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Crayola Color Your Curls

Lots of peo­ple (myself includ­ed) go lighter with their hair col­or dur­ing the spring & sum­mer with brown, auburn, cop­per, and blond hues. The more bold and fear­less nat­u­rals are using all kinds of col­ors we haven’t seen since Kinder­garten art class in their hair. Think pas­tel pinks, roy­al blues and majes­tic pur­ples. New inno­v­a­tive tem­po­rary and semi-per­ma­nent hair col­or sys­tems are mak­ing col­or­ing just as easy as (if not eas­i­er than) a twist-out, so hop on board this trend if you like to switch it up and have medi­um to expert DIY skills (or you can afford to pay some­one to fix your hair if you jack it up). If you’re a true trend-set­ter, mix up your col­ors til you get to Pantone’s Col­or of the Year – Radi­ant Orchid!

ss14naturalhair trends

Befriend a Barber

Warmer weath­er is the per­fect time to let go of those locks you’ve been using to keep your ears warm dur­ing the win­ter time. Tapered cuts have been hot for the past year or so and this year is no dif­fer­ent. Go for a slight change or com­plete­ly fade out your sides and back. It will be a head turn­er no mat­ter what! If you’re a real­ly cool kid, etch some designs in your hair. A cut doesn’t mean you lose styling flex­i­bil­i­ty. Switch up the remain­ing hair with twist, rod, braid, ban­tu and curl for­mer sets for dif­fer­ent looks. You can even blow out or straight­en your hair for anoth­er look in just half the time styling used to take you!


Be Un-be-Weaveable

Maybe you were good and actu­al­ly took del­i­cate care of your hair all win­ter long…you deserve a break! Give your­self a rest (well, your pock­et­book may cry) by get­ting a weave! You can fake peo­ple out by get­ting one that looks just like your own hair or go for a total­ly dif­fer­ent look by get­ting one longer, short­er or a dif­fer­ent curl pat­tern from your usu­al hair. If you’re going to invest more than $100 in a weave, be sure to by one that is wash­able, heat­able, dye­able and re-use­able to get your full money’s worth. For ulti­mate ver­sa­til­i­ty, have an expe­ri­enced weav­ol­o­gist (we all have that one friend) to make a seam­less wig that you can throw on and take off with­out blink­ing an eye!



Will you try any of these trends this spring?

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I love the Cray­ola for spring. It’d looked real­ly cool and very trendy. I doubt if scalp prob­lems would occur after the meds used in your head.


This is me!
[imgcomment image[/img]


Ahhh. Mini twists for­ev­er!!!!! fak­ing a short mini twist bob right now… :P [imgcomment image[/img]


I love all the taper cuts I see. So beau­ti­ful! But I am too chick­en sh*t to do them … I will try corn­row­ing the back and sides to attain a sim­i­lar look


[…] 3 Bold Nat­ur­al Hair Trends for Spring 2014 […]


I’ve con­sid­ered a sew in as a pro­tec­tive style how­ev­er I’m so ten­der head­ed the install process makes me ner­vous! I’ve heard both good and bad about it. We’ll see!


I’m def­i­nite­ly think­ing about col­or this spring. Per­ma­nent col­or makes me ner­vous though so I want to try hair chalk or min­er­al make­up in con­di­tion­er.

Already did the sec­ond trend…4 years ago. ;) Not inter­est­ed in the third, even though they’ve final­ly got­ten around to mak­ing some­thing that at least looks a lit­tle like my own nat­ur­al hair tex­ture. I might try it if some­one paid me enough… As for the first, I LOVE it when I see these bright col­ors and espe­cial­ly when (as in the last pic) there’s some extra dimen­sion added by it. How­ev­er, the most I’ll do right now is the cream eye­shad­ow trick as demon­strat­ed by CurlyNik­ki (shown in Tasila’s com­ment above). When I go com­plete­ly gray maybe then I’ll start exper­i­ment­ing… Read more »
Naturally Lovely

I like the pur­ple hair col­or on the first pic. Not feel­ing the shaved hair. Looks mas­cu­line.


I’ve been con­tem­plat­ing get­ting a taper cut! These are super cute!

The blue and the pur­ple are ABSOLUTELY gor­geous! I’m so jeal­ous. And I love when­ev­er any­one chan­nels the ear­ly 80s with the fades and shaved flips that women used to wear so com­mon­ly, it was a bold­er very Pur­ple Rain time, Lol! I checked out Heat Free Hair, the wigs look amaz­ing but aren’t avail­able, there’s also no men­tion of the qual­i­ty and they’re list­ed for 2–4x as much as fan­tas­tic qual­i­ty kinky units (my expe­ri­ence) from Rex (Jun­peng­wigs) which includes express ship­ping. Is HFH owned by Ngozi Opara? If so, I go out of my way to sup­port BOBs, but… Read more »

I had a weave done with Heat Free Hair and I liked it! I ordered the For Kurls, but if I order it again I will use For Kinks (the styl­ist left my perime­ter out and my edges are kinki­er than the hair in the mid­dle of my head) Anyway…my styl­ist is actu­al­ly one of the ladies in the pic­tures show­ing their dif­fer­ent weaves (the one in the pink shirt). The hair is pri­cy, but it lasts. I just kept the hair well con­di­tioned and put it in twists at night.

I like them all. Bold col­ored hair is way out of my com­fort zone. Per­haps a few high­lights here and there MAYBE but I don’t know. Those cuts are fly! I like the trend of the designs in a fade com­ing back. I always thought that was so cool back in the day. The weave though is a bit much for hot weath­er. Wouldn’t want that much hair hang­ing over me that I couldn’t go home and douse with cold water when the temps hit above 80. Def­i­nite­ly a sea­son where a lit­tle scalp breeze is manda­to­ry lol. I think… Read more »

lov­ing the blue…maybe one day… :)


Prob­a­bly won’t be as bold as the first 2 pic­ture, but I’m con­sid­er­ing pur­ple hair this spring/summer.

nappy headed black girl

Eh. Can’t say I’m real­ly feel­ing any of these looks. The pur­ple and blue hair are cute, though.


I’m all for those col­ors, but how do I (at home) get my hair these col­ors some­one please tell me seirous­ly

Tasila Mkwayaya

They have videos on Youtube about how to use eye shad­ow as a tem­po­rary hair col­or
[imgcomment image[/img]


Man­ic Pan­ic has an awe­some veg­an hair col­or line with vibrant semi per­ma­nent col­ors. I love them!!


Ok thanks u guys


Do you dye your hair or use anoth­er method


I’m def­i­nite­ly doing one of those col­ors this sum­mer!


I will try all 3. In my dreams.


I must explain the rea­son I said dreams. Lol all 3 of the spring sug­ges­tion would require me to go to a salon. Yikes. A place I have not been for 5 years. The hor­ror of return­ing there gives me night­mares. I’m shak­ing as I’m typ­ing.


I agree. I gave up on hair salons years ago. Some styl­ist can be real­ly rough on your hair. Like they have a grudge against it!!!!!


Those pas­tel col­ors are real­ly cool! I’d try it if I was still in high school or col­lege


#Shade lol


I don’t think she was throw­ing shade maybe she’s say­ing her job won’t allow her to have such extreme col­ors in her hair


I LOVE the colors…I agree, I just could not get away with wear­ing my hair like that to work.


I will pass on all of these and con­tin­ue work­ing my small… not mini twist!


I want to do my big chop this sum­mer and the only one I like it the sj_­dar­ling one with the curly hair on the bar­ber sec­tion. It’s cute and my back needs to start super short and my top I want maybe a lit­tle short­er than that