Some­times, my hair gets on my last nerve because it has expen­sive taste. There are tons of prod­ucts I like and that work well on my hair, but then ones my mane real­ly takes a shin­ing to can end up cost­ing more than a five star restau­rant meal. Although I acqui­esce to my hair’s desires from time to time, I have shown a lot more resolve to incor­po­rate more bud­get-friend­ly prod­ucts into my reg­i­men. These 10 prod­ucts under $10 have total­ly reshaped my reg­i­men due to their avail­abil­i­ty, afford­abil­i­ty, mul­ti-pur­pose uses, and array of ben­e­fits. Check out the list below — it just might change your life…or at least your bud­get!

Note: I skipped the “typ­i­cal” prod­ucts that fall in the afford­able cat­e­go­ry — we all know where to get Herbal Essences Hel­lo Hydra­tion, Aussie Moist, Tre­semme Nat­u­rals, and Suave Almond and Shea, right?

1. Eden Body­Works Coconut Shea All Nat­ur­al Leave-In Con­di­tion­er


In my nev­er-end­ing quest for the per­fect leave-in con­di­tion­er (I love my Aussie Moist, but some­times it can leave much to be desired), I stum­bled upon the Coconut Shea Leave-In Con­di­tion­er. For the life of me, I can’t fig­ure out why more peo­ple aren’t talk­ing about this prod­uct. It retails for $8.99  and weighs in at 8.5oz. It’s packed with coconut oil, aloe vera, shea but­ter, and more. I per­son­al­ly love how rich and thick it is with­out being too greasy. It has great slip, helps tame frizz, imparts smooth­ness, and sets the foun­da­tion for a great style. These days,  I don’t leave home with­out it (in my hair).

2. Infu­sium 23 Repair & Renew Leave-In Treat­ment

For what­ev­er rea­son, this prod­uct goes by many names. If you catch it at Tar­get or anoth­er drug store retail­er, it goes by the name above and sports a sil­very gray 33.8oz bot­tle for about $8.99. At Sally’s, (with the same ingre­di­ents) under the name Infu­sium 23 Pro-Vit­a­min B5 Leave-In Treat­ment in a white bot­tle of the same size for about $1 cheap­er. Regard­less of where it’s pur­chased, one thing remains con­stant — it is a kick-butt prod­uct with amaz­ing val­ue and tons of uses. I use it to detan­gle, pre-poo, refresh, and hydrate my hair. For more on its many uses, check out this arti­cle. For a full break­down and review, click here.

3. Alaf­fia Authen­tic African Black Soap


Any prod­uct under $10 that you can take in the show­er and use on your hair, face, and body (with­out wreak­ing hav­oc on any of them) is an auto­mat­ic win in my book. Alaffia’s Authen­tic African Black Soap boasts an amaz­ing ingre­di­ent list, and isn’t dry­ing in the slight­est like some African Black Soaps tend to be. Grab this fair trade, sus­tain­ably sourced, curly girl-friend­ly mul­ti­pur­pose cleanser for around $9 for 16oz at your local Sprouts, Whole Foods, or online and get hap­py from head to toe.

4. Jami­la Body Art Qual­i­ty Hen­na


It’s been a while since I sang a love song to hen­na, but I’ll spare you from my lack of tal­ent in that are­na. Instead, I’ll just share that Jami­la BAQ Hen­na is tru­ly a gem, and has done won­ders for my hair and scalp through­out my tran­si­tion and nat­ur­al hair jour­ney. It pro­vides shine, con­di­tion­ing, strength, and smooth­ness to strands while impart­ing a beau­ti­ful, nat­ur­al look­ing red­dish stain to the hair. Hen­na is the per­fect strength­en­ing alter­na­tive for hair that is pro­tein-sen­si­tive. I also love per­son­al­ly what it has done for my scalp pso­ri­a­sis. Jami­la BAQ Hen­na is super fine­ly sift­ed, which makes it incred­i­bly easy to blend with any of your favorite oils or con­di­tion­ers. Check for it online at or eBay, for great prices around $7 a box. For more on pur­chas­ing and mix­ing hen­na, click here!

5. Eden Body­Works Coconut Shea All Nat­ur­al Pud­ding Souf­fle

ebw pudding souffle

Eden Body­Works does it so nice, I had to list them twice! To be hon­est, their entire col­lec­tion of prod­ucts is under $10, which is one of the amaz­ing things about this brand in par­tic­u­lar. Anoth­er stel­lar stand­out is the Coconut Shea All Nat­ur­al Pud­ding Souf­fle, which is a rich blend of fat­ty alco­hols, but­ters, and oils that knock frizz and dry­ness out of the park. Every time Pud­ding Souf­fle touch­es my tress­es, they come back to life — full of hydra­tion, soft­ness, and smooth­ness. And at $8.99 for 16oz, what more can you ask for from this curly girl-friend­ly jar of good­ness?

6. One n’ Only Argan Oil Restora­tive Mask

Admit­ted­ly, I slept on this prod­uct for a while. It wasn’t until I came across the Sally’s May BOGO that this prod­uct even came into my purview. In fact, while I was decid­ing whether or not I want­ed to pur­chase it, I con­sult­ed the inter­webs and vir­tu­al­ly every sin­gle review I read gave it between 4 and 5 stars — from Nat­u­ral­ly Curly, to Make­up Alley, and even on Ulta and Sally’s web­sites. That was enough for me to take the bait and I’m glad I did! It’s an excel­lent hydrat­ing deep con­di­tion­ing treat­ment that soft­ens, smooths, has good slip for detan­gling, and helps keep frizz to a min­i­mum. It retails for $9.99 for an 8.5oz tube, and is well worth every drop. The fra­grance is a lit­tle strong, but if you can get past that — you’re gold­en!

7. Gar­nier Fruc­tis Mar­velous Oil 5-Action Frizz Defy Elixir

This one in par­tic­u­lar is for the ladies who love mul­ti-use fin­ish­ing prod­ucts and aren’t afraid of cones. Although Gar­nier would like you to believe this is an oil (the oil-drop shaped bot­tle is a nice try, though), it’s real­ly a serum (more on that here). Will it nour­ish your hair? Not real­ly. How­ev­er, it will pro­vide tons of shine, con­di­tion­ing along the shaft (smooth­ing out those rough spots), heat pro­tec­tion and impart soft­ness with­out the weight of oils. My favorite uses for this prod­uct involve blowouts and flat iron­ing;; but I do use it time to time for a lit­tle extra shine as a fin­ish­er on my wash and go’s. If you are still on the fence about this one and need a few good rea­sons to grab it, jojo­ba oil is the 4th ingre­di­ent, and it’s only $6 (which is a steal com­pared to sim­i­lar salon-brand serums).

8. Beau­ti­ful Tex­tures Tan­gle Tam­ing Leave-In

Are you a suck­er for a prod­uct with good slip? Then don’t lose sight of this one. Beau­ti­ful Tex­tures may be throw­ing peo­ple off with their Tex­ture Man­age­ment Sys­tem, but rest assured this lit­tle gem will not dis­ap­point. Not only does it smell amaz­ing (I real­ly could just sit and sniff the bot­tle all day), it has a rather impres­sive list of ingre­di­ents (olive oil, argan oil, coconut oil, man­go seed but­ter, and the list goes on) and lives up to its name. Tan­gle tamer? Absolute­ly. This leave-in dou­bles as a hair mois­tur­iz­er and a ridicu­lous­ly good detan­gler. The slip is off the chain. And at around $6 for a 12oz bot­tle, it won’t slip tons of mon­ey from your wal­let either.

9. Curls God­dess Curl

Out­side of EcoStyler, Wet Line, and sim­i­lar gels, find­ing a good curl defin­er under $10 can be a dif­fi­cult task. Luck­i­ly, Curls God­dess Curl deliv­ers a super defin­ing punch with­out being dry­ing or crispy. It has great mois­ture block­ing prop­er­ties (per­fect for ladies in more humid cli­mates), so you’ll want to make sure you prop­er­ly hydrate and mois­tur­ize your hair before­hand. Grab this serum-tex­tured gel at Tar­get, Sally’s, or online for around $8 for an 8oz bot­tle. For a full break­down and review, click here!

10. ApHogee Ker­atin & Green Tea Restruc­tur­iz­er Spray

I’ve been rock­ing with this spray since the very begin­ning of my tran­si­tion (I lit­er­al­ly reviewed it one month in), and my prod­uct stash is nev­er void of it. I have nev­er done an inten­sive pro­tein treat­ment at any point dur­ing my nat­ur­al hair jour­ney. I have used hen­na, deep con­di­tion­ers that con­tain pro­tein, and this ApHogee spray to keep my tress­es in tact. If you’re like me and have a deep seat­ed fear of the 2 step pro­tein treat­ment (the one that makes your hair crispy and smells like death), this spray is the per­fect ver­sa­tile option. Not only does it con­tain green tea extract to revi­tal­ize the hair, it con­tains pro­teins, light­weight oils, aminos, and oth­er extracts that strength­en, hydrate, impart shine, body, soft­ness, and UV pro­tec­tion. It doesn’t weigh down or stiff­en the hair, and it’s the per­fect sun defense com­pan­ion! Grab this gem for around $7 for 8oz at Sally’s or$6 online.

Have you tried any of these prod­ucts? Do you have your own go to under $10 favorites?

Christina Patrice

Born, raised, and liv­ing in Los Ange­les, Christi­na is BGLH’s res­i­dent tran­si­tion­ing expert and prod­uct junkie. In addi­tion to lov­ing all things hair, she is a fit­ness novice and advo­cate of wear­ing san­dals year-round. For more infor­ma­tion on tran­si­tion­ing, nat­ur­al hair, and her own hair jour­ney, vis­it Or, if you like pic­tures fol­low Christi­na on Insta­gram @maneobjective.

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Infusim and Aphogee! I love them. Per­fect bal­ance of mois­ture and pro­tein for me


I have been using Nutress Hair prod­ucts and they are the bomb ! Silocine, Sul­fate, Alco­hol, and Oil free. :) And they are cheap.

Asha Jamila Wortham
I have tried a few of these and they are good! My per­son­al fave if Suave nat­u­rals though because not only is it cheap but it is com­pa­ra­ble to the more expen­sive but great line of Ave­da. My moth­er has recent­ly researched and cre­at­ed a Shea based nat­ur­al body and hair care line for peo­ple of all races. Use it on your hair or skin to fight pso­ri­a­sis or thin­ning hair or dry­ness. I use it spar­ing­ly and my hair and skin stay mois­tur­ized for days. When I’m in a rush all I need to do is spritz some water… Read more »

I have used 2,3 and 4. All are great! I have not used the eden body works line yet. I will try it once I get my stash down! lol!

Joan B. in S. C.

As oth­ers have stat­ed, got­ta keep that PJ mon­key off my back! But I am inter­est­ed in try­ing prod­ucts that help with mois­ture. #s 1, 3 and 10 look like a good start for mul­ti use prod­ucts. And for hen­na, #4 all the way. So glad this prod­uct is avail­able on the ground where I live.


Are these prod­ucts sil­i­cone and sul­fate free though? That’s my ques­tion. Because if not then of course they’re cheap…


I know for sure that the Eden, Aphogee and Curls prod­ucts are silicone/sulphate free. I am not famil­iar with the oth­er prod­ucts, but would assume that they are at least cone free unless the review says oth­er­wise.


I have not tried any of these prod­ucts although I’ve heard great things about them. My hair has expen­sive taste as well and it’s quite annoy­ing.


Great and impres­sive list there! Will have to try the ones I haven’t tried so far. Absolute­ly love Infu­sium 23 prod­ucts! Have used since I was relaxed (mois­ture one) and using the repair and renew one now for my recent­ly col­ored tress­es.
Haven’t done hen­na treat­ment in a long time but love what it does to my hair. I don’t like the process but it’s worth the effort.
Thank you for this list! Just fur­ther proves that tak­ing care of nat­ur­al hair doesn’t have to break the bank.


I plan on buy­ing #3 and #8 from this list. (But But­ter-n-Bars site sells liq­uid African Black Soap in Pep­per­mint as well so that’s an option, too.) Guess that KC Knot Today leave-in can wait for anoth­er time. Try­ing to save some mon­ey.


I’m gonna have to check out but­ters-n-bars.


Agh per­fect! Thank you for this!! I can so tell a Christi­na arti­cle by the first few sen­tences. *Fan girling over here* Love her and her wise hair guru-ness! My tran­si­tion­ing tress­es have nev­er looked bet­ter :P I am real­ly glad to hear SO MANY good things about the Eden line. Cant wait to try!!


Even though Shea Moisture’s prod­ucts are a bit on the expen­sive side at their reg­u­lar prices a few nation­al retail­ers (such as Walgreen’s and Tar­get) will usu­al­ly have some prod­ucts on sale.

Oh lord I dont need no more new prod­ucts. You wrong for this arti­cle :) That coconut shea leave in is the best- although I had to add a wee bit more aloe juice and some oil to it. I love the slip and the fact that it has a light smell. I don’t know bout that beau­ti­ful tex­ture leave in but their but­ter cream that comes in the tub is the best mois­tur­iz­er Ive ever tried. Its the cream in my LOC method. Leaves the hair super soft and it makes twist and twist out come out fan­tas­tic on… Read more »

Lol I don’t need any new prod­ucts either. I’m not about that prod­uct junkie life.

I love the Eden Body­works line of hair prod­ucts. Their Coconut Pud­ding Souf­fle is my new sta­ple prod­uct because it leaves my hair mois­tur­ized for days, and a lit­tle goes a long way. I love that you can also get 16 oz. for under $10, which fits in my bud­get because I don’t like to spend a lot of mon­ey on hair prod­ucts, and I love that the prod­uct is eas­i­ly acces­si­ble (avail­able at Wal­mart). I haven’t tried every prod­uct in their line yet, but I also love their Jojo­ba Monoi Deep Con­di­tion­er. I use it every 2 weeks after… Read more »

#3 for the win! I don’t sham­poo very often (once every few weeks), but when I need to clar­i­fy, this stuff is my first pick. The pep­per­mint ver­sion gives a nice tin­gle with­out being over­pow­er­ing, and it’s great as a body wash too! It’s a con­stant fight to keep my dude from using it all up, haha.


I like that one, though I use it more as a face wash.


It total­ly worked for me as a face wash–definitely helped in clear­ing up some acne. The only rea­son I stopped using it is because I liked Nubian Heritage’s African Black Soap Body Wash (yes, on my face) more!