A reced­ing hair­line or “bald edges” can real­ly take away from a woman’s beau­ty. Rather than deal­ing with the issue, many have resort­ed to cov­er­ing up the prob­lem with a weave or wig, while oth­ers turn to sup­ple­ments or “hair growth pills.” While those are great ways to tem­porar­i­ly deal with the issue, the best way to ensure that your hair grows back is to do away with the bad prac­tices which led to the prob­lem, and incor­po­rate healthy hair habits into your reg­i­men. Pre­ven­tion is bet­ter than cure.

1. Retire the weaves and wigs
Weaves and wigs are actu­al­ly one of the caus­es of bald­ing edges, espe­cial­ly when they’re fixed so tight that you can feel your edges being pulled. To cov­er up your thin edges, and if your work­place per­mits, I would sug­gest wear­ing a loose head wrap, or wrap­ping a thin scarf around your edges. If this isn’t an option for you, try looser wigs and ask your styl­ist to braid and sew the wig on very loose­ly.

2. Be Gen­tle
The hair sur­round­ing your hair­line is very sen­si­tive and frag­ile. You’ll need to be extra care­ful with this area since the hair isn’t as resis­tant and “tough” as the mature hair all over your scalp. This means gen­er­al manip­u­la­tion like brush­ing, comb­ing, braid­ing and detan­gling must be done with extra care.

3. Keep Your Styles Loose
Aside from wigs and exten­sions, tight nat­u­ral hair­styles such as afro puffs, pony­tails and tight pin up styles can be detri­men­tal.

For those who like to wear head­bands often, opt for looser and thick­er head­bands that won’t put too much stress on your edges or pull at them when tak­en off. You can also opt for silk/satin head­wraps or head­bands which eas­i­ly slide on and off with­out cre­at­ing any fric­tion.

It’s best to lim­it wear­ing head­bands or any hair­style that puts too much stress on the edges. On days when the­se styles are worn,  make sure that you change up your style by tak­ing down the puff or head­band after a few hours so that your edges can relax.

fre­quent use of this type of acces­so­ry can cause bald edges,especially at the back
4. Keep exten­sions light­weight
A lot of wom­en like to wear tiny and heavy braids, which can be detri­men­tal to the over­all health of our hair. Heavy braids which pull on the hair can cause our edges to van­ish as the tiny hair strands are being uproot­ed. This can also affect the poten­tial growth of new hair. Opt­ing for lighter exten­sions such as Mar­ley hair and braid­ing big­ger chunks of hair will reduce the ten­sion on the hair, and help to ensure that your edges are not yanked off by those heavy exten­sions.

hair was part­ed chunky and Mar­ley hair was used
How do you keep your edges from going on exile?

Adeola @ The Mane Captain

A Toron­to based nat­u­ral hair blog­ger. Born & half raised in Nige­ria, and now cur­rent­ly resid­ing in Canada. To keep busy, I fre­quent my local library where I go to bor­row non fic­tion books, par­tic­u­lar­ly per­son­al and spir­i­tu­al devel­op­ment books. I also orga­nize Toron­to nat­u­ral hair events, attend mee­tup groups and I’m work­ing hard to be a poly­glot.

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Spir­i­tu­al books are fic­tion though, lol

Missy Julien-Thelemarque
Missy Julien-Thelemarque

Sto­ry of my life, trans­la­tioned for 7 months then cut off the per­med ends. Now nat­u­ral for almost 9 months and my edges just refuse to grow back. Been using rub­bing JBCO gen­tly ever night. When­ev­er ever I see a lit­tle bit of improve­ment, they fall off agan. So frus­trat­ing!


Emu oil has worked won­ders for my hair­line. It’s an anti­sep­tic and I believe I might have had a mild fun­gal infec­tion of the hair­line, as it was tight and sore. I used a mix­ture of emu, JBCO and rose­mary, along with dai­ly massage,and had great results on about 6 months.


Ur advice is on main­tain­ing our edges is real­ly true . recent­ly I jst did my first PS after my skin cut.nd bcz my hair is so lit­tle dey had to pick it so tight­ly dat d pain made me fall ill nd i cud notice my front hair line look­ing bald alrdy. Upon its already 3days my hair is still pain­ing me.pls wats ur advice do i jst loose d hair imme­di­ate­ly or Wat?
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My edges have been thin­ning dras­ti­cal­ly… Well, to me any­way… Right now I’m pret­ty much doing every­thing that this arti­cle entails to pre­vent fur­ther dam­age… Recent­ly a friend rec­om­mend­ed I use Baby Don’t Be Bald… I just start­ed using it & just want­ed to know if any­one else has used it for thinning/balding & has it worked won­ders for you?
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My edges have been thin­ning dras­ti­cal­ly… Well, to me any­way… Right now I’m pret­ty much doing every­thing that this arti­cle entails to pre­vent fur­ther dam­age… Recent­ly a friend rec­om­mend­ed I use Baby Don’t Be Bald… I just start­ed using it & just want­ed to know if any­one else has used it for thinning/balding & has it worked won­ders for you?


I thought i was the only one who had a prob with just wear­ing a bonnet…i hate that piece of hair saver(supposedly). I do the cayen­ne pep­per thing but usu­al­ly mixed with a bit of acv. Seemed to help but the con­stant mas­sag­ing made me feel like i was loos­ing more hair so i stopped. Will prob­a­bly resume it again in the win­ter.

Dis­cov­er­ing what’s caus­ing the prob­lem would be first off then of course a plan for avoid­ing or stop ping the cause. Now the recov­ery plan can be put into action. I have worn wigs for years and they def­i­nite­ly do dam­age to your edges. I just recent­ly have had growth around the entire perime­ter of my head, after a year of recov­ery efforts from years of dam­age. I knew the wigs were the cause but I had no idea how to stop it or avoid it with out look­ing pro­fes­sion­al for work so I thought they were going to be… Read more »
Sophie Davis

Great advice. I cut the clips out my wigs and that did won­ders but still no not­i­ca­ble growth on the hair­line. A hair shop near me sells silk bands. My hair­line is so dam­aged and very dry from the Nylon but get­ting good growth every­where else. Can’t wait to try the silk.

just as i am

I am going to try that TODAY!


you are wel­come. If you’re going to make the scarf use silk, sat­in will make your wig slide around. Silk won’t eat your hair like the nylon wig or stock­ing caps do.

My edges walked away years ago…never to return. My hair is also very fine and soft adding to an already com­pli­cat­ed sit­u­a­tion. I, too, thought this would be an arti­cle per­tain­ing to help on get­ting my edges back grow­ing. The pho­tos look great, but they don’t show a wom­en who’s edges are gone and styles to wear while patient­ly wait­ing on them to grow back. I am a lit­tle too mature in my style for bows, and head­bands lit­er­al­ly give me migraines. Weaves, not wigs (migraines), have been my go to choice…and as you’ve stat­ed, they have been of no… Read more »

Have you tried reg­u­lar gen­tle head mas­sage and using aloe vera gel fol­lowed by a nat­u­ral oil over the edges/area? It may help you. Hope it does.


Have you tried using raw cas­tor oil or coconut oil on your edges?


I love braids as a pro­tec­tive style, but I have very frag­ile edges and they always get a bit thin. So, I would do cayen­ne pep­per w/olive oil trea­ments to stim­u­late the growth and they filled back in with­in the mon­th. Hope this helps!

I once dealt with thin­ning edges. I think that the cul­prit that a lot of peo­ple for­get about is a tech­nique meant to pre­serve our hair…satin bon­nets! I think a lot of the dam­age to my edges occurred due to wear­ing bon­nets that either slid back expos­ing my edges at night or bon­nets with that tight elas­tic press­ing on my edges all night. Once I start­ed mak­ing an effort to tie my hair up with a scarf (and place a bon­net over top for extra pro­tec­tion), I noticed my edges flour­ish. Plus the fact that lay­ing my edges down at… Read more »
Yvonne Oyoyo

Grow my hair ???


Also lim­it­ing the usage of gel on the edges can help restore reced­ing or bald edges


title of arti­cle says ‘4 ways to bring your edges back from exile’, con­tent implies ‘4 ways to keep your edges from exile’. the title implies ‘rem­e­dy’ while the con­tent says ‘pre­ven­tion’.….???!!!


I hate when they do that!
It’s like false adver­tis­ing?


Yes, this is a very mis­lead­ing title. This arti­cle only talks about pre­ven­tion. Once dam­age to your edges gets past a cer­tain point, pre­ven­ta­tive mea­sures aren’t as effec­tive.

Miss Mo

Well those same habits that should have been pre­vent­ed if prac­ticed after the dam­age will bring the edges back. :)

Truth Hurts

#6 Take your time detan­gling your hair around your hair line. I noticed on one side my edges broke off, near the tem­ple and it is grow­ing back and it has to be from detan­gling, ’cause I dont do weaves/wigs, pin ups or pull my hair back, I dont rock head bands and its not the side I sleep on.

Adeola @ TheManeCaptain

yes, one has to be very gen­tle with those baby hair.