4 Ways to Bring Your Edges Back From Exile

A receding hairline or “bald edges” can really take away from a woman’s beauty. Rather than dealing with the issue, many have resorted to covering up the problem with a weave or wig, while others turn to supplements or “hair growth pills.” While those are great ways to temporarily deal with the issue, the best way to ensure that your hair grows back is to do away with the bad practices which led to the problem, and incorporate healthy hair habits into your regimen. Prevention is better than cure.

1. Retire the weaves and wigs
Weaves and wigs are actually one of the causes of balding edges, especially when they’re fixed so tight that you can feel your edges being pulled. To cover up your thin edges, and if your workplace permits, I would suggest wearing a loose head wrap, or wrapping a thin scarf around your edges. If this isn’t an option for you, try looser wigs and ask your stylist to braid and sew the wig on very loosely.

2. Be Gentle
The hair surrounding your hairline is very sensitive and fragile. You’ll need to be extra careful with this area since the hair isn’t as resistant and “tough” as the mature hair all over your scalp. This means general manipulation like brushing, combing, braiding and detangling must be done with extra care.

3. Keep Your Styles Loose
Aside from wigs and extensions, tight natural hairstyles such as afro puffs, ponytails and tight pin up styles can be detrimental.

For those who like to wear headbands often, opt for looser and thicker headbands that won’t put too much stress on your edges or pull at them when taken off. You can also opt for silk/satin headwraps or headbands which easily slide on and off without creating any friction.

It’s best to limit wearing headbands or any hairstyle that puts too much stress on the edges. On days when these styles are worn,  make sure that you change up your style by taking down the puff or headband after a few hours so that your edges can relax.

frequent use of this type of accessory can cause bald edges,especially at the back
4. Keep extensions lightweight
A lot of women like to wear tiny and heavy braids, which can be detrimental to the overall health of our hair. Heavy braids which pull on the hair can cause our edges to vanish as the tiny hair strands are being uprooted. This can also affect the potential growth of new hair. Opting for lighter extensions such as Marley hair and braiding bigger chunks of hair will reduce the tension on the hair, and help to ensure that your edges are not yanked off by those heavy extensions.

hair was parted chunky and Marley hair was used
How do you keep your edges from going on exile?

Adeola @ The Mane Captain

Adeola @ The Mane Captain

A Toronto based natural hair blogger. Born & half raised in Nigeria, and now currently residing in Canada. To keep busy, I frequent my local library where I go to borrow non fiction books, particularly personal and spiritual development books. I also organize Toronto natural hair events, attend meetup groups and I'm working hard to be a polyglot.


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25 thoughts on “4 Ways to Bring Your Edges Back From Exile

  1. #6 Take your time detangling your hair around your hair line. I noticed on one side my edges broke off, near the temple and it is growing back and it has to be from detangling, ’cause I dont do weaves/wigs, pin ups or pull my hair back, I dont rock head bands and its not the side I sleep on.

  2. title of article says ‘4 ways to bring your edges back from exile’, content implies ‘4 ways to keep your edges from exile’. the title implies ‘remedy’ while the content says ‘prevention’…..???!!!

    • Well those same habits that should have been prevented if practiced after the damage will bring the edges back. :)

    • Yes, this is a very misleading title. This article only talks about prevention. Once damage to your edges gets past a certain point, preventative measures aren’t as effective.

  3. I once dealt with thinning edges. I think that the culprit that a lot of people forget about is a technique meant to preserve our hair…satin bonnets! I think a lot of the damage to my edges occurred due to wearing bonnets that either slid back exposing my edges at night or bonnets with that tight elastic pressing on my edges all night. Once I started making an effort to tie my hair up with a scarf (and place a bonnet over top for extra protection), I noticed my edges flourish. Plus the fact that laying my edges down at night minimized my needing to manipulate the hair overall which helped too.

  4. My edges walked away years ago…never to return. My hair is also very fine and soft adding to an already complicated situation. I, too, thought this would be an article pertaining to help on getting my edges back growing. The photos look great, but they don’t show a women who’s edges are gone and styles to wear while patiently waiting on them to grow back. I am a little too mature in my style for bows, and headbands literally give me migraines. Weaves, not wigs (migraines), have been my go to choice…and as you’ve stated, they have been of no help. If there any hair experts in Atlanta who can help me, I’m all ears!

    • I love braids as a protective style, but I have very fragile edges and they always get a bit thin. So, I would do cayenne pepper w/olive oil treaments to stimulate the growth and they filled back in within the month. Hope this helps!

    • Have you tried regular gentle head massage and using aloe vera gel followed by a natural oil over the edges/area? It may help you. Hope it does.

  5. Discovering what’s causing the problem would be first off then of course a plan for avoiding or stop ping the cause. Now the recovery plan can be put into action. I have worn wigs for years and they definitely do damage to your edges. I just recently have had growth around the entire perimeter of my head, after a year of recovery efforts from years of damage. I knew the wigs were the cause but I had no idea how to stop it or avoid it with out looking professional for work so I thought they were going to be a lost cause by the time I retire. Then last year I decided that maybe if I sewed satin, at least in the area that rubbed against my temple I may have a chance. After about 6 months of effort started seeing fuz and that was enough to encourage me to continue but I grew tired of sewing so I went to the fabric store but this time I bought silk and made a head band scarf to wear under my wigs. The thing I believe helped the regrowth was massage as well as following the tips and suggestions I found at this site. Have hope, my hair is super fine and I never thought I’d ever see any thing but skin above my ears for the rest of my days on earth but I’m on my way to having all my hair again.

      • you are welcome. If you’re going to make the scarf use silk, satin will make your wig slide around. Silk won’t eat your hair like the nylon wig or stocking caps do.

    • Great advice. I cut the clips out my wigs and that did wonders but still no noticable growth on the hairline. A hair shop near me sells silk bands. My hairline is so damaged and very dry from the Nylon but getting good growth everywhere else. Can’t wait to try the silk.

  6. I thought i was the only one who had a prob with just wearing a bonnet…i hate that piece of hair saver(supposedly). I do the cayenne pepper thing but usually mixed with a bit of acv. Seemed to help but the constant massaging made me feel like i was loosing more hair so i stopped. Will probably resume it again in the winter.

  7. My edges have been thinning drastically… Well, to me anyway… Right now I’m pretty much doing everything that this article entails to prevent further damage… Recently a friend recommended I use Baby Don’t Be Bald… I just started using it & just wanted to know if anyone else has used it for thinning/balding & has it worked wonders for you?

  8. My edges have been thinning drastically… Well, to me anyway… Right now I’m pretty much doing everything that this article entails to prevent further damage… Recently a friend recommended I use Baby Don’t Be Bald… I just started using it & just wanted to know if anyone else has used it for thinning/balding & has it worked wonders for you?

  9. Ur advice is on maintaining our edges is really true . recently I jst did my first PS after my skin cut.nd bcz my hair is so little dey had to pick it so tightly dat d pain made me fall ill nd i cud notice my front hair line looking bald alrdy. Upon its already 3days my hair is still paining me.pls wats ur advice do i jst loose d hair immediately or Wat?

  10. Emu oil has worked wonders for my hairline. It’s an antiseptic and I believe I might have had a mild fungal infection of the hairline, as it was tight and sore. I used a mixture of emu, JBCO and rosemary, along with daily massage,and had great results on about 6 months.

  11. Story of my life, translationed for 7 months then cut off the permed ends. Now natural for almost 9 months and my edges just refuse to grow back. Been using rubbing JBCO gently ever night. Whenever ever I see a little bit of improvement, they fall off agan. So frustrating!

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