How To Make Your Own Hair Steamer

by Trudy of 4cHairChick

Currently, I’m ballin’ on a tight budget.  Got some big time projects in my future, so every dollar spent is carefully planned.  Though a Huetiful Steamer is in the horizon; I’m currently without a steamer or an upright hair dryer to aid me in my deep conditioning routine. With my 4c curls, skipping deep conditioning is not an option (I need all the moisture I can get), so I had to figure out a solution for heating my hair during deep conditioning sessions since I don’t have an upright hair dryer or steamer.

Though you can definitely deep condition with body heat only, I used to do that, my results were much better when I used additional heat.  Below is my crafty yet classy solution for heating your hair during deep conditioning sessions without a dryer.

The Face Towel Method Heat a face towel in the microwave. (30 – 40 seconds will do.)

Heat Steaming towel

Next, put a shower cap over your hair.

Place the steaming face towel on top of the shower cap.

Seal in the heat from the face towel by placing another shower cap on over the first shower cap.

*Note – Don’t be like me in this picture – put a towel around your neck. I got burned by water drops from the face towel and it was NOT fun. covered Nice

Boom, there it is – improvised heat!  The face towel will stay hot for about ten minutes.  I wrap my head with a bath towel in addition to using the steamy face towel and shower caps.

After 30 minutes, my hair is good to go and deep conditioned. wrapped and ready

Heat is an important part of deep conditioning because heat lifts your hair cuticles.  The lifted cuticles enable the deep conditioning products to penetrate the hair shaft.

How do you deep condition your hair? Dryer, Steamer or another method?

Trudy Susan is the founder of the online platform 4c Hair the #1 online community for type 4 naturals.  In 2011, Trudy chopped off her hair, instantaneously trading her shoulder length chemically relaxed tresses for a teeny-weeny afro.  Motivated by the lack of information available specific to 4c hair Trudy began an online community, which is now 200,000 members strong and growing, that caters to women with type 4 hair.


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  2. I put the DC in my hair, then get in the shower and take a lonnnngggg shower… I just let the steam from my shower do the work. No extra money spent whatsoever hahaha. my hair always comes out a lot softer and manageable then if I just DC with a shower cap. But I’m not sure if this is effective as a steamer since I’ve never used one…

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