It is with heavy hearts that mem­bers of the nat­u­ral hair com­mu­ni­ty mourn the loss of fel­low vlog­ger and Black Girl with Long Hair con­trib­u­tor Domineque Banks, who passed away due to com­pli­ca­tions from lupus. She was 27.

Not only was Domineque a sta­ple on YouTube and BGLH, she was also an avid par­tic­i­pant in forum com­mu­ni­ties like Black Hair Media. Due to her ill­ness, Domineque began tak­ing a seri­ous inter­est in car­ing for her tress­es. She doc­u­ment­ed her amaz­ing nat­u­ral hair jour­ney from 2004 onward, with read­ers and sub­scribers enam­ored, impressed, and inspired by the growth of her tail­bone length mane. Beyond dis­pens­ing tips and advice using her per­son­al expe­ri­ence, Domineque was also a cos­me­tol­ogy stu­dent in Los Ange­les.

Accord­ing to her per­son­al friend Macy Jimenez, Domineque had been a long­time suf­fer­er of lupus, and had in recent months tak­en a turn for the worse. On the night of April 7 Domineque fell out of con­scious­ness and lat­er in the hos­pi­tal was placed on life sup­port. She passed away on the after­noon of April 9 after suf­fer­ing a heart attack. Domineque is sur­vived by her part­ner, sis­ter, and a host of friends and fam­i­ly.

Cur­rent­ly, Domineque’s fam­i­ly is aim­ing to raise $10,000 to help with funer­al and cre­ma­tion costs, along with flights to Cal­i­for­nia for her sis­ter and nephew who can­not afford the trav­el expens­es. So far, the Give­For­ward fundrais­er has raised over $5,300. If you would like to make a dona­tion, please click here.

Please join us in send­ing your prayers, con­do­lences, sup­port, and pos­i­tive vibes to the fam­i­ly that Domineque leaves behind. She left a last­ing impres­sion on the nat­u­ral hair com­mu­ni­ty, and most cer­tain­ly will not be for­got­ten.

Young black wom­en are at the high­est risk for lupus, read about our unique risk here. If you or a friend has the dis­ease, or if you want infor­ma­tion on test­ing, start here.

Christina Patrice

Born, raised, and liv­ing in Los Ange­les, Christi­na is BGLH’s res­i­dent tran­si­tion­ing expert and pro­duct junkie. In addi­tion to lov­ing all things hair, she is a fit­ness novice and advo­cate of wear­ing san­dals year-round. For more infor­ma­tion on tran­si­tion­ing, nat­u­ral hair, and her own hair jour­ney, vis­it maneobjective.com. Or, if you like pic­tures fol­low Christi­na on Insta­gram @maneobjective.

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Nicole W.

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OMG! I watched her jum­bo flat twist video a few days ago. :( 

RIP :(


Is there an obit­u­ary avail­able online or print­ed, BGLH? I’m curi­ous if you guys have found any oth­er infor­ma­tion on her death because I can’t find any­thing on it out­side of hair­care forums. Very sad.

ida voyder

I saw a link about a fund for her buri­al. I think it was by nap­tural85 either way it was a link under­neath the video(I looked at quite a few videos) but I think it was nap­tural85 . i’ll see if I find it again.


Hey Ida, thanks for the respon­se! I under­stand that there’s a fund, but I’m won­der­ing if there’s an actu­al obit­u­ary, or rather, a news arti­cle report­ing the death and those who sur­vived her. It seems that peo­ple are pri­mar­i­ly report­ing the infor­ma­tion that her friend post­ed on hair­care forums, but no blogs have post­ed an offi­cial obit­u­ary that would give us funer­al information/an adress.

Nicole W.

Domineque has bro­ken out of her cocoon and now has her but­ter­fly wings and can fly away. 

Peace and con­do­lences to her fam­i­ly, friends and fans. Please sup­port Lupus aware­ness and research, not just for her and all the other’s we’ve lost…but so we can stop this from hap­pen­ing again and again…
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So sad. RIP beau­ti­ful. I encour­age all black wom­en to get their vit­a­m­in D lev­els checked. One of the pre­cur­sors of lupus is vit­a­m­in D defi­cien­cy and it hasn’t yet been estab­lished if it’s a cause/ effect or cor­re­la­tion. Due to extreme exhaus­tion a few years ago, I took the ANA anti­body test and test­ed pos­i­tive. This is an anti­body in peo­ple with Lupus; how­ev­er I did not have any of the oth­er symp­toms besides exhaus­tion. I was also very defi­cient in vit­a­m­in D. My doc­tor rec­om­mend­ed I sup­ple­ment with 50K IUs every two weeks and the exhaus­tion even­tu­al­ly went… Read more »
Mary in Md

Oh my good­ness. Thanks for this bit of infor­ma­tion. I am VERY defi­cient in Vit­a­m­in D and I haven’t been dili­gent in address­ing it. I’ll def­i­nite­ly give this greater atten­tion.


Trag­ic indeed. We are given life, but it can be gone in an instant. RIP beau­ti­ful queen.

Love JAH

Wow. Such a beau­ty. I’m sure she will evolve into a beau­ti­ful flower…RIP


May her soul rest in per­fect peace and may God com­fort, bless and con­tin­ue to take care of her fam­i­ly Amen.


Prayers and con­do­lences to the friends and fam­i­ly.


This beau­ti­ful, young lady made me feel so inspired and watch­ing her beau­ti­ful long hair was so enjoy­able and infor­ma­tive, she def­i­nite­ly wiped away the myth that black wom­en can’t have long hair.


I was just won­der­ing why I hadn’t seen any posts from her.

She was such a beau­ty.

I’m sad­dened to hear this.

RIP sweety.


Such a sad news.Breaks my heart. Lupus is a ter­ri­ble dis­ease. RIP Domineque.


RIP earths angel. Such beau­ti­ful hair and fea­tures. But I hope the world looks beyond that and under­stands what a dif­fi­cult dis­ease you per­se­vered through with noth­ing less than grace, class and courage-the­se char­ac­ter­is­tics are true lega­cy that you have left the world. Thank you for your great gifts. ????


It was one of her videos on YouTube that inspired me to go nat­u­ral years ago. Soo very sor­ry to hear of her pass­ing. My thoughts are with her fam­i­ly and friends.

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I still can’t believe this, I don’t want to believe it. My eyes swelled up in tears last night as I was scrolling through my news feed and came across the news of her pass­ing. RIP Dom­in <3


My heart is filled with sad­ness upon see­ing this. She was very beau­ti­ful, knowl­ede­gable and so young. She def­i­nite­ly will be missed. May God com­fort her fam­i­ly and friends dur­ing this time. My prayers are with them and all oth­ers in the youtube fam­i­ly. Thanks for shar­ing, Christi­na.

Mary in Md

I am so sad to hear of Domineque’s pass­ing. She was def­i­nite­ly an inspi­ra­tion in my nat­u­ral hair jour­ney. My sin­cer­est con­do­lences to her fam­i­ly and all who knew and loved her.


This is real­ly sad!!


This is real­ly sad and it’s a shame that there isn’t more that can be done in the way of pre­vent­ing Lupus from tak­ing so many wom­en of col­or. My prayers and con­do­lences go out to her fam­i­ly and friends.


There is more that can be done both to pre­vent the dis­ease in the first place and to treat it. It’s just lack of wide­ly dis­persed knowl­edge. This is so painful.

Shaneka G.

She will tru­ly be missed!!!