by Kiianah of Rockin’ it Napp­tur­al

What is Cocoa pow­der? 

Raw cacao pow­der is made from cocoa solids and comes from the cacao tree, which is also where choco­late comes from. Not only is cocoa pow­der some­thing that I enjoy adding to smooth­ies and such, it’s also some­thing I enjoy includ­ing in my hair and beau­ty care rou­tine.

How does it Ben­e­fit my Hair? 

Cocoa is rich in mag­ne­sium, a min­er­al that helps to com­bat hair loss. Cocoa also con­tains one of the high­est lev­els of antiox­i­dants than many oth­er sources on Earth, which is also real­ly great for your skin. Cocoa pow­der is a nour­ish­ing and ben­e­fi­cial treat for your hair strands. It can add vibran­cy, shine, vol­ume and pro­mote healthy hair growth. Cocoa also con­tains ben­e­fi­cial nutri­ents for your hair such as pro­tein, riboflavin, vit­a­min A and thi­amine. If used con­sis­tent­ly over time, the cocoa pow­der can dark­en the hair strands.

How can I use Cocoa Pow­der in my Hair? 

I’ll share a cou­ple of recipes I’ve tried with cocoa pow­der so far. I’ve been play­ing around with using the pow­der in var­i­ous ways, but here are just a cou­ple of my favorites so far:

1. Clar­i­fy­ing Choco­late Clay Hair Mask

1/2 cup ben­tonite clay
1/3 cup cocoa pow­der
1/4 cup coconut oil
1/4 cup aloe vera juice
2 tbsp raw or organ­ic hon­ey
3–5 drops tea tree or pep­per­mint oil
1 cup (or more as need­ed) semi-boil­ing water

Com­bine all ingre­di­ents and whisk until smooth, allow to cool. Apply to slight­ly damp hair with a dye brush if avail­able. Allow to dry for at least an hour. Rinse and apply your favorite con­di­tion­er. This mask will help clar­i­fy the hair and reduce frizz.

2. Choco­late Hair Smooth­ie

1 cup greek yogurt of choice
1/4 cup raw cocoa pow­der
3 tbsp coconut oil
3 drops laven­der oil
5 drops rose hips seed oil
option­al: 1/4 cup con­di­tion­er of choice 

Mix all ingre­di­ents togeth­er and apply to fresh­ly washed hair. Apply con­di­tion­ing cap and allow to sit on hair for 30–45 min­utes before rins­ing. Hair should be soft and man­age­able. Fol­low up with detan­gling rou­tine.

Have any cocoa or choco­late beau­ty secrets to share? 

Kiianah is the cre­ator of Rockin’ it Napp­tur­al, a vibrant nat­ur­al hair, beau­ty and lifestyle blog which focus­es on a sim­ple approach to achiev­ing healthy hair, skin and health. A nat­ur­al-born writer with a glow­ing per­son­al­i­ty, she has a huge heart for res­cue ani­mals, big ear­rings and an obses­sion with dark choco­late.

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I use Raw Cacao Pow­der, blend­ed with Rhas­soul Clay, as a dry sham­poo :)
Works won­der­ful­ly and adds tex­ture and thick­ness to my fine thin hair.


[…] Fin­ish it up with a cou­ple drops of lemon and laven­der oil, and lath­er up! Cov­er your hair then with a plas­tic bag, and enjoy a good hour of “you time.” When that hour’s up, just step in the show­er, rinse off with sham­poo and wala! Lus­cious, great-smelling hair is yours! Check out two more recipes over at Black Girl Long Hair. […]


I put a table­spoon or two in my hen­na mix. I read some­where that it might make the red tones brown­er. Turns out it doesn’t, but it does add a deli­cious choco­late aro­ma that mel­lows out the earthy hen­na smell. Makes it extra creamy too. Nice!


Just tried the Clar­i­fy­ing Choco­late Mask and all I can say is, wow! The recipe post­ed makes about 8 ounces of mask. My hair feels clean, con­di­tioned, and soft (with great curl def­i­n­i­tion). I am def­i­nite­ly incor­po­rat­ing this mask in my hair reg­i­men. (Note: I used my Mint Ter­ressen­tials as my ben­tonite clay ingre­di­ent)


I am def­i­nite­ly going to try these recipes out. They sound deli­cious enough to eat! In fact, I may eat them in the process haha. Tak­ing care of your hair is so impor­tant and even women can suf­fer from hair loss.


I’m tak­ing out my mar­ley twists next week and after a lit­tle TLC (i.e. low manip­u­la­tion styles for finals week) I’m look­ing for­ward to using this on my hair before I attempt my “no direct heat” straight­en­ing ses­sion (Ini­tial­ly I was going to flat iron my hair around Christ­mas but I’ve gone since march with­out any direct heat so I might as well keep it going — the excep­tion being the 2 times I blow­dried my hair before my twists)


As a choco­late lover, I so need to try this out on my hair. Thanks for shar­ing this with us, Kiianah


No prob­lem, enjoy!

tmc (toronto meet up dec 14)

i think hot choco­late is dif­fer­ent from the real cocoa pow­der. what don’t nat­u­rals put in their hair?


I made a Pep­per­mint Pat­ty Hair Mask once. Here are the ingre­di­ents I used:
3/4 cup non-fat Greek yogurt
3 tbsp melt­ed coconut oil
2 tbsp cocoa pow­der
1 tbsp raw hon­ey
1 tbsp food-grade aloe vera gel
5 drops of pep­per­mint essen­tial oil

The mask was super thick and smelled yum­my. I used it as a pre-sham­poo deep con­di­tion­er. My kinky coily hair felt SUPER mois­tur­ized after using the mask. I’ll def­i­nite­ly use it again. 



Yum, I almost want to eat this! Looks like I have a new hair recipe to try. Thanks for shar­ing this with us MM!

Divachyk @Relaxed Thairapy

This sounds so love­ly! Thanks for shar­ing.


Looks great! I’ve nev­er used cocoa pow­der on my hair before, only argan oil from pro nat­u­rals, it’s real­ly hydrat­ing too but I love try­ing weird home reme­dies.


Int­maor­fion is pow­er and now I’m a !@#$ing dic­ta­tor.


Lattes are a good start because they are half milk and half esserp­so. The milk real­ly soft­ens the esserp­so taste and makes for a nice drink. PS Lots of ladies love lattes wow that’s a lot­ta L s


Mmm­m­m­m­m­m­mm love­ly, i can’t wait to try this choco­late delight on my hair.

wanda renee

Thank You! My fav. deep conditioner(bask cacao bark)has cocoa pow­der but it’s expen­sive.
I gonna try to make my own next wash day:)


it is easy you can use your hot cholo­cate (cocoa pow­der) i use it up because i didn’t wan­na waste abt 8 pack­ets in trash just because i found out it has aspar­tame.. i already bought pure 100% real caco pow­der with­out sug­ar or addi­tion­al. i decid­ed to use cocoa pow­der. Nice chang­ing of dc!