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Celie twists — at least that is what I call them. If you search the hair blogs or You Tube, you will find that this hair­style falls under many names. The names include but are not lim­it­ed to Halo Twists, Uni­corn Braids, Milk­maid Braids and God­dess Braids.

I do not know how to corn­row so I stick to my two strand flat twists. I learned how to flat twist from Laila aka Fusion of Cul­tures on You Tube. Her video How-To 101: Flat Twist Basics has helped a sis­ta out. I am not a hair styling expert at all but I can do some mean Celie Twists. I call them Celie Twists sim­ply because they remind me of Whoopi Goldberg’s char­ac­ter Celie’s hair in the film The Col­or Pur­ple.


I usu­al­ly do my Celie Twists on blow-dried or stretched hair. I can do them with­out blow-dry­ing my hair but my hair and twists do not look as neat. It’s also eas­ier for me twist my hair if it’s first blow-dried. But when it’s blow-dried too straight, the ends of my twists tend to eas­i­ly unrav­el and I have to use numer­ous bob­by pins to keep the ends in place. Usu­al­ly in a cou­ple of days, my hair thick­ens up due to humid­i­ty and heat. As a result, I then only need one or two bob­by pins to hold my twists togeth­er.

I have always liked this hair­style and nev­er ever thought that I would be able to do it myself. When I first start­ed flat twist­ing, I could not make the two twists join togeth­er at the back. As a result, I used to put a bun in the back. I have final­ly mas­tered twist­ing all the way to the back, as you can see in my pic­tures below. Prac­tice makes per­fect when it comes to this hair­style. If I can mas­ter it, ANYONE can, empha­sis on ANY!!

I wear Celie twists ALL the time because it’s the only style that I can do. I am always amazed and extreme­ly sur­prised by the com­pli­ments they get. Even when they’re slop­py, some­one always tells me how nice it looks. The com­pli­ments are so sweet; espe­cial­ly when peo­ple think I paid some­one to do them. I think to myself, “Wow, peo­ple think I paid for this, I am doing some­thing right!”

Here are 5 tuto­ri­als for the style:

1. Bal­ti­more Nat­u­ral hair­styl­ist Zarah Charm and her Five Min­ute Chic Twists

2. Sim­ply Cre8eve and her Uni­corn Braids

3. French fash­ion blog­ger Rev­ele Toi and her love­ly twists (unfor­tu­nate­ly there is no video tuto­ri­al for this style.)


4. Nik Scott of Long Hair Don’t Care TV and her gor­geous Halo Twist


5. Romona Thomas aka that girl with the hair and her flat twist bun.


Here are some pic­tures of me rock­ing the style:

Last June, rock­ing them at a hot sum­mer wed­ding <3


Eri­ca Layne cap­tured the back of my Celie twists at The Good Hair Blog’s  Big Hair and Brunch last April.


My Celie twists one Sun­day morn­ing before church.


My Celie twists  with the bun in the back last Sep­tem­ber.


Before the Big Hair and Brunch last April. That was a great Celie twists hair day.

pho   to

Have you rocked the milk maid/halo crown/goddess braids? And which of the 5 ver­sions fea­tured here is your favorite?

Amma Mama is a nat­u­ral hair blog­ger from Ghana, West Africa cur­rent­ly resid­ing in Mary­land. Check out her blog to read more.

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I’m mov­ing to a cold cli­mate with <1% Afr-Am pop­u­la­tion so I def­i­nite­ly need all of the non-exten­sion pro­tec­tives styles that I can find. This is nice, the jum­bo twists. I nev­er blow dry my hair because I like no heat styles but may­be I’ll try an elec hot comb or per­haps I can find a good stretch method.

Amma Mama

Some­times, I stretch my hair with­out using any heat and I am still able to achieve this style. I stretch my hair {after wash­ing it} by putting putting big braids or twists in my hair {allow­ing it to air dry} and then I put the Celie Twists in. Day by day the Celie Twists stretch out my hair. The pic­ture below is an exam­ple of it done on heat­less hair. So you don’t have to use heat if yoyu don’t want to. Though,I do prefer heat.
[imgcomment image[/img]


How do u make this style last more than 1 day? Any spe­cial way to tie it up at night or any­thing?


How long can you real­is­ti­cal­ly wear the­se styles for? A day? A week? More? I am won­der­ing if they are a viable option for some­one with fine 4c hair? Pro­tec­tive enough? I am torn between doing styles that take less manip­u­la­tion to put in, but they are more fre­quent­ly done/touched up, and styles that you put in and last for longer, but might take more manip­u­la­tion to put in and take down.

Any help ladies?


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I love your blog and hair. Thanks for shar­ing. ?


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I LOVE rock­ing halo twists, braids (recent­ly start­ed doing braid-outs after wash­ing my hair as win­ter is a MATCH for me) and I will have to try the­se twist­ed crowns as well! Typ­i­cal­ly I french-plait my hair and wear it in a bun in back, but I am look­ing for a way to com­bine the braids into a sin­gle at the back. I love the­se pro­tec­tive styles-they look ele­gant, save your curls, and on me last up to five days.


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Gloria A Nyang'iye

I did a roman­tic halo braid tuto­ri­al too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0wOZKG7Sho&feature=youtu.be


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