As the months get colder, many naturals will be whipping out the beanie hat for warmth. It’s a cute style and very functional, but it can leave your hair a dry mess if you’re not careful. We’ve compiled some styling and care information for those who plan to rock a beanie this winter.

First, check out this video on beanies and natural hair by Naptural85. She recommends not bothering with satin-lined beanies, as they are only moderately effective and don’t protect your hairline. A better option is wrapping your hair with a satin scarf and putting the beanie hat over it;

Now on to the different looks you can rock.

1. Texture in the front
Leave a tuft of your kinks and curls out in the front for an adorable look.

beanies 4 natural hair collageSource: Mz Tammy


2. Twist out in the front
Create bangs with your twist-out!
beanies 4 natural hair collage2
3. Flat twist/Pompadour in the front
This flat twist/pomp combo is the cutest thing we’ve seen in a while!


4. Fully covered
One of our favorite natural celebs, Yaya DaCosta, shows us how to rock the full-coverage look.

beanies 4 natural hair collage4

5. Hair out in the back
You’ll have to deal with your hair rubbing against your coat. But this is super cute nonetheless


Ladies, do you plan to rock a beanie this winter? Which one of these 5 looks is your fave?

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Also has affordable satin lined beanies and other hair accessories.


You should check out this fb page – Skatsz, they make satin lined beanies for like affordable prices. I got mine yesterday and they are beyond. I got 1 for me and my sissy….and they are just 20$ a pop.

Claudette UK

I’ve been planning to sew satin bonnets into all my hats as a lining.


Does anybody know how damaging the material beanies are made out of actually is? I briefly read somewhere that acrylic isn’t damaging, and having to hide a satin bonnet under my beanie is annoying.


[…] as a matted and dry tumbleweed. Not the biz. I tried alternative ways of rocking a knit cap – see BGLH for helpful suggestions – all the while seeking the ideal knit cap myself. Some people aren’t fans of the satin […]


So cute! I’m going to try the curls out in front look. I think I can pull that off if I tuck and pin the back to the front. I don’t have bangs so that’s the on,y way I think I can get shat short look in front. So clever. Thanks very much for these ideas!

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Great info! Cheers for sharing.

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Would anyone help me with this?


I rock my beanies in all of the above mentioned styles. I’m currently rocking one now, actually, with my hair flat twisted underneath and a side-swept bang of my twists in the front.

I wear beanies throughout the winter time, luv them! I’ll have some (not much) hair out in the front with a side part. The rest is flat twisted up. I bought a du-rag (yup) from the beauty supply store. So I put all my hair except the piece out in the front, under the du-rag. Then throw on my beanie. And when I go out on the weekends, just unravel my twists and I’m good to go! I believe this had aided in my length. It protects my ends, I don’t have to mess with my hair and it’s protected… Read more »

I love the flat twist pompadour look! I never straighten my hair so I don’t think I could pull that off. I love Lee’s idea because I don’t like having a scarf on my head when I go to work because I’m paranoid that someone will see me in the removal process. O.o

Lisa Thompson

I actually bought a bunch from this seller called shepiji on etsy. They are great. She sells them both lined and unlined. They just came in. Perfect timing for this article!!!


If it’s a beanie I wear all/most of the time, I’ll safety pin a satin bonnet to the inside so it doesn’t suck the moisture out of my hair. Nothing elaborate, just pin at your 3,6,9,12 and you’re good to go.


[imgcomment image[/img]

I went out to by a beanie and tried some of the looks….




who’s the girl in the third picture? I’m loving that hairstyle!


That is my sister Deandra. follow her on instagram ladideelicious =-)


Beanies are a go-to style that I use in the winter. I love them.

youngin girl

That’s a cute touch up.

Miss mutton

As a knitter, this is actually a life saver. You see I had to put off knitting hats because I often worried how it would affect my hair.

However now I can knit all sorts of hats without worrying about damage or how to look good.:)


I crochet and loom knit I have so many beanie’s I’ve lost count.


Do either of y’all have Etsy stores or a website? I’d love it if I could buy my beanies handmade from a Black owned business 😀


#1 is a go to style for me. I get so many compliments.


Dat second pic is just cute!


On extra cold, or rainy foggy, or lazy days, or all of the above….I’ll untwist my bangs and leave the rest of my hair twisted. Leave my satin bonnet on, and cover it with my favorite beanie. Rock a popping lippie, some cute dangly earrings, and keep it moving, and that’s my OOTD. I wear it at work all day long too.


One of the things I love most about living in the Bay Area is the murky cold weather. While most are trippin on the freeze warning tonight, I’m making plans on my wool coat, leather boot, and KNIT HAT ensemble.

I typically do a hybrid of 3 & 4 using a deep side part flat twist, but only revealing a little bit of the twist. 1 & 2 are super cute if you have bang length hair in front. I’m going to tease my hair to try to achieve bang length hair. Thanks for the hairspiration!


I’m in the Bay Area, too, and I have more knit hats than ever.


Beanies-Check! Disrespectful big A kinky curly hair-Check Check! I will definitely be doing 1-4!….Don’t know about #4… I love wearing beanies and this article confirms my love!


Beanies stocked up-check! Disrespectful big curly hair- check! I will definitely be wearing 1-4! Don’t know about 5… I love beanies! This article just verifies my love for them!


What if you only wear from one destination to another for a short period of time. Should I still wear a satin scarf under it?


I put my hair in a low bun, put a satin bonnet on, then my beanie. When I get to my destination, I can take both the bonnet and beanie off with one swoop and no one will know that I had a bonnet on.


that’s a clever idea, i’m definitly going to try it for less tangled curls, thanks !


Thank you Kami!!


I never wore beanies when I was relaxed but when I went natural in 2010 they became my style staple (those and bandanas and bows). I have accumulated 13 beanies since then haha I usually wear a satin bonnet underneath with some hair sticking out the front and a bit in the back.


i wear an american apparel with a pom pom on the top everyday and i’ve notice that unless i do a braid, my hair tends to tangle less than when i’m wearing it out. i was thinking of sewing a silk tissu inside my beanie to have less tangled/kind of dread locs (no offense).


I’d love to sew a satin/silk inseam in all my beanies but I’m too lazy lol But I don’t get tangles or anything from wearing beanies my hair just flattens, which I hate, so I always have to fluff it what it comes out of the beanie


Actually I hadn’t planned on it until I saw this post….


Same here. I hadn’t thought about it until now.