Aside from the blog­gers, vlog­gers, nat­ur­al hair­styl­ists and busi­ness­es who are work­ing hard to enlarge and expand the nat­ur­al hair com­mu­ni­ty world­wide; there are also a group of cre­ative women who are using their unique tal­ents and abil­i­ties to encour­age oth­ers. In a day and age where we are con­stant­ly bom­bard­ed with so much infor­ma­tion that we don’t have time to read it all, these group of women have come up with inter­est­ing ways to edu­cate and enter­tain us. Through the work of these women, a new­bie who is strug­gling to stay encour­aged or a vet­er­an who is feel­ing bored with her hair can be inspired and moti­vat­ed to keep tread­ing on. Below, I have com­plied a list of the top 5 Nat­ur­al Hair Illus­tra­tors who are mak­ing great strides in the nat­ur­al hair com­mu­ni­ty.

1. Cheyan — Tall n Curly

Almost any­one who has been involved in the nat­ur­al hair com­mu­ni­ty for a while now have prob­a­bly seen Cheyan’s work all over the web. As a curly girl her­self, Cheyan’s humor­ous illus­tra­tions depicts the real­i­ties of a woman with nat­ur­al hair. For a healthy dose of inspi­ra­tion or laugh­ter, you only need to make a quick vis­it to Tall n Curly and your love for nat­ur­al hair will quick­ly be restored.

Where to find Cheyan on Social Media
IG: @tallncurly1
Twit­ter: @tallncurly1
Face­book: Tall N Curly

2. Ketu­rah Ariel

Keturah’s most pop­u­lar work is prob­a­bly the paint­ing she did on the 4 stages of hair growth. Rather than tak­ing pic­tures of the ver­sa­til­i­ty of nat­ur­al hair, Ketu­rah sim­ply paints them! Whether it’s an illus­tra­tion of shrink­age, nat­ur­al hair styles and children’s hair­styles, this nat­u­ral­ista tru­ly has oth­er nat­u­ral­is­tas in mind. For par­ents who are look­ing for cul­tur­al­ly appro­pri­ate images to share with their chil­dren, Keturah’s vivid paint­ings will have your lit­tle ones beg­ging to own one. To sup­port Keturah’s tal­ent, please vis­it her web store.

Where to find Ketu­rah on Social Media
Face­book: Ketu­rah Ariel Nailah Bobo
Twit­ter: @KeturahAriel 
IG: @keturahariel 

3. Tawana — Adork­able Affil­i­a­tions


Any­one who has big chopped will be able to relate to Tawana’s famous illus­tra­tion on the big chop expe­ri­ence. Tawana’s humor­ous illus­tra­tions on nat­ur­al hair will have many women with nat­ur­al hair nod their head in agree­ment. If you’ve ever want­ed a car­toon ver­sion of your­self, you can vis­it Tawana’s web­site for more details.

Where to find Tawana on Social Media
Face­book: Adork­able Affil­i­a­tion- Illus­tra­tions 
IG: @adorkableaffiliation

4. Sha­ree Miller - Coily and Cute


Don’t know what the LOC method is? Con­fused about the order? No wor­ries, because Sharee’s col­or­ful and cute illus­tra­tion on the LOC method eas­i­ly explains the process step by step. Aside from this pop­u­lar pic­ture, Sha­ree has also cre­at­ed many oth­er cute and eye catch­ing illus­tra­tions with coily haired char­ac­ters. Like Ketu­rah, Sha­ree also cre­ates pieces on coily haired chil­dren as well. And did you know she has a children’s book on sale? An excerpt on Ama­zon about the book reads, “Jack­ie is tired and ready to go to bed but she has one thing to take care of first, her hair! A sweet nat­ur­al hair bed­time sto­ry for your lit­tle queen”. To get a copy of Sharee’s book or any oth­er prod­uct, please vis­it her web­page.

Where to find Sha­ree on Social Media
Face­book: Coily and Cute
IG: @coilyandcute 

5.  Yagazie Emezi

yagazie art

As a long haired nat­u­ral­ista with big hair, Yagazie sure knows all about the strug­gles that comes with hav­ing long hair.  Yagazie’s com­i­cal illus­tra­tions on nat­ur­al hair have been shared numer­ous times on social media, because they speak to so many of us. She also has a web store where you can pur­chase a copy of one of her humor­ous greet­ing cards and oth­er prod­ucts of your lik­ing.

Where to find Yagazie on Social Media

Face­boook: Yagazie Emezi
IG: @yagazieemezi 
YT: Yagazie Emezi

Are there oth­er pop­u­lar artists that I’ve missed on this list? Please leave their names/link below.

Adeola @ The Mane Captain

A Toron­to based nat­ur­al hair blog­ger. Born & half raised in Nige­ria, and now cur­rent­ly resid­ing in Cana­da. To keep busy, I fre­quent my local library where I go to bor­row non fic­tion books, par­tic­u­lar­ly per­son­al and spir­i­tu­al devel­op­ment books. I also orga­nize Toron­to nat­ur­al hair events, attend meet­up groups and I’m work­ing hard to be a poly­glot.

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Love Ariel’s art style! I also have some nat­ur­al hair illus­tra­tions of my own. Check out if you are inter­est­ed :)


Check out for nat­ur­al hair illus­tra­tions as well. Cheers.


see Keturah’s pic­tures all the time.i like it.


This is a cute Post I love it, I see Keturah’s pic­tures all the time.

Check a mix of fash­ion & hair

Kara Love

I have a series of nat­ur­al hair pichipu­mi girls. Check out their sto­ries @

Here are a cou­ple of the girls.
[imgcomment image[/img]
[imgcomment image[/img]
[imgcomment image[/img]
[imgcomment image[/img]

Adeola @ TheManeCaptain

wow, there are so many artists out there rep­re­sent­ing us. Thanks for all the addi­tion.


Ash­ley Ja’nae Art
[imgcomment image[/img]

Adorkable Affiliation

Thanks for the fea­ture!


Lit­tle Ms. Aprill does won­der­ful work, she was even fea­tured on BGLH a few years back
[imgcomment image[/img]


These are love­ly and a won­der­ful idea. Does any­one know of any artists that illus­trate us with ‘locks? I’d do it myself if I could draw.


So much tal­ent. It is great to see our hair rep­re­sent­ed in art also.

Sherida | Coconut + Cream

Ah thanks so much for this com­pi­la­tion! I’ve seen Ketu­rah Ariel’s work every­where, it’s nice to final­ly get a face behind the art.



Looks like curly in style. I would like to try this hair­style too. love love!


Check out The Hon­ey Comb. They are a new beau­ty sup­ply open­ing in PA. They have a fun­ny com­ic strip called “Nat­u­ral­ly Strug­gling”. Very cute :)
[imgcomment image[/img]


Got my Ariel shirt’s on their way! So excit­ed!


Tabitha Bian­ca Brown’s wit­ty illos, her year­book series is retro and fun.
[imgcomment image[/img]


I love tall and curly because I can def­i­nite­ly relate to the main char­ac­ter lmao!


James Eugene’s futur­is­tic prints
[imgcomment image[/img]


I encour­age all to think about refer­ring to our hair as a “strug­gle” when in its nat­ur­al state. I think of wash day as peace­ful and pleas­ant. Know­ing that I took the time to ensure my sched­ule was free to take care of myself and treat my hair with TLC is a pos­i­tive. Nev­er a strug­gle hun.


Agreed! Or the appar­ent war against *shrink­age* (makes me think of men in cold water). The lan­guage some use sounds down­right vit­ri­olic, as if nat­ur­al hair doing what it does nat­u­ral­ly is a fate worse than death. The mam­my and Celie memes about ‘wash day’ and styling also sting. The orig­i­nal char­ac­ters are mean­ing­ful because of, and despite, white stereo­typ­ing, so for Blacks to be care­less and pick up the baton and re-appro­pri­ate that ridicule is painful. Sor­ry for OT post.


I con­curr! I don’t real­ly have a wash day more of a wash evening if I start fin­ger detan­gling at 6pm I’m going to be done by 10pm-12pm tops. It’s not a strug­gle or even momen­tous event. My hair is not the prob­lem I’m just get­ting tired of doing it myself (been doing my hair nat­ur­al hair for 4 years sans heat). Would be such a plea­sure to have some­one wash and style my hair prop­er­ly for me. I need some pam­per­ing.


12am lol it bet­ter not ever take me that long

LaShon Renee @ For the Love of Curls

Great list! I also love to fol­low @Nikisgroove, @thecreamycrackrehab, and @cottoncandyplayground on IG


I love it! I already knew Ketu­rah and Tall n curly but i didn’t know the rest till i saw this post. Thanks for post­ing!

nappy headed black girl

Thanks for this list. I only knew about the first two. Looks like I’ll be pur­chas­ing some stuff today :-)


I was like his works are very inspir­ing