7 Romantic Natural Hair Styles

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By Chinwe of Hair and Health

Whether you are going out with your boo thang or having a “single ladies” night, you might want to rock something other than your usual do – especially something more on the romantic side.  Here are just a few ideas:

1. Curly Perm Rod Set

For this romantic style, Nyla starts on thoroughly detangled damp hair.  She then applies Lottabody setting lotion prior to setting with a mix of flexi rods and perm rods.  Check out her detailed tutorial above.

2. Wavy Locs with Flat-twisted Side

BronzeGoddess rocks some of the dopest loc styles I’ve seen and this one is no exception.  If you have locs and you just don’t know how to style them this Valentine’s Day, this beautiful style might be what you need!

3. Victory Roll Updo on Stretched Hair

If you want to take it back to the 40’s or 50’s, here is glamorous option for Valentine’s Day.  All you need is previously stretched hair and several bobby pins.  Check out Laila’s tutorial above!

4. Braided Updo with Cascaded Bang on Locs

Jasmine is another loc favorite of mine.  For those who want an updo for the 14th, this is a super elegant one starting from a set of braided locs.  Watch the video for a detailed demonstration.

5. Spiral Bantu Knot Out

To achieve the perfect spirals from a set of bantu knots, you have to watch this tutorial.  One important step is to start from dry, stretched hair rather than wet hair.  Check out Samirah’s video above for a more a complete illustration.

6. Tilted Crown Using Marley Hair

Kyss My Hair is always putting out great style videos and here is one of them.  This style is ideal for my ladies who want to add a little more (or a lot more) length for Valentine’s Day. All you need is one pack of Marley Braid Hair and some bobby pins.

7. Side-swept Flat Twist Out

For a simple, low-maintenance style that is still sexy for Valentine’s Day, try this look.  Start with a set of chunky flat twists that go from the left side of your head to the right side (or vice versa depending on how you want the style to fall).  Check out Naturally Curious tutorial above for more details!

Ladies, will you be wearing of these styles for Valentine’s Day?



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