Valentine’s Day is this week and here at BGLH, we have a few things on our wish list that we wouldn’t mind get­ting from “BAE.”



Hand Paint­ed Silk Kimono

I’ve always want­ed a nice silk robe to wear around the house that makes me feel as sexy as Lady Eloise in BoomerangUnder $100

Kat Von D Sin­ner Eau de Par­fum Roll-On

Any­one who knows me, knows that I absolute­ly love this per­fume. It has the right amount of patchouli mixed with a bit of cit­rus so it doesn’t give off the super hip­py vibe. Also, get­ting those “Wow, you smell good,” com­pli­ments reg­u­lar­ly is a plus. Under $20



Kind Notes Jar of Mes­sages

This is such a beau­ti­ful way to remind the one you love of the rea­son you fell in love.  If you’re a lady like me whose “love lan­guage” is words of affir­ma­tion, then this is sure to melt your heart. Each jar con­tains 31 minia­ture envelopes with a spe­cial mes­sage. You can cus­tomize per­son­al mes­sages or choose from their ready-made col­lec­tion. Under $40

Key Dates Throw Pil­low

It is always a won­der­ful feel­ing to know that the spe­cial per­son in your life remem­bers the impor­tant dates in your rela­tion­ship. Know­ing that those moments were just as mem­o­rable to them as they are to you makes any girl feel won­der­ful­ly loved. Under $40 

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Pump­kin Car­riage Secret Mes­sage Box

Blame it on Cin­derel­la but this lit­tle gift box def­i­nite­ly made me go, “awwww.” It com­bines the sim­plic­i­ty of shar­ing a lov­ing mes­sage with the pre­sen­ta­tion that is sure to make some women feel like a princess. I love the sen­ti­men­tal aspect of this gift. A mes­sage with your name and “I love you” or “You’re beau­ti­ful,” takes on renewed mean­ing when pre­sent­ed in this way. Under $20



What would I like from my BABY?

Cou­ples’ Can­vas Print with a Poem

Valentine's Day Gift- Wedding Photo  Canvas Print with Wedding Songs Lyrics/Vows/Poem/Quotes. Personal/Unique Wall Decor.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, I real­ly appre­ci­ate thought­ful gifts that are home­made or cus­tom from the heart.  This is per­fect. Under $60

Sim­u­lat­ed Dia­mond Round Halo Stud Ear­ring

I also like jew­el­ry as most women do, espe­cial­ly ear­rings.  Because my baby and I are on a spend­ing lim­it, these cubic zir­co­nia will do just fine! Under $20


What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? 


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These are more expen­sive then what I get for Christ­mas. O.O

Youngin girl

They are all won­der­ful gifts to give to a spe­cial per­son you live. Valentine’s day is the right time to remind your spouse why she/he fell in love with you. Nice col­lec­tion though.