This is a very sub­jec­tive post but I feel that I am an author­i­ty on the sub­ject of detan­gling fine hair because I have a lot of it. It takes ages to detan­gle and I have been in this game for over 10 years, con­stant­ly try­ing dif­fer­ent things. Now, we’re talk­ing fine indi­vid­ual strands, not over­all hair den­si­ty. I am also skip­ping out fin­ger detan­gling. I ful­ly endorse it. It is the best thing ever, but if you have lim­it­ed time, it will not work. So here’s the list start­ing from best to worst:

1. Her­cules Säge­mann Mag­ic Star comb

magic rake

Tak­ing its right­ful place in first posi­tion (I real­ly can­not sing the prais­es of this comb enough) is the Her­cules Säge­mann! It is a seam­less, rub­ber comb that unlike the flex­i­ble combs and brush­es tout­ed to be less dam­ag­ing is com­plete­ly stiff! It is the clos­est that a comb will take you to fin­ger detan­gling. The stiff­ness of the comb means it acts like your fin­gers, stop­ping wher­ev­er the hair is too tan­gled to pro­ceed. It works well on dry or wet detan­gling. It’a not as ben­e­fi­cial in the mini or jum­bo rake size for clump­ing curls, but my hair does not clump, so I don’t care. If your hair does clump, there are small­er combs from the same man­u­fac­tur­er that could work post-detan­gling.

2. The Show­er Comb

widetooth shower comb

It is cheap and cheer­ful but not often seam­less. You should pay close atten­tion to the fin­ish of the teeth, skip­ping those that are raggedy and avoid those with dec­o­ra­tive paint­ed tips since that paint will chip over time.  I found that show­er combs unlike the Her­cules Säge­mann, are not that great on dry hair, but con­di­tion­er comb­ing is easy breezy.


3. Goody Ouch­less comb

goody ouchless comb

Sit­ting right in the mid­dle of the rank­ings is the Goody ouch­less comb. It is seam­less, but a lit­tle strange as the teeth have no points and are rod-like. Addi­tion­al­ly, the spine of the comb is flex­i­ble. I have man­aged to break this comb twice and there­fore gave up on it. It’s not real­ly much bet­ter than a show­er-comb, but it costs more.

4. Den­man D3


We are now enter­ing into the devil’s ter­ri­to­ry. I have yet to find a brush that will not split my fine hair and the Den­man D3 did not dis­ap­point. It was stealthy too, because at first, it works beau­ti­ful­ly espe­cial­ly with con­di­tion­er comb­ing as it has nice firm well shaped bris­tles and decent spac­ing. How­ev­er, a week or two lat­er, I had split ends galore. Some nat­u­rals mod­i­fy the Den­man by tak­ing out some of the teeth and say it works just as well with­out split­ting. This was not my expe­ri­ence. I do not think this brush is bad­ly made, I just think it does not suit fine hair. Medi­um and thick strands.……go for it!

5. Tan­gle Teez­er

tangle teezer

This shred­der wreaked hav­oc on my fine strands. Mid shaft splits, split ends, breakage.….all with­in just two detan­gling ses­sions. The claim is that the flex­i­ble teeth work to stop hair break­age, but I expe­ri­enced the exact oppo­site with hor­rif­ic imme­di­ate break­age. I found too that the teeth were not real­ly well made  and some were rough and snag­gle prone. I know some nat­u­rals love the tan­gle teez­er but if you have fine hair, steer clear. On a pos­i­tive note, it works won­der­ful­ly on a long haired cat!


Which tools do you swear by when it comes to detan­gling your hair?

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The Den­man brush is hell on wheels for my fine hair. I trashed it and got a Bass brush that works great. I have a goody show­er come that I use week­ly for my hair and it works won­ders


I total­ly agree !! I also have fine 4ab strands, & I quit using my Den­man. Damn thing .…… I called it THE SHREDDER … ripped out my hair even after I removed teeth & rows. I use a Mag­ic Star jum­bo rake & the mini rake
Excel­lent for detan­gli­ing with­out rip­ping ! What kind of Bass do you use?


It is the oval shaped pad­dle brush


I’ve always used a pad­dle brush main­ly because I wore weaves and even­tu­al­ly when it came time for my nat­ur­al hair it was the only brush I had. I used it in the show­er occa­sion­al­ly sep­a­rat­ing in 4 sec­tions and brush from the ends up after I apply my con­di­tion­er and just brush all of it while I rinse..Head full of 4A nat­ur­al hair (in between apl & bsl) and I’ve been wear­ing quick weaves/sew-ins for least 9–10 years…Sure I have had my issues in the past but nev­er from my pad­dle brush.


The den­man brush worked won­ders for me when I first got it but now… I rarely use it. I was in denial that it was the rea­son for my split ends and all I stick to now are show­er combs and my fin­gers.


I’ve heard won­der­ful raves about the Her­cules comb, but are they real­ly that much bet­ter than the bone seam­less combs? I have sev­er­al bone combs, but I’ve been exclu­sive­ly fin­ger detan­gling for a year. I think I need to change my rou­tine, because I’m not see­ing the length reten­tion I expect. So I’m won­der­ing, is the Her­cules comb bet­ter than the bone combs?

YourBelovedPandora .
This comb is the TRUTH. I bought the com­bo pack that has the Jum­bo (pic­tured above) and the mini ver­sion. I also bought the HS13620 Detan­gling Styler Comb . It gives and lit­tle more of a fin­ished look and detan­gles a lit­tle more deeply. The combs have no seems, they glide through your hair, and are anti­sta­t­ic and super san­i­tary. They don’t react with any­thing and they are very stur­dy (which I need because I have bro­ken three combs in the past). After two uses, I have noticed lit­tle to no hair come out dur­ing detan­gling, which makes me super… Read more »

I TOTALLY AGREE !!!I have the the combo,too. even got a set of spares.They have a curved ver­sion of the jum­bo rake & I got that set,too. All oth­er combs ON THE PLANET can take a seat !!


I think the Her­cules comb is more san­i­tary and more durable if I’m remem­ber­ing my research cor­rect­ly.


I detan­gle using a hair pick. I’ve tried oth­er tools but I always end up going back to using a hair pick.

I use the tan­gle teez­er. I know a lot of girls claim that it broke their hair off. It actu­al­ly helped me. Cuz with combs I had a ten­den­cy to just pull it through rough tan­gle areas. With the teez­er it made me stop and con­cen­trate on these rough areas. But I only used it after I had washed. I used rhas­soul clay as as cleanser/detangler/conditioner. So I nev­er have to detan­gler my hair because the clay stretched it. I use the teez­er to clump my curls when I want ultra defined twist outs. Also I went from shoul­der length… Read more »

I use my Teez­er AFTER using the Jum­bo rake. No prob­lem with break­age & split ends.…YET… so I only use if a few times just in case. I have fine 4ab hair


I have always want­ed to try the Tan­gle Teez­er so I am sur­prised to see it as the worst cul­prit!! I guess it may dif­fer for hair tex­tures? Mo,


Depends on your hair & how you use it. I do what tc said. Use the Sage­mann first ‚then the Teez­er or use the Teez­er with a head full of condish.Another way is to sec­tion the hair into man­age­able sec­tions & use the Teez­er on each sec­tion with or with­out condish. My broth­er uses his on his beard. I had to get him his own because he tried mine once & then kept steal­ing it !!

I may get a lot of thumbs down for say­ing this, but I can’t help but feel like the fin­ger detan­gling craze, is just that, a craze. Much like the Den­man and tan­gle teez­ers had their run a few years ago. I’m not say­ing that fin­ger detan­gling is awful. On the con­trary, I believe in it and use it myself. But only as the first line of defense in a series of tools (includ­ing a mod­i­fied Den­man) aimed to detan­gle. Here’s my take: I exclu­sive­ly detan­gled ear­ly in my hair jour­ney lit­er­al­ly spend­ing up to 8 hours detan­gling on any… Read more »
YourBelovedPandora .
When you fin­ger detan­gled, did you use an oil? I had the same prob­lem the first time I fin­ger detan­gled, but then I used coconut oil and it worked out pret­ty well (after­wards I put on a show­er cap and allowed the oil to pen­e­trate my strands over night). It seems, how­ev­er, you have found a way to incor­po­rate it into your hair care reg­i­ment, which is excel­lent because it is eas­i­er to feel the knots. I do have a ques­tion about the Den­man brush. When mod­i­fied, how many rows of teeth does it have? I have tried the brush by… Read more »

Has any­one tried “The Wet Brush”? The Den­man seemed to pull my hair out snap crack­le pop style while the Tan­gle Teas­er seemed to inflict its dam­age on the DL.


I most­ly fin­ger detan­gle but I also love the mason pear­son rake comb


That Her­culese Mag­ic Star Comb is the! I’ve been using it on my thick, yet fine tex­tured 4a/b hair for the past cou­ple of years and detan­gling is a breeze. LOVE IT!!


“We are now enter­ing the Devil’s ter­ri­to­ry”. THIS WAS HILARIOUS!!


I LOVE MY SAGEMANN COMB !! I even have the one with curved teeth. I also have a Tan­gle Teez­er which I use the same was TC does. Sage­mann first , then the Teez­er. Some­times I use a Ouidad Dou­ble Detan­gler, a very large heavy wicked look­ing comb with a dou­ble row of teeth about an inch apart.

The key to detan­gling is not to allow my hair to become tan­gled and gnarly in the first place. How­ev­er, when I’m lazy and slip, the only tools I use are my fin­gers and shears (for those gnarly knots). I’ve been fin­ger detan­gling for so long, that my hair pret­ty much remains clumped until I phys­i­cal­ly sep­a­rate them. I may need to cut three (or few­er) knots in any giv­en ses­sion. When it comes to curl def­i­n­i­tion, noth­ing gives me bet­ter “nat­ur­al” def­i­n­i­tion than my fin­gers. It takes a few min­utes to de-tan­gle a sec­tion of hair and I spend… Read more »

Lol. That reminds me of my own fine 4a nat­ur­al hair that is thick in den­si­ty. When­ev­er I straight­en it ( which is rarely ), it behaves for a lit­tle while before chang­ing into a big thick fluffy fro. It doesn’t like to fol­low the crowd but that’s okay, nei­ther do I.


BGLH, Is there a post about hav­ing fine hair with thick den­si­ty? I’m con­fused because I have fine hair but not thick density…how can one have both? thanks


Sim­ple! Your indi­vid­ual strands are fine, but you have a lot of hair on your head. Some­one could have thick strands of hair, but the over­all den­si­ty of the hair could be thin or medi­um.


Yep, me too. I bought my Sage­mann combs sev­er­al years ago, and they were/are great. But once I learned about fin­ger detan­gling, I haven’t felt the need to use any comb in my fine kinky hair (except when using curl­form­ers or roller set­ting, which I rarely do).


I have fine 4a/b hair and the tan­gle teez­er was a god­send for me. They way I use it is by first com­ing through the hair with a wide tooth comb to stretch it and then I use the tan­gle teez­er. My hair is so dense and it gets out all the shed hairs. I haven’t expe­ri­enced any break­age with it.


Nice post Jc. I wish you would do a series on fine hair on your blog. I too have been nat­ur­al for over 10 years and am always look­ing for oth­er fine hair nat­u­rals to see how they care for their hair. I have been want­i­ng one of those Sage­mann combs for a while now gonna have to do a Google search and hunt one down. I love to fin­ger detan­gle but some­times it can take too long. I don’t even look at those brush­es. I knew from day one that wasn’t gonna work for my naps n kinks lol.


I got my Sage­mann combs from


What about fin­gers? Fin­ger detan­gling is the best thing I have done for my fine strands.

Kelsi Briana

She said at the begin­ning that she was exclud­ing fin­ger detan­gling, and she not­ed her rea­sons for doing so. This list is more tools-focused.


Read the first para­graph of the arti­cle.


I am not being sar­cas­tic or rude, so please don’t read it that way.… The author clear­ly says in the very first para­graph why she is not going to men­tion fin­ger detan­gling in the rest of the arti­cle.

The Natural Haven

lol I was sure some­one would ask.….….see the entry para­gaph :)


“…it works won­der­ful­ly on a long-haired cat!”

Haha­ha­ha­ha­hah :) I may have to try it on my Husky mix now, she hates her Fur­mi­na­tor.


My cor­gi-bea­gle and Chi­huahua hate the fur­mi­na­tor. It’s heavy and cold. Will try the tan­gle teez­er on them. BTW they looooooove the knock-off “tin­gler scalp mas­sager” you can buy one for them at For­ev­er 21, LOL!


Haha­ha, my dog is already so spoiled! So of course, I’m prob­a­bly going to buy a Tan­gle Teas­er and a scalp mas­sager for her in the near future :)


Fur­mi­na­tor? LOL! :)