog­ger-tail hides between […]


Although my hair isn’t nat­ur­al, and I doubt I would ever go back to my nat­ur­al hair,I still like to style my hair as if it appears to be nat­ur­al but its an illu­sion. But the moral is the pineap­ple method hard­ly ever works for me. I’ll ban­tu knot my hair while its wet, and for the first cou­ples of nights, the method work. I assume that is all depends on how you pre­pare your hair and sleep.


So it seems to just be a way to pro­tect your hair from being tan­gled? I usu­al­ly just put a scarf on re-spray with water in the morn­ing and put my mois­tur­iz­er on and off I go. lol. I have short 4C hair.


I put my hair in 2 braids/plaits and throw my wave cap on. Yep, the same kind the guys wear. LOL! It works though and stretch­es out my curls!

I have medium/short 3c hair and i have a way to go before i can do a tra­di­tion­al pineap­ple. I tried just sleep­ing in a bon­net, but i just DO NOT have shake out and go type hair (im going to keep peti­tion­ing the hair fairy for that). Once its smashed and crazy, thats all she wrote. So.…i start­ed exper­i­ment­ing. What worked for me is this: I grab the hair at the top of my hair and put it in a pony­tail (kin­da like a faux pineap­ple). Then, since the sides of my hair cant reach the pineap­ple-esque pony­tail at… Read more »
Laura Truesdale

Girl you got­ta do what you got­ta do…LOL. And trust me I wish the “hair fairy” would vis­it me every once in a while…

Laura Truesdale

OMG! I live for that Pineap­ple method…I actu­al­ly saw “Mahogany Curls” do it and I actu­al­ly have the video of Ms. Ariel­la on my playlist on YouTube. I do mix it up a bit…bc I end up with a whole heap of hair on top of my head and it’s in my face and it’s more like a “VOLCANO”. I think after so much growth it turns into a vol­cano method…*just a thought LOL* :D I like bun­ning a lot as well.
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Kinky me

This works well for me until it’s time to remois­tur­ize then a braid out is need­ed overnight to rede­fine

It seems to me that the pineap­ple method isnt too effec­tive for thick, tighter coiled tex­tures like myself but works for peo­ple whose hair, well, can fall. Hair like my own LIKES to hold what­ev­er shape it is in *hence alot of the fresh­est ‘out’ styles hap­pen on this kind of hair*. So yes you get uni­corn-ocean wave hair with this method because thats the shape it was kept in for 8 hours (if your lucky)! I like to do a quick split down the mid­dle of my hair and either band or braid or ban­tu knot or just slap a… Read more »
wake up now

It has the as if you read through my thoughts! You appear to learn a whole lot about this, like you authored the guide with­in it or any­thing. I believe that you can use with just a few r. g. for you to pow­er the con­tent house­hold some­what, but rather than that will, that’s amaz­ing web­site. An out­stand­ing read. We’ll sure­ly return to their office.

I have long, fine hair and the nape is almost straight. So, the pineap­ple always stretched the nape more, giv­ing me a tail, and leaves the tighter coils in tact (which I wish the nape would do). Also, the hair would be all in my face because it flops over and usu­al­ly my ends would get mushed from lay­ing on them. So, with­in the last month (after 13 years of being nat­ur­al — though at vary­ing lengths), I found a way to pre­serve my loose hair overnight and decent­ly through work­outs. I post­ed a very short clip of it on… Read more »

My hair is a tighter tex­ture than yours but I have a sim­i­lar sit­u­a­tion — loos­er sides and back, tighter top — and that’s why the tra­di­tion­al pineap­ple method doesn’t work for me. That’s why, when I’m wear­ing it loose, I put it into two low puffs, one on either side of my head, before putting on the satin scarf. It’s my TOP that needs the stretch, not the sides and back.

Also, from one vet­er­an to anoth­er: Do you ever won­der when, if at all, we’ll be able to stop say­ing “not every­thing is going to work for every­body”? ;)

NEVER!! LOL!!! I always try to make cer­tain that my posts are clear­ly just me shar­ing what has worked for me, not giv­ing the impres­sion that what I do will work for every­one. I also end a lot of my arti­cles with ques­tions like the ones at the end of the post, which ask oth­er peo­ple if they’ve tried a method, did it work, if not, what do they do that works. I think that is also indica­tive of the fact that we under­stand that not every­thing works for every­one. But yeah … all that to say, I don’t think… Read more »
I have to remind myself that everybody’s at a dif­fer­ent place in this jour­ney (and some folks aren’t on “jour­neys” at all, lol). I find some new nat­u­rals don’t always under­stand that NONE of these so-called “rules” peo­ple try to lay down are set in stone. To get to a point where you real­ly appre­ci­ate your nat­ur­al hair — espe­cial­ly if, like me, you have the tex­ture that hard­ly any­one ever appre­ci­at­ed — you absolute­ly have to have an open mind. Just because your hair doesn’t “pineap­ple” exact­ly like so-and-so-guru’s hair doesn’t mean there’s some­thing wrong with your hair. I think… Read more »

So first,thank you for includ­ing a USEFUL pic­ture! And sec­ond, could you write some­thing about your twist­ing method? Pret­ty please?


Hi Iva! Did you watch the video that I post­ed the link to above? It’s a 15 sec­ond clip of how I do it that I post­ed on Insta­gram and I also pro­vide a step by step in the cap­tion. Hope that helps! 



You should’ve writ­ten this arti­cle instead of the orig­i­nal author since THIS is very unique and inno­v­a­tive (not a pineap­ple that every has seen before). I’ve nev­er thought of this before and will try it tonight.


Glad to help Jax and Mai! I shared the video that I post­ed on IG on my blog a cou­ple of weeks ago. But, I do think I should repost it under a head­er for Night­time Routines/Alternatives to the Pineap­ple or some­thing so that it can be eas­i­ly found! 

Thank you!



Tanks for the tip! I have the same prob­lem with the nape being too loose and tail. :)

C. D. Beatrice Clay

I’ve been nat­ur­al since 1998 and I can’t imag­ine myself oth­er­wise. I also can’t imag­ine myself fol­low­ing the many many MANY nat­ur­al hair “rules” “meth­ods” “sys­tems” ecetera. Soooo pineap­pling nope nev­er tried it on pur­pose. After this I may, but only because it looks sim­ple so thank you dar­ling for shar­ing.


That is an unmod­i­fied pineap­ple method. No new infor­ma­tion here except that the author doesn’t think that nap­py fros have life.


That was the pineap­ple method. I under­stand what she was say­ing though, maybe her hair was longer at the time of film­ing it would exag­ger­ate the fact that her hair was pushed all the way for­ward. I do the same thing and I look like a damn uni­corn with all this hair lol


umm thats pret­ty much the nor­mal way to do it. i wast­ed my time think­ing i was going to learn some rev­o­lu­tion­ary tip. -_–


Yeah…my thick, coarse hair, and if you “type” it- 4c hair nev­er does any “falling” into place :-) Marie I’m glad you found a method that works for you. 

The terms and meth­ods we use re: [on] our hair is per­son­al choice.


Go Simona!!! Here is my two cents:

I love the arti­cle although I am not a nat­ur­al, I am a bon­net wear­er LOL. This method could def­i­nite work when I wear my hair in curls. 

As far as the peo­ple offend­ed by nappy…time for a self-check. It must hit pret­ty close to home for them. This arti­cle is an opin­ion and you can’t please them all. Instead of com­ments, maybe they should bust their butts to get pub­lished like you did. WHOOP!

GO #GOOD­Girl!!!

Some­times “two-cents” means no sense.… You may want to check yo self first. The head­er on this site reads “Cel­e­brat­ing Nat­ur­al Hair”. You’re not a nat­ur­al and you’re defend­ing the use of a term that does not cel­e­brate nat­ur­al hair. In case you (and some oth­ers) missed it, the use of the term “nap­py” is a no-no espe­cial­ly on nat­ur­al hair blogs/websites…duh. Per­haps it’s because it’s the year of our Lord 2013! And we have a pletho­ra of terms adjec­tives nouns etc in var­i­ous lan­guages that can accu­rate­ly describe the state of hair with­out digress­ing to the use of the neg­a­tive term,… Read more »

I’m not real­ly under­stand­ing your argu­ment about the word nap­py hit­ting “close to home”. What do you mean? Are you try­ing to say that peo­ple who don’t like the word nap­py must have nap­py hair? If so, that is a very inter­est­ing com­ment com­ing from some­one with a relax­er.


This is exact­ly what I do, and it works okay. But on day 3, ringlets start to lose def­i­n­i­tion, it’s a bit more frizz and fly­aways. I think my hair might be super thin? Any thoughts, or prod­ucts that y’all use to not weigh it down but define and light­en?

kin­da late but i’m just get­ting into this myself bc late­ly i’d found myself hav­ing to rewet my WNG dai­ly in the show­er and i think it’s tak­ing a toll on my length reten­tion. I’m not entire­ly sure though, but i’m sus­pi­cious. I found that shea moisture’s curl and style milk is light enough to not weigh and at the same time mois­tur­iz­ing enough to curl my hair with­out mak­ing it feel pro­duc­ty or stringy. My hair is very thin (not dense at all) and prone to frizzing if the curls are pet­ted too much. This prod­uct (apart from con­di­tion­ers)… Read more »
Thick Nigerian Hair

I tried the pineap­ple once. Tied it up and it stayed up the next morn­ing. What an epic fail.

Dee Dee

The pineap­ple method doesn’t work for me. I just throw a bon­net on and KIM. I’m sim­ple. It’s just hair to me.


Doesn’t work for me either my hair ends up stay­ing right in that posi­tion after i take it down it doesn’t fall down back into place. Waste of time,


@ Elle, same hap­pens with me — I was won­der­ing if I was the only one who didn’t get the ben­e­fits of the pineap­ple!

You know it didn’t work for me when my hair was short­er, like col­lar­bone length when stretched and I’m a 4b/c lady around my edges and 4a in the crown so you get the pic­ture. But, now that my hair has grown to armpit, bra strap length it works for me because my hair now has the weight to fall down. In the past my hair would con­tin­ue to stand at atten­tion after I removed the scarf. I will say that my twist out does flat­ten around the edges from sleep on my back and sides. But, every­thing else remains pret­ty… Read more »

My hair is armpit length now, and it still doesn’t work for me, but maybe as I con­tin­ue to gain length it will become more effec­tive. I’ll give it a try again in a few months. Thanks for the tip!


What is the tra­di­tion­al pineap­ple method?

I love this method! That’s the one I have been using as well. I thought I was doing some­thing wrong but the “tra­di­tion­al” pineap­ple or one, two three, four or ten of them all over my head was not work­ing at all! Ace Ventura/Johnny Bra­vo was my morn­ing look! Not cute. I also like to take a satin scrunchy and tie a low or mid high ponytail/bun and tie a satin scarf on my edges and sleep on my satin pil­low case. It real­ly works for me. Def­i­nite­ly beats the re-twisting/re-braiding I use to do every night :o! I still do… Read more »

Looks pret­ty much the same as a pineap­ple based on the oth­er videos you post­ed! Seems like your hair is maybe not pushed for­ward as much? I do exact­ly what you do by putting it at the top of my head and not pushed for­ward and it does work well. Good job :)


I thought what you did IS the pineap­ple method?! Guess not? Lol

Sabrina @seriouslynatural

It is and that was all I was say­ing up above. I called her a New­ly nat­ur­al because that was what she called her­self in the post.

Marie Young of GoodLooknOut

The nat­ur­al nazi’s are roam­ing these BLOG STREETS! Love the love and the SHADE! 

Thanks for sup­port­ing my love!


Please stop call­ing peo­ple “Nazi’s”. It’s inap­pro­pri­ate and offen­sive. Thank you.

Marie Young of GoodLooknOut

Not intend­ed to offend, so if it has…MY APOLOGIES! #ThatI­sAll

*Throws up the peace sign & Smiles*


Simona!! We will get you right. Every­thing ain’t for every­body remem­ber that con­vo we had under you oth­er nat­ur­al hair post!! Pineap­ple method doesn’t work for me either. Great job post­ing. I love this site, and it’s even bet­ter to see a good friend post­ing on here as well! Keep up the good work!


“So, of course, I couldn’t do with the nap­py fro every morn­ing and I had to do some­thing to give my hair some life”

Nat­u­rals have been active­ly chang­ing old beliefs prais­ing defined curls over ‘naps’ and valu­ing both equal­ly, but this sen­tence reads like the author holds those old beliefs. Nat­ur­al def­i­n­i­tion or choos­ing to define your hair is great, but a “nap­py fro” has life too.


I rather curls over unde­fined nat­ur­al hair DAMNIT!Its her hair she could describe it any­way she wants,so what if she called it nappy,people call my hair peasy I DONT CARE..just a word…it can mean dif­fer­ent things to people…calm down jeez.

Nappy 4C Rocks

peasy?! you are going waayyy back…old school, lol my grand­ma calls my hair peasy and my mom­ma calls it nap­py! I wear it any­way I want, lol

Fo-real tho! Nap­py is just as unac­cept­able as ni99a both need to be buried in our past. Nap­py is derived from the noun nap which is used to describe inan­i­mate non-human objects “with nap” such as fab­ric. Like­wise, the word ni99a was used to dehu­man­ize us as well. Since our hair is our glo­ry and a LIVING exten­sion of our very being, we should refer/describe & treat our hair with respect; thus this nat­ur­al hair move­ment (MOVING AWAY from old beliefs).  But there are some who are those who are just “crush­ing” on the lat­est trend. Then there are some… Read more »

Yeah, nor­mal­ly I don’t care what adjec­tives some­one uses to describe their own hair… But even I was like, “nap­py?” lol. If what you meant was: mat­ted, knot­ty, or you felt like you looked unkempt, then say that… Folks are like­ly to get offend­ed when you say “nap­py” in a way that match­es any of the adjec­tives I just used.

Again, nor­mal­ly how one choos­es to describe their own hair… Doesn’t mat­ter, BUT at the end of the day, you do want to be mind­ful of the words you use.


That’s very true. Yet some words just don’t mean the same thing to some peo­ple. But some folks are super wierd about the word nap­py.

Nappy 4C Rocks

I like nap­py :)

@Nappy 4C Rocks. I am actu­al­ly so super glad you wrote that. You are clear­ly using nap­py as a pos­i­tive adjec­tive that describes your hair. It’s a good word for you. This chick, sor­ry, this writer clear­ly used it as pejo­ra­tive, and as a pejo­ra­tive it is offen­sive. For me its not on par with the oth­er n-word (which, to me, should nev­er be used with an -er or a -a) but its def­i­nite­ly a loaded word. the writer wasn’t inter­est­ed in the pos­i­tive, she only saw the neg­a­tives, which is hon­est­ly, her choice, what­ev­er. But when attempt­ing to write… Read more »

I don’t think not lik­ing the word “nap­py” is super weird (which is not exact­ly what you said) but it cer­tain­ly does depend on con­text and the author’s writ­ing style. It might get a pass from some authors and not from oth­ers. But it cer­tain­ly doesn’t pair well with the writer’s (pos­si­bly) less than lov­ing descrip­tion of her own hair and her use of the term “Nazi” (anoth­er word peo­ple are right­ly “super weird” about) for peo­ple who sim­ply may not agree with her.

Sabrina @seriouslynatural

I’m not sure what she is talk­ing about because the way she does it is actu­al­ly the UNmod­i­fied way to do the Pineap­ple method. She is new­ly nat­ur­al so maybe she is unaware that she has it down pat and she was fol­low­ing mod­i­fied ver­sions. Poor thing. So much info out here and new­ly nat­u­rals get caught up in over­load.
[imgcomment image[/img]


Well, that came across as unnec­es­sar­i­ly con­de­scend­ing.

Marie Young of GoodLooknOut

Not new­ly nat­ur­al. Going on two years now. Thanks for read­ing and com­ment­ing though! :)

Sabrina @seriouslynatural

I called you a new­ly nat­ur­al because that was what you called your­self in the video. What you do in the video is the pineap­ple method and the oth­er three meth­ods are mod­i­fi­ca­tions of them. THat was my only point to my com­ment and there was no intent to insult or belit­tle you in any­way. all love com­ing from me sweet­ie.


You’re rude. And that pic is ugly (and unnecce­sary)

Sabrina @seriouslynatural

You are enti­tled to your opin­ion. Take care.


This is exact­ly how I put my hair up for the night. The only dif­fer­ence for me is I wrap my edges with a satin scarf (some­times; I have three kids and a hub­by :) and sleep on a satin pil­low­case! The “tra­di­tion­al” pineap­ple was a no-no for me too! That’s part of what’s so cool about this nat­ur­al-hair jour­ney… Self dis­cov­ery! Thanks for shar­ing!
P.S. Wicked twist-out! I love it!

Marie Young of GoodLooknOut

Glad to know I’m not the only one! Thanks for read­ing!!!!