8 Chic and Protective Updos for Winter


The winter weather is still here, and you’ve run out of protective style ideas.  Well, there is no need to worry.  Here are eight protective updos for inspiration:

By Chinwe of Hair and Health

1.  Halo Updo on Natural Hair

This style is pretty popular, but if you have not seen it (or tried it) yet, check it out.  It is essentially a jumbo flat twist going around the crown like a “halo”, hence the name.  All you will need are stretched hair, a comb for parting, and a couple of bobby pins.  This tutorial is really good at breaking down the styling.

2. Easy Pompadour Updo on Blown-Out Hair

Though this style is done on blown-out hair, you can modify it for stretched hair.  What will you need?  Bobby pins.  Watch the video for easy step-by-step instructions.

3. Twisted in Knots Side Bun

Okay, now this style is not as complicated to create as it looks.  Starting from stretched hair, you will form this side bun from two ponytails placed close together.  You will need bobby pins, Ouchless bands, and a comb for parting.

4. Glammed-Up Plaits on Locs

Do you want to keep your locs up and protected?  Then check this gorgeous updo created from plaited locs.  The look can also be modified for you twist and braid wearers.

5. Easy Chunky Twists Updo

I love this look so much that I may actually try it soon!  The style consists of chunky twists in the front and small twists in the back.  You will need bobby pins, an Ouchless band, and product/tools to smooth down your edges (if you wish).

6. Casual Jumbo Twist Updo

This is another beautiful and easy jumbo twist updo to try, and guess what?  No bobby pins are required!  Watch the tutorial to see what I mean.

7. Vintage Styled Updo

I could not resist including another style tutorial from this lady because this vintage updo is just lovely.  You will need stretched hair and bobby pins.

8. French Braid Updo on Locs

Here is another gorgeous loc updo and your locs do not have to be super long for this look.  You will essentially start from two large french braids going from the back your head to the front.  Check out the tutorial for more details!

Ladies, how have you been styling your hair this season?  Will you try any of these looks?



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20 thoughts on “8 Chic and Protective Updos for Winter

  1. I hope your right about spring right around the corner, Its hard to see it through all this snow/ice : )

  2. i loved the vintage updo and the halo one most because they looked the easiest to do and they’re just really pretty styles. the other ones look visually more complicated haha but these are all pretty cool styles. thanks for this! adding these to my repertoire

  3. I’m blown away by the options to choose from. They look hard to do and requires lots of practice. They are all my favorite. Janelle monae got most of the girls doing the pompadour, she’s a star.

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  5. 4c girls CAN wear the first hair style without a lot of hair stretching drama. I have true 4c hair. I did “1 Halo Tutorial” in about 10 minutes. First, I got a chair to sit down in front of the mirror so I would not rush the twisting of my hair. Then I pulled my hair down in the direction that she brushed her her (with more planning I could have sprayed and plaited my hair last night in the direction that she brushed her hair. I could have done this last night in about 10-15 minutes). Second, I took my time and slowly did the two strand twist using only the hair in “the area” near the roots of the twist (meaning I did not reach too far to gather hair for my twist. I wanted the twists to look neat). Third, after twisting the hair in the back, I made sure the twists coming toward the front was at the same level of the beginning twists (not too high or too low). I was very pleased. I put a flower where the ending plait meets the beginning twist because my ending plait was not quite full enough. My hair when I started out was stretched out but all over my head because I had worn a single French braid a few days before and had un-braided it, but I did not put a scarf on it at night.

  6. I like “2. Easy Pompadour Updo on Blown-Out Hair” also. I am practicing the criss crossing of the back of the hair because I know I can use that portion of this hairstyle to give my style a very special look. (If you know the correct name of this criss crossing please post it so I can research it.) But for the front I will pin up the sides like she did but instead of a pompadour I will do a mass of three-strand twists until my hair grows to a length that I think a pompadour would look good of me. My main point is don’t discard a pretty new hairstyle if you can use portions of it that would work for you. Just add the new portion that will work with your old portion that you know works for you. Then you will be creating your own fresh look.

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