I’m a picky eater. I don’t like cer­tain foods because of how they look, oth­ers because of how they smell. Oth­er still (and even per­haps more ridicu­lous­ly) because of the tex­ture. I real­ly thought food would be the thing I’d be most metic­u­lous about — until I met my cri­te­ria for a good deep con­di­tion­er.

When it comes to deep con­di­tion­ers, I want them to do it ALL. Like, as in hydrate, strength­en, improve elas­tic­i­ty, ban­ish frizz, elim­i­nate my stu­dent loan debt, and make my hair feel silky and smooth — all while hav­ing enough slip to detan­gle with the best of them. In oth­er words, it bet­ter WERK!


So, exact­ly whicch deep con­di­tion­ers do all of the above? Here are my 6 picks (there may be oth­ers, but at these are the top of the top of my list):


1. Eden­Body­works Jojo­ba Monoi Deep Con­di­tion­er

Cost: $9.99/16oz

The 411: This super thick and creamy con­di­tion­er is loaded with good-for-hair good­ies like monoi (coconut oil + tiare/gardenia flower), jojo­ba, car­rot oil, and tea tree. It soft­ens, detan­gles, and adds shine and smooth­ness with­out weigh­ing the hair down. Also curly girl-friend­ly, arti­fi­cial col­or, min­er­al oil, petro­le­um, paraben, and fra­grance-free.


2. Eva NYC Ther­a­py Ses­sion Hair Mask

Cost: $14.99/16.9oz

The 411: Enriched with ker­avis pro­tein, sea buck­thorn oil, and argan oil, this deep con­di­tion­er will hydrate, strength­en, nour­ish, and pro­tect even the dri­est strands. It acts in as quick­ly as 5 min­utes, but can be left on the hair for much longer. After one use, expect soft, shiny, smooth, but­tery-feel­ing strands. For the full review, click here. Arti­fi­cial col­or, min­er­al oil, petro­le­um, and paraben-free. Read the review here.


3. Shea Mois­ture African Black Soap Purifi­ca­tion Masque

Cost: $11.99/12oz

The 411: A unique blend of but­ters, oils, clay, african black soap, plan­tain, and wil­low­bark extract make this deep con­di­tion­er the best friend of any­one bat­tling against dan­druff, eczema, or pso­ri­a­sis. It helps detox­i­fy the strands while leav­ing hair soft, con­di­tioned, and smooth. Curly girl-friend­ly, arti­fi­cial col­or, min­er­al oil, petro­le­um, and fra­grance-free.


Cost: $14.99/12oz

The 411: Although it is not labeled a deep con­di­tion­er, it most cer­tain­ly acts like one. Thanks to sweet almond oil, shea but­ter, jojo­ba, and aloe vera, this con­di­tion­er hydrates, soft­ens, detan­gles, and imparts shine. When used along­side the Mois­ture Rich Sul­fate Free Sham­poo, this duo becomes a one-two knock­out! Arti­fi­cial col­or, min­er­al oil, petro­le­um, and paraben-free. Review here.


5. U R Curly Quinoa Con­di­tion­er

Cost: $8.99/10oz

The 411: If you love a good scalp tin­gle, this con­di­tion­er is a win­ner. Although not list­ed as a deep con­di­tion­er, it is anoth­er one that is ver­sa­tile enough to be a DC or dai­ly use. Cas­tor oil, quinoa pro­tein, and abyssin­ian oil soft­en, nour­ish, and strength­en the hair while men­thol pro­vides a cool tin­gling and spa-like refresh­ing expe­ri­ence. Curly girl-friend­ly, arti­fi­cial col­or, min­er­al oil, petro­le­um, and paraben-free.


6. Hydrather­ma Nat­u­rals Amino Plus Pro­tein Deep Con­di­tion­er

Cost: $16.99/8oz

The 411: A unique com­plex of aminos and pro­teins make this con­di­tion­er great for res­cu­ing hair in need of a strength­en­ing treat­ment. Even though it is loaded with pro­tein, it makes the hair incred­i­bly soft, shiny, and smooth. Arti­fi­cial col­or, min­er­al oil, petro­le­um and paraben-free. Review here.


Christina Patrice

Born, raised, and liv­ing in Los Ange­les, Christi­na is BGLH’s res­i­dent tran­si­tion­ing expert and prod­uct junkie. In addi­tion to lov­ing all things hair, she is a fit­ness novice and advo­cate of wear­ing san­dals year-round. For more infor­ma­tion on tran­si­tion­ing, nat­ur­al hair, and her own hair jour­ney, vis­it maneobjective.com. Or, if you like pic­tures fol­low Christi­na on Insta­gram @maneobjective.

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Dalila M. Lujan

Pro Nat­u­rals makes the best con­di­tion­er in my opin­ion ???


Best I have ever used is Pro Nat­u­rals!!


great web­site for us nat­u­rals!! can not wait to go buy two of those DC prod­ucts the UR curly Quinoa and the Eden body­works those speaks to more of what im look­ing for and in my price range.

Rena' Nelson Hart

I use the Hydrather­ma Nat­ur­al prod­ucts and my hair has got­ten soft­er and more man­age­able. I haven’t done the amino plus pro­tein deep con­di­tion­ing treat­ment as often as I should, but I will get back on a reg­u­lar reg­i­men. Thank you for the post!


the only prod­ucts that work for my nat­ur­al hair, are Ms. Jessie. very expen­sive prod­ucts

Daniella Desewu

no deep con­di­tion­er works for me :(


So what do you do for your hair?


The Jojo­ba one makes my hair hard and dry every time. I have the one jar and it’s almost gone and then I won’t use it again.


its pro­l­ly cuz it has the tea tree in it also. tea tree makes mine n many oth­er girls’hair hard aftee use. try a deep con­di­tion­er with­out tea tree oil nor any shea but­ter


I agree. I had heard rave reviews about it but the first time I used it, i left my hair dry and not mois­tur­ized or man­age­able at all.


Does any­one else any Live Clean Pro­fes­sion­al prod­ucts?? I nev­er see any­thing about them but I picked up the split end repair­ing treat­ment at Win­ners for like $5 and I was actu­al­ly amazed how strong and smooth my end felt after using it. Unfor­tu­nate­ly I base my prod­uct deci­sions on price.


Alikay Sage and Hon­ey works won­ders for me. I use it with a hood­ed dry­er for my low porous hair

delcean coke

What does deep con­di­ton­er do to ur hair and when do u deep con­di­tion­ing

Miss Mo

It helps mois­ture pen­e­trate the hair shaft there­by con­di­tion­ing and soft­en­ing it too. Most peo­ple do it week­ly, or every oth­er week. Some month­ly.

You typ­i­cal­ly place a show­er cap over your hair and use heat for 10–30 min­utes or no heat for a longer time depend­ing on how long you wish.

Hope this helps. :)

delcean coke

What is deep con­di­tion­er do to ur hair and when do u do deep con­di­tion­ing


It’s not well known but Komazahaircare.com is pret­ty great. I love the Moku line and the Cal­i­fa line. I keeps my hair shiny and mois­tur­ized.


Would you believe that this shea mois­ture prod­uct does noth­ing for my hair. My hair felt the same after use!


Aww, that sucks. I think that their prod­ucts work if you use more than one prod­uct from their line. I used their babaob and Yuu­ca masque, as a deep treat­ment mask, but I know that they par­tic­u­lar­ly not meant to add “hydra­tion” but they do strenght­en my hair.

Lydia Shoto

That goes for any Shea Mois­ture prod­uct for me. I tried the Raw Shea But­ter Deep Treat­ment Mask and it felt like I didn’t put ANY deep con­di­tion­er in my hair. I had to use anoth­er prod­uct. My hair reg­i­men takes long enough. Ever since then, I give Shea Mois­ture the side eye.


Same here!!!

Sabrina @ Living, Learning, Eating

Thanks for the sug­ges­tions — I feel like I’m con­stant­ly try­ing new things to try to get to my hair hap­py place!

Sab­ri­na @ Liv­ing, Learn­ing, Eat­ing


Mixed chicks!!!!!!! Their deep conditioner’s THE BEST. It lit­er­al­ly melts your tan­gles away and it has this beau­ti­ful rich lath­er. It’s def­i­nite­ly a sta­ple for me, and a must try if you haven’t already.


Hey guys!

None of these prod­ucts ship to Cana­da :( any Cana­di­ans or any­one else know any prod­ucts good for curly nat­ur­al hair that are avail­able to Cana­da.

I would appre­ci­ate it very very much :)


Any­one have any thoughts on the Eco-les­terol deep con­di­tion­er???


I’ve used the one with argan oil and it worked great for me as a strength­en­er and mois­tur­iz­er. I ordered it from Ecoco’s web­site.


Sad­ly the Shea Moist­sure mask did noth­ing for my scalp and zilch for my hair. My after care prod­ucts dic­tate how my hair feels. I’ve nev­er found a good DC.


I just tried Shea Moisture’s Purifi­ca­tion mask this week­end because my scalp had been itchy the past week. I don’t feel like I have a lot of suc­cess with store bought hair masks, but I got it on clear­ance and thought it wouldn’t hurt to try it, but I have to say I def­i­nite­ly feel and see the results. My scalp is not itchy and my hair feels light and has way more bounce.


I have been on the hunt for a good con­di­tion­er, I have been dis­ap­point­ed late­ly with my last 3 con­di­tion­ers, I am will­ing to spend a lit­tle more on a good con­di­tion­er when the results will make my hair feel heav­en­ly!


Try the Strong & Silky brand!


Great list!
If only descrip­tions always came with a “curly-girl friend­ly” label. Life would be sooooo easy for me. Ingre­di­ents are not that hard to deci­pher, but man I’d sure­ly appre­ci­ate the sil­i­cone free labels every once in a while


Ohh yea feed my prod­uct junkismm


i cant stand it when you nat­ur­al haired girls kick up my prod­uct junkieism(sp)–you all are so mean :)


lol :-D

Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty

thanks for shar­ing this list. The only one I’ve used is the purifi­ca­tion masque. While I like it, I feel I get the same results using ben­tonite clay washes.…and cheap­er :)

Def­i­nite­ly pick­ing up the EB condish on my next trip to Sally’s.
PJs every­where thank you lol


@ Michelle @Radiant Brown Beau­ty: from PJ to anoth­er: we inform oth­er PJs to jus­ti­fy our pur­chas­es and ease the guilt! :) P.S.: You’re wel­come! :)


I’m just get­ting back to using ORS Hair May­on­naise and I’m lov­ing that. I might look into the Shea Mois­ture Black Soap Masque and Eden­Body­works Deep Con­di­tion­er. I like for my deep con­di­tion­ers to be THICK because well, my hair is real­ly thick.

Miss Mo

Shea Moisture’s Deep Treat­ment Mask (yel­low jar) is good too.

Espe­cial­ly when you add EVOO to it as sug­gest­ed on the label. :)


Yup! Have to agree there. I also add raw hon­ey and it’s the best DC I’ve used thus far for mois­ture. There new Manu­ka hon­ey & manu­ra oil mask is decent on its own but I still pre­fer the first con­coc­tion.
How­ev­er, I’m still look­ing for anoth­er mois­ture DC to add to my reg­i­men


You for­got “Aussie 3 min Deeeep Con­di­tion­er” it mois­tur­iz­ing and cheap only $3!


That’s a good one, too.

Bridget J

I absolute­ly love the Shea Mois­ture Purifi­ca­tion Masque. My hair always feels so soft and mois­tur­ized after using it.


Yes! Eden Body­works deep con­di­tion­er is amaz­ing! I tried it for the first time last week. I didn’t know it was going to be so thick! I love when it coats my hair and you don’t have to use half the jar. The Shea mois­ture black soap purifi­ca­tion mask is a jar I will use up in two uses. It’s best used as a cow­ash.


I believe a lot of them are also cru­el­ty-free. :)
I know Shea Mois­ture is, but i’ll have to check out the oth­ers to be sure.


Nice! A acquain­tance of mine recent­ly tried Eden Body­works and loves it. She tried some prod­ucts from the Coconut Shea line. I’m curi­ous about this deep con­di­tion­er and brand over­all.

From the prod­ucts I’ve looked at online, they are quite rea­son­ably priced. Even bet­ter, the Sally’s store near­by has a Buy 2, Get 1 sale going on for Eden Body­Works. Yay!

Btw, I’m still laugh­ing at “elim­i­nate my stu­dent loan debt”. Yes, a deep con­di­tion­er should do its job!


I was at Sally’s yes­ter­day (5–4-14) for the 2 for 1 sale and pur­chased the last 2 jars of the Eden Body­works Deep Con­di­tion­er. I combed the con­di­tion­er through my hair and used my heat­ing cap for 30 min­utes and rinsed. Detan­gling went smooth­ly.


I’ve used the Shea Mois­ture African Black Soap Purifi­ca­tion Masque to wash my hair. It removes buildup and mois­tur­izes.


I’m also a big fan of their prod­ucts. I recent­ly learned they have removed this line of their prod­uct from most stores I vis­it includ­ing Tar­get and CVS. If any­one has sug­ges­tions on where to buy this prod­uct out­side of online shop­ping I’d appre­ci­ate it :-)


I hear so much good things about the rand TGIN I got­ta try them out

Check out http://www.curlskinksfashion.com for your nat­ur­al hair & fash­ion dose and fol­low curl­skinks­fash­ion on IG for all the fun