With the excep­tion of com­mer­cials or small sup­port­ing roles, nat­ur­al haired beau­ties are a rare sight on tele­vi­sion. BLACK&SEXY TV (an inde­pen­dent online enter­tain­ment net­work) is chang­ing this with an array of award-win­ning YouTube series fea­tur­ing gor­geous, con­fi­dent women who rock their curls proud­ly.

Their hit series HELLO CUPID, stars Ash­ley Blaine Feath­er­son and Hay­ley Marie Nor­man, as two besties who switch online dat­ing pro­files to dis­as­trous results. The two cute lead­ing ladies were fea­tured here on BGLH last year detail­ing their hair reg­i­men and some juicy scoops on the show. Now the Sea­son 2 pre­miere is here as the first Pay-Per-View event from BLACK&SEXY TV. The folks at BLACK&SEXY are a refresh­ing alter­na­tive to the ratch­et­ness on TV. Your pur­chase sup­ports their ven­tures as an inde­pen­dent TV net­work. Check out the trail­ers and stills from sea­son 2 below, and join the BLACK&SEXY move­ment.

Watch sea­son 1 here and pur­chase the sea­son 2 pre­miere here.

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­liste, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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Jojo Satoes

I love this show but missed this PPV event. Hur­ry back on you guys!

*Spoil­er Alert* It is a well-pro­duced show, no doubt. I watched the first sea­son, and have to ask myself (apart from watch­ing two love­ly actress­es with nat­ur­al hair), do I want to pay $3 to watch a show where two girls share a mar­ried man? Or even­tu­al­ly fight/strain their rela­tion­ship over a man who isn’t real­ly avail­able? It’s like in a book­store, I am free to browse what­ev­er media catch­es my eye. It doesn’t mean that I have to buy it, if I don’t real­ly like it. I don’t buy books just because the author is black. Why should I? That… Read more »

Loved the 1st sea­son. The act­ing was for me very great to watch.

I will def see the next sea­son.

Black and sexy Tv is some­thing to sup­port as they put qual­i­ty in what they re doing.


Natural Love

I just watched this series today. I love this show!


Nev­er heard of it but why are they doing payper view when YouTube pays per view as well as for adver­tise­ments? I pay enough for cable and net­flixs I just can’t see may self pay­ing to watch a tv show I have nev­er seen sor­ry

The entire first sea­son is on Youtube (for free). This is their way of try­ing to raise mon­ey for their shows. They put a lot into their shows, from the actors, edit­ing etc. and there is now way that the mon­ey from Youtube can fund all of that. I love all their shows, The cou­ple, That guy and roomielover­friends. You feel like you are watch­ing an actu­al show and all the view­ers are hooked! Like I stat­ed the entire first sea­son is free and the rest of the sec­ond sea­son will be free also, they are just try­ing to raise… Read more »

That makes sense and I think you explained your­self very well in the first para­graph. However,the sec­ond para­graph men­tion­ing race was a bit much. Every­one has the right to know what they’re pay­ing for and why. We have the right to ask ques­tions, even if it is $3.00 because that is our mon­ey. I wouldn’t mind pay­ing that at all and I will def­i­nite­ly check out the first sea­son but the whole race com­ment was overkill.