by Kelsey (pic­tured above) of Life­with­co­co2

As some­one who gets a lot of ques­tions per­tain­ing to how to keep hair healthy and grow it long, I was sur­prised to dis­cov­er how many ladies and gents didn’t know or still don’t know the impor­tance of deep con­di­tion­ing their hair on a week­ly basis. It is vital in order to have the health­i­est hair pos­si­ble. Here are five impor­tant rea­sons for deep con­di­tion­ing your hair week­ly:

1. Nour­ish­ment for your hair
Deep con­di­tion­ing infus­es your hair with the nutri­ents it needs in order to stay healthy. Your hair requires nour­ish­ment just like any oth­er part of your body.

2. Pre­ven­tion of dry­ness and break­age
Deep con­di­tion­ing helps to improve hair’s elas­tic­i­ty, which means it is more flex­i­ble and can stretch more before it breaks. Hair that does not get deep con­di­tioned fre­quent­ly is more prone to dry­ness and break­age.

3. Length Reten­tion
I often hear the say­ing ‘Oh my hair won’t grow,’ and then I imme­di­ate­ly ask, “How often are you deep con­di­tion­ing your hair,” and they’ll usu­al­ly say, “every two weeks or once a mon­th.” The truth is, your hair is always grow­ing. Long hair is all about length reten­tion. Deep con­di­tion­ing plays a huge role in length reten­tion because length reten­tion goes hand in hand with break­age. The less break­age, the more hair you are able to keep!

4. Keeps hair soft smooth and shiny
Deep Con­di­tion­ing is ben­e­fi­cial to keep­ing hair soft, smooth, man­age­able and shiny. Those are all signs of a healthy head of hair!

5. Hair Repair
If you are cur­rent­ly strug­gling with dam­aged hair, whether it be from heat styling, col­or, or just not know­ing where to start with your hair reg­i­men, make sure that deep con­di­tion­ing at least once a week is apart of it. It will restore and repair your hair and you will be on your way to gor­geous healthy hair!

In the video below, I share some of my favorite prod­ucts that I use to keep my hair healthy along with my favorite deep con­di­tion­ers!

Do you deep con­di­tion week­ly? If not, how often are you cur­rent­ly deep con­di­tion­ing and do you think a week­ly deep con­di­tion­ing rou­tine could fit into your reg­i­men?

About Kelsey: I’m Kelsey Janae aka Life­with­co­co2, I love all things nat­u­ral hair. I seek to inspire and edu­cate using my knowl­edge of all things hair, health, and beau­ty. My goal is to encour­age wom­en and men to always be the best ver­sion of them­selves.


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I love this arti­cle! It’s absolute­ly true. I deep con­di­tion week­ly, and I do it reli­gious­ly. For me, its just always been apart of my wash rou­tine. It seems as though every week my hair is a new length and I think deep con­di­tion­ing has con­tribut­ed to that immense­ly. I am still TWA and my curls are already drop­ping. They want to hang down­ward and I’m still try­ing to fluff OUTWARD. Still try­ing to fig­ure out if I should be seal­ing my ends dif­fer­ent­ly since I have more shrink­age and just want to “rub” my hands through it with oil,… Read more »

[…] didn’t demand near­ly as much mois­ture as my nat­u­ral hair does. I recent­ly start­ed stick­ing to a week­ly deep con­di­tion­ing reg­i­men and with­in a few weeks I noticed much notice­ably soft­er hair! Mois­tur­iz­ing your hair helps make it […]

good tips, but i have more inspi­ra­tion when i see a 4c nat­u­ral grow­ing their hair longer, only because it takes more care to get longer 4c hair. Unless you are like me and don’t touch(or style) your hair very little(like 1 or 2 times a year lol) then yea obvi­ous­ly your hair grows long(that is the only rea­son i think i have long hair because i’m bor­ing and dont style it much lol). But if you manip­u­late it in ways(especially how 4a, type 3s manip­u­late their hair a lot) it tends to break because 4c tex­ture is SO DELICATE.… Read more »

This arti­cle is great but what about thk­se who don’t have time to deep con­di­tion every week? Deep con­di­tiong is not the real prob­lem but deep con­di­ton­ning includes water when rins­ing it out and that cre­ates frizz which leads to new styling… and that’s when my prob­lem starts. As a stu­dent with a huge sched­ule, I don’t have time for styling my hair every week or I’ll do it in rush and cause more harm than any­thing…

Lucky lucky

I would rec­om­mend all nat­u­ral deep con­di­tion­ers. By this I mean from the kitchen. I do twice week­ly con­di­tion­ers. Monday’s are hot oil day. I use what­ev­er oils I choose. Amla and vatika mixed. Or cas­tor, and almond. I always put some essen­tial oil in mix. Then Thursday’s I do coconut milk, avo­cado, eggs, fenu­greek, or what­ev­er I feel my hair needs, but always from the kitchen. I also only use sham­poo bars.


I deep con­di­ton on wash day, which is once a week. Since it’ s sum­mer I co wash once a week


And you? I just want to know, because 4’s are more sus­cep­ti­ble to break­age while han­dling. So, to do that on a week­ly basis.…(?) What hair­type have you got?


I have type four hair and I deep con­di­tion every week. I think it cuts down on the amount of break­age I have, espe­cial­ly if I put in the DC and fin­ger detan­gle before going under a hood­ed dry­er.


And you? What hair­type have you got?

Andrea Taylor

I deep con­di­tion my hair every unday. Nev­er fail. Every sun­day. My hair is the health­i­est and longes it’s ever been.


What hair­type have you got?


Yes I DC every week and my hair thrives because of it. I use a $6 DC and it last me 2 months…


If you don’t mind me ask­ing, what par­tic­u­lar dc do you use each week? I am try­ing to find a good dc for my type 4b hair. Any sug­ges­tions any­one?

I know this is late but I use the Brazil­ian Ker­at­in Ther­a­py Hydrat­ing Ker­at­in Masque by OGX it ranges from $6–8 depend­ing on where you buy it (I buy mine from Ulta since they are always sell­ing them on BOGO) and it leaves my 4b/c hair soft, mois­tur­ized, and detan­gled for a whole week after the treat­ment. I LOVE it! Anoth­er good one is the ORS Replen­ish­ing Con­di­tion­er, it’s about the same price and works won­ders as well!if you’re a DIY per­son I rec­om­mend a mix of banana baby food, hon­ey, and olive oil for shiny, soft, tan­gle-free coils! Hope… Read more »

Aubrey Organ­ics Hon­ey­suck­le Rose Con­di­tion­er works great for me!


Yes I agree with Chels. Alikay Nat­u­rals Hon­ey and Sage works won­ders!!! How­ev­er, it’s not avail­able at any stores where I am, so I have to order it online.


I use gar­nier fruc­tis Dam­age Eraser strength recon­struct­ing but­ter it $6 and it’s awe­some. I put myself on a bud­get with prod­ucts because I was get­ting out of hand so now any pro­duct I buy has to be under $10. You will get a lot of use out of it. My hair stretched reach­es the top of my back, I use it in con­junc­tion with the gar­nier fruc­tis sleek and shine Mor­ra­can Sleek oil treat­ment. My hair loves it. I hope you find some­thing that works for you too! Good luck!

Miss Mo

Shea Moisture’s deep treat­ment mask or purifi­ca­tion mask.

Eden Body Works Jojoba Monoi Deep Con­di­tion­er


Alikay Nat­u­rals Hon­ey and Sage Deep Con­di­tion­er or Avo­cado Cream Mois­ture Repair­ing Hair Mask is absolute­ly fab!


I am con­flict­ed because low manip­u­la­tion has always worked for me. I keep two strand twists for at least 3 weeks and dc after the wash. ( If I DC in between the result­ing frizz is a style killer) How­ev­er I am will­ing to try this out. Thanks for the advice.


I detan­gle my hair with con­di­tion­er (mixed with olive oil and hon­ey usu­al­ly) and leave it in for an hour. I do that once a week and it works well.

[…] WEEKLY DEEP CONDITION. So you’ve done every­thing Curly Girl approved: no sul­fates, no sil­i­cones, alco­hol-free gel? Don’t for­get a week­ly or bi-week­ly deep con­di­tion­ing mask. It can be some­thing as sim­ple as mash­ing up an avo­cado with some olive oil and hon­ey, spread­ing it on your damp strands, and let­ting it soak in for 20 min­utes with a plas­tic bag over your hair. I don’t know about you guys, but my hair gets dry and cranky if it hasn’t been prop­er­ly treat­ed for a while, and that can lead to break­age. In order to pre­vent my hair from break­ing… Read more »

If I didn’t deep con­di­tion every week, I would not retain growth.

5 more ways: (am 4c as in 4-cot­ton) 1. Eat pro­tein like beans, more ker­at­in for your hair growth. 2. Hydrate (in and out). Water hydrates. Oil mois­tur­izes (aka seals in water). Wet or soak your hair when it feels dry. 3. Leave that hair alone. Get a com­pli­cat­ed or dif­fi­cult hair­style that will cause you to not touch your hair for at least a week. 4. Avoid styling or play­ing or touch­ing wet hair (caus­es break­age.. on my hair at least, its now nice and short. Lucky me.) 5. Try to stay nat­u­ral (home­made fruit con­di­tion­ers or try the water only method).… Read more »
Mary in Md
I have been doing week­ly wash and goes. I typ­i­cal­ly use a cleans­ing con­di­tion­er on wash day. Although I’d like to co-wash at least one addi­tion­al time per week, my work days begin ear­ly and end late, which pre­vents me from doing a sec­ond wash dur­ing the week. To get the ben­e­fits of added mois­ture and deep con­di­tion­ing, once or twice dur­ing the week I have been mois­tur­iz­ing my hair with oils or a shea but­ter mix. I will typ­i­cal­ly spritz with a water/vegetable glycerin/aloe vera juice mix for mois­ture. Then I put on a plas­tic bag and oth­er head… Read more »

I’ve been deep con­di­tion­ing week­ly since I was ful­ly relaxed, dur­ing my 2 year tran­si­tion to nat­u­ral, and even as ful­ly nat­u­ral. Lol :)


I am pro­tein sen­si­tive. DC makes my hair feel hard! Any sug­ges­tions.


Have you tried mak­ing your own DC? That way, you can be sure of what’s in it, and you can avoid things your hair doesn’t agree with. I per­son­al­ly like mix­ing up coconut milk, aloe gel, hon­ey, and melt­ed shea but­ter when I want to make my own DC. It doesn’t make my hair hard, but I am only mild­ly pro­tein sen­si­tive :\


I’m DCING at this very moment…got my plas­tic bag and bright yel­low scarf on…lol think I may wait until morn­ing to wash it out…I’m using l’oreal’s total repair 5 dam­age eras­ing balm.…bought it day before yes­ter­day and used it…leaving it in for only about five mins decid­ed to DC again today for longer because the results were great. ..Also bought their total repair extreme recon­struct­ing con­di­tion­er. …real­ly like the results of the one use so far…an instant notice­able dif­fer­ence in my hairs mois­ture def­i­n­i­tion and “hang”…tis all


I real­ly need to get back into Deep Con­di­tion­ing 1x per week. After a cou­ple months of DC every week, I real­ly saw great results. I think after awhile, I just got lazy with it when I start­ed keep­ing my twists in longer.

Because one of my two week­ly co-wash­es has to be Sat­ur­day night for sched­ul­ing rea­sons, and I don’t own a dry­er of any kind, I find it point­less to let my hair dry overnight, because my method of styling is done on wet hair; and once it’s done, it takes near­ly all day to com­plete­ly dry, most­ly due, I think, to how heavy-hand­ed I am (on pur­pose) with the prod­ucts I use. So I fig­ured I might as well deep con­di­tion; it would prob­a­bly help my hair, and I would have to rin­se it out, thus cer­tain­ly ensur­ing that my… Read more »



I’m pret­ty busy too, between my 2 jobs, I work a total of 60 hours per week and I’m fin­ish­ing up my doc­tor­ate degree. I’m also a wife, no kids yet tho, I heard those things could kill you ;-) but I DC week­ly as well. It real­ly is a must in the HHJ reg­i­men.


I used to DC every week when I washed my hair. Kind of fell off the wag­on in HS and Uni. But I’m going to get back to it! I’m hop­ing it’ll help with split ends. Plus, I think it’s a men­tal thing, too. I feel my hair is bet­ter off than just leav­ing con­di­tion­er on for 5 mins.


I deep con­di­tion, but not week­ly. I have an active lifestyle, away from 4–5 days a week because of my job. No way I can DC every week, do not have the time


I deep con­di­tion week­ly and at only a yr nat­u­ral my hair is APL. But I think its my over­all regimine not just that one product/procedure.


I just start­ed deep con­di­ton­ing week­ly about two weeks ago


I deep con­di­tion 1–2x per week. I real­ly notice a dif­fer­ence in my hair when I skip a week.


Try four times in one week lol. When I deep con­di­tion a lot in one week I don’t need to put pro­duct on my hair at all but I still do. My curls are so much more defined the more I dc. My dc has a good bal­ance of mois­tur­iz­ing ingre­di­ents and a lit­tle pro­tein so my hair is nev­er over deep con­di­tioned.


May I ask which dc you use? I’m always inter­est­ed in try­ing new things :)


How do I deep con­di­tion my hair with a sew in weave or any oth­er exten­sions?


You hon­est­ly cant do it prop­er­ly. This is why I per­son­al­ly dont rec­om­mend them because they dont allow youto take care of your hair prop­er­ly .


I also wear sew ins while I can’t DC my hair while the weave is in..I DC before get­ting my sew in and once I take it out…


Love your hair. Do you by chance have a blog that chron­i­cles your jour­ney? I am 7 months into this jour­ney. I wear pro­tec­tive styles exclu­sive­ly for right now. I deep con­di­tion pri­or to my style and between styles. I real­ize the impor­tance of deep conditioning…which is why on aver­age I keep each style only 2–4 weeks so that I can con­di­tion.


I have a youtube chan­nel and an Insta­gram. Both user­names are Life­with­co­co2


I love deep con­di­tion­ing my hair but doing it every week would be a pain in my butt.I have way too much hair for I do it every 2 weeks.I wish I could do it more often though lol


You can just apply DC to the ends, bag­gy and voila!


Sounds like a good idea but don’t you think it would make the strength of your hair uneven?


i have alot of hair as well (high den­si­ty and MBL) but 20–30 min­utes isn’t that much in the long run.


My hair is still short and I DC week­ly. I con­sid­er it an invest­ment in the future since all that hair will even­tu­al­ly be the weakest part of my hair when it is much longer.