Beyonce took to Tumblr to show off her waist length box braids. What do you think of her look?


Source: Beyonce’s Tumblr account

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They look great on her really.


Even bey had to sit for about 5 to 7 hours -ish to get this style. Even all her money and fame cant get out of the butt hurting, gotta take a break, wear a hat because the front isn’t done yet to run to the store LoL! And when its time to take them out she’s gotta go through that same time consuming process- although she probably has like 5 people helping her vs. our 2! Lol!! Ya’ll know what I mean! I think the style looks great though and love the color.


I highly doubt that!! Remember, she’s hella rich so she probably has like 5 chicks braiding her hair at one time, and is done in like 2 hours tops