In April, I sug­gest­ed “10 Kinky-Haired Nat­u­rals To Check Out on YouTube”. Now it is time for a Curly-Haired edi­tion!  Here are some curly ladies you may want to add to your YouTube list:

1. Nat­u­ral­lyNei­icey


Let’s start with Nat­u­ral­lyNei­icey! In addi­tion to her gor­geous nat­ur­al hair, she has a nat­ur­al, low-main­te­nance beau­ty, which is refresh­ing. Her chan­nel fea­tures great hair­style tuto­ri­als and “Get Ready With Me” looks.

2. AuCurls Naturelle


AuCurls Naturalle’s chan­nel fea­tures amaz­ing hair tips (e.g., heat­less straight­en­ing) and infor­ma­tion (e.g., length reten­tion secrets, dry detan­gling with oil) as well as a few cre­ative styling tuto­ri­als.

3. Heyfran­Hey


Many of you prob­a­bly know about Heyfran­Hey, but if you haven’t checked her out, you are miss­ing out. I love her chan­nel for its over­all nat­ur­al liv­ing vibe. She offers numer­ous DIY tuto­ri­als (e.g., organ­ic lip balm and lip scrub set), fit­ness videos, and healthy alter­na­tives (e.g., oil cleans­ing for clear skin).

4. Glamtwinz334


This chan­nel is not run by one nat­ur­al, but two nat­u­rals who are sis­ters … and twins! That is prob­a­bly what caught my atten­tion first, in addi­tion their chan­nel being more of a beau­ty chan­nel. The twins offer videos on make­up looks, hauls, and look­books in addi­tion to hair prod­uct reviews and style tuto­ri­als.

5. ImShineStruck


If you rec­og­nize ImShineStruck, it is prob­a­bly because I have post­ed a few of her awe­some hair­style tuto­ri­als here. Her chan­nel offers so many more of these tuto­ri­als and a few prod­uct reviews.

6. Sami­rah Gilli


Though her video col­lec­tion is still grow­ing, I had to include Sami­rah for her var­i­ous loose hair­style tuto­ri­als. She shows you have to achieve dif­fer­ent types of curls via a ban­tu knot out, flat twist and curl, and more.

7. Nik Scott


I was ini­tial­ly drawn to Nik Scott because of her super beau­ti­ful hair­style tuto­ri­als. How­ev­er, her chan­nel offers so much more, includ­ing hair care tips, out­fit look­books, DIY projects, and her new “Moti­va­tion­al Minute” videos.

8. KGLifeStyle


KGLifeStyle first caught my atten­tion with her prac­ti­cal videos on bud­get­ing and trav­el tips. Her chan­nel also fea­tures many cute hair­style tuto­ri­als, infor­ma­tion­al videos (e.g., her expe­ri­ence with organ­ic skin care), and some fash­ion lookbooks/hauls.

9. LovelyAn­neka


I love LovelyAnneka’s chan­nel because of her cre­ative hair­style tuto­ri­als (which range from loose hair to pro­tec­tive) and beau­ti­ful make­up videos. She is def­i­nite­ly worth check­ing out, espe­cial­ly if you have short­er curly hair!

10. Iknowl­ee


For those with tighter, short­er curls, you may want to check out Iknowl­ee. She fea­tures tons of amaz­ing hair­style tuto­ri­als, a few DIY videos (e.g., organ­ic clar­i­fy­ing sham­poo), and some make­up looks.

Ladies, have you checked out any of these YouTu­bers? Do you know of any oth­ers?


Empow­er­ing women of col­or to break bar­ri­ers. Cherish.Thy.Melanin.

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How do I know my hair’s type ‚if is type 2,3,4 ?


lookup hair typ­ing chart or type in a search bar “what’s my hair type” and then com­pare with the pic­tures and pos­si­bly the descrip­tion to see where your hair fits.


I like (and sub­scribe to most of the) all the YouTu­bers in the arti­cle, but what about less pop­u­lar ladies who are just as good? Seems like it’s the same peo­ple over and over again.


I agree! This is a great list, but there are so many oth­er YouTu­bers out there. Most of the peo­ple on this list already have 100K+ subbies…I think they are pret­ty well known!

Brianna Love

Love my glamtwinz and neicey! :)


AuCurls Naturelle is the vlog­ger whose video on prep­ping a wash & go for bed­time con­vinced me to slick my hands with oil before putting my hair to bed. One of the bet­ter things I’ve incor­po­rat­ed into my rou­tine :-). Thanks, AuCurls Naturelle :-)!


Nice arti­cle, thanks for post­ing!


Some of y’all focus waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much on num­ber typ­ing. Lol.
It’s not that seri­ous, guys. Yeesh. I’m a type 4 and I knew what she meant.
Any­who, great post! Love­ly ladies with love­ly hair!
Would it be pos­si­ble to see a ‘ten loc’d nat­u­rals’ post any­where in the near future? :p

Truth Hurts

umm.…isnt the arti­cle about about CURLY HAIR, thats a HAIR TYPE!! Just like Kinky, & Coily!!


cool list.

Love yourself

Can I add hey­gor­jess, alyssafor­ev­er, kashtv (she’s more kinky curly)


Thanks, i knew about them but i for­got their names and you just remind­ed me. By the way, they’re amaz­ing!


hmmm inter­est­ing


nat­u­ral­lynee­icy is my go to for cool hair tuto­ri­als that are very well sought out yet dont take too long. plus her accent is too cute


Hair typ­ing mad­ness! I love it!!


Anoth­er fab post,Chinwe!

UK natural

Ini­tial­ly the types stat­ed at the top were 3a, 3b 3c. 4a was not there when I read the arti­cle.


Iknowl­ee is not type 3, in an inter­view she has described her­self as hav­ing type 4 hair. She looks like a sim­i­lar type to me. She wears twist outs and braid outs a lot which may give her that type 3 appear­ance.

Bobby J

I agree with you! Iknowl­ee is great and I watch her videos but I would not describe her hair as CURLY!! She has to do twist outs to cre­ate her curls the oth­er ladies post­ed here have more defined curls.…. no twist out need­ed!