5 Ways to Rock a Beanie on Your Natural Hair This Winter

As the months get colder, many naturals will be whipping out the beanie hat for warmth. It’s a cute style and very functional, but it can leave your hair a dry mess if you’re not careful. We’ve compiled some styling and care information for those who plan to rock a beanie this winter.

First, check out this video on beanies and natural hair by Naptural85. She recommends not bothering with satin-lined beanies, as they are only moderately effective and don’t protect your hairline. A better option is wrapping your hair with a satin scarf and putting the beanie hat over it;

Now on to the different looks you can rock.

1. Texture in the front
Leave a tuft of your kinks and curls out in the front for an adorable look.

beanies 4 natural hair collageSource: Mz Tammy


2. Twist out in the front
Create bangs with your twist-out!
beanies 4 natural hair collage2
3. Flat twist/Pompadour in the front
This flat twist/pomp combo is the cutest thing we’ve seen in a while!


4. Fully covered
One of our favorite natural celebs, Yaya DaCosta, shows us how to rock the full-coverage look.

beanies 4 natural hair collage4

5. Hair out in the back
You’ll have to deal with your hair rubbing against your coat. But this is super cute nonetheless


Ladies, do you plan to rock a beanie this winter? Which one of these 5 looks is your fave?

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38 thoughts on “5 Ways to Rock a Beanie on Your Natural Hair This Winter

  1. So cute! I’m going to try the curls out in front look. I think I can pull that off if I tuck and pin the back to the front. I don’t have bangs so that’s the on,y way I think I can get shat short look in front. So clever. Thanks very much for these ideas!

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  3. Does anybody know how damaging the material beanies are made out of actually is? I briefly read somewhere that acrylic isn’t damaging, and having to hide a satin bonnet under my beanie is annoying.

  4. You should check out this fb page – Skatsz, they make satin lined beanies for like affordable prices. I got mine yesterday and they are beyond. I got 1 for me and my sissy….and they are just 20$ a pop.

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