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Intro­duce your­self!
My name is Natasha and I was born in Brook­lyn NYC, raised in Stat­en Island, and now reside in Hous­ton, Texas.

Why did you make the deci­sion to go nat­ur­al?
I hadn’t had a perm in 10 years pri­or to me going nat­ur­al, but I had killed my curl pat­tern by con­sis­tent­ly dye­ing and flat iron­ing my hair. I was sick of my hair look­ing life­less and I missed my curls, so I decid­ed to go com­plete­ly nat­ur­al. I tran­si­tioned by using no heat, deep con­di­tion­ing twice a month, and doing pro­tein treat­ments once a month. I also wore my hair in ban­tu knot outs until my curl pat­tern returned. I am com­ing up on my three year anniver­sary in June :)

How would you describe your tex­ture?
My hair is a com­bo of all the 3’s. My curls are both fine and coarse in some areas.

Describe your styling reg­i­men over the course of the month.
I am pret­ty much a wash n go girl.


What does wash day look like for you?
Wash day for me includes sham­poo­ing with Mane ‘n Tail Sham­poo and con­di­tion­ing with the Mane ‘n Tail Con­di­tion­er. I then heat up more Mane ‘n Tail Con­di­tion­er mixed with pure coconut oil and tea tree oil, and let that sit on my hair for up to an hour. Then I wash it out and fin­ger comb in sec­tions while apply­ing Can­tu Shea But­ter Leave In Con­di­tion­ing Repair Cream and Can­tu Shea But­ter Curl Acti­va­tor Cream. I dif­fuse on low cool until 75% dry then air dry.

Describe your favorite go-to hair­style for days when you don’t have a lot of time to style.
A high puff pony or a high pony in the front.

How do you com­bat shrink­age?
I hon­est­ly don’t. I just embrace it.

Tell us about your hair col­or?
I col­or my hair using two tem­po­rary meth­ods. I use deep con­di­tion­ing col­or where you mix Splat Wash­ables Hair Col­or into your con­di­tion­er and let it sit. The longer it sits the more vibrant the col­or. The oth­er is hair shad­ow­ing. Hair shad­ow­ing is some­thing I have been doing for years where you use cream eye shad­ows and blush­es to tem­porar­i­ly col­or your hair. My YouTube chan­nel is filled with tuto­ri­als. My fave prod­ucts for hair shad­ow­ing are: NYX Eye Shad­ow, Alex Hair Chalk Pens, May­belline Eye Stu­dio Col­or Tat­too and May­belline Dream Boun­cy Blush.

What are some of your prob­lem areas (if any) that require spe­cial care and atten­tion?
I have a dry scalp and my curls crave mois­ture, so hot oil treat­ments and keep­ing my hair mois­tur­ized is a plus and a must.

What are 2 do’s for your tex­ture?
Keep­ing it mois­tur­ized and wear­ing low main­te­nance hair­styles.

What are 2 don’ts for your tex­ture?
Heavy oils and cow­ash­ing.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
Insta­gram: @naturallytash


Just anoth­er lover of nat­ur­al hair and expres­sion.
— Style Icon Coor­di­na­tor for BGLH

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This arti­cle was inspir­ing! I loved the idea of tem­po­rary col­or and so did my 10-year old daugh­ter. It takes me 2–3 days (depend­ing on how many hours we put in each day) to part her hair and put 4–7 mini twists with­in each sec­tion. It’s worth the time because I am not in her hair for the next four weeks and she can style them, as she pleas­es. We put Maybeline’s 24 Hour Col­or Tat­too on a few twists. It looks great–even in nat­ur­al light! And, it doesn’t rub off on her clothes, scarf, in the car, etc.

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OMG!! I absolute­ly looooooooooooooooooooooove your hair!!! And the col­ors are all gore­gous!


I think we all rec­og­nize that this woman is killin’ it.…like nobody’s busi­ness. I feel like she just dropped the mic and left the stage because that pur­ple and plat­inum is just beyond. BTW, that last pic­ture, curlus­cious­ness!


Sim­ply gorgeous,and that col­or is pop­ping :-)


[…] Style Icon Natasha […]


I“m real­ly lov­ing the pur­ple!


Love­ly hair

LaShon Renee @ For the Love of Curls

She love all her col­ors! I also inter­viewed her for my blog a cou­ple a months ago.


The col­ors, Duke, the col­ors! It’s so vibrant too, very pret­ty


OMG yes! I remem­ber that pop­si­cle com­mer­cial in the 90s! The dog then says, “I’m col­or­blind, kid!” Rad!


It’s fun­ny how you have so much hair and your ban­tu knots look so small. I real­ly dig your dye craziness..makes your hair very ver­sa­tile. You are cute :-)


her hair in that first pic is EVERYTHING!!!!! <3_<3

A Simple Thing

*inhales sharply* That colour is DIVINE. Is it bleached already on the under­neath for the deep con­di­tion­ing colour to work?


LOVEEEEEEE the col­ors! :) Awe­some curls.


Your hair is so gor­geous. The col­ors give me life. I wish I could rock col­ors like that in the work­place.


I love your hair!!!

Got­ta go check out your YouTube because I’m inter­est­ed in the wash­able hair col­or




Your hair is awe­some and I’m lov­ing the col­or! I always think about col­or­ing my hair but I’m afraid! Lol.Does the hair col­or make your hair dry at all? How long did the col­or last?