It’s the last day of 2013 (!) so we’re doing a final look back. We’ll be counting down our top content today, starting with style icons. We featured hundreds of natural women as style icons this year, and below we’ve listed our 10 most popular (in order, starting with the most). You can click on the style icon’s name or image to be taken to their full feature. And at the bottom there’s a poll where you can vote for your favorite one. What do you think of the ladies who went most viral this year?

1. Tori from Jamaica

2. Alex from Las Vegas

3. Olivia in Australia

4. April in Georgia

5. Alicia James
Alicia James - Flat ironed natural hair December 2012

6. Kanga from the Ivory Coast

7. Robin in Pennsylvania
image (3)

8. Schebania in Atlanta

9. Allie in DC

10. Tasha from Louisiana
Photo 119

Beautiful! Ladies, which style icon was your favorite this year?

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Michelle Spice

I agree with Pauline Green. All the sistah’s are beautiful with their lovely head of hair.

We just need to be happy, eat well and balance our lifestyles to have healthy head of hair.

Thanks for showing all of us that don’t think we can have our own long hair without wearing any wigs!

A challenge, lets grow our hair naturally…


Love all these ladies! You guys are truly inspirations for different reasons! I went with Alicia James because I loved following her natural hair journey! You literally see her journey from the beginning to her beautiful long tresses now…I also love her website and video tutorials. I like robins hair too however I feel like her journey is more about length and reveals and not her “natural” tresses. I would love to see her natural texture more often ..i.e wash and go’s, curly styles-not just her two braided braid outs

Pauline Green

I love all the of the sisters, you all look beautiful. Peace and love always.


Yes I know favourite means one but I can’t pick one so here goes: Schebania from Atlanta; Kanga from the Ivory Coast; and Tori from Jamaica.
These ladies are also my hair-crushes and hair-inspirations to keep going with my natural hair!!!! šŸ™‚
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Ugonna Wosu

Kanga would have been my pick if I thought a little longer about it,lol

Don't worry

Troll though really? I guess you didn’t catch the not to be rude & saying that Alex’s hair looks better is my opinion because its coming from me & thats how I feel. I don’t know who you are but I’m sure your way too old to be calling names. Troll.. I’m far from one. I’m beautiful and I always have been, I’m just another girl on here stating her opinion. Why must you make everything a argument or a debate? Say how you feel and keep it moving, k thanks.


I chose Robin because I admire how she realizes that it’s important to not only take care of your hair but your body too. Her fitness routines,hair care practices and overall healthy lifestyle are an inspiration.


I suggest that BGLH include in its introduction the criteria or factors reviewed to determine which hairstyle icons were the most popular. I read all of the 2013 style icons’ interviews and saw their photos. Shout out to these icons who didn’t make the most popular list but whose interviews and photos I enjoyed immensely: Leila, West, Tasha, Natasha, Angela, Tina and last but certainly not least Priscilla. Thanks to all icons and other contributors to this website.

Don't worry

Not even to be rude but Tori’s hair isn’t better than Alex’s hair. Everyone has their opinion I know but it’s just common sense girls on this site favor those with hair types like 4b 4c.. More than 3c 4a.. I guess more relate to them.. Don’t really care about the thumbs down. I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t the truth.


Just because you say ‘not to be rude’. You’re ugly… Not to be rude or anything like that! See? This site offers advice for everyone in the natural hair community. Besides, if this is your opinion you can’t say something is ‘common sense’ or ‘true’, which implies fact (just a little fourth grade knowledge there). Anyways, are you here JUST to be annoying and petty? If so, get out. Oh, but not to be rude.


You know very well it is not that serious.Who’s to say which hair is “better” anyway?There’s no doubt that alex has beautiful hair, they all do. But alex is still transitioning, not only can we not see her true texture but the ends look a bit strange IMO (it would be nice if there’s a follow up done when she’s complete transitioning ). Tori’s hair looks healthy from root to tip and in her gallery article showcased many hairstyles. Alex had 10 pictures of amazing twist outs.

Are you Bon Chic from above? Alex is transitioning so maybe a lot of people can’t relate to that. However, you don’t know people’s reasons for voting so you come across as having a massive chip on your shoulder for no reason. This is not about who has ‘better’ hair because there is no such thing (people who think this way miss the whole point of this site), it’s about who has the most appealing hair style/s in our opinion. When I was looking, I was not looking at who had hair like mine but who had the most versatile… Read more »
Ugonna Wosu

just state your opinion and stop being so bothered by what we “prefer”.

You know, its funny cause there used to be a lot of complaints here that the looser texture articles got more comments than the kinkier ones. I guess we can’t win. But then, you’re probably a troll anyway.


I chose Robin, she has really been an inspiration to me.


Easy choice for me! Olivia! When I was first learning about hair types and feeling bad about mine,her hair gave me so much inspiration! It’s so beautiful and long and she is so gorgeous, I can’t wait to rock a big ass fro and bun!


It was between Tori and Schebania for me but Tori had more styles and if it’s a style icon then I’ll go with her.


Cannot choose, love ’em all! šŸ™‚

Rebecca Rose

Can’t choose! I looked through them all and all I can say is if I woke up having any of their hair I wouldn’t cry about it. I think the first three are my favourites…and Robin’s…and Tasha… but I could change my mind in a minute. I want Alex’s hair, Olivia’s face and Robin’s body. (Buffalo Bill moment). K, thanks.

Damon m smith

All finalists seem to have their hair “done” in their pics, except Robin. All look great; Robin, in my opinion, looks AMAZING- and the photo represents what I expected to see. I’m no expert, simply a fan. Get it, girl, I mean WOMAN. woot woot lol – And she straight brings it in all facets of life. Please check out her FB page & her pics– motivational & positive, & positively FABULOUS. ????


I’m so confused by this comment – Robin with the flat ironed hair does not have her hair done? The other girls hair is done? They all have their hair done and in various styles. I’m sure you’re a friend who means well but sheesh!

Ugonna Wosu

haha. I thought the same thing last night when I read it, but i didn’t have it in me to argue with someone so early in the New Year.


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Why was this the hardest list to chose from thus far?! lol..I still have yet to pick a choice..all these ladies have beautiful hair and deserves to be here:)


I lovvee robins hair


[…] already recapped the top style icons of 2013, and the top stories and controversies involving natural hair in 2013. Check it […]


Did I miss a memo? When was Naptural85 a style icon this year?

Kanga was my favorite out of these icons, but I’m surprised Natasha didn’t make the list.


I chose Alicia James because her hair has come a long way but also she invests quite a bit of time and work recording videos and updating her blog. Although I do think her videos could be improved- I can and will give recognition for not only her hair but dedication to her natural hair and showing us how we can improve and style our own.


Where’s Whitney, aka Naptural85?


I can’t believe you don’t have Whitney aka Naptural85 on here, but all of these ladies look fabulous too.


I chose Alex, she is a long term transitioner with long relaxed ends. Def an inspiration. Looking forward to more videos.


Alicia!! Her hair just blows me away xxx

Ugonna Wosu

dang, this was tough! But I went with Tori from Jamaica.


Hmm.. I feel like some could’ve had better pics to showcase their hair.