Aside from the bloggers, vloggers, natural hairstylists and businesses who are working hard to enlarge and expand the natural hair community worldwide; there are also a group of creative women who are using their unique talents and abilities to encourage others. In a day and age where we are constantly bombarded with so much information that we don’t have time to read it all, these group of women have come up with interesting ways to educate and entertain us. Through the work of these women, a newbie who is struggling to stay encouraged or a veteran who is feeling bored with her hair can be inspired and motivated to keep treading on. Below, I have complied a list of the top 5 Natural Hair Illustrators who are making great strides in the natural hair community.

1. Cheyan – Tall n Curly

Almost anyone who has been involved in the natural hair community for a while now have probably seen Cheyan’s work all over the web. As a curly girl herself, Cheyan’s humorous illustrations depicts the realities of a woman with natural hair. For a healthy dose of inspiration or laughter, you only need to make a quick visit to Tall n Curly and your love for natural hair will quickly be restored.

Where to find Cheyan on Social Media
IG: @tallncurly1
Twitter: @tallncurly1
Facebook: Tall N Curly

2. Keturah Ariel

Keturah’s most popular work is probably the painting she did on the 4 stages of hair growth. Rather than taking pictures of the versatility of natural hair, Keturah simply paints them! Whether it’s an illustration of shrinkage, natural hair styles and children’s hairstyles, this naturalista truly has other naturalistas in mind. For parents who are looking for culturally appropriate images to share with their children, Keturah’s vivid paintings will have your little ones begging to own one. To support Keturah’s talent, please visit her web store.

Where to find Keturah on Social Media
Facebook: Keturah Ariel Nailah Bobo
Twitter: @KeturahAriel 
IG: @keturahariel 

3. Tawana – Adorkable Affiliations


Anyone who has big chopped will be able to relate to Tawana’s famous illustration on the big chop experience. Tawana’s humorous illustrations on natural hair will have many women with natural hair nod their head in agreement. If you’ve ever wanted a cartoon version of yourself, you can visit Tawana’s website for more details.

Where to find Tawana on Social Media
Facebook: Adorkable Affiliation- Illustrations 
IG: @adorkableaffiliation

4. Sharee Miller – Coily and Cute


Don’t know what the LOC method is? Confused about the order? No worries, because Sharee’s colorful and cute illustration on the LOC method easily explains the process step by step. Aside from this popular picture, Sharee has also created many other cute and eye catching illustrations with coily haired characters. Like Keturah, Sharee also creates pieces on coily haired children as well. And did you know she has a children’s book on sale? An excerpt on Amazon about the book reads, “Jackie is tired and ready to go to bed but she has one thing to take care of first, her hair! A sweet natural hair bedtime story for your little queen“. To get a copy of Sharee’s book or any other product, please visit her webpage.

Where to find Sharee on Social Media
Facebook: Coily and Cute
IG: @coilyandcute 

5.  Yagazie Emezi

yagazie art

As a long haired naturalista with big hair, Yagazie sure knows all about the struggles that comes with having long hair.  Yagazie’s comical illustrations on natural hair have been shared numerous times on social media, because they speak to so many of us. She also has a web store where you can purchase a copy of one of her humorous greeting cards and other products of your liking.

Where to find Yagazie on Social Media

Faceboook: Yagazie Emezi
IG: @yagazieemezi 
YT: Yagazie Emezi

Are there other popular artists that I’ve missed on this list? Please leave their names/link below.

Adeola @ The Mane Captain

A Toronto based natural hair blogger. Born & half raised in Nigeria, and now currently residing in Canada. To keep busy, I frequent my local library where I go to borrow non fiction books, particularly personal and spiritual development books. I also organize Toronto natural hair events, attend meetup groups and I'm working hard to be a polyglot.

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Love Ariel’s art style! I also have some natural hair illustrations of my own. Check out if you are interested 🙂


Check out for natural hair illustrations as well. Cheers.


see Keturah’s pictures all the time.i like it.


This is a cute Post I love it, I see Keturah’s pictures all the time.

Check a mix of fashion & hair

Kara Love

I have a series of natural hair pichipumi girls. Check out their stories @

Here are a couple of the girls.
[imgcomment image[/img]
[imgcomment image[/img]
[imgcomment image[/img]
[imgcomment image[/img]

Adeola @ TheManeCaptain

wow, there are so many artists out there representing us. Thanks for all the addition.


Ashley Ja’nae Art
[imgcomment image[/img]

Adorkable Affiliation

Thanks for the feature!


Little Ms. Aprill does wonderful work, she was even featured on BGLH a few years back
[imgcomment image[/img]


These are lovely and a wonderful idea. Does anyone know of any artists that illustrate us with ‘locks? I’d do it myself if I could draw.


So much talent. It is great to see our hair represented in art also.

Sherida | Coconut + Cream

Ah thanks so much for this compilation! I’ve seen Keturah Ariel’s work everywhere, it’s nice to finally get a face behind the art.



Looks like curly in style. I would like to try this hairstyle too. love love!


Check out The Honey Comb. They are a new beauty supply opening in PA. They have a funny comic strip called “Naturally Struggling”. Very cute 🙂
[imgcomment image[/img]


Got my Ariel shirt’s on their way! So excited!


Tabitha Bianca Brown’s witty illos, her yearbook series is retro and fun.
[imgcomment image[/img]


I love tall and curly because I can definitely relate to the main character lmao!


James Eugene’s futuristic prints
[imgcomment image[/img]


I encourage all to think about referring to our hair as a “struggle” when in its natural state. I think of wash day as peaceful and pleasant. Knowing that I took the time to ensure my schedule was free to take care of myself and treat my hair with TLC is a positive. Never a struggle hun.


Agreed! Or the apparent war against *shrinkage* (makes me think of men in cold water). The language some use sounds downright vitriolic, as if natural hair doing what it does naturally is a fate worse than death. The mammy and Celie memes about ‘wash day’ and styling also sting. The original characters are meaningful because of, and despite, white stereotyping, so for Blacks to be careless and pick up the baton and re-appropriate that ridicule is painful. Sorry for OT post.


I concurr! I don’t really have a wash day more of a wash evening if I start finger detangling at 6pm I’m going to be done by 10pm-12pm tops. It’s not a struggle or even momentous event. My hair is not the problem I’m just getting tired of doing it myself (been doing my hair natural hair for 4 years sans heat). Would be such a pleasure to have someone wash and style my hair properly for me. I need some pampering.


12am lol it better not ever take me that long

LaShon Renee @ For the Love of Curls

Great list! I also love to follow @Nikisgroove, @thecreamycrackrehab, and @cottoncandyplayground on IG


I love it! I already knew Keturah and Tall n curly but i didn’t know the rest till i saw this post. Thanks for posting!

nappy headed black girl

Thanks for this list. I only knew about the first two. Looks like I’ll be purchasing some stuff today 🙂


I was like his works are very inspiring