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Hair scientists, stylists and bloggers debate on how often one should trim their natural hair, but one thing is for certain: healthy ends are essential to having healthy hair! Regardless of how often you plan to trim your hair, there are a few signs that you should bring out the hair shears sooner rather than later — coming from someone who’s had to deviate from her trim schedule twice in the past six months!

Detangling is a Nightmare

This is the main sign that trips me off, and this happened a few weeks ago while I was trying to braid up my hair before bed. It was a serious uphill battle to part and then detangle my hair because the ends just continued to knot up on one another. If your hair is properly moisturized and your detangling session is abnormally inconvenient, you may need to snip a little to give your hair the boost that it needs with some fresh ends.

Your Twistout Looks Raggedy

Twist outs/braid outs/bantu knot outs/wash and gos (whichever style is your preferred go-to) will look a little off if your ends aren’t in good shape. When my hair is in need of a trim, my twist outs will be uncharacteristically frizzy, or my ends will stick out quite a bit. If your ends are significantly thinner than the rest of your hair, it’s hard to achieve that voluminous look that natural hair often privileges us to.

Your Ends Won’t Curl Up

After doing the most with heat, you might notice that your ends don’t curl or kink up like they used to and you’re forced to roll them or disguise them to blend with the rest of your hair. Most likely, you have heat damage and unfortunately, it’s an irreversible condition. Sulk for all of five minutes and then get right to trimming! Holding onto heat damaged ends makes it difficult for styles to really flourish. You’ll continue having to braid and curl or twist and curl your ends to try to get them blend them in with the rest of your hair. Save yourself the struggle and just let the heat damaged hair go, a half inch or inch at a time if need be.

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What signs does your hair give you that it’s time for some snip action? Share below!

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When my ends need to be trimmed my hair changes color on the ends. They turn this bright auburn red. I think not trimming the ends makes them victim to sun damage. I know as soon as I see those ends changing color they need to go!!

Man, im glad I didn’t fool with the straightener too long, heat damage does suck..luckily..only a small portion in the front is somewhat longer than the others… But when I wet it can’t tell the difference. However, my only problem now is getting my hair to grow..from 07-2014 its been at my collarbone..when straighten! But, I will admit, I don’t care for my hair as I should ..and sleep on it as I know I shouldn’t expect much..but still.. I think twisting or braiding up my hair and leaving it like tht for 6 weeks would do my… Read more »
Mel Stevens

Hey! Thanks for the tip! I just trimmed my ends last month and it feels really good to have healthy hair! Thanks to Saki Katana shears, I don’t have to get an expensive trim from a salon. These things are high grade: made of Japanese stainless steel, with thick and short sword back blades, which make cutting very smooth and easy. I really like them and they’re extremely comfortable to use! You can get them online! 🙂


my DOES all the things stated in the article i just feel like i need/want one 🙂


I haven’t had heat on my head in 2+ years but some of my ends are still straight. Is it possible to have two types of hair on the same strand?


These signs are the same for my hair as well. I also look out for the velcro ends that are more noticeable when I straighten my hair.

Miss T

Natural hair confession: I haven’t trimmed my ends in 2 years, don’t judge me.


Do you!Not everything works for everybody. My last trim was 8 months to soom be 9 months ago and to be honest I regret trimming it a little as I would have been BSL by now! I will not trim again again until I hit my goal.

Adeola @ TheManeCaptain

my hair has an automatic schedule of every 3months because that’s when detangling starts to become a nightmare! I love the feeling of freshly trimmed hair though 🙂


I desperately need help with my hair it always have split ends and I always cut off more than needed but the splits ends never go away!If I cut my hair again they’ll only re appear I’m starting to go crazy like I just wanna cut all off,I like wearing my hair out but people keep pestering me to put it in one all the time and I don’t like that because my edges are already thin,I’m taking hair vitamins and nothing has changed my hair stays about 6-7 inches always dry and doesn’t wanna grow 🙁


What’s your usual hair regimen like? Your hair may need more moisture, less heat, a protein treatment or maybe even DC sessions. Just some possibilities that have helped others.


I usually keep it in one or out,sometimes I bantu knot it,I used heat probably 5 times from last year to this year I think the fact that my grandma combed my hair dry using a fine tooth comb before flat ironing caused it to be in this state longer,i wash and condition my hair every weekend,at night I twist sections of my hair then cover it with a satin haircap.


Maybe try less styling/manipulation? I think a good step would be to find some Youtube vloggers with a similar hair texture to yours and see what they did to grow out their hair. BGLH just had a great post with some lovely ladies to learn from. Check the comments for other vloggers, too. 🙂

Emma J B W

Oh wait, I see the link at the end say “read the rest here…” Sorry guys!

Emma J B W

Am I being completely dense? The title is “4 Signs It’s Time to Trim Your Natural Hair” but there are only three…

African Naturalistas Hair Products

The article says you should read the rest elsewhere, by clicking the link which follows.


I’ve noticed in the past two years of being natural that I am scissor happy! I have promised myself to NOT trim unless it’s necessary. Healthy hair is the prettiest hair, in my opinion!


whaaaaaaaaaaaat? your hair looks great in all 5 pictures. Am I missing something?


I recently had my ends cut after eight months. I usually have them trimed faithfully every three months.I will never go that long again. My hair feels and looks 4x better.


Great article. And i just have to say that the writer is SO cute!!!


Great tips! My ends are looking ragged so am going to trim this weekend after buying new scissors. My hair scissors have turned into household ones =) . Don’t want to cut too much though. I did ask my mum but she didn’t want the responsibility, hope I can do the back properly!


When I trim I always put my hair in twists first so I can make it even as possible and spot the dammage easier. I cut using the bathroom mirror. Hopefully this helps!


for some reason although i have only used heat once in my life i still get split ends a lot (thats what my mom said) meaning i end up getting a trim quite often so as soon as my hair grows she says its already got split ends. i now wrap my hair daily with a headscarf (satin/silk) and i moisturise and seal but are there any more tips to avoid having to trim my hair every 2 months?

Sara here a tip that my daughter and I decovered caused our split ends. Take notic of your air vents in your home. I went on vacation in DC once with relatives, my hair was very heathy and I have been there in cool weather before. This time where I slept have a vent over the bed with the warm air. I had to cut almost inch and a half off. I’m just say take notice of them you may be in for a shock, even at school notice. I have a convertible car, sorry no hair blowing in the… Read more »

Ps Sara. What kind of scissors are you using? Or they dull? If they are dull this could also cause split ends. Are you cutting on wet or dry hair? If you are cutting on wet try dry now or cutting dry try damp hair. Just some suggestion you could talk to your mom about.

if your hair is long and rubbing against your (cotton) clothes, that could also cause split ends (just like sleeping on a cotton pillow especially if you toss and turn) even just wearing my hear in a braid out or twist out is supposedly bad because of exposure and wind… Sadly it seems that even though I’ve spent so much time and effort trying to get my hair to grow longer, in order to keep it healthy, I have to wear updo’s or protective styles or not only will I have split ends and fairy knots, but i’ll also have… Read more »

Yes these are all tale signs a trim is needed for my hair too. Just self trimmed myself a few days ago. I had been twisting all winter and then tried to move on to my usual out styles for the spring and my hair was like um no. I trimmed about a half inch off. Much better. I think if you take pretty good care of your hair you don’t have to trim too often but eventually you do have to get a trim to keep things in check.


De-tangling is always a nightmare for me, even when I’ve got a fresh cut/trim. I don’t do twist-outs or apply heat to my hair, so unfortunately, none of these tell-tale signs will work for me…