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When it comes to natural hair, there’s a lot to talk about—products, hair regimens, washing techniques, moisture retention, and many other things, but one thing that seems to shoot to the top of the conversation charts is achieving and maintaining long hair. Before you give the infamous deep sigh and skedaddle over to another page, let me advise you that this isn’t your typical post about how to grow your natural hair to BSL (that’s bra strap length, in case you’re new to this) and 10 different styles you can rock with your 18 inch hair. Nope, that’s just not about to happen.

I will say that many of us drool, hoot, and holler over Tracey Ellis Ross’s big, bold curls, Ledisi’s luscious locs, and Corinne Bailey Rae’s amazing mane, but for many of us, the road to having these beauties’ hair length is extremely long. The ultimate question is why should you sit, dream, and wait until the day that you can rock amazing styles, when you can enjoy it now? I know, I know….you’re rocking a TWA…there couldn’t POSSIBLY be anything more than a wash-and-go on your hair styling menu. Well I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. Let’s take the 31-year-old Lupita Nyong’o as a prime example.





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This Mexico-born Kenyan actress sheds a whole new light on short natural hair. By rocking a side part, 2 middle parts, a brush cut, a tiny curly fro with tapered sides and lots in between, she proves that short natural hair can be just as versatile and fly as any long coiffure. Her hairstyles are proof that sexy comes in all different shapes, lengths, colors, and it doesn’t need anyone’s permission to be fabulous. However, no matter the length of your hair, it can only be as fabulous and fly as you allow it to be. Let’s face it….we’ve all seen a natural or two with a head full of long tresses who does absolutely nothing funky or exciting to it. You wish it were yours and she’s totally disinterested in it and wonders why you’re so pressed to have long hair. While you’re sitting there wishing, waiting, hoping, and dreaming about styling your long hair, you’re missing out on the beauty of having short hair and the amazing things you can do with it.

I encourage all my short naturals to take the breaks off. Let it roll! Let your imagination and creativity take your hair to all new heights without having to wait until it grows. Have some hair confidence NOW…don’t wait until later. You don’t want to look back and regret passing up the opportunity to rock the most amazing TWA you could’ve conjured up. Embrace your hair NOW and get on the Lupita flow to rocking miles of sassy styles that punch the idea that short hair isn’t versatile right in the face. Check out all of the ways Butterfly Lupita has styled her hair. Can you still sit and say you can’t do a thing to your hair at its current short length? As many praise Butterfly Lupita for her outstanding talent, beautiful skin, intelligence, grace, and overall beauty, we can’t deny that she is a great example of rocking your natural hair and styling it no matter the length.

Have you made having short natural hair a deterrent to doing amazing things with your hair? How have you jazzed up your TWA in the past? What do you do to get over your “long hair dreams”? Leave your comments below—we promise we won’t judge you.

Butterfly Apryl-Joi has a true passion for natural hair and fitness. When she isn’t crafting up original content for, she’s training clients on new fitness workouts and knows how to meet the demands of both the body and hair with hard work and dedication.

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As someone who used to have waist length locs for nearly two decades & recently chopped down to a TWA, IMO long hair is SO overrated! I was just going to start over with a healthier head of hair, but I’m loving the freedom of my TWA so much I’m keeping it short! Also I was one of those nervous about chopping because I wasn’t sure if I had the head or face for short hair–but I look so much better in it than I thought I would (actually better than with hair, lol–who knew)? Even though we say we’re… Read more »

I love Lupita and the standard of inimitable beauty she represents for black women around the globe however her hair is relaxed in a few of these pics. It is not natural. Yes she looks jaw dropping and freaking stunning but she’s not repping attainable styles for natural women. I have a twa and had braids put n out of frustration. It honestly appears as though the ole wash n go is the only real “style” for new naturals. I wish we had more alternatives to motivate us on this journey.


I’d really like there to be more love for the in betweener’s I’ve started to hate my hair because I feel like there’s nothing I can do with it. Which I’m sure is not true. There’s just not much mainstream ideas and it’s a hell of a lot MORE work when it’s not that short but definitely not long enough. And let me not get started on salons. Why would you charge me the same amount as someone who has 3 times my hair?? Help a sista out!!!!!

I have just did BC #2 yesterday, and I must say…I am soooo loving having short hair! I had very long hair all my life and the first time I went natural, I didn’t really appreciate the versatility of short hair. Three years later, I was feeling very uninspired and even cutting my hair to neck length and coloring it still didn’t do anything for me. So when I BC’d this time, oh wow, I love this look on me! My high cheekbones look stunning and my short neck FINALLY looks graceful and longer. Even my fiance love this look… Read more »
I am so very tired of all this drama about why people want long or short hair. I personally like long hair & was on my way there…like I had when I had my curly perm…. till I had to do hard trims last winter due to split ends & breakage. Went back to using old school grease on my ends, then started Carol’s Daughter anti breakage Monoi line in June. Right now all my hair is about 6″-7″ long & I’m wearing my usual summer KinkyCurly do which looks nice. I personally LIKE long hair on me; it looks… Read more »

I find this article humourous based on the fact that this site BARELY has any info or cute styles for women with less than 3-4 inches of hair, and most of the articles are about length retention and whatnot. Or they highlight mostly long or medium haired naturals. but whatevs.



Primmest Plum
I remember when I BC’d and had my hair at about, 1 1/2 in – 2in, I loved the freeing experience of short hair. It was a cute look, and because of the short hair I had to adjust and experiment with my overall look. There’s something about short hair that made me carry myself differently, it gave me more poise, I held my head up a bit higher to show off my neckline. Short hair allows for subtleties that go unnoticed with longer hair. Your profile, décolletage, neck and even your nape can become very elegant and graceful. I… Read more »

I know this is old but I loved everything that you said!