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When did you and your husband meet?
I met Caique during my travels to volunteer in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil in 2010. During my stay, I went to see the Afro-Brazilian ballet “Bale Folclorico” with a group of my friends when I saw Caique as we waited to buy tickets. No words were exchanged at the moment we first saw each other, but it was love at first sight for me. After seeing the ballet with my friends and as we were leaving, I heard a voice singing the song “You are so beautiful”. Then I saw Caique’s smile, and the rest was history!

When did you get married?
We married on September 14, 2013 in Raleigh, North Carolina at the Contemporary Art Museum.


How was your big day?
We made sure to infuse Caique’s Brazilian culture into our special day so the details were very colorful and the energy of the night was very spirited! We also had elements that represented our African heritage (Tasting of the Four Elements/etc.) and my Southern culture (food). This day was so special to me because my father officiated while my brother Mike escorted me down the aisle. Caique also made it super special because he surprised me with a beautiful performance and sung two songs to me. One that he wrote for me! It was everything I envisioned; from the weather, the love/support that we received from family and friends, to each detail of the day (including my hair)! It was PERFECTION!

How did you wear your hair?
I wore my hair in an intricate soft updo creation styled by the most amazing Taji Shabu, and it was all that I envisioned for my special day!

What was your process of deciding how to style you hair?
First, my Caique requested that I wear my hair in an updo style, and I prefer updos for special occasions as well. I really wanted to channel Janelle Monae’s/Miguel’s pompadour style with adding an ethnic flair to it with cornrows. I wanted an artsy yet classic look, which I felt would be fitting with our venue of choice and theme. I gave my stylist my vision and she delivered!

How did your family/husband/guests receive your hair at the wedding?
Everyone loved it and found it to be very fitting to my personality and to our special day!

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
Come visit me at @JOYLVIDAL on Instagram!



Just another lover of natural hair and expression. - Style Icon Coordinator for BGLH

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    • your advice is sound! chrees @jason, thank you for the compliment jason!@melissa, thanks too! the earrings are from H&M. I found them in the H&M shop in Bristol! they were the only nice ones there

  1. The story of How they met raised eyebrows. I wish them happiness and committment. The dress, The wedding and most definitley the uodo was beautiful, elegant and urbane. The pictures were captured at the right time and did you say “Afro-brazilian?” That’s a first and Good luck on whatever you two dream of doing. A frwsh face and smile–So cute.

    • Yes, Afro-Brazilian! The highest population of African descendant people outside of continental Africa is in Brazil. i.e. Brazil’s population consist of about 50% blacks. We Afro-Brazilians exist and we don’t all look like Adriana Lima as much as the media would like you to believe. Google Salvador da Bahia and blacks in Brazil and edify yourself =)

      • Great comment…I was starting to believe that Afro-Brazilians don’t exist,atleast the way they keep promoting Adriana Lima and Gisele Bundchen as the face of Brazilians,you fall into the trap of thinking black ones do not exist.

  2. Beautiful dress, beautiful hair, beautiful wedding, beautiful bride and beautiful couple… Love, happiness, and prosperity to them..

  3. I remember their engagement session from! Their pics were so beautiful and they seemed so connected. Same with these wedding shots. And of course her hair was on point! Wishing them a long, happy and blessed marriage.

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