Shrink City. Shrink, Shrink City. Hiding up to 90% of the actual hair length in some cases, shrinkage proves itself to be the ultimate magician when it comes to natural hair. Even though shrinkage is a common occurrence amongst naturals, our jaws dropped when we saw these photos.

LadyKandDice has since cut her hair, but this shrinkage picture she posted back in October had people’s jaws dropping.

Natural hair blogger AHairStory said that her shrinkage has made her “a fan of blowdrying”.

This is reader, Nicole R.’s daughter’s hair! Click here to see the video!

natural hair shrinkage3
And you thought your shrinkage was intense…

natural hair shrinkage1

Stylist Reniece of goes from a tight fro to mid- back length.


Ashley of Barbie Bones

Natural hair sensation Ebony Clark, had people dyyying with this picture

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 11.09.03 AM
A fistful of length

Just a TWA right? Not!

natural hair shrinkage4
Last but not least, we just had to include our writer, Chinwe’s infamous shrinkage photo.

These photos just go to show, “Shrinkage does not discriminate!” No matter how long your hair gets, one wash can have you rocking a TWA. Remember, shrinkage is not a bad thing! It’s a unique aspect of our versatile hair 🙂 Peace, Love and Detangling!

How much hair length does your shrinkage hide? Feel free to share your own shrinkage pictures!

Editors Note: If any of you know the above un-credited naturals, please link us in the comments!


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youngin girl

Wow and those 4th and 5th pictures though. I like it.


Yeah that’s exactly why I don’t do wash & go’s or wash my hair without it being in twists but on this day I wasn’t feeling well.
[imgcomment image[/img]


When people wrote about ‘shrinkage’, I thought they meant the difference between their natural curls being stretched without heat – wet or twist-out – versus no stretching or manipulation, their natural ‘fro.

I haven’t heat-straightened my hair for years and the difference between dry twists and its natural spring is already dramatic enough. Beautiful curls on all the featured women.


The great thing about these pictures, is that all of their hair looks very strong and healthy.


Thank you for this post. My hair is mid-back when straightened. When it’s curly, it’s barely shoulder-length; but, it’s big. That’s where the awesomeness comes from the width and height, rather than the length.

VeeVee Brown

Awesome. I not too concerned with length. I just want big -strong and healthy- voluminous hair.


That’s the beauty of our hair…love it!!!!

Miss Gina Ray

Us 4b and cs have the most shrinkage, you can see it when looking at these pics. Pic 3 appears to have 50% shrinkage whereas many tighter textures are looking at 75%


Girl its not just 4b’s and c’s my hair is predominantly 4a and my grazing brastrap length hair shrink up to a 2-3 inch twa if i let it. shoot natural hair period aint no joke lol


I’d love to see my “true” length but I’m scared of the intense heat that’s needed to achieve it. Plus it won’t last long.

I hate shrinkage to be honest. What’s the point of all this length retention malarkey if the hair looks stagnant (putting aside health benefits)? Lol. Honestly I think I’ll have to grow my hair considerably long to see the length I want. Although judging by these pics, that might not make a difference :-/ Lol


Do a silk wrap. It lasts longer and from what I hear it takes less heat.


Me too Anon87! Every time I think about doing it I worry about the damage I would most likely get from the heat it would take to straighten. To me in the end it’s not worth it.


I will never complain about my shrinkage again. O_o

Dominique Murphy

I just straightened my hair for the first time and I couldn’t believe the length. It makes me smile to see how diverse our hair is though. We can stretch it or not but the choice is ours.


I actually posted a shrinkage pic earlier this morning.

[imgcomment image[/img]


Whoa!!! These ladies have some long hair.

I still prefer the curly look, though.


[imgcomment image[/img]

Yep it’s real out here lol


what? wow!! that’s amazing!


Yep. And I don’t even have long hair yet lol