As the months get cold­er, many nat­u­rals will be whip­ping out the beanie hat for warmth. It’s a cute style and very func­tion­al, but it can leave your hair a dry mess if you’re not care­ful. We’ve com­piled some styling and care infor­ma­tion for those who plan to rock a beanie this win­ter.

First, check out this video on bean­ies and nat­u­ral hair by Nap­tural85. She rec­om­mends not both­er­ing with sat­in-lined bean­ies, as they are only mod­er­ate­ly effec­tive and don’t pro­tect your hair­line. A bet­ter option is wrap­ping your hair with a sat­in scarf and putting the beanie hat over it;

Now on to the dif­fer­ent looks you can rock.

1. Tex­ture in the front
Leave a tuft of your kinks and curls out in the front for an adorable look.

beanies 4 natural hair collageSource: Mz Tam­my


2. Twist out in the front
Cre­ate bangs with your twist-out!
beanies 4 natural hair collage2
3. Flat twist/Pompadour in the front
This flat twist/pomp com­bo is the cutest thing we’ve seen in a while!


4. Ful­ly cov­ered
One of our favorite nat­u­ral celebs, Yaya DaCosta, shows us how to rock the full-cov­er­age look.

beanies 4 natural hair collage4

5. Hair out in the back
You’ll have to deal with your hair rub­bing again­st your coat. But this is super cute nonethe­less


Ladies, do you plan to rock a beanie this win­ter? Which one of the­se 5 looks is your fave?

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Also has afford­able sat­in lined bean­ies and oth­er hair acces­sories.


You should check out this fb page — Skat­sz, they make sat­in lined bean­ies for like afford­able prices. I got mine yes­ter­day and they are beyond. I got 1 for me and my sissy.…and they are just 20$ a pop.

Claudette UK

I’ve been plan­ning to sew sat­in bon­nets into all my hats as a lin­ing.


Does any­body know how dam­ag­ing the mate­ri­al bean­ies are made out of actu­al­ly is? I briefly read some­where that acrylic isn’t dam­ag­ing, and hav­ing to hide a sat­in bon­net under my beanie is annoy­ing.


[…] as a mat­ted and dry tum­ble­weed. Not the biz. I tried alter­na­tive ways of rock­ing a knit cap – see BGLH for help­ful sug­ges­tions – all the while seek­ing the ide­al knit cap myself. Some peo­ple aren’t fans of the sat­in […]


So cute! I’m going to try the curls out in front look. I think I can pull that off if I tuck and pin the back to the front. I don’t have bangs so that’s the on,y way I think I can get shat short look in front. So clev­er. Thanks very much for the­se ideas!

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Great info! Cheers for shar­ing.

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Would any­one help me with this?


I rock my bean­ies in all of the above men­tioned styles. I’m cur­rent­ly rock­ing one now, actu­al­ly, with my hair flat twist­ed under­neath and a side-swept bang of my twists in the front.

I wear bean­ies through­out the win­ter time, luv them! I’ll have some (not much) hair out in the front with a side part. The rest is flat twist­ed up. I bought a du-rag (yup) from the beau­ty sup­ply store. So I put all my hair except the piece out in the front, under the du-rag. Then throw on my beanie. And when I go out on the week­ends, just unrav­el my twists and I’m good to go! I believe this had aid­ed in my length. It pro­tects my ends, I don’t have to mess with my hair and it’s pro­tect­ed… Read more »

I love the flat twist pom­padour look! I nev­er straight­en my hair so I don’t think I could pull that off. I love Lee’s idea because I don’t like hav­ing a scarf on my head when I go to work because I’m para­noid that some­one will see me in the removal process. O.o

Lisa Thompson

I actu­al­ly bought a bunch from this sell­er called shep­i­ji on etsy. They are great. She sells them both lined and unlined. They just came in. Per­fect tim­ing for this arti­cle!!!


If it’s a beanie I wear all/most of the time, I’ll safe­ty pin a sat­in bon­net to the inside so it doesn’t suck the mois­ture out of my hair. Noth­ing elab­o­rate, just pin at your 3,6,9,12 and you’re good to go.


[imgcomment image[/img]

I went out to by a beanie and tried some of the looks.…




who’s the girl in the third pic­ture? I’m lov­ing that hair­style!


That is my sis­ter Dean­dra. fol­low her on insta­gram ladidee­l­i­cious =-)


Bean­ies are a go-to style that I use in the win­ter. I love them.

youngin girl

That’s a cute touch up.

Miss mutton

As a knit­ter, this is actu­al­ly a life saver. You see I had to put off knit­ting hats because I often wor­ried how it would affect my hair.

How­ev­er now I can knit all sorts of hats with­out wor­ry­ing about dam­age or how to look good.:)


I cro­chet and loom knit I have so many beanie’s I’ve lost count.


Do either of y’all have Etsy stores or a web­site? I’d love it if I could buy my bean­ies hand­made from a Black owned busi­ness :D


#1 is a go to style for me. I get so many com­pli­ments.


Dat sec­ond pic is just cute!


On extra cold, or rainy fog­gy, or lazy days, or all of the above.…I’ll untwist my bangs and leave the rest of my hair twist­ed. Leave my sat­in bon­net on, and cov­er it with my favorite beanie. Rock a pop­ping lip­pie, some cute dan­g­ly ear­rings, and keep it mov­ing, and that’s my OOTD. I wear it at work all day long too.


One of the things I love most about liv­ing in the Bay Area is the murky cold weath­er. While most are trip­pin on the freeze warn­ing tonight, I’m mak­ing plans on my wool coat, leather boot, and KNIT HAT ensem­ble.

I typ­i­cal­ly do a hybrid of 3 & 4 using a deep side part flat twist, but only reveal­ing a lit­tle bit of the twist. 1 & 2 are super cute if you have bang length hair in front. I’m going to tease my hair to try to achieve bang length hair. Thanks for the hair­spi­ra­tion!


I’m in the Bay Area, too, and I have more knit hats than ever.


Bean­ies-Check! Dis­re­spect­ful big A kinky curly hair-Check Check! I will def­i­nite­ly be doing 1–4!.…Don’t know about #4… I love wear­ing bean­ies and this arti­cle con­firms my love!


Bean­ies stocked up-check! Dis­re­spect­ful big curly hair- check! I will def­i­nite­ly be wear­ing 1–4! Don’t know about 5… I love bean­ies! This arti­cle just ver­i­fies my love for them!


What if you only wear from one des­ti­na­tion to anoth­er for a short peri­od of time. Should I still wear a sat­in scarf under it?


I put my hair in a low bun, put a sat­in bon­net on, then my beanie. When I get to my des­ti­na­tion, I can take both the bon­net and beanie off with one swoop and no one will know that I had a bon­net on.


that’s a clev­er idea, i’m definit­ly going to try it for less tan­gled curls, thanks !


Thank you Kami!!


I nev­er wore bean­ies when I was relaxed but when I went nat­u­ral in 2010 they became my style sta­ple (those and ban­danas and bows). I have accu­mu­lat­ed 13 bean­ies since then haha I usu­al­ly wear a sat­in bon­net under­neath with some hair stick­ing out the front and a bit in the back.


i wear an amer­i­can appar­el with a pom pom on the top every­day and i’ve notice that unless i do a braid, my hair tends to tan­gle less than when i’m wear­ing it out. i was think­ing of sewing a silk tis­su inside my beanie to have less tangled/kind of dread locs (no offense).


I’d love to sew a satin/silk inseam in all my bean­ies but I’m too lazy lol But I don’t get tan­gles or any­thing from wear­ing bean­ies my hair just flat­tens, which I hate, so I always have to fluff it what it comes out of the beanie


Actu­al­ly I hadn’t planned on it until I saw this post.…


Same here. I hadn’t thought about it until now.