Karen Con­stant aka Glam­fun made waves on YouTube with her wit­ty lyrics and infec­tious per­son­al­i­ty, gain­ing pop­u­lar­i­ty via nat­u­ral hair par­o­dies and pro­vid­ing tips and infor­ma­tion for 4c nat­u­ral hair. But when she began expe­ri­enc­ing break­age and thin­ning late last year, she turned to a der­ma­tol­o­gist for help — and relaxed her nat­u­ral hair as a result.

Some sub­scribers were not hap­py with her deci­sion and even went as far as mak­ing respon­se videos, start­ing threads on forums, and writ­ing arti­cles debat­ing and dis­cussing the use of relax­ers to treat her derm-diag­nosed Cen­ter Cen­trifu­gal Cica­tri­cal Alope­cia. On behalf of BGLH, I had the awe­some oppor­tu­ni­ty to have a Q&A with Karen and dig a lit­tle deep­er into her thoughts and expe­ri­ences of going nat­u­ral, relax­ing and tran­si­tion­ing back to nat­u­ral on a pub­lic plat­form like YouTube:

Your expe­ri­ence of going nat­u­ral, relax­ing and now tran­si­tion­ing back to nat­u­ral hair is a unique one. What are the three most impor­tant lessons you’ve learned on the road back to nat­u­ral hair?

The first lesson I have learned from my hair jour­ney is to accept my hair for how it is. My hair is coarse, kinky and beau­ti­ful and I love to play in it. The sec­ond lesson I have learned from my hair jour­ney is that I have to accept what my hair likes. I know that if I want my hair to grow healthy I have to leave it alone. The third lesson that I have learned from my hair jour­ney is that I real­ly can­not care about oth­er people’s opin­ions when it comes to what works for my hair. I have proof of what works for my hair. Leav­ing my hair alone under weaves and wigs does won­ders for my hair and grows it out fast. Lis­ten­ing to oth­er people’s sug­ges­tions can some­times set you back from your goals. Peo­ple some­times accuse me of hat­ing my hair because I don’t wear it out. My goal for my hair is for it to be thick, long, beau­ti­ful, and healthy. I no longer care about being “not nat­u­ral enough” for the nat­u­ral hair com­mu­ni­ty.

Why, in your words, did you decide to go back to a relax­er in the first place? Was it the ease fac­tor? The famil­iar­i­ty fac­tor? The con­ve­nience fac­tor? Why did it feel like the best deci­sion at the time?

I want­ed to go on vaca­tion and didn’t want to deal with kinks or detan­gling. I want­ed to go in the water and not have to detan­gle it after­wards. My hair was in such bad shape I knew I had to cut it off and start over. I want­ed to enjoy the lit­tle bit of hair that I had on my head with­out tan­gles or braids.

Why didn’t you con­sid­er see­ing a nat­u­ral hair pro­fes­sion­al to con­sult about her hair loss. I know you were see­ing a der­ma­tol­o­gist. Was that der­ma­tol­o­gist also a nat­u­ral hair pro­fes­sion­al?

I went to the der­ma­tol­o­gist. She did a whole bunch of tests — checked my thy­roid and any­thing that could be seri­ous. When they said that every­thing was nor­mal, that’s when she start­ed mak­ing stu­pid sug­ges­tions. I knew that a nat­u­ral hair pro­fes­sion­al would give me cliche answers to my prob­lems, and I can read cliche answers to my prob­lems online. So I decid­ed to do my own research. I just didn’t want­ed to waste any­more of my mon­ey get­ting oth­er peo­ple opin­ions about my hair.

Was it always your plan to tran­si­tion back to nat­u­ral hair after relax­ing? Or did it just sort of hap­pen?

My hair grew best when it was nat­u­ral under a wig so I knew I always want­ed to go back to that.

Some of your sub­scribers were incred­i­bly upset that you chose to relax your hair. What is one thing that you wish every­one could under­stand about your deci­sion?

I want­ed a new begin­ning. This nat­u­ral thing was not what I expect­ed it to be. I thought being nat­u­ral would be lib­er­at­ing because every­body said it was, so I want­ed to try it. At this time, I was tired of spend­ing so much mon­ey at the hair salon and the thought of not hav­ing to pay some­one to do my hair would be so lib­er­at­ing to me. Nat­u­ral hair was also sup­posed to be health­ier. I thought to myself, “so you’re say­ing with this whole nat­u­ral thing, I can keep my salon mon­ey in my pock­et and my hair will grow health­ier and longer and I can still look cute?!?! Sign me up!” I was all in to being nat­u­ral. Then, I start­ed doc­u­ment­ing my jour­ney but I nev­er put it on YouTube at the time because it actu­al­ly turned out to be the com­plete oppo­site for me. I felt seclud­ed and uncom­fort­able because what seemed to be work­ing for every­one else was not work­ing for me. The prod­ucts that were work­ing for oth­er peo­ple weren’t work­ing for me. I spent so much mon­ey on prod­ucts at times it was more expen­sive than going to the hair salon. Some of the prod­ucts thinned my hair out, so it wasn’t healthier.…my hair was not respond­ing well to the aloe vera juice that was rec­om­mend a lot, and the apple cider vine­gar and water rins­es that were sup­posed to heal and cleanse the hair were mak­ing my hair dry and brit­tle no mat­ter how much I dilut­ed it.

I start­ed to eval­u­ate this nat­u­ral thing I was doing. I stopped and thought, is this ben­e­fit­ing me? Why am I doing this? I was spend­ing so much time on my hair dai­ly try­ing to get it back to health. My goal in life is not to be a hair dresser, why am I spend­ing so much time on my hair? I real­ized being nat­u­ral [was] not worth the amount of effort. At this time, my hair was thin­ning like crazy. I knew I would have to cut a lot of it off and start over again. I didn’t want to have to go on vaca­tion with a weave in my hair either. I want­ed to wear my hair freely and enjoy the lit­tle bit of hair I had on my head. At the time, a relax­er was exact­ly what I want­ed so a relax­er is what I got.

There are some peo­ple who believe that you were nev­er “com­fort­able” with your (4c) hair tex­ture, and that influ­enced your deci­sion to relax your hair. How true is that?

When the health of my hair isn’t at a good place, that is what makes me uncom­fort­able. It has noth­ing to do with my hair tex­ture. When I feel and see that what I am doing isn’t ben­e­fit­ing my hair that is what influ­ences me to do some­thing new. When my 4c hair tex­ture was healthy and flour­ish­ing, I loved it! I wore it proud­ly. I even made a whole YouTube chan­nel about it. When my hair start­ed thin­ning, I was frus­trat­ed. I wasn’t proud of it and I start­ed to get uncom­fort­able with the health of my hair. I got uncom­fort­able and start­ed look­ing for some­thing new. That new thing was doing my hair by myself in a nat­u­ral type of way. After 1 year of suc­cess of braid­ing it and wear­ing wigs on top, I decid­ed to actu­al­ly style my hair and the health of my hair took a turn for the worse. Relax­ers aren’t that good for my hair, but a relax­er nev­er thinned my hair as bad as try­ing to style my nat­u­ral hair. I felt uncom­fort­able with the health of my hair. It was time to try some­thing new. I am com­fort­able with my 4c tex­ture. I get uncom­fort­able when my 4c tex­tured hair gets unhealthy.

I am a firm believ­er that every­one is enti­tled to do what they want to do with their hair — whether it be relaxed, nat­u­ral, chopped off, dyed hot pink, or under a weave 24/7. Do you think there is an enti­tle­ment men­tal­i­ty with­in the nat­u­ral hair com­mu­ni­ty — where every­one feels enti­tled to tell you what you can/should do with your hair, even if those opin­ions are unso­licit­ed?

I think that some nat­u­rals feel that wear­ing their hair nat­u­ral its a rep­re­sen­ta­tion of self love and if some­one wears their hair straight it is a rep­re­sen­ta­tion of self hate. If some­one doesn’t wear their hair nat­u­ral, some nat­u­rals feel the per­son must not love them­selves and they are just fol­low­ing what the world sees as beau­ti­ful. And since the nat­u­ral­is­ta is show­ing such an act of self love by wear­ing their hair nat­u­ral, they think their opin­ion is bet­ter or more impor­tant than a per­son who wears their hair straight. If that is what you mean by ‘enti­tle­ment men­tal­i­ty’ then I agree that some nat­u­rals do think that way.

What are your favorite cleans­ing, deep con­di­tion­ing, mois­tur­iz­ing and styling prod­ucts right now?

Shea Moisture’s pink bot­tles sham­poo, [and] Shea Mois­ture Deep Treat­ment Mask to deep con­di­tion. Glyc­er­in and water to mois­tur­ize. I also like cas­tor oil. I use Shea Mois­ture Curling Souf­flé when I braid my hair.

You’re super tal­ent­ed and fun­ny. Any projects out­side of YouTube and nat­u­ral hair in the works?

I have so many future projects planned that every­one will hear about by the end of the year, so watch out for that! I can’t wait to tell every­one.

Any final words?

Thank you so much for the inter­view Christi­na!

Thank you Karen! Keep up with Karen aka Glam­fun on YouTube, Insta­gram, and Twit­ter!

Christina Patrice

Born, raised, and liv­ing in Los Ange­les, Christi­na is BGLH’s res­i­dent tran­si­tion­ing expert and pro­duct junkie. In addi­tion to lov­ing all things hair, she is a fit­ness novice and advo­cate of wear­ing san­dals year-round. For more infor­ma­tion on tran­si­tion­ing, nat­u­ral hair, and her own hair jour­ney, vis­it Or, if you like pic­tures fol­low Christi­na on Insta­gram @maneobjective.

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I can real­ly relate with her strug­gles. I have very coarse, thick hair that likes to break around my edges and gets tan­gled all the time. I have to do a lot to keep it mois­tur­ized and play­ing with it too much does cause break­age. I start­ed my hair jour­ney 7 years ago and at that time their weren’t all the­se blogs and vlogs and infor­ma­tion. And although my hair had to suf­fer through some crap­py prod­ucts and dry­ness I also would leave it a lone a lot more because the biggest thing for me was to feel free from… Read more »
I’m going to go off on a big of a tan­gent. I’ve learned to stop see­ing a black wom­an relax­ing, straight­en­ing or cov­er­ing up their nat­u­ral hair with weaves, wigs as evi­dence that black hair is ugly, too much work or unde­sir­able. If a black wom­an does think that, that’s their own issue and hon­est­ly, it will take a life­time for many of us to undo what we have learned about our hair while con­tin­u­al­ly staving off the neg­a­tive feel­ing we might expe­ri­ence from tough expe­ri­ences and society’s per­cep­tions. Black hair is so com­pli­cat­ed and the mass nat­u­ral hair “awak­en­ing”… Read more »
After read­ing a few more com­ments I feel the need to say one more thing: It is NOT just hair. This con­ver­sa­tion is proof that it is not just hair. This web­site is proof that it is not just hair. The fact that peo­ple get FIRED for wear­ing their nat­u­ral hair is proof that it is not just hair. The fact that relax­ers were even INVENTED and peo­ple think they NEED them or that they are seen as a viable “styling option” (yes I have heard peo­ple say this)is proof that it is not just hair. The “its just hair” com­ments are annoy­ing… Read more »

I com­plete­ly agree!!

The Natural Haven
Glad this is up! I think part of the back­lash she received was in part as she said her­self, not every per­son actu­al­ly lis­tened to every sin­gle one of her videos. It is bound to irk some nerves for some peo­ple when you hear things like, ‘I just want­ed to look glam­orous, so I relaxed my hair and wore a wig.’ Tak­en in iso­la­tion, this seems like she doesn’t like her nat­u­ral hair but in truth her mind at the time was both­ered by break­age and a pos­si­ble diag­no­sis of alope­cia lead­ing to low self esteem.  I feel that hair… Read more »

I hon­est­ly can­not stand the title of the arti­cle since it is using load­ed terms like “attack” what? And the arti­cle actu­al­ly has noth­ing to do with nat­u­rals “attack­ing” any­one. It’s like a rap song tar­get­ed to imag­i­nary “haters.” I wish this inter­view was more straight for­ward instead of using a mis­lead­ing title when some­one is just giv­ing an account of their hair jour­ney, end of sto­ry.


The arti­cle doesn’t real­ly get into it much, but she did receive a lot of back­lash and said she took down the YouTube video with all the neg­a­tive com­ments about her re-relax­ing her hair.


and as a result you have peo­ple talk­ing about haters and “nat­u­ral hair nazis” and the hair divide in the com­men­tary sec­tion when they all devi­ate from what i assume to be the point of the arti­cle (which is hard to tell because the title and the arti­cle do not match up) sor­ry i just find this sort of post­ing lazy and as a quick way to gar­ner clicks and com­ments.

“I’m hon­est­ly a bit con­fused. The intro to the inter­view makes it sound like she relaxed her hair based on her dermatologist’s diag­no­sis and rec­om­men­da­tion. But then in the inter­view she says that the der­ma­tol­o­gist “start­ed mak­ing stu­pid sug­ges­tions” and that she relaxed her hair because it was unhealthy and she want­ed some­thing eas­ier to care for, espe­cial­ly while on vaca­tion. The intro makes it sound like there were diag­nosed med­ical rea­sons for choos­ing to relax her hair, but the actu­al inter­view doesn’t seem to sup­port that.” I agree very con­fus­ing! You can­not force peo­ple, peri­od! If she prefers her hair… Read more »
she is total­ly free to wear her hair how­erver she wants.  But she makes it seem like she relaxed because the hair was too dif­fi­cult to deal with. I wish she would rec­og­nize that it’s not about the hair, it’s because she has not found and ide­al rou­tine that makes her jour­ney less cost­ly, and time effi­cient. I have BSL 4b-4c hair and it’s has not been an easy jour­ney, but with con­sis­ten­cy you get results, no chem­i­cals or weave need­ed. But what­ev­er makes her hap­py, at the end of the day, she’s the one who has to care for that hair.… Read more »

I feel so bad that that hap­pened dur­ing her jour­ney. Usu­al­ly, you hear the suc­cess sto­ries and nev­er what may go wrong. You look beau­ti­ful and don’t let your YouTube chan­nel stress you out! You need to relax.


I fol­low this girl on YouTube and if you watch her lat­est videos , she shows her nat­u­ral hair jour­ney through the good/bad. After watch­ing the videos, it’s pret­ty obvi­ous she just didn’t know how to do nat­u­ral hair and expect­ed her hair to be able to do things that one with 3c/4a hair. Hope­ful­ly she knows what’s good for her hair now. Peo­ple need to chill over nat­u­ral hair because while to you it’s a state­ment of how you don’t like the cur­rent stan­dard of beau­ty, to anoth­er it’s just hair.

Some of us nat­u­rals still seem a bit straight-mind­ed, if you ask me. Unless we’re try­ing to achieve that sought after “def­i­n­i­tion” of less frizzy curls, I don’t see why it should take end­less hours to take care of our nat­u­ral hair; even on vaca­tion. A pulled back puff or pinned up bun takes 3 min­utes and a lit­tle Eco Styler. 10 big corn­rows or twists take about 15. Bring along a bot­tle of con­di­tion­er and I’m good to go! I went nat­u­ral because my hair was falling out in clumps thanks to 45 years of relax­ing. I love my… Read more »
“I don’t see why it should take end­less hours to take care of our nat­u­ral hair” EXACTLY! That pris­on arm you got try­ing to get the per­fect twist-out isn’t your hair, it’s your CHOICE, there’s a dif­fer­ence! Like anoth­er poster wrote, when break­age hap­pens with perms, peo­ple cut it off! Only with your nat­u­ral hair doe it become a Cor­leone saga only to be solved with renounc­ing nat­u­ral hair and bit­ter­ly accus­ing every­one of try­ing to ‘destroy you’.  Some need to take respon­si­bil­i­ty and admit they won’t leave the house with­out a twist-out/coil-out/braid-out/bun/press/threading/curl. There’s pow­er and wis­dom in the truth. And… Read more »
I’m hon­est­ly a bit con­fused. The intro to the inter­view makes it sound like she relaxed her hair based on her dermatologist’s diag­no­sis and rec­om­men­da­tion. But then in the inter­view she says that the der­ma­tol­o­gist “start­ed mak­ing stu­pid sug­ges­tions” and that she relaxed her hair because it was unhealthy and she want­ed some­thing eas­ier to care for, espe­cial­ly while on vaca­tion. The intro makes it sound like there were diag­nosed med­ical rea­sons for choos­ing to relax her hair, but the actu­al inter­view doesn’t seem to sup­port that.  The thing is though, what­ev­er the ratio­nale, if some­one wants to perm her hair… Read more »

I think she lied at some point. Because in her orig­i­nal video she did speak of a der­ma­tol­o­gist rec­om­mend­ing that she get a relax­er and in her video she was frus­trat­ed and about to cry because she didn’t want to do it. Now all of a sud­den, it’s because she want­ed to do it as a per­son­al choice? It makes no sense.


Yeah. I will admit I was some­one who fol­lowed her and unsub­scribed around that time because the log­ic made zero sense to me. What rep­utable der­ma­tol­o­gist tells some­one with a scalp con­di­tion to put a caus­tic chem­i­cal on their scalp? 

If you want to relax your hair, relax your hair, but as a sub­scriber, I’m not oblig­at­ed to fol­low your “hair jour­ney” when it no longer inter­ests me.

I watched the videos and she had one where she talked about the der­ma­tol­o­gist and she said the doc told her to relax and every one was like “huh?” because it did not sound legit lol…she made a video when she said she would relax…BUT she took it down because a few peo­ple seemed mad about it…the major­i­ty of the com­ments were not neg­a­tive though. So basi­cal­ly she comes back with a curly wig on and says thank you for all the kind words etc. and some thought it was her hair until she explained that it was not. Then… Read more »
Most peo­ple only ever look at the noto­ri­ety that’s involved with being a nat­u­ral hair vlog­ger. They don’t seri­ous­ly con­sid­er the; time, mon­ey and vul­ner­a­bil­i­ty that the­se wom­en give in shar­ing their sto­ries. And sure they obvi­ous­ly get some sort of grat­i­fi­ca­tion from it. But the major­i­ty of their reward is in adding more pos­i­tive information/inspiration to the nat­u­ral hair com­mu­ni­ty. So I’m always a bit “con­fused” when so called “fans” take it upon them­selves to tear the­se wom­en down. Know­ing good and well that they them­selves lack the resources (both men­tal­ly and finan­cial­ly) to even attempt what the­se sis­ters… Read more »
Being nat­u­ral is not for every­body, just as being relaxed is not for every­body. I’ll have my 3 year nat­u­ralver­sary in the fall and I love it! I’ve found the prod­ucts that work for my hair and hon­est­ly I keep a very low-main­tanance rou­tine that has result­ed in healthy, grow­ing hair. And that’s why I choose to remain nat­u­ral, because my hair is thriv­ing. I was relaxed for over 20 years and I saw my shoul­der length hair get more and more dam­aged as time went by. The final straw was when the nape of my hair had bro­ken off… Read more »

I’m glad your nat­u­ral even if I dis­agree with your point.

I nev­er under­stood this, “Nat­u­ral hair isn’t for every­one.” It is what grows out of your scalp and if both the hair and scalp are healthy then why would you say that your very own God given hair isn’t for you?  I think it has a lot to do with being con­di­tioned by our com­mu­ni­ties, the lack of hair care knowl­edge that fit’s one’s own hair needs as well as one’s per­spec­tive. How one choos­es to wear their hair is a result of their per­spec­tive on their hair.  I under­stand the his­to­ry behind a lot of the­se issues but I can no… Read more »
Oh and I for­got to add that the neg­a­tive respons­es from Blue Ivey’s hair is one of the many rea­sons why some wom­en are afraid of wear­ing their hair as is. Why some wom­en may be afraid of what the world thinks. So they resort to the many ways of hid­ing their birth right, their God given hair.  I’ve read so many com­ments where teenagers and adults stat­ed their fears of going nat­u­ral because they are afraid of hav­ing the “unde­sir­able tex­ture” and that if they did, they wouldn’t know what to do with it or because they were afraid of… Read more »
The thing is her relaxed hair (before she went nat­u­ral) was dam­aged and thin etc and her nat­u­ral hair end­ed up the same way..jussayin…she needs to look at what the real issue is…she has videos explain­ing her entire jour­ney so far and her hair was in bad shape when it was relaxed too. This is why I hope either way she can fig­ure out what real­ly works for her because what­ev­er she was doing did not work when she was relaxed or when she was nat­u­ral. Being nat­u­ral IS for every­one, it is the hair that grows out of your… Read more »

Right! It’s a mat­ter of choice–therfore it’s not for every­body!


Nat­u­ral hair is for every­body in my opin­ion. That’s how it grows out your head. It’s just a mat­ter of learn­ing how to you care for your nat­u­ral hair. Same with relaxed ladies, they learned to care for their hair in this altered state.

It’s just a mat­ter of choice

“I knew that a nat­u­ral hair pro­fes­sion­al would give me cliche answers to my prob­lems, and I can read cliche answers to my prob­lems online.” You didn’t know that, you assumed that. I hon­est­ly am tired of hear­ing about peo­ple call­ing those that are pro-nat­u­ral “Nat­u­ral Nazis” sim­ply because its not only degrad­ing to those indi­vid­u­als but also to the lega­cy of the Holo­caust. Peo­ple are so quick to throw around terms like this, but what exact­ly have such nat­u­rals done that is sim­i­lar to what an actu­al Nazi does? Absolute­ly noth­ing is sim­i­lar between the two.This is how we make… Read more »
Well stat­ed and I did think that was trou­bling. I also paused at her using a afro on said “Nat­u­ral Hair Nazi”. It def­i­nite­ly gives off this vibe that she thinks wear­ing nat­u­ral hair in a fro is some sort of mil­i­tant thing. I’m not very famil­iar with glam­fan as I real­ly don’t watch that many vlogs but she appears young (ear­ly 20s?). And although I’m only in my late 20s I can under­stand why she has this desire to explain her­self and also try to defend her­self. It’s hard deal­ing with online crit­i­cism and espe­cial­ly now that nat­u­ral hair… Read more »
I loved every­thing you just said. Peo­ple are always con­vinced when I tell them to stop throw­ing around the term “Nat­u­ral Hair Nazi” because quite hon­est­ly- it’s embar­rass­ing. A group of intel­li­gent, edu­cat­ed Black wom­en should not be throw­ing around a deroga­to­ry term like that. To the inter­view, I agree with you. I mean, there are already 6 or 7 half an hour long videos of her explain­ing her deci­sion on YouTube so why is this debate still going? Peo­ple like what they like on YouTube. If thou­sands of peo­ple sub­scribed to you for 4c inspi­ra­tion and you relax your hair,… Read more »



I also HATE the term Nat­u­ral Nazi. Its offen­sive. I do per­son­al­ly feel that its best to be natural,but, if you want to relax that’s your choice.


Agreed. I find that term so offen­sive and mean-spirit­ed (espe­cial­ly when it is com­ing from some­one with a relax­er).

Peo­ple should learn to use their words. If you mean mil­i­tant, say mil­i­tant, if you mean judg­men­tal say judg­men­tal. If you mean some­one prac­tic­ing geno­cide, eth­nic cleans­ing, pogroms and war, say Nazi.

I’m all for going back to what you know if you don’t have the patience it takes learn and/or do your nat­u­ral hair. It just makes me sad because we go decades with a relax­er and not know­ing our nat­u­ral hair and expect in 6 months or a year to be a pro at being nat­u­ral. I’ve been nat­u­ral 5 years and I’m still learn­ing. Recent­ly learned the den­man brush was caus­ing crazy types of split ends and pulling my hair out. Any­way every­one deserves to feel beau­ti­ful and I hope she does no mat­ter what she does to her hair.
Because of the social his­to­ry behind our hair, it’s very com­pli­cat­ed. We can’t dif­fer­en­ti­ate between those who remain relaxed/weaved/straightened sim­ply out of “choice” and those who sub­con­scious­ly do so because it fits the ide­al stan­dards. It would be inter­est­ing to know how things would be if WE were the ide­al stan­dard or at least things were “equal.” Would wom­en still be com­plain­ing about how dif­fi­cult and time con­sum­ing nat­u­ral hair is or would they be rock­ing it 24/7 because it would be the “ide­al stan­dard”?? Hmm.…  I think it’s ok to acknowl­edge that actu­al­ly a lot of black wom­en ARE… Read more »

That’s inter­est­ing, is it still the major­i­ty? May­be I just spend too much time on nat­u­ral hair sites. LOL. Where I live, I’d say if it’s not half, it’s approach­ing half at least in the Chicago area / sub­urbs.

While it’s true we may not be able to know for sure why some­one else choos­es weave/relaxer, I think the point that many of us miss is that it’s not our busi­ness TO know. We don’t have to wor­ry about why the next girl does what she does with her hair. Does she wear weaves for her hairs health? Great, that’s none of my busi­ness. Does she do it out of self-hate? That’s none of my busi­ness either. Some peo­ple think being part of the nat­u­ral hair com­mu­ni­ty gives them license to com­ment on things that are so out of… Read more »
Yes, I hope my com­ment didn’t read as “We need to know why every black wom­en is relaxing/weaving” — no, it’s not our busi­ness, I agree. But just from a sociological/political per­spec­tive, I think it is impor­tant to think about why the major­i­ty of us are choos­ing relaxed or straight weave over nat­u­ral (read: kinky), because it says some­thing deep­er than sim­ply “choice and ease”; some­thing which has reper­cus­sions in terms of how we see our­selves & our self esteem. But that doesn’t mean we should ques­tion every women’s hair choice. My com­ment was com­ing from a more gen­er­al per­spec­tive.

This is some­thing I have been think­ing about/discussing with friends. I’ve been nat­u­ral since 2009, but con­sis­tent­ly wear weave as a pro­tec­tive style. I only leave my nat­u­ral hair out for a mon­th (col­lec­tive­ly) per year.


Thank you for a per­cep­tive, well round­ed reply. I com­plete­ly agree with you.

Yes! I was def­i­nite­ly a fan of the song Nat­u­ral Nazi. Some­times peo­ple are doing too much, try­ing to force nat­u­ral hair guide­li­nes on peo­ple. Oh, you’re only nat­u­ral if xyz. I mean, who put you in charge? How are you no longer con­sid­ered nat­u­ral if you con­stant­ly stretch your hair w/o heat? Real­ly, tho? I do like that Karen (glam­fun) actu­al­ly start­ed to pay atten­tion to what her hair need­ed health-wise, mak­ing nec­es­sary changes vs. try­ing to hold on to unhealthy hair. I watched her Hair­sto­ry as it was being released, and it explains every­thing. And, I have come to… Read more »

I’m team DO YOU!
Your hair still looks nice. I hope you find suc­cess with your relaxed hair.

I also went back to relax­ing after three years as a nat­u­ral and I am glad to see some­one else make the tran­si­tion. I loved my afro (or Lola as I liked to call her) but it took HOURS to style, I work in a cor­po­rate envi­ron­ment and hon­est­ly start­ed to feel I looked unpro­fes­sion­al. I also noticed I had split ends and split mid­dles, some­thing I nev­er had when relaxed and I nev­er used heat as a nat­u­ral. Relax­ing for me is a much eas­ier styling option and I prefer my hair straight or curled with flex rods. As… Read more »
Kgray, in any­thing we do in life that is new, like car­ing for and main­tain­ing our nat­u­ral hair that many of us were nev­er famil­iar with, will bring its obsta­cles. Your chal­lenges in car­ing for your nat­u­ral hair was not unique as we read in this arti­cle but I’ve learned, espe­cial­ly from BGLH that we all need to find what works for our own hair to have it flour­ish. Once you find a pro­duct that works for you, keep it. Kinky Curly Knot Today is a leave-in con­di­tion­er I will always keep in stock because it works for me. I… Read more »
Hi, I respect your choice and opin­ions. Off course you choose what­ev­er hair­style pleas­es you. However,natural hair, in my opin­ion, should not be called unpro­fes­sion­al. It’s a mat­ter of per­cep­tion. Why would straight free flow­ing hair look pro­fes­sion­al and not but not free flow­ing kinky hair? I see a prob­lem here, beause we are labelling one of our eth­nic fea­ture as unprofessional…because it looks eth­nic… What if peo­ple said dark skin looks unpro­fes­sion­al? We would be out­raged, wouldn’t we? So we shouldn’t allow peo­ple and our­selves to per­ceive our nau­ral fea­tures as less then. Also, if the afro doesn’t seem pro­fes­sion­al… Read more »
Great Inter­view and I appre­ci­ate her hon­est answers. I am a 4c nat­u­ral and I fol­low 4c and non-4c nat­u­rals alike to get gen­er­al hair­care tips. I could real­ly relate with the “do what is best for you” the­me that I got through­out the inter­view. I wear weaves and occa­sion­al­ly wear my hair out and my hair has flour­ished by doing so. The lib­er­at­ing feel­ing of being nat­u­ral for me does not come just come from me wear­ing my hair out in nat­u­ral hair styles but in know­ing that I am in con­trol of how I will wear my hair… Read more »

“The lib­er­at­ing feel­ing of being nat­u­ral for me does not come just come from me wear­ing my hair out in nat­u­ral hair styles but in know­ing that I am in con­trol of how I will wear my hair be it kinky, coily, straight or weaved all the way up! To some it is “just hair” but there is a long his­to­ry of being told what to do with out hair…and in that no longer being the case, comes the lib­er­a­tion.” .….FANTASTIC!! I whole­heart­ed­ly agree! =) 

Glam­fun-Wish­ing you good health, suc­cess in your endeav­ors, and thanks for shar­ing your sto­ry =)


Inter­est­ing arti­cle. I hope she gets the healthy hair that she wants.