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Many nat­u­rals boast about the ver­sa­til­i­ty of their hair and its abil­i­ty to eas­i­ly go from curly/wavy/kinky to straight. How­ev­er, straight­en­ing nat­u­ral hair has it ben­e­fits and down­falls. One of the most dread­ed fears of many nat­u­rals is heat dam­age. For those of us who choose to occa­sion­al­ly straight­en our hair, we prob­a­bly all say the same prayer while wash­ing our hair for the first time after straight­en­ing- “Please, let my hair revert and I will nev­er straight­en again…”

Well, I recent­ly stum­bled upon a new pro­duct that claims to be a no-heat alter­na­tive to straight­en­ing nat­u­ral hair. The CWK Straight Plates are being pro­mot­ed via, and are aimed at Curly/Wavy/Kinky ladies who want the option of straight­en­ing with­out the wor­ry of heat dam­age.

Here is what the plates should look like:



How Does It Work?

Now, you’re prob­a­bly think­ing the same thing as I was- “how can that thing straight­en my nat­u­ral hair?” Well, accord­ing to the pro­duct infor­ma­tion on Kick­starter, the plates work by pulling your hair tight­ly while it flat­tens the hair between the plates. It also states that, despite its fun design, the pro­duct should not leave any dents in the hair. The pro­duct was designed to be used with­out heat, how­ev­er, for faster results it can also be used with a hair dry­er.

CWK Straight Plates Pro­mo­tion­al Video:

How can you try the plates?

The inven­tor, Kelechi Bradley, had a goal to raise $8,000 for her project. As of June 1st, her project had over 348 back­ers and raised over $17,000. That’s awe­some! You can be one of the first peo­ple to try the plates by donat­ing to the project on Dona­tion amounts range from $5 to $1000. How­ev­er, pro­duct packs are sent to those who donate $25 or more.

CWK Reward Tiers:

$5 — Thank You Email

$10 — Pro­duct Sam­ples

$25 — The Pro­duct Junkie Pack

$45 — The DIVA Pack

$60 — The Head Turn­er Pack

$75 — The All Star Pack

$100 — The All Star Pack…plus much more!

$250 — The All Star Pack…plus much more!

$500 — The All Star Pack…plus much more!

$1000 — The All Star Pack…plus much more!

Pro­duc­tion for the pro­duct should begin June 15th and deliv­ered in August/September 2014.

My Per­son­al Thoughts:

First of all, let me say that I absolute­ly love see­ing our black sis­ters going for their dreams and becom­ing suc­cess­ful. I am hap­py to see the creator’s project being sup­port­ed and receiv­ing the funds need­ed to cre­ate her pro­duct. How­ev­er, I am hes­is­tant to jump on the CWK band­wag­on. As a kinky-haired nat­u­ral, the idea of achiev­ing ‘straight’ hair with­out heat is fair­ly appeal­ing. There are a few days where I’d like to flat iron or blow-dry my hair for a change of pace; but I don’t, due to my fear of heat dam­age. I saw the name of the pro­duct and got excit­ed. Heat-free Straight plates? Yes! Sign me up! How­ev­er, when I saw the pic­ture of the results for kinky hair, I thought “but it looks just like a very light blow out or just stretched hair, but cer­tain­ly not straight”. To be fair, in her descrip­tion she says this is a stretch­ing tool/air dry­ing tool. But, couldn’t I just stretch my hair anoth­er (cheap­er) way?

Also, in the demon­stra­tion video, she not­ed that she would use about 28 plates total to straight­en the model’s hair. Now for my hair length and thick­ness, I imag­ine I would need way more plates that just 28. So, I am esti­mat­ing that it would cost me $60 or more to pur­chase enough plates to straight­en my entire head of hair. Being the “ cheap­ster” that I can be, I often find it hard to spend cer­tain amounts of mon­ey on cer­tain things. Six­ty dol­lars could eas­i­ly buy some gro­ceries for the week or fill my gas tank (don’t get me start­ed about the­se gas prices)! My oth­er con­cern is the length of the plates ver­sus the length of my hair. The plates come in three lengths (small, medi­um, and long plates). With the long plates being 10” long, I imag­ine that I may need plates that are a bit longer for my length, which would prob­a­bly cost even more. Extra-long length plates are to be designed in the future.

So, with all that being said, would I real­ly try this pro­duct? May­be. But, if I do I would prefer to wait around to see some reviews and feed­back from actu­al users with my hair tex­ture, before fork­ing out over $60 for plates that are just going to give me a stretched-hair look. Although I think the pro­duct may not work as well for my tex­ture, I think it may work won­ders for some­one else; hence, I still sup­port her efforts to cre­ate this heat-free option for achiev­ing straight nat­u­ral hair.

CWK Straight Plates used on Kinky Hair:


What are your thoughts about this pro­duct? Would you be a backer/purchaser? Do you think the pro­duct would work for you? Share your thoughts.

About Tori: I’m Tori, a Jamaican-born nat­u­ral cur­rent­ly liv­ing in Tex­as. I was reunit­ed with my nat­u­ral tex­ture in Jan­u­ary 2012 when I big chopped, after tran­si­tion­ing for a year and a half. I am still learn­ing about my nat­u­ral hair, and hope to share the knowl­edge and expe­ri­ences I gain as I con­tin­ue on my nat­u­ral hair jour­ney.

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I give the inven­tor props its a good idea but I per­son­al­ly would not buy them. Seems like more of a has­sle than just using the ten­sion method or hair rollers. I like to roll my hair and then air dry over night. Unless you sleep stand­ing up, its obvi­ous you cant sleep with the­se plates, so the overnight air dry option is out. Also, how long would it take to dry your hair in the­se plates? Im guess­ing hours and since you cant sleep in them, you would have to walk around the house all day with the­se plates… Read more »

Entre­pre­neurs rock! I’m so hap­py to see her project sur­pass its goals…because she did sur­pass her goals, I will not be back­ing or buy­ing it as I use heat with­out prob­lems to my hair. This idea is inno­v­a­tive and I can see myself repost­ing and retweet­ing on my social media sites!


I will def­i­nite­ly con­tribute to her kick­starter fund. I straight­en my hair with heat when­ev­er I feel like it so I don’t need the plates myself. How­ev­er, this looks like an inno­v­a­tive solu­tion that would appeal to a lot of wom­en. I spent way more than $60 on a high-qual­i­ty blow dry­er so the price doesn’t seem at all unrea­son­able to me. 

I love her idea and am hap­py to sup­port a black entre­pre­neur.


I just want to sup­port! This is OUR mar­ket, we need to take con­trol of it.


I dropped 45 dol­lars down. I think its a great idea. I won’t use it for my hair, but i know my 11 year old cous­in will love this.


From the title of the arti­cle (A Review of the New Heat-Free Straight­en­ing Tool “CWK Straight Plates”) I was expect­ing a review of the actu­al item and how it works. Only to find that the author has nev­er tried them. So this is more like Spec­u­la­tion about the New Heat-Free Straight­en­ing Tool “CWK Straight Plates”, hon­est­ly.


I am so hap­py for this sis­ter it is time we take it back. The Asian cul­ture seems to have their hooks in this indus­try. I will sup­port her.


Not sure if I would pur­chase but I com­mend the effort!
I just want to say this is a GREAT ARTICLE! I’d like to see more arti­cles like this on BGLH. I like the cur­rent ones but this was dif­fer­ent and a nice sur­prise! Kudos :-)

Just placed my order! I am expect­ing a flat iron on low set­ting look, but even if I just get a blown out look, that’s more than I can acheive now.…braid outs, band­ing, etc nev­er seemed to work for me as far as get­ting the hair to stretch out. Besides, I am more than hap­py to sow my measley $45 into her busi­ness. SO HAPPY to see a Black wom­an using her entre­pre­neuri­al skills for her com­mu­ni­ty. We spend MILLIONS and MILLIONS of $$ every year on our hair, we need to see that mon­ey being poured back into our… Read more »
No, I do not believe the pro­duct would give me the desired straight hair I would like for myself. I’m one of those Black wom­en who wants it “laid” and straighter than the straight hair white wom­en wear when I straight­en it even if I proud­ly and beau­ti­ful­ly wear my 4c hair most of the time (lol). With that said, that’s just a mat­ter of mar­ket­ing and she can def­i­nite­ly mar­ket this to wom­en who will get a believ­able straight look with this pro­duct (white wom­en) and make her mon­ey that way. I hope this BLACK INVENTOR rec­og­nizes that it may… Read more »

Let try and remem­ber it is a black wom­an and the CWK brand that has made this pro­duct before big com­pa­nies come and try and steal this idea! well done to her


Oh, the big com­pa­nies will and they will gar­ner a ton of sup­port unfor­tu­nate­ly.


Per­son­al­ly I wouldn’t buy it. It just seems like so much work and I think it’s a bit pricey. I think there is just so many dif­fer­ent ways to stretch your hair with­out heat though.

Ugonna Wosu

lol, I find flat iron­ing to look like too much work. To each their own. I LOVE that this is an effec­tive HEATLESS method. Hal­lelu­jah!


im pret­ty sure it says on the web­site that you can con­nect the plates for extra long hair

I think it’s great that Kelechi is putting this idea to mar­ket. Yay, female entre­pre­neurs! It’s a neat pro­duct that real­ly seems like it will work for many peo­ple. That being said, the first model’s hair looks pret­ty straight but after see­ing the sec­ond mod­el using the plates, I think my excite­ment has gone down a bit. Def­i­nite­ly dif­fer­ent results. Yes, I know she said results vary, but darn. :( As Tori said, it would be hard to front $60 on cur­rent­ly untest­ed waters. Yes, gas prices are tooooo dang high, and no one (aka politi­cians) is talk­ing about the… Read more »

Oops, sor­ry! Meant to post this to the main dis­cus­sion, not as a reply.


I would sup­port her kick­starter because I too do love see­ing Black wom­en get­tin it and accom­plish­ing their dreams. Would I buy it? No. I don’t mind heat on my hair as I do it spar­ing­ly and have meth­ods that ensure lit­tle to no heat dam­age. It is a great idea and will ben­e­fit many. It’s just not for me. Besides I hate using flexi rods imag­ine how annoy­ing hav­ing 60 plates in your head lol


Be care­ful guys. Research the com­pa­ny Kick­starter. There are some alerts out there that it is a new scam. Type in “kick­starter scam. Just on the lit­tle I read it was enough for me to hold up on donat­ing to the com­pa­ny.


Kick­starter itself is not a scam. BUT YES, there are peo­ple who can pose a legite busi­ness­es and raise mon­ey and not do right by their project.

Think of Kick­starter as a place to donate to grow busi­ness­es. You may or may not get your pre­order.


Thanks so much. I do under­stand bet­ter. Noth­ing again­st CWK. My under­stand­ing now is that the scams were not kick­starter, but on the project end com­ing through. 

I would like to order, but my brain is telling me to wait to the project ends, and get more feed­back.
Thanks again.


If any­one know a more direct way (with­out going on the kick­starter web­site) to place an order please post it.

Love this

I know sounds like a huge headache plus I bought two packs of curl­form­ers at $60 to stretch my hair and they work fine. May­be she can find a pop­u­lar youtu­ber to try this out and get peo­ple to buy that’s what hap­pened for me with the curl­form­ers