Happy Holidays Ladies and Gents! It’s been while since we’ve found a male with a mane worthy of Style Icon status since we featured Larry back in December 2011, so we’re really excited to feature Wolfgang today! Get into his haircare regimen below.

Introduce yourself!
Hello folks my name is Wolfgang Lisborg and I’m from Copenhagen, Denmark residing in Greensboro, North Carolina at the moment. I’m a freelance fashion/portrait photographer, a natural hair enthusiast trying to become a voice for natural males, and I’m a freestyle dancer. I’m currently a part of the African Student Union at the University of North Carolina Greensboro, while doing a tribal short film project for the “Art Of War Exhibit” which premiered on the 23rd of November.

How long have you been growing out your hair and wearing it in its natural state?
Lol, to be honest I’ve been through 3 big chops and this is the best growth I’ve had. This mane is 2 years and 8 months old and I’ve always worn my hair in its natural state. The major reason why I love being natural is because your natural hair is an extension of your character and who you are. On top of that it’s not a trend, it’s a culture that expresses the uniqueness we each hold. Instead of allowing society to lower your self-esteem to look how they want you to, wear your natural hair out joyously to let people know the black culture of hair exists, or whichever race you are.

How do people typically respond to your hairstyle of choice?
People are in some form of shock usually due to the fact that I’m a guy and I have long, curly hair. Due to where I’m located in the south, it’s unusual for a dark male to have a lot of hair. But, they react even more surprised when they hear I’m from Europe. They say “It’s the European side that you got that good hair from”. When it’s really not! Both of my parents are Liberian (West African) and they happen to have great hair.


How would you describe your texture?
The texture of my hair is predominantly 4a. My hair acts very foolish at times when it’s puffy, but I believe it’s for its own protective reasons. I have the most serious case of shrinkage, it’s crazy. Unless I do a banding hair method or bun it, it won’t look like I have a lot of volume at all. And, since I didn’t know what products to use in the past to moisturize my hair, it was most definitely dry/coarse.

Do you maintain your hair or do you go to a salon or barber for maintenance?
Indeed I do maintain my own hair, and I don’t mind the work it puts me through. Until it gets really long, then I’ll probably take some trips to the salon. Barbershops I’ll go to if I want to edge my facial hair, when I don’t feel like looking like a “Wolf” anymore.

Describe your styling regimen over the course of the month.
My first step is washing my hair with Tresemme Shampoo if I’ve worked out excessively. Second, Tresemme Conditioner is applied to my hair while I brush through it with a vent brush. Once I’m finished with that I band my hair up, and while it is still very wet I finger through my hair with Cococare Coconut Oil quickly to maintain moisture because my hair does this puffy thing really fast when it’s getting dry. After I get it in a bun I brush around the bun for a nice, clean look. This actually is a really good way for your ends to stay moist instead of crispy when out too much.

What does wash day look like for you?
Wash day in my book is every day or every other day. My hair does not do to well when it’s not washed often. It’ll gradually get extremely itchy. Though some people say washing your hair every day makes it dry, which for some people is true, but that’s why I have moisturizing products like Cococare Coconut Oil to help me.

What are some of your problem areas (if any) that require special care and attention?
Personally just my ends. You can cut your ends, but your ends naturally shed. You can also restore them to an extent. It may not be perfect, but you can.

What are 2 do’s for your texture?
The first one I must do is conditioning my hair to detangle these knots and tight curls I have. Second, I must always hydrate my hair and feed it with coconut oil.

What are 2 don’ts for your texture?
Don’t expose to heat from flat irons, second is don’t use products that don’t have the main ingredient listed first. For example, if you bought a coconut hair product and the actual coconut ingredient isn’t close to the top on the back of the bottle. The reason why it’s critical is because your hair may not get the full benefits from the product.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
Social Media:

Hair Features:!wolfgang/c15aj


Just another lover of natural hair and expression.
- Style Icon Coordinator for BGLH

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Wow the hate is strong ????


You can use the gym to fix your face dude sorry- natural hair model? Who are you kidding- oh and as for 4a hair?? Please! and you know u lying about your hair being 2 years 8 months old- did u think we was all born yesterday?


Funny thing is that is my cousin and I can assure you that his hair has indeed been grown for 3 years now! It’s crazy. It has always grown that fast which I have always been jealous of. Don’t hate. His black and his hair is oh so beautiful.


I don’t know about some of you but I appreciate and celebrate black men, especially naturals, and this brother’s hair and aura is on point! Wolfgang, kudos to you and that hair for being unapologetically black, much respect! Thanks bglh for another unique perspective on being natural.

Crystal S. Coleman

I like this post because he shows that you don’t have to have a routine full of products to take care of your hair. Shampoo, Conditoner, hair grease/oil whatever works for you. I love it.


[…] Style Icon Wolfgang […]


[…] Style Icon Wolfgang […]


You remind me of Theo from the Cosby Show!!!


Such gorgeous pics and hair. Glad to see a male with their own style and agenda. Been seeing alot of dreams and tapered cuts…. KUDOS!!!
[imgcomment image[/img]


Correction (dreams) dreads….. LOL


Gosh you’re hot and the hair is just an icing on the cake. Full, beautiful hair and omg, your body is bangiiiinnnnggg.


You obviously do not know what handsome is,he is not good looking as his features are too big,but he is an average looking man with beautiful eyebrows and hair,he would not be typically classed as good looking by any standard and if you turned it round to him being a female with these features,the majority of black men deem these women to be physically ugly.
He is not ugly but the comments here are from women whom wouldn’t know a good looking man if it hit them.



I don’t think your initial comments are worthy of a response, so let me just suggest that you might need a little more fibre in your diet. It might help with your disposition.


What a terrible comment. 100% horrible.


Notice I never said he was ugly,its not being horrible being honest,too many women here are using the wrong terms to define someones beauty.
I know beauty is subject to doubt his hair sure is beautiful.


Notice A didn’t say that you said that he was ugly. From “Many women here are using the wrong terms to define…beauty” to “Beauty is subject to preference”. If beauty is subject to preference, then why are you telling people that what they think is beautiful is wrong?!?

If you’re going to be an a-hole, don’t get mad when people call you out for being an a-hole.


HA! wooow who even says stuff like that? I wonder how many “good looking” men you’ve been able to bag and KEEP? hmm


Thanks..Guess honesty is not the best policy.


Ha. I agree with you maxine. @everyone else Can we just agree to disagree? I mean, jus because someone disagrees with your opinion you don’t have to dislike the comment. Disagreement and negativity are 2 different things.


HAHA upon reading it back it appears harsh but I’m really being brutally honest,doesn’t mean I’m calling him ugly but each to their own ,thanks.

The problem w/ your comment Maxine is the fact that you think that what YOU an individual person perceives to be cute/handsome/etc. is the truth and therefore those that don’t agree are wrong. This is a stupid illogical mindset. I don’t find him to be that good looking either, but that doesn’t invalidate other people’s opinions on his looks. They’re not mad at you for saying he isn’t good looking. How do you not get that? They’re mad at you for being pretentious and telling everyone “Nope, you’re wrong, he’s not good looking you all are dumb for thinking his… Read more »

OMG – look at those guns! Great interview, gorgeous hair, wonderful attitude. And look at those guns!


Your hair looks wonderful! My boyfriend wanted to grow locs but jobs in my area are very discriminatory towards Black men who grows their hair natural.


Happy to see a brotha here. Your hair is thick and lush, Wolfgang!


WOW didn’t know that men showed pics on a black girl hair forum, but your hair is beautiful and full of life. Thanks I can use some of this for my son.


What a handosme young man – Gorgeous:)


Great post! That is a LOT of hair for 2 years + growth.
Goes to show ladies, LESS is more. No fussing and unnecessary over use of products and sometimes downright silly practices. Just: wash, shampoo, oil.


oops, I meant Liberia! lol


It’s that European-side of Libya that got you that good hair, son! LMAO


Liberia is in West Africa. Usually most Liberians have growing and thick hair regardless of the texture.


This is a joke to highlight how stupid it is that people equate good hair with European hair…right?


Love your hair!;)


Now, that’s what i call a crown. absolutely gorgeous 🙂


I’m not feeling these male posts 🙁


I’m with you on that one. Men typically do not have hair issues like women. Their hair grows very quickly, easily and long, especially young men. It’s a struggle for most women to have a gorgeous mane, but men…not so!


“Their hair grows very quickly, easily and long,” Got any facts to support that statement? (Not trying to be rude, just interested in the whole “men have it easier when it comes to hair” thing c:)


Another handsome guy with absolutely gorgeous hair!


Excellent post Wolfgang. Your hair is beautiful and I can see that you take good care of it. I am also Liberian but I was born in New York. It is nice to see Liberians in a positive light. Liberia is not only about our brutal 14 year civil war; however our uniqueness, multiculturalism, history, creativity, strength,food, and hope. Shout out to the citizens of Liberia and to the Liberians in diaspora.
[imgcomment image[/img]


LIB stand up!!!!! Both of you have gorgeous hair!


Thank You. 🙂