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Celie twists — at least that is what I call them. If you search the hair blogs or You Tube, you will find that this hairstyle falls under many names. The names include but are not limited to Halo Twists, Unicorn Braids, Milkmaid Braids and Goddess Braids.

I do not know how to cornrow so I stick to my two strand flat twists. I learned how to flat twist from Laila aka Fusion of Cultures on You Tube. Her video How-To 101: Flat Twist Basics has helped a sista out. I am not a hair styling expert at all but I can do some mean Celie Twists. I call them Celie Twists simply because they remind me of Whoopi Goldberg’s character Celie’s hair in the film The Color Purple.


I usually do my Celie Twists on blow-dried or stretched hair. I can do them without blow-drying my hair but my hair and twists do not look as neat. It’s also easier for me twist my hair if it’s first blow-dried. But when it’s blow-dried too straight, the ends of my twists tend to easily unravel and I have to use numerous bobby pins to keep the ends in place. Usually in a couple of days, my hair thickens up due to humidity and heat. As a result, I then only need one or two bobby pins to hold my twists together.

I have always liked this hairstyle and never ever thought that I would be able to do it myself. When I first started flat twisting, I could not make the two twists join together at the back. As a result, I used to put a bun in the back. I have finally mastered twisting all the way to the back, as you can see in my pictures below. Practice makes perfect when it comes to this hairstyle. If I can master it, ANYONE can, emphasis on ANY!!

I wear Celie twists ALL the time because it’s the only style that I can do. I am always amazed and extremely surprised by the compliments they get. Even when they’re sloppy, someone always tells me how nice it looks. The compliments are so sweet; especially when people think I paid someone to do them. I think to myself, “Wow, people think I paid for this, I am doing something right!”

Here are 5 tutorials for the style:

1. Baltimore Natural hairstylist Zarah Charm and her Five Minute Chic Twists

2. Simply Cre8eve and her Unicorn Braids

3. French fashion blogger Revele Toi and her lovely twists (unfortunately there is no video tutorial for this style.)


4. Nik Scott of Long Hair Don’t Care TV and her gorgeous Halo Twist


5. Romona Thomas aka that girl with the hair and her flat twist bun.


Here are some pictures of me rocking the style:

Last June, rocking them at a hot summer wedding <3


Erica Layne captured the back of my Celie twists at The Good Hair Blog’s  Big Hair and Brunch last April.


My Celie twists one Sunday morning before church.


My Celie twists  with the bun in the back last September.


Before the Big Hair and Brunch last April. That was a great Celie twists hair day.

pho   to

Have you rocked the milk maid/halo crown/goddess braids? And which of the 5 versions featured here is your favorite?

Amma Mama is a natural hair blogger from Ghana, West Africa currently residing in Maryland. Check out her blog to read more.

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Gloria A Nyang'iye

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I LOVE rocking halo twists, braids (recently started doing braid-outs after washing my hair as winter is a MATCH for me) and I will have to try these twisted crowns as well! Typically I french-plait my hair and wear it in a bun in back, but I am looking for a way to combine the braids into a single at the back. I love these protective styles-they look elegant, save your curls, and on me last up to five days.


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I love your blog and hair. Thanks for sharing. ?


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How long can you realistically wear these styles for? A day? A week? More? I am wondering if they are a viable option for someone with fine 4c hair? Protective enough? I am torn between doing styles that take less manipulation to put in, but they are more frequently done/touched up, and styles that you put in and last for longer, but might take more manipulation to put in and take down.

Any help ladies?


How do u make this style last more than 1 day? Any special way to tie it up at night or anything?


I’m moving to a cold climate with <1% Afr-Am population so I definitely need all of the non-extension protectives styles that I can find. This is nice, the jumbo twists. I never blow dry my hair because I like no heat styles but maybe I'll try an elec hot comb or perhaps I can find a good stretch method.

Amma Mama

Sometimes, I stretch my hair without using any heat and I am still able to achieve this style. I stretch my hair {after washing it} by putting putting big braids or twists in my hair {allowing it to air dry} and then I put the Celie Twists in. Day by day the Celie Twists stretch out my hair. The picture below is an example of it done on heatless hair. So you don’t have to use heat if yoyu don’t want to. Though,I do prefer heat.
[imgcomment image[/img]


I love this article and all the variety of looks! 😀 Saved the videos to watch the tutorials later tonight! Thanks for sharing! 😀


I actually did a crown braid modification back in October on lightly flat-ironed hair (blow-out and one pass with flat iron). I did two cornrow braids on each side of my head and then wrapped them around to form a crown braid. And, then I accessorized with an adorned headband.

I like the author’s version of the two twists going back the most! Really cute!!


[imgcomment image[/img]


LOL I thought I was alone with this being legit the only hairstyle I can do and do well. 😀 I’m gonna try out these new variations. I can do a perfect halo in no time at all, but I’d like to remix it every now and then.


[…] my Celie Twists post on her site, I was HONORED <3 You can check out my post featured on BGLH here. I decided to post some more Celie Twists inspiration {hence the word reloaded in the title} […]

Youngin girl

I like how you named them. I love non extention braiding and How women get creative and fun natured with it. This site brings inspiration and help to me. They are all cute photos. Keep going at it.


LOL! Not the Miss Celie twists! I didn’t even realize she was rockin this style in the Color Purple.

This is my 2nd fav look of the moment. I typically wear this when my cocoon curls are lookin ratty, or after I wash my hair. It’s quick and it’s a no-fail all the time. I also wear the halo twist.


I cannot wait till my hair is long enough for all these elegant styles. 2 1/2 months down post BC, many more to go!


I haven’t rocked the milk maid/halo crown/goddess braids yet but I love the elegant look. I will try them next week. I’ll do them on a tension blow-out. I’m geeked ’cause can’t cornrow yet but I can flat-twist well enough to make this style look decent. If it works I’ll have another quick, cute protective style in my arsenal.

My fav version of the style is Amma Mama’s. I’m off to follow her blog.

Divachyk @Relaxed Thairapy

Awesome article. Gorgeous ladies and hair. I need to master this style.
Divachyk @Relaxed Thairapy

Suzan, UK

Thanks for sharing. I’ve recently revisited some of these styles which used to be my staples over thirty years ago……

Belleview Beauty

OMG, I love this because I too have tried to do it on non-stretched hair and it doesn’t look nearly as nice. These ladies and the hairstyles are all beautiful. I will be rocking this as soon as the braids are out. Thank you for this post!


I love this style. I can do it with flats but for the life of me have a terrible time mastering the two-strand twists. Just have to keep practicing. Good job!


Oooh i love #5!!!!

tmc (toronto met up, nov 16)

its nice to read your post on here, knowing you’re a frequent commenter, You did a great job with the twists. I have to master how to do those twists for the winter.


I’ve done most of these styles (minus the ones with the pompadour front; I’ve never done the pompadour) over the years. I actually used to do some of them on relaxed hair back in the day but I’m going to bring out my natural Afro-textured hair bias 😉 and say that jumbo flat twist updos like these look AMAZING on this texture. The fullness is to die for! Thanks for this post.


I love this style! I’m wearing it right now ! My sis in law & I used to wear it using 2 fat cornrows back in the 70’s when I had a huge afro & she had a perm. I even wore it like that after I started wearing curly perms.Now that I’m natural again..now & forever!..I’m back to it again. It’a a great go to style that always looks nice.


Yes, I love this style! I like your name for it– “Celie Twists”. I’ve been wearing this style for the past two months. I’m so glad that my hair has grown out long enough to wear this style. The benefits:

1)It’s a huge, HUUUUGE time saver. (I have get-up-and-go hair with this style).
2)It keeps the hair stretched and protects the hair from drying out.
3)The style always looks good.
4)It’s very versatile, and the same technique can be made into different shapes and style.


I’m learning to flat twist and the halo style is my go to,i love it. Natural hair is so beautiful,enjoying learning about my hair and for the first time in my life, I’m learning how to do my own hair.#TeamNatural


#3, #5 and the last pics of the author are my favs…good post!

Amma Mama

Mama I made it..lol
Thanks Leila for featuring my post. BGLH is my #1 go to natural hair blog, since 2009. I am touched and honored to even have my post on here. Thank you so much:-)

Coconut + Cream

Yaaaaaaaaaay Amma! Well Doneeee!
My milkbraids are never s neat as these, but I Love this post nonetheless!


Amma Mama

Thanks boo! <3 and thank you everyone else 🙂