Introduce yourself!
My Name is Fitgi Saint-Louis and I am from Long Island, New York. I currently live in the city.

Why did you make the decision to go natural?
While in college I started looking for ways to give my relaxed hair volume. I starting using different products and drying techniques to create waves and curls. I used to relax my hair 2-3 times a year and wanted a new look. Relaxing my hair only to struggle making it curly was counterproductive so I started growing out my hair only trimming the ends when needed. It was a fun process and I had one of my best friends transitioning at the same time, which was helpful. I’ve had natural hair now for 5 years!

How would you describe your texture?
My hair is evenly one texture between 3C and 4A. I have fine strands, however my hair is dense. My wash and go is tight and curly, but as days pass the curls start to fall. One night of twists will completely change my look the following day. Wind and humidity make my hair huge – think Chaka Khan in the 80’s huge.

Describe your styling regimen over the course of the month.
Over the course of a month I first have my hair in twists after a wash, then I let my wavy hair out. Once it loses shape I go to my updos. I used to use a lot of hair ties, which started breaking my hair in the front, so I switched to only bobby pins to create different styles. In the summer, updos keeps my neck free to air and in the winter they work as a hat. I’ve been challenging myself to create a new updo every day. For dance class for example, I have four twists I put into a bun.


What does wash day look like for you?
I detangle my hair with either Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion, Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque, or organic coconut oil with some water and a wide tooth comb. If it’s not too late I then wash my hair right after. I use the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo to wash then twist my hair into 8-16 sections using the Curl Enhancing Smoothie. I then let it air dry. Sometimes if my hair is not too tangled I will detangle in the shower. If I have a dance performance or want to change it up I’ll blow dry my hair. I just purchased a CHI Hand Shot Ceramic Hair Dryer, which helps me finish in an hour. I really like it, except when the bothersome comb attachment falls off.

Describe your favorite go-to hairstyle for days when you don’t have a lot of time to style.
My favorite easy style is a twisted updo. I pull all my ends above my head then turn the edges and pin to my scalp with 4-6 pins. The same technique can make a different style depending on the way I turn and where I place the ends. I love it!

How do you combat shrinkage?
I like to embrace shrinkage. I like the versatility of my hair being able to be above and below shoulder length. It seems like magic to some people and I enjoy their excitement.

What are some of your problem areas (if any) that require special care and attention?
My hair can go from soft, shiny and curly to dry and limp quickly. I have to constantly keep it moisturized with my go to products. I also keep my hair in twists at night to help with the dryness.

What are 2 do’s for your texture?
Keep it moisturized and have fun with the versatility. There are so many possibilities.

What are 2 don’ts for your texture?
Try not to use too much heat and don’t attempt to comb out curls without some product and water. Save yourself the pain.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
Check out my Instagram @GiveThemHair. I also have a Tumblr blog with different updo styles that is currently under construction at


Just another lover of natural hair and expression.
- Style Icon Coordinator for BGLH

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Lavinia Lahrese

Her hair is SO GORGEOUS! I love when BGLH posts features on women with specific hair types! It makes it so easy to see how others deal with their particular hair issues. In my case, I have fine natural hair so I would absolutely LOVE IT if BGLH would post more features about fine natural hair!


Her hair type is probably the closest to mine I’ve ever seen when in a dry and stretched state(3c-4b). I have 3c hair in the back, 4a in the middle and a mix of 4a/4b in the front. Every hair type should be embraced, but I don’t think she is wrong by saying 3c/4a. Anyway everyone has different views on hair types, not every category has a strict look.


This Hairstyles is a nice hair style for woman. In this style woman are looking so nice.


I think her hair is absolutely amazing! She embraces her hair with all of the effort and creativity put into each style. I think the fact that people feel the need to categorize divides our natural beauty. You go girl! 😉


Everyone who says her hair is not 3c/4a needs to check out AuCurls Naturelle on Youtube. Her hair is a coily pattern but when she stretches it with African threading or banding it appears to be a different texture.
Hair typing can be hard to understand, I’m pretty sure no one is trying to “pass” as another texture. 🙂

This is why I suggested they have icons include pics of their hair wet and air dried/un manipulated. That would really help people to identify with what the icon is saying about her hair. Cause honestly I’ve seen it go the other way, where a girl says she is 4b/c and then I see all these pics of this coiled and curly hair; only to find out that is a well done twist out or braid out of some sort. This icons talks about trying to manipulate her relaxed hair into being curly then realizing she can have curly hair… Read more »
I don’t know if many icons would be willing to allow their wet hair to air dry with no product or manipulation just to show hair type. I know personally that allowing my hair to dry loose & with no product is just begging for a nightmare to try to then style it or detangle it even if it’s already detangled prior! And I’m tender-headed too– hecks naw! I love y’all but if it were me, I would be unable to can at that suggestion. Maybe showing it in a wet state would be good enough but allowing it to… Read more »

omg what’s this new obsession with trying to correct people about their hair type??? Gosh you can never win with you people!!!


Omg…the comments about hair types
Categorization is so crazy…it really shows we have further to far as accepting everyone uniqueness. I thought when I transitioned that i was getting closer to “what god intended for me to look like” and truly have appreciation and respect for all women regardless of hair type who choose to also.However I see in the natural hair community people are still obsessed with “good hair” ,”bad hair ” syndrome. I think it just the same or worst than the females who choose to alter their hair texture chemically.

youngin girl

Those pompadours and buns are the business, especially the accessorie she adds. I took down my cornrow a few hours ago and I love my braid outs. Unfortunatley, I have to get it washed and permed for graduation. Cute hairstyles i hope to try someday.

I have to disagree with the comments above regarding her hair not being 3c/4a. My hair, which is a 3c/4a, looks similar to hers when stretched, picked out, or blow out. In a wash and go my 3c hair forms pencil sized s-curls and my 4a hair forms slightly smaller cork screw curls.The hair typing is about curl patterns. To say she’s clearly a 4/b or c without seeing her curl pattern(s) and calling on her to “embrace” her texture is unfair. To be honest, in an Afro state my hair is indistinguishable from 4b/c hair. What saddens me is… Read more »
Kinky me

Ita with ur statement, my hair also is 3c 4a. When I wear a wash n go my hair appears limp, and my curls and coils lay down, but when I wear a braid out it totally stretches out my hair to look big, poofy with a wave to it. So it doesn’t look 3c 4a or b just kind of like a blow out. Point is unless hair is in wng state u can’t really say what texture it appears to be


Lovely and i love the creative updos!


Which type of haïr am i, 3c 4a???
[imgcomment image[/img]
[imgcomment image[/img]


Yes I think so. Looks good!


You have mostly 4a hair with definitely 3c hair mixed in….


Lovely hair, but she looks more like type 4b/c than 3c/4a. What’s with all the hair type confusion on BGLH recently!? Rarely do we see type 3 ladies thinking they are type 4. Things that make you go hmm…o_O

I totally agree. The evidence speaks for itself. It’s a sad bi-product / legacy of the negation of african origin black beauty (features deemed negro across the globe). Anyone in any doubt? I’d suggest a quick watch of something like the recent award-winning film “12 Years a Slave” to get just a snapshot of where so many of us have come from as black people. That kind of indoctrinated abuse, finally leading to self-abuse/dislike and an acceptance of white superiority propaganda is like a poisonous garden weed… The plant may have been pulled up…but it’s insidious root system is still… Read more »
Cheyenne Brown

She has nice hair & a good regimen but @ the same time,it look like she uses 2 much heat,because it lookd like some parts of her hair are heat damaged.Cute hairstyles though


Pretty girl and I love all of those elegant updo’s!


Gorgeous head of hair! But what is it with girls being obsessed with having 3C hair? Your hair definitely belongs in the 4A/4B/4C section and ain’t nothing wrong with that, embrace your texture

Le Nubian
I definitely said this about the last “3c/4a” girl. But people took that as me shading her. Like the connotation is still that kinky hair or saying someone has kinky hair is an insult which is weird since this is a natural hair blog that appreciates all textures. Good hair is healthy hair. But it’s obvious the natural community has some things to work on. Ps, I have 3c hair and I wish I had kinky hair so I could rock a fierce fro that won’t fall flat down the middle lol. Which makes me more upset when ppl won’t… Read more »
Could it be that they honestly believe their hair is 3c/4a? I say this because i really do not know what is my hair type. When i first came across the natural hair stuff, i found Alicia James and i said to my husband, at least she has hair like mine, i think she defines her hair as 4a/4b, not quite sure anymore. Then i saw her wash and gos, her twists, her twists out-no her hair is completely different from mine, my hair does not have a curl pattern but at the same time it is very soft and… Read more »

Amen and hallelujah! When will black women finally embrace themselves and their 4 type hair?? We go natural only to attach the 3b/3c type to our names. She is clearly in the 4 category and is STUNNING! Be proud!!!

Kaila P

Her hair may be in a strectehd state in those pictures and it might be that her unaltered curl pattern is coily


Yes that’s how my hair is. Curly/coily when wet and when I do a wash and go. And when I stretch it and pick it out it looks like a legit afro. So don’t judge hairtype based on what you see. Because you do not know the person. I think someone suggested that the hairstyle icons should post a picture of their hair when it’s wet or in a wash and go style. So you can see the “true” texture and there is no confusion.


Exactly what I was thinking. Her hair is clearly stretched in every picture, so there is no way you can tell what her natural curl pattern is just from these pictures. I’ve seen plenty of people with 3c 4a hair that looks like this when stretched out through twisting or braiding. It looks no different from 4abc hair when in a stretched state,

Miss Mo

Wow, pretty girl. You buns and up-dos are everything. 🙂


You’re updo’s are fabulous! You are giving some hair girl” Love it!