We rarely ever see Janelle Monae like this! The stunning songstress stepped out in a white hot outfit and slicked back hair as she partied with the Wondaland Arts Society this past week. Get em’ Janelle!

And Brandy is rocking a fro wig from the Heat Free Hair Movement. We’ve written about the Heat Free Hair Movement before. They are a DC-based weave company specializing in natural textures. The star seemed very happy with her weave, uploading multiple pictures and posting captions like

My #fro looks better than yours, I can teach you, but I’mma have to charge!!


#fro #freepeople #howifeel

Photo by 4everbrandy

4everbrandy fro

Brandy had us fooled for a second! We thought that ish was real 🙂

What do you think of the ladies’ looks? 


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35 Comments on "Janelle Monae Rocks a Sexy Dress (!) And Sleek Bun + Brandy Instagrams Fro Pics"

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mike pyle

tanks for that


Whats the point wearing a faux fro? This girl can never grow her own hair….cha!


Up close I think you can tell that’s a wig. I actually thought that was her hair at first. Well at least she’s rocking a natural wig or weave whatever it is. I think if more black celebrities rocked natural wigs or weaves, people would stop talking about black women wearing “weaves ” all the time. It’s only an issue because they wear weave that dont match their natural hair texture. I see nothing wrong with weave or wigs, but if it don’t look like your natural hair, it looks rather tacky to me.


Loveeeeee Brandy’s hair like that. It makes her look younger too.

Naturally Lovely

undefined and messy is sexier anyways.


LOL I won’t say hers is BETTER than mine (cuz mine is real hahaha) but she looks good, and I’m glad there are some gorgeous natural weaves out there!

Michelle Spice

I love your hair Brandy. Looks great!

Brandy looks amazing. And i’m so sick of the so called defined look. ugh. seriously if u wanna have a “defined look” go ahead, but some just don’t care to go out of their way to define their hair. I have tiny coils but when i do a braid out my hair just looks like a fro, that’s it, no defined anything. that’s just what my hair does and i’m sure i’m not the only one. Anyway this is not targeted to anyone in particular, but i saw comments of disdain in another facebook page concerning Brandy’s look because the… Read more »

Hear, hear! My twist-outs and braid-outs always just look like a curly fro. I’m sure if I spent money on special defining creams, spent hours perfecting my technique and product choices, and then spent more time retwisting my kinky hair and praying for dry weather, I might have defined curls….but I also would have an empty wallet, a head full of frustration and a lot less length retention. No thanks. When it comes to my hair, I just keep it clean, keep it stretched, and let it do what it does. Nothing wrong with that.


I don’t get the offense to the birdnest comment. The commenter said she didn’t like the look and gave her reason as to why she didn’t like it. I like Brandy’s wig…It reminds me of my niece(she kinda resembles Brandy as well). To the commenter it is a “bad thing” for the hair to look like that, just like I’m sure some people are put off by certain hairstyles. I didn’t get wig from this, only because that’s what my niece looks like after drying her hair with a t-shirt.

Naturally Lovely


Naturally Lovely

Wig or not, to imply that someone’s natural hair is birdsnesty is setting a standard that one’s hair has to be neat. Isn’t that what kinky /coily hair does naturally, look like a “bird’s nest” when not alot of product is applied to a medium to short length of hair?

I rather like the bird’s nest look and it looks adorable on brandy. Since when is it a bad thing to have that look?

nappy headed black girl

I wish we could actually see Janelle’s hair 🙁

I like Brandy’s fro with the glasses. The other ones are eh.


It’s funny how some commenters feel Brandy’s hair looks too “wiggy” and “bird nesty” (ummmm, borderline discriminatory statement as Afro textured hair naturally grows up and out) in these pictures. My hair was almost identical when it was shorter, no wonder I was constantly being asked if my hair was real. I guess thick, coily hair looks unnatural when it’s not smoothed to death with heavy products and manipulated into a neat twist out. Lol, wut? Take the kinks out your mind about the kinks in your hair.


Uuuhhh but you have no problem when she say her purchased fro looks better than yours…There in lies the problem…it doesnt…it looks to be a weave/wig texture and volume is not my issue…I’ve simply wore better looking afro curly hair….wish my hair would do that naturally but it’s naturally fine limp and needs to be encouraged to fro….



Youngin girl

My mom laughed when I showed her what Brandy said on Instagram. I like how happy she seems in her comments and in her pics. Janelle is always on fire. That’s a metaphor. I mean she’s cool. She let loose a little in this picture.


I would’ve never thought Brandy was wearing a wig! It looks very natural


Is Janelle Monae still natural? Her hair has been looking very smooth recently, like relaxer smooth. No shade, just wondering 🙂


I like that Janelle doesn’t care if her breast are saggy. She rocks that braless look my are saggy too but I’m not that confident.


Most women’s breasts hang like that with a deep v-cut neckline and no bra, and they might’ve appeared perkier if the picture were taken head-on.


Maybe u didn’t mean it in a negative way, but this comment about janelle monae came out pretty funny. Lol. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a very talented artist but this is my first time seeing her with her “assets” out.


They could’ve been covered much less. JM still keeps it classy

Love JAH

Janelle looks really cute! But she played it up real sexy…that must be her man standing behind her… I love this look on Brandy and like some ladies have pointed out, it is a bit ‘heavy’ or wig looking on the top…but the hair is high quality and looks realistic! Brandy is gorgeous


I LOVE Janelle Monae, and I play “Electric Lady” nonstop, but…her tittays are all out. YIKES! No bueno.


Brandy is beautiful!


Not a fan of Brandy’s looks a little to wiggy.


I agree. Not feelin it either to birds nesty. JM looks cute, tho.

I, Kathy

Janelle looks great, but I’m more intrigued by her friend with the super long braids. That 70’s outfit that “Braids” is wearing is cute too.

Naturally Lovely

Speaking of which, I want Brandy’s haircut.

Naturally Lovely

Love Janelle and Brandy looks beautiful and fresh!




I love that fro on Brandy. She is a beautiful woman and wearing natural-looking hair only enhances that beauty. The pic of Janelle is a wee bit blurry, but what I do see is just ‘eh’. I like the little white dress the lady next to her is wearing more.


Brandy has always been beautiful, but she’s really a show-stopper when she goes for a more natural look. I hope she keeps it up! Maybe it will lead to wearing her own natural hair out more 🙂


I love both looks.