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As someone who gets a lot of questions pertaining to how to keep hair healthy and grow it long, I was surprised to discover how many ladies and gents didn’t know or still don’t know the importance of deep conditioning their hair on a weekly basis. It is vital in order to have the healthiest hair possible. Here are five important reasons for deep conditioning your hair weekly:

1. Nourishment for your hair
Deep conditioning infuses your hair with the nutrients it needs in order to stay healthy. Your hair requires nourishment just like any other part of your body.

2. Prevention of dryness and breakage
Deep conditioning helps to improve hair’s elasticity, which means it is more flexible and can stretch more before it breaks. Hair that does not get deep conditioned frequently is more prone to dryness and breakage.

3. Length Retention
I often hear the saying ‘Oh my hair won’t grow,’ and then I immediately ask, “How often are you deep conditioning your hair,” and they’ll usually say, “every two weeks or once a month.” The truth is, your hair is always growing. Long hair is all about length retention. Deep conditioning plays a huge role in length retention because length retention goes hand in hand with breakage. The less breakage, the more hair you are able to keep!

4. Keeps hair soft smooth and shiny
Deep Conditioning is beneficial to keeping hair soft, smooth, manageable and shiny. Those are all signs of a healthy head of hair!

5. Hair Repair
If you are currently struggling with damaged hair, whether it be from heat styling, color, or just not knowing where to start with your hair regimen, make sure that deep conditioning at least once a week is apart of it. It will restore and repair your hair and you will be on your way to gorgeous healthy hair!

In the video below, I share some of my favorite products that I use to keep my hair healthy along with my favorite deep conditioners!

Do you deep condition weekly? If not, how often are you currently deep conditioning and do you think a weekly deep conditioning routine could fit into your regimen?

About Kelsey: I’m Kelsey Janae aka Lifewithcoco2, I love all things natural hair. I seek to inspire and educate using my knowledge of all things hair, health, and beauty. My goal is to encourage women and men to always be the best version of themselves.


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I love this article! It’s absolutely true. I deep condition weekly, and I do it religiously. For me, its just always been apart of my wash routine. It seems as though every week my hair is a new length and I think deep conditioning has contributed to that immensely. I am still TWA and my curls are already dropping. They want to hang downward and I’m still trying to fluff OUTWARD. Still trying to figure out if I should be sealing my ends differently since I have more shrinkage and just want to “rub” my hands through it with oil,… Read more »

[…] didn’t demand nearly as much moisture as my natural hair does. I recently started sticking to a weekly deep conditioning regimen and within a few weeks I noticed much noticeably softer hair! Moisturizing your hair helps make it […]

good tips, but i have more inspiration when i see a 4c natural growing their hair longer, only because it takes more care to get longer 4c hair. Unless you are like me and don’t touch(or style) your hair very little(like 1 or 2 times a year lol) then yea obviously your hair grows long(that is the only reason i think i have long hair because i’m boring and dont style it much lol). But if you manipulate it in ways(especially how 4a, type 3s manipulate their hair a lot) it tends to break because 4c texture is SO DELICATE.… Read more »

This article is great but what about thkse who don’t have time to deep condition every week? Deep conditiong is not the real problem but deep conditonning includes water when rinsing it out and that creates frizz which leads to new styling… and that’s when my problem starts. As a student with a huge schedule, I don’t have time for styling my hair every week or I’ll do it in rush and cause more harm than anything…

Lucky lucky

I would recommend all natural deep conditioners. By this I mean from the kitchen. I do twice weekly conditioners. Monday’s are hot oil day. I use whatever oils I choose. Amla and vatika mixed. Or castor, and almond. I always put some essential oil in mix. Then Thursday’s I do coconut milk, avocado, eggs, fenugreek, or whatever I feel my hair needs, but always from the kitchen. I also only use shampoo bars.


I deep conditon on wash day, which is once a week. Since it’ s summer I co wash once a week


And you? I just want to know, because 4’s are more susceptible to breakage while handling. So, to do that on a weekly basis….(?) What hairtype have you got?


I have type four hair and I deep condition every week. I think it cuts down on the amount of breakage I have, especially if I put in the DC and finger detangle before going under a hooded dryer.


And you? What hairtype have you got?

Andrea Taylor

I deep condition my hair every unday. Never fail. Every sunday. My hair is the healthiest and longes it’s ever been.


What hairtype have you got?


Yes I DC every week and my hair thrives because of it. I use a $6 DC and it last me 2 months…


If you don’t mind me asking, what particular dc do you use each week? I am trying to find a good dc for my type 4b hair. Any suggestions anyone?

I know this is late but I use the Brazilian Keratin Therapy Hydrating Keratin Masque by OGX it ranges from $6-8 depending on where you buy it (I buy mine from Ulta since they are always selling them on BOGO) and it leaves my 4b/c hair soft, moisturized, and detangled for a whole week after the treatment. I LOVE it! Another good one is the ORS Replenishing Conditioner, it’s about the same price and works wonders as well!if you’re a DIY person I recommend a mix of banana baby food, honey, and olive oil for shiny, soft, tangle-free coils! Hope… Read more »

Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner works great for me!


Yes I agree with Chels. Alikay Naturals Honey and Sage works wonders!!! However, it’s not available at any stores where I am, so I have to order it online.


I use garnier fructis Damage Eraser strength reconstructing butter it $6 and it’s awesome. I put myself on a budget with products because I was getting out of hand so now any product I buy has to be under $10. You will get a lot of use out of it. My hair stretched reaches the top of my back, I use it in conjunction with the garnier fructis sleek and shine Morracan Sleek oil treatment. My hair loves it. I hope you find something that works for you too! Good luck!

Miss Mo

Shea Moisture’s deep treatment mask or purification mask.

Eden Body Works Jojoba Monoi Deep Conditioner


Alikay Naturals Honey and Sage Deep Conditioner or Avocado Cream Moisture Repairing Hair Mask is absolutely fab!


I am conflicted because low manipulation has always worked for me. I keep two strand twists for at least 3 weeks and dc after the wash. ( If I DC in between the resulting frizz is a style killer) However I am willing to try this out. Thanks for the advice.


I detangle my hair with conditioner (mixed with olive oil and honey usually) and leave it in for an hour. I do that once a week and it works well.

[…] WEEKLY DEEP CONDITION. So you’ve done everything Curly Girl approved: no sulfates, no silicones, alcohol-free gel? Don’t forget a weekly or bi-weekly deep conditioning mask. It can be something as simple as mashing up an avocado with some olive oil and honey, spreading it on your damp strands, and letting it soak in for 20 minutes with a plastic bag over your hair. I don’t know about you guys, but my hair gets dry and cranky if it hasn’t been properly treated for a while, and that can lead to breakage. In order to prevent my hair from breaking… Read more »

If I didn’t deep condition every week, I would not retain growth.

5 more ways: (am 4c as in 4-cotton) 1. Eat protein like beans, more keratin for your hair growth. 2. Hydrate (in and out). Water hydrates. Oil moisturizes (aka seals in water). Wet or soak your hair when it feels dry. 3. Leave that hair alone. Get a complicated or difficult hairstyle that will cause you to not touch your hair for at least a week. 4. Avoid styling or playing or touching wet hair (causes breakage.. on my hair at least, its now nice and short. Lucky me.) 5. Try to stay natural (homemade fruit conditioners or try the… Read more »
Mary in Md
I have been doing weekly wash and goes. I typically use a cleansing conditioner on wash day. Although I’d like to co-wash at least one additional time per week, my work days begin early and end late, which prevents me from doing a second wash during the week. To get the benefits of added moisture and deep conditioning, once or twice during the week I have been moisturizing my hair with oils or a shea butter mix. I will typically spritz with a water/vegetable glycerin/aloe vera juice mix for moisture. Then I put on a plastic bag and other head… Read more »

I’ve been deep conditioning weekly since I was fully relaxed, during my 2 year transition to natural, and even as fully natural. Lol 🙂


I am protein sensitive. DC makes my hair feel hard! Any suggestions.


Have you tried making your own DC? That way, you can be sure of what’s in it, and you can avoid things your hair doesn’t agree with. I personally like mixing up coconut milk, aloe gel, honey, and melted shea butter when I want to make my own DC. It doesn’t make my hair hard, but I am only mildly protein sensitive :\


I’m DCING at this very moment…got my plastic bag and bright yellow scarf on…lol think I may wait until morning to wash it out…I’m using l’oreal’s total repair 5 damage erasing balm….bought it day before yesterday and used it…leaving it in for only about five mins decided to DC again today for longer because the results were great. ..Also bought their total repair extreme reconstructing conditioner. …really like the results of the one use so far…an instant noticeable difference in my hairs moisture definition and “hang”…tis all


I really need to get back into Deep Conditioning 1x per week. After a couple months of DC every week, I really saw great results. I think after awhile, I just got lazy with it when I started keeping my twists in longer.

Because one of my two weekly co-washes has to be Saturday night for scheduling reasons, and I don’t own a dryer of any kind, I find it pointless to let my hair dry overnight, because my method of styling is done on wet hair; and once it’s done, it takes nearly all day to completely dry, mostly due, I think, to how heavy-handed I am (on purpose) with the products I use. So I figured I might as well deep condition; it would probably help my hair, and I would have to rinse it out, thus certainly ensuring that my… Read more »



I’m pretty busy too, between my 2 jobs, I work a total of 60 hours per week and I’m finishing up my doctorate degree. I’m also a wife, no kids yet tho, I heard those things could kill you 😉 but I DC weekly as well. It really is a must in the HHJ regimen.


I used to DC every week when I washed my hair. Kind of fell off the wagon in HS and Uni. But I’m going to get back to it! I’m hoping it’ll help with split ends. Plus, I think it’s a mental thing, too. I feel my hair is better off than just leaving conditioner on for 5 mins.


I deep condition, but not weekly. I have an active lifestyle, away from 4-5 days a week because of my job. No way I can DC every week, do not have the time


I deep condition weekly and at only a yr natural my hair is APL. But I think its my overall regimine not just that one product/procedure.


I just started deep conditoning weekly about two weeks ago


I deep condition 1-2x per week. I really notice a difference in my hair when I skip a week.


Try four times in one week lol. When I deep condition a lot in one week I don’t need to put product on my hair at all but I still do. My curls are so much more defined the more I dc. My dc has a good balance of moisturizing ingredients and a little protein so my hair is never over deep conditioned.


May I ask which dc you use? I’m always interested in trying new things 🙂


How do I deep condition my hair with a sew in weave or any other extensions?


You honestly cant do it properly. This is why I personally dont recommend them because they dont allow youto take care of your hair properly .


I also wear sew ins while I can’t DC my hair while the weave is in..I DC before getting my sew in and once I take it out…


Love your hair. Do you by chance have a blog that chronicles your journey? I am 7 months into this journey. I wear protective styles exclusively for right now. I deep condition prior to my style and between styles. I realize the importance of deep conditioning…which is why on average I keep each style only 2-4 weeks so that I can condition.


I have a youtube channel and an Instagram. Both usernames are Lifewithcoco2


I love deep conditioning my hair but doing it every week would be a pain in my butt.I have way too much hair for I do it every 2 weeks.I wish I could do it more often though lol


You can just apply DC to the ends, baggy and voila!


Sounds like a good idea but don’t you think it would make the strength of your hair uneven?


i have alot of hair as well (high density and MBL) but 20-30 minutes isn’t that much in the long run.


My hair is still short and I DC weekly. I consider it an investment in the future since all that hair will eventually be the weakest part of my hair when it is much longer.