Shrink City. Shrink, Shrink City. Hid­ing up to 90% of the actu­al hair length in some cas­es, shrink­age proves itself to be the ulti­mate magi­cian when it comes to nat­ur­al hair. Even though shrink­age is a com­mon occur­rence amongst nat­u­rals, our jaws dropped when we saw these pho­tos.

LadyKand­Dice has since cut her hair, but this shrink­age pic­ture she post­ed back in Octo­ber had people’s jaws drop­ping.

Nat­ur­al hair blog­ger AHair­Sto­ry said that her shrink­age has made her “a fan of blowdry­ing”.

This is read­er, Nicole R.‘s daughter’s hair! Click here to see the video!

natural hair shrinkage3
And you thought your shrink­age was intense…

natural hair shrinkage1

Styl­ist Reniece of goes from a tight fro to mid- back length.


Ash­ley of Bar­bie Bones

Nat­ur­al hair sen­sa­tion Ebony Clark, had peo­ple dyyy­ing with this pic­ture

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 11.09.03 AM
A fist­ful of length

Just a TWA right? Not!

natural hair shrinkage4
Last but not least, we just had to include our writer, Chinwe’s infa­mous shrink­age pho­to.

These pho­tos just go to show, “Shrink­age does not dis­crim­i­nate!” No mat­ter how long your hair gets, one wash can have you rock­ing a TWA. Remem­ber, shrink­age is not a bad thing! It’s a unique aspect of our ver­sa­tile hair :) Peace, Love and Detan­gling!

How much hair length does your shrink­age hide? Feel free to share your own shrink­age pic­tures!

Edi­tors Note: If any of you know the above un-cred­it­ed nat­u­rals, please link us in the com­ments!


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Yeah that’s exact­ly why I don’t do wash & go’s or wash my hair with­out it being in twists but on this day I wasn’t feel­ing well.
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When peo­ple wrote about ‘shrink­age’, I thought they meant the dif­fer­ence between their nat­ur­al curls being stretched with­out heat — wet or twist-out — ver­sus no stretch­ing or manip­u­la­tion, their nat­ur­al ‘fro.

I haven’t heat-straight­ened my hair for years and the dif­fer­ence between dry twists and its nat­ur­al spring is already dra­mat­ic enough. Beau­ti­ful curls on all the fea­tured women.


The great thing about these pic­tures, is that all of their hair looks very strong and healthy.


Thank you for this post. My hair is mid-back when straight­ened. When it’s curly, it’s bare­ly shoul­der-length; but, it’s big. That’s where the awe­some­ness comes from the width and height, rather than the length.

VeeVee Brown

Awe­some. I not too con­cerned with length. I just want big -strong and healthy- volu­mi­nous hair.


That’s the beau­ty of our hair…love it!!!!

Miss Gina Ray

Us 4b and cs have the most shrink­age, you can see it when look­ing at these pics. Pic 3 appears to have 50% shrink­age where­as many tighter tex­tures are look­ing at 75%


Girl its not just 4b’s and c’s my hair is pre­dom­i­nant­ly 4a and my graz­ing bras­trap length hair shrink up to a 2–3 inch twa if i let it. shoot nat­ur­al hair peri­od aint no joke lol


I’d love to see my “true” length but I’m scared of the intense heat that’s need­ed to achieve it. Plus it won’t last long. 

I hate shrink­age to be hon­est. What’s the point of all this length reten­tion malarkey if the hair looks stag­nant (putting aside health ben­e­fits)? Lol. Hon­est­ly I think I’ll have to grow my hair con­sid­er­ably long to see the length I want. Although judg­ing by these pics, that might not make a dif­fer­ence :-/ Lol


Me too Anon87! Every time I think about doing it I wor­ry about the dam­age I would most like­ly get from the heat it would take to straight­en. To me in the end it’s not worth it.


I will nev­er com­plain about my shrink­age again. O_o

Dominique Murphy

I just straight­ened my hair for the first time and I couldn’t believe the length. It makes me smile to see how diverse our hair is though. We can stretch it or not but the choice is ours.


I actu­al­ly post­ed a shrink­age pic ear­li­er this morn­ing.

[imgcomment image[/img]


Whoa!!! These ladies have some long hair. 

I still pre­fer the curly look, though.


[imgcomment image[/img]

Yep it’s real out here lol


what? wow!! that’s amaz­ing!


Yep. And I don’t even have long hair yet lol