We rarely ever see Janelle Mon­ae like this! The stun­ning songstress stepped out in a white hot out­fit and slicked back hair as she par­tied with the Won­da­land Arts Soci­ety this past week. Get em’ Janelle!

And Brandy is rock­ing a fro wig from the Heat Free Hair Move­ment. We’ve writ­ten about the Heat Free Hair Move­ment before. They are a DC-based weave com­pa­ny spe­cial­iz­ing in nat­ur­al tex­tures. The star seemed very hap­py with her weave, upload­ing mul­ti­ple pic­tures and post­ing cap­tions like

My #fro looks bet­ter than yours, I can teach you, but I’mma have to charge!!


#fro #freep­eo­ple #how­ifeel

Photo by 4everbrandy

4everbrandy fro

Brandy had us fooled for a sec­ond! We thought that ish was real :)

What do you think of the ladies’ looks? 


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mike pyle

tanks for that


Whats the point wear­ing a faux fro? This girl can nev­er grow her own hair.…cha!


Up close I think you can tell that’s a wig. I actu­al­ly thought that was her hair at first. Well at least she’s rock­ing a nat­ur­al wig or weave what­ev­er it is. I think if more black celebri­ties rocked nat­ur­al wigs or weaves, peo­ple would stop talk­ing about black women wear­ing “weaves ” all the time. It’s only an issue because they wear weave that dont match their nat­ur­al hair tex­ture. I see noth­ing wrong with weave or wigs, but if it don’t look like your nat­ur­al hair, it looks rather tacky to me.


Loveeeeee Brandy’s hair like that. It makes her look younger too.

Naturally Lovely

unde­fined and messy is sex­i­er any­ways.


LOL I won’t say hers is BETTER than mine (cuz mine is real haha­ha) but she looks good, and I’m glad there are some gor­geous nat­ur­al weaves out there!

Michelle Spice

I love your hair Brandy. Looks great!

Brandy looks amaz­ing. And i’m so sick of the so called defined look. ugh. seri­ous­ly if u wan­na have a “defined look” go ahead, but some just don’t care to go out of their way to define their hair. I have tiny coils but when i do a braid out my hair just looks like a fro, that’s it, no defined any­thing. that’s just what my hair does and i’m sure i’m not the only one. Any­way this is not tar­get­ed to any­one in par­tic­u­lar, but i saw com­ments of dis­dain in anoth­er face­book page con­cern­ing Brandy’s look because the… Read more »

Hear, hear! My twist-outs and braid-outs always just look like a curly fro. I’m sure if I spent mon­ey on spe­cial defin­ing creams, spent hours per­fect­ing my tech­nique and prod­uct choic­es, and then spent more time retwist­ing my kinky hair and pray­ing for dry weath­er, I might have defined curls.…but I also would have an emp­ty wal­let, a head full of frus­tra­tion and a lot less length reten­tion. No thanks. When it comes to my hair, I just keep it clean, keep it stretched, and let it do what it does. Noth­ing wrong with that.


I don’t get the offense to the birdnest com­ment. The com­menter said she didn’t like the look and gave her rea­son as to why she didn’t like it. I like Brandy’s wig…It reminds me of my niece(she kin­da resem­bles Brandy as well). To the com­menter it is a “bad thing” for the hair to look like that, just like I’m sure some peo­ple are put off by cer­tain hair­styles. I didn’t get wig from this, only because that’s what my niece looks like after dry­ing her hair with a t-shirt.

Naturally Lovely


Naturally Lovely

Wig or not, to imply that someone’s nat­ur­al hair is bird­snesty is set­ting a stan­dard that one’s hair has to be neat. Isn’t that what kinky /coily hair does nat­u­ral­ly, look like a “bird’s nest” when not alot of prod­uct is applied to a medi­um to short length of hair? 

I rather like the bird’s nest look and it looks adorable on brandy. Since when is it a bad thing to have that look?

nappy headed black girl

I wish we could actu­al­ly see Janelle’s hair :-(

I like Brandy’s fro with the glass­es. The oth­er ones are eh.


It’s fun­ny how some com­menters feel Brandy’s hair looks too “wig­gy” and “bird nesty” (umm­mm, bor­der­line dis­crim­i­na­to­ry state­ment as Afro tex­tured hair nat­u­ral­ly grows up and out) in these pic­tures. My hair was almost iden­ti­cal when it was short­er, no won­der I was con­stant­ly being asked if my hair was real. I guess thick, coily hair looks unnat­ur­al when it’s not smoothed to death with heavy prod­ucts and manip­u­lat­ed into a neat twist out. Lol, wut? Take the kinks out your mind about the kinks in your hair.


Uuuh­hh but you have no prob­lem when she say her pur­chased fro looks bet­ter than yours…There in lies the problem…it doesnt…it looks to be a weave/wig tex­ture and vol­ume is not my issue…I’ve sim­ply wore bet­ter look­ing afro curly hair.…wish my hair would do that nat­u­ral­ly but it’s nat­u­ral­ly fine limp and needs to be encour­aged to fro.…



Youngin girl

My mom laughed when I showed her what Brandy said on Insta­gram. I like how hap­py she seems in her com­ments and in her pics. Janelle is always on fire. That’s a metaphor. I mean she’s cool. She let loose a lit­tle in this pic­ture.


I would’ve nev­er thought Brandy was wear­ing a wig! It looks very nat­ur­al


Is Janelle Mon­ae still nat­ur­al? Her hair has been look­ing very smooth recent­ly, like relax­er smooth. No shade, just won­der­ing :)


I like that Janelle doesn’t care if her breast are sag­gy. She rocks that bra­less look my are sag­gy too but I’m not that con­fi­dent.


Most women’s breasts hang like that with a deep v-cut neck­line and no bra, and they might’ve appeared perki­er if the pic­ture were tak­en head-on.


Maybe u didn’t mean it in a neg­a­tive way, but this com­ment about janelle mon­ae came out pret­ty fun­ny. Lol. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a very tal­ent­ed artist but this is my first time see­ing her with her “assets” out.


They could’ve been cov­ered much less. JM still keeps it classy

Love JAH

Janelle looks real­ly cute! But she played it up real sexy…that must be her man stand­ing behind her… I love this look on Brandy and like some ladies have point­ed out, it is a bit ‘heavy’ or wig look­ing on the top…but the hair is high qual­i­ty and looks real­is­tic! Brandy is gor­geous


I LOVE Janelle Mon­ae, and I play “Elec­tric Lady” non­stop, but…her tit­tays are all out. YIKES! No bueno.


Brandy is beau­ti­ful!


Not a fan of Brandy’s looks a lit­tle to wig­gy.


I agree. Not feel­in it either to birds nesty. JM looks cute, tho.

I, Kathy

Janelle looks great, but I’m more intrigued by her friend with the super long braids. That 70’s out­fit that “Braids” is wear­ing is cute too.

Naturally Lovely

Speak­ing of which, I want Brandy’s hair­cut.

Naturally Lovely

Love Janelle and Brandy looks beau­ti­ful and fresh!




I love that fro on Brandy. She is a beau­ti­ful woman and wear­ing nat­ur­al-look­ing hair only enhances that beau­ty. The pic of Janelle is a wee bit blur­ry, but what I do see is just ‘eh’. I like the lit­tle white dress the lady next to her is wear­ing more.


Brandy has always been beau­ti­ful, but she’s real­ly a show-stop­per when she goes for a more nat­ur­al look. I hope she keeps it up! Maybe it will lead to wear­ing her own nat­ur­al hair out more :)


I love both looks.