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Crayola Color Your Curls

Lots of people (myself included) go lighter with their hair color during the spring & summer with brown, auburn, copper, and blond hues. The more bold and fearless naturals are using all kinds of colors we haven’t seen since Kindergarten art class in their hair. Think pastel pinks, royal blues and majestic purples. New innovative temporary and semi-permanent hair color systems are making coloring just as easy as (if not easier than) a twist-out, so hop on board this trend if you like to switch it up and have medium to expert DIY skills (or you can afford to pay someone to fix your hair if you jack it up). If you’re a true trend-setter, mix up your colors til you get to Pantone’s Color of the Year – Radiant Orchid!

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Befriend a Barber

Warmer weather is the perfect time to let go of those locks you’ve been using to keep your ears warm during the winter time. Tapered cuts have been hot for the past year or so and this year is no different. Go for a slight change or completely fade out your sides and back. It will be a head turner no matter what! If you’re a really cool kid, etch some designs in your hair. A cut doesn’t mean you lose styling flexibility. Switch up the remaining hair with twist, rod, braid, bantu and curl former sets for different looks. You can even blow out or straighten your hair for another look in just half the time styling used to take you!


Be Un-be-Weaveable

Maybe you were good and actually took delicate care of your hair all winter long…you deserve a break! Give yourself a rest (well, your pocketbook may cry) by getting a weave! You can fake people out by getting one that looks just like your own hair or go for a totally different look by getting one longer, shorter or a different curl pattern from your usual hair. If you’re going to invest more than $100 in a weave, be sure to by one that is washable, heatable, dyeable and re-useable to get your full money’s worth. For ultimate versatility, have an experienced weavologist (we all have that one friend) to make a seamless wig that you can throw on and take off without blinking an eye!



Will you try any of these trends this spring?

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I love the Crayola for spring. It’d looked really cool and very trendy. I doubt if scalp problems would occur after the meds used in your head.


This is me!
[imgcomment image[/img]


Ahhh. Mini twists forever!!!!! faking a short mini twist bob right now… 😛 [imgcomment image[/img]


I love all the taper cuts I see. So beautiful! But I am too chicken sh*t to do them … I will try cornrowing the back and sides to attain a similar look


[…] 3 Bold Natural Hair Trends for Spring 2014 […]


I’ve considered a sew in as a protective style however I’m so tender headed the install process makes me nervous! I’ve heard both good and bad about it. We’ll see!


I’m definitely thinking about color this spring. Permanent color makes me nervous though so I want to try hair chalk or mineral makeup in conditioner.

Already did the second trend…4 years ago. 😉 Not interested in the third, even though they’ve finally gotten around to making something that at least looks a little like my own natural hair texture. I might try it if someone paid me enough… As for the first, I LOVE it when I see these bright colors and especially when (as in the last pic) there’s some extra dimension added by it. However, the most I’ll do right now is the cream eyeshadow trick as demonstrated by CurlyNikki (shown in Tasila’s comment above). When I go completely gray maybe then I’ll… Read more »
Naturally Lovely

I like the purple hair color on the first pic. Not feeling the shaved hair. Looks masculine.


I’ve been contemplating getting a taper cut! These are super cute!

The blue and the purple are ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! I’m so jealous. And I love whenever anyone channels the early 80s with the fades and shaved flips that women used to wear so commonly, it was a bolder very Purple Rain time, Lol! I checked out Heat Free Hair, the wigs look amazing but aren’t available, there’s also no mention of the quality and they’re listed for 2-4x as much as fantastic quality kinky units (my experience) from Rex (Junpengwigs) which includes express shipping. Is HFH owned by Ngozi Opara? If so, I go out of my way to support BOBs,… Read more »

I had a weave done with Heat Free Hair and I liked it! I ordered the For Kurls, but if I order it again I will use For Kinks (the stylist left my perimeter out and my edges are kinkier than the hair in the middle of my head) Anyway…my stylist is actually one of the ladies in the pictures showing their different weaves (the one in the pink shirt). The hair is pricy, but it lasts. I just kept the hair well conditioned and put it in twists at night.

I like them all. Bold colored hair is way out of my comfort zone. Perhaps a few highlights here and there MAYBE but I don’t know. Those cuts are fly! I like the trend of the designs in a fade coming back. I always thought that was so cool back in the day. The weave though is a bit much for hot weather. Wouldn’t want that much hair hanging over me that I couldn’t go home and douse with cold water when the temps hit above 80. Definitely a season where a little scalp breeze is mandatory lol. I think… Read more »

loving the blue…maybe one day… 🙂


Probably won’t be as bold as the first 2 picture, but I’m considering purple hair this spring/summer.

nappy headed black girl

Eh. Can’t say I’m really feeling any of these looks. The purple and blue hair are cute, though.


I’m all for those colors, but how do I (at home) get my hair these colors someone please tell me seirously


Manic Panic has an awesome vegan hair color line with vibrant semi permanent colors. I love them!!


Ok thanks u guys

Tasila Mkwayaya

They have videos on Youtube about how to use eye shadow as a temporary hair color
[imgcomment image[/img]


Do you dye your hair or use another method


I’m definitely doing one of those colors this summer!


I will try all 3. In my dreams.


I must explain the reason I said dreams. Lol all 3 of the spring suggestion would require me to go to a salon. Yikes. A place I have not been for 5 years. The horror of returning there gives me nightmares. I’m shaking as I’m typing.


I agree. I gave up on hair salons years ago. Some stylist can be really rough on your hair. Like they have a grudge against it!!!!!


Those pastel colors are really cool! I’d try it if I was still in high school or college


#Shade lol


I don’t think she was throwing shade maybe she’s saying her job won’t allow her to have such extreme colors in her hair


I LOVE the colors…I agree, I just could not get away with wearing my hair like that to work.


I will pass on all of these and continue working my small… not mini twist!


I want to do my big chop this summer and the only one I like it the sj_darling one with the curly hair on the barber section. It’s cute and my back needs to start super short and my top I want maybe a little shorter than that