NOTE: Though the word “texture” is actually a term that describes strand thickness (i.e., fine vs. medium vs. thick), it is sometimes loosely used in place of hair “type” (i.e., curly vs. kinky vs. coily).

Several days ago, a video by Jouelzy entitled “So Over the Natural Hair Community & Texture Discrimination” popped up on my subscription feed. Intrigued by the title, I watched her video, which actually raised some good points. To super summarize, she discusses how kinky-haired naturals have much less support from hair companies and fewer clicks/views/shares than curly-haired naturals. You can check out her video below:

Klassy Kinks, another 4C natural on YouTube, recently did a response video, which was also interesting. To summarize her video, she speaks more on the reality that kinky-haired naturals have less support and views because those with the same texture tend to follow more curly-haired naturals. You can check out her response video here:

Not too long ago, I did a BGLH post on 10 Kinky-Haired Naturals You Should Check Out on YouTube.” I, in part, did this post because 4B/4C’s tend to have a hard time finding “watchable” naturals with our hair type. (Remember the word “watchable”; I will come back to that soon.) Many of the ladies I posted – and there are so many more – have few views, few shares, and less than 10,000 subscribers. Alternatively, if you look at curly- or coily-haired naturals like Naptural85 (433,000+), SunKissAlba (366,000+), MahoganyCurls (216,000+), or TarenGuy (204,000+), their subscribers are well over 200,000 and their views are through the roof. Few kinky-haired naturals, probably as much as I can count on one hand, hit 100,000 or more subscribers, and this includes AfricanExport (145,000+) and maybe Nikkimae2003 (151,000+). Why is this, and does it have to do with texture discrimination?

In my honest opinion, I believe both Jouelzy and Klassy Kinks have very valid points on why fewer kinky-haired naturals get product sponsorship, views and shares compared to their coily- or curly-haired counterparts. In terms of views and shares, I also think another factor (a smaller but still relevant one) is the “watchability” of kinky-haired naturals that I mentioned earlier.

Let’s talk more about what makes some kinky-haired naturals less “watchable” (other than the obvious texture discrimination). Well…. presence, personality, video quality, and hair length also factor into whether a YouTuber is watchable. (Yes, I believe there is also a bit of hair length discrimination when it comes to naturals.) If you do a YouTube search on “4B” or “4C” natural hair, plenty of individuals pop up, but few are ones to which I (and probably other naturals) would actually subscribe. Let’s be real; how many kinky-haired YouTubers have the “whole package” of an engaging presence, a good personality, AND great video quality. (Add in super long hair, if you want, but that characteristic is not a requirement in my search for naturals.) Now compare that number to those of curly-haired naturals. The latter is overwhelming. That “whole package” generally does matter when it comes to whether some individuals subscribe to a natural.

So what does this all mean for kinky-haired YouTubers? Yes, I definitely believe that there is texture discrimination; it is very real. Also, yes, kinky-haired naturals do need to support more of our own. However, I am not going to subscribe to someone just because she has kinky hair (or curly hair OR natural hair, for that matter). If the sound quality is poor, the video quality is sub-par, her presence is boring, and/or her personality is bland, I’ll pass. Last but not least, I’m more inclined to subscribe to naturals with great hair style tutorials and/or interesting hair care advice; if they lack those two, I am not as intrigued.

As for other social media (Instagram, Facebook, etc.), I’ll let you all chime in on that one.

Ladies, is texture discrimination apparent on YouTube and other social media? What are your thoughts?


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Alexia Morrison
The whole paragraph about the “watchability” of the bloggers is a whole load of bullshit. Well, not entirely. Let me put it this way; texture discrimination ultimately affects the watchability of the content put out by kinky-haired bloggers/vloggers. It’s not that for some “odd reason” kinky-haired vloggers usually have lesser quality videos and content than loose-curly haired vloggers. The cold hard truth is because of texture discrimination, curly-haired vloggers end up receiving more endorsement deals, sponsorships, and higher viewer and subscriber numbers than their kinky-haired counterparts. And because this is 2017, we are all well aware that more views=more youtube… Read more »

That girl has the most amazing mouth. I have lip envy.


MJ Lewis is a new Type 4 natural that is creating a buzz as well.


This youtubber breaks it down!

Aliyah Morrison

But I get texture discrimination because the men I talked to only liked my hair because I had tight curls and adorable coils and my mom and brother hates my hair .

Aliyah Morrison

I watch those with my hair and kinkier than mines . I’m sorry I’m going to follow coily curly naturals like Naptural85 she has a great personality , one of the few that has my hair type 4a but I’m 3c/4a and she gives me information and tips that actually work !I also Follow Hair Crush and many others .

Maggie A
I saw Jouelzy’s video and I definitely agreed to an extent. I agree much more with the second video and your point in this post. I believe people are just looking for someone to blame . I definitely have come across many many Youtubers with hair ‘like mine’ but the video quality just was not what something I look forward to seeing in my “my subscriptions” list. I subscribed to Mahogany Curls because her video quality, editing and attention to detailed (QUALITY) information is amazing. I subscribed to African Export because her personality is very comfortable and her hair texture… Read more »
I have to say, when I first went natural in 2008, the texture discrimination mainly came from men. That’s why it was so refreshing to be around and communicate with women with ALL hair types. There were very few naturals when I started 6 years ago, and I loved the friendship and bonding I got from the whole experience. I spent countless hours on Fotki skimming through accounts for updates and regimen tips. We were really into it to empower EACH other. No one was worried about texture discrimination. Now all of a sudden, you have self proclaimed gurus that… Read more »
I think we are also not taking into account time. It takes time to build a quality channel. The women named in this article have been at this since at least 2009. Also two out of the three for sure are full time Vloggers. This is their full time job. NaturalMe4C is a great. She is the total package. I have fine 4a hair however; I love to watch her channel. No my hair cannot do all the great things that hers can but I genuinely enjoy watching her and her family. As time has passed, you can really see… Read more »

Chary Jay is not 4c, she says shes 4a and you should watch her video with the salon experiences, the stylists tells her that as well


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Dephne Madyara is a great “watchable” 4c natural

I watched Jouelzy’s video but not the response. It appears that Jouelzy got into the game for the wrong reasons. At first, it was to get free weave, but when that didn’t materialize, she moved on to natural hair. That gives the appearance of inauthenticity. Is she upset that she doesn’t have a bigger following and is getting overlooked or that she isn’t getting free stuff? FWIW, she mentioned having 80K subscribers and in the month since the video came out she’s climbed to 97K. Who’s to say the video wasn’t just click bait? Personality also counts. I first saw… Read more »
Monet Fugatey

Awsome explanation! Totally agree Bel.

Maggie A

I whole heartedly agree with your closing paragraph!

Maggie A

I have kinky hair and I have been natural for what is about to be a year now. Making youtube videos in my opinion is not easy and not a lot of people have the time for it. I have watched many hair youtube videos for both natural hair and weaves. Majority of women who have 4c hair and I have seen it even in my own family. My sister has 3c hair and people and my mother who had recently went natural at that time asked her how did you get it like that. How my sister always answers… Read more »
Monet Fugatey
You’re so right! And like you said at first, bc I’m in that stage, WE DoNt have Time! Unless we can really figure out or get help to make quality You Tube videos, you won’t see our MOP on the screen! I’m thinking about it and and I’m like No! Who would watch me day in and day out, how can I Time Manage with all it takes to get my hair perfect, learn all the best products, visit natural hair shows or research, and still pay my bills and feed my 4 kids? We are the lets do it… Read more »
Monet Fugatey
I’ve subscribed to African and Nikki just now. I think it’s the lack of knowledge of the good YouTube personalities! I would like my you tube front page to be more customized to what I Favored and subscribed to. I’ve been sifting through videos and after heavy Internet Lagging I get ADHD on You Tube and sign off. Also, it takes talking to other naturalist to know them or reading and surfing the web a lot. I don’t have much time but to work a lot, feed kids,spirituality, run kids, sex, barely clean, health, dress, cook, do my thick springy… Read more »
Monet Fugatey

And it’s spungy not springy. Dang spell check and no edit options.

Is everyone ignoring the elephant in the room? Cause its too obvious. Why are these channels getting the praise while 4b/c are being ignored? Because everyone wants loose, mixed girl, curls cause its the same mindset of wanting light skin. Looser curls, means closer to euro beauty, aka white people. You see it in the comments on videos, you see it on product ads o f the lure of being mixed and looser curls are the only right way to be natural. Its saddening and sickening. We are still a slave to these euro beauty standards that bombard us everywhere… Read more »

You are soooo right.

I agree. people are treating it like another standards that most of use can’t reach. going natural went from loving what you have to another divide in our people. why do black people do this to themselves? I will never understand it. i have “3b” hair and i’ll never understand the stink eye i recieve because of it. i didn’t ask anyone to feel a certain way about my hair. when i started my no heat journey the person i followed and watched was naptural. even though her hair is “4b-c” i love her videos, she still have valid advice… Read more »
I agree with you partly. When I first started my natural hair journey 4 years ago, I was trying to achieve that loose curl look, and it took me a year to really understand the purpose of the natural hair movement (ie. Love what you have). However, of late, I have been desiring looser textured hair just for the shear purpose of minimizing tangles. I have 3c/4a hair and I spend a LOT of time detangling. I have to wear protective styles 90% of the time to prevent tangles. It’s very frustrating. I love my hair, I just to love… Read more »
Aliyah Morrison

Omg i have the same hair type and I spent months trying to get a looser curl like 3a 3b . I love my 3c 4a hair but sometimes I wish my tight curls were looser and that I had silky edges . Now i just accepted my hair and love my tight curls and coils . I get alot of tangles too and not even a year natural yet I braid my hair on cornrows to minimize tangles .

Maggie A

I really like your $0.02 because it is true.
For a lot of people, beauty and self confidence comes from validation from men and society in a general. Until the darker melanin, cotton haired young ladies like myself find it within ourselves to rise and break through that glass box fighting for that validation will forever be a lost cause.


maybe it has something to do with naturals going natural to be cool/trendy rather than for getting to like blk features.

there is some photo i saw of a youtuber who made a set of photos. one she had her kinky texture and was looking all sad. she then did a twist out style and her expression was like THANK YOU JESUS. smh. the funny part is instead of a twistout it was a relaxer ppl would call her self-hating.