Grow­ing your 4B/4C nat­ur­al hair to waist length is NO small feat. After all, learn­ing your nat­ur­al kinks after years of relax­ing them takes both time and a shift in the way you think about hair care. How­ev­er, I do want to acknowl­edge those who have sur­passed waist length because such a mile­stone fur­ther demon­strates that kinky hair can grow real­ly long. Here are three such women on YouTube:

1. Booty­furl – Tail­bone Length| Fin­ger Detan­gle and Pro­tec­tive Styles

First off is Booty­furl! She was first fea­tured on BGLH years ago, and I’ve been fol­low­ing her ever since. Hav­ing reached waist length and then hip length, she is now in the realm of tail­bone length!

Does not have a strict rou­tine, per say, but is a big advo­cate of “keep­ing it sim­ple” and “not doing so much”.
Strict­ly fin­ger detan­gle.
Wear small twists or stretched pro­tec­tive styles.
Her sta­ple prod­ucts include coconut oil and cas­tor oil.
Pro­tects her hair every night.
Mois­tur­izes reg­u­lar­ly.

Fin­ger detan­gling
Pro­tec­tive styling
Keep­ing it sim­ple

WHERE YOU CAN FIND HER: Bootyfurl’s Chan­nel

2. JoStylin – Almost Tail­bone Length| Blow dry and Braids

Some of you may rec­og­nize JoStylin from this ear­li­er post on a relat­ed top­ic. Well since then, she has gone from waist length to almost tail­bone length, and this is with blowdry­ing and big braids!

Biweek­ly wash, con­di­tion, and seal fol­lowed by blow dry­ing and jum­bo braids.
Some­times she will undo the braids and wear a braid out. How­ev­er, this has become a rare occur­rence as her hair has got­ten longer.
Fin­ger detan­gle on damp hair, rather than dry or soak­ing wet.
Wash­es in twisted/plaited sec­tions.

Low manip­u­la­tion
Keep­ing her hair stretched (via blow dry and braids/braid outs)
Keep­ing it sim­ple

WHERE YOU CAN FIND HER: JoStylin’s Chan­nel

3. Nat­u­ral­ly High – Hip Length | Blow dry, Fin­ger Detan­gle, and Buns

I have men­tioned Nat­u­ral­ly High a cou­ple of times on BGLH because her hair blows my mind con­sid­er­ing that we rarely see 4C nat­u­rals at a sol­id waist length. (At the time, I could only think of Ser­a25 and Aijo/Kemi21 from the Fot­ki hair album days.) Right now, Nat­u­ral­ly High is hip length!

Fin­ger detan­gle on dry hair after a coconut oil pre-poo.
Some­times uses hair exten­sions (Mar­ley Braid Hair) so that her hair isn’t exposed but fur­ther pro­tect­ed.
Sham­poos once a month and co-wash­es in between.
Does hard core pro­tein treat­ments (Aphogee 2-Step) to keep her hair strong.
Wash­es in twisted/plaited sec­tions.
When she does blow dry, it is for stretch­ing her roots; she does not use it much on the ends of her hair.

Pro­tec­tive styles (usu­al­ly stretched buns)
Keep­ing her hair stretched
Leav­ing the hair alone

WHERE YOU CAN FIND HER: Nat­u­ral­ly High’s Chan­nel

Have you checked out these ladies? Do you know of any oth­er super long 4B/4C nat­u­rals?


Empow­er­ing women of col­or to break bar­ri­ers. Cherish.Thy.Melanin.

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I pre­ferred and enjoyed the Nat­u­ral­ly High video over Booty­furl. IMO NAt­u­ral­ly a High real­ly showed fin­ger delan­gle 4 b/c in all it glo­ry. The snags. Web­bing etc. I real­ly appre­ci­ate that being a 4 b/c myself. The under­stand the points made in Booty­furl video, how­ev­er, the demo of pick­ing up a IMO sin­gle strand of pre-detan­gled hair to show how it’s done just was a turn off for me.  I like raw footage. It make go yeah that’s right. Now I’m pay­ing more atten­tion to close­ly watch yo see how she gets through it. Now I have some­thing to com­pare… Read more »

Don’t for­get xoD­VF. She and her hair are amaz­ing and her reg­i­men is sim­ple. She is on Insta­gram too.

Amma Mama

I believe that is her hair. She reminds me of Laila aka Fusion­sof­Cul­ture and Jess aka Mahogany­Curls.


Except she’s already been exposed as pass­ing off a wig as her own. Thread apt­ly titled , nat­ur­al hair : cat­fish edi­tion IDK why it wasn’t obvi­ous to me before that thread. SMH the things peo­ple will do for atten­tion.


Woooooooow! I’ve been hood­winked! The end of this thread actu­al­ly revealed that she is not only a hair fraud but an true fraud, crim­i­nal­ly! Seems to have pled guilty to it and every­thing under her real name.
If this all is true, I tru­ly pity her and pray that she finds the strength to just be her­self!


lol xod­vf is such a fake.


I think she very well could be wear­ing a wig. In that 2 strand twist tuto­r­i­al when she start­ed brush­ing her hair all rough and the hair shift­ed like a wig. Also she put in ban­tu knots and there was no scalp show­ing.


yep and when she sprayed her hair with water and scrunched it up mul­ti­ple times, it stayed exact­ly the same.

right and it the take down video for the flexi rod, the top of her head was nev­er in the frame. How con­ve­nient. With all the video’s she has , she doesn’t know how to get her entire head into frame?? There was a pic­ture some­where of her in a green face mask..maybe on IG.…and she had some weird “baby hair” pulled out from under the wig-hat-weave, while up in a bun. It was a dif­fer­ent col­or and tex­ture from the hair in the bun. Just crazy look­ing. I can’t believe some­one would go to this lev­el to lie. It’s… Read more »

LoL.…Yes! I remem­ber that Mop­Top­Maven business…SMH.…every so often there is one of these peo­ple. Unbe­liev­able


“I can’t believe some­one would go to this lev­el to lie. It’s such a same.”

Oh man, there was the Mop­Top­Maven saga. That still sends my head spin­ning when I think about it.


the way that chile was brushin her hair in that one vid, LAWD! i was think­ing there is no *way* this mane is real, because if it was, and she’s been going at it like that the entire time she’s been grow­ing it out, it sure­ly wouldn’t be that long, that full, and that intact and unbutchered! I’m on the side of the fence that says “it’s a fake”, just from this alone. And if this isn’t evi­dence, then at the very least, her reg­i­men is sus­pect and i wouldn’t dare copy her meth­ods for oil­ing or detan­gling nat­ur­al hair.


I agreed with you, until I got sucked into that entire LSA thread. Start from page 1, end at 14, and see if you still feel that way after. Girl is a fraud, but I don’t think it’s out of mali­cious­ness or an ulte­ri­or motive…seems like some­thing else.

Dense hair, par­tic­u­lar­ly when it’s not sep­a­rat­ed into small sec­tions wouldn’t real­ly “show scalp.” I dun­no, maybe it’s because I actu­al­ly have hair some­what sim­i­lar to hers in length and tex­ture (mine is tail­bone length and kinky)… She does brush her hair in a man­ner that would be far too rough for my hair, but there are a lot of things that oth­er nat­u­rals can do with their hair that I just can’t. I don’t know the girl, so I will nev­er be able to feel her scalp to con­firm any­thing. But if she says it’s real, I believe her.… Read more »
OMG! I remem­ber her from when I first start­ed watch­ing videos on youtube about nat­ur­al hair. I read through the link you pro­vid­ed, and I updat­ed my flash play­er just so I could go look through her videos for myself. I had for­got­ten about her. This is ridicu­lous. You can not see her scalp, she had the same one “part” all the time for the most part (no pun), when she brushed her hair the whole thing moved like a wig. I can’t. I watched the two strand twist video and the flex rod video; I nev­er saw a clean… Read more »

Not to be rude, but your link didn’t con­vince me of any­thing.


wait i read the arti­cle. there is still no proof that she’s lying. why would any­body lie like that about some­thing as sim­ple as hair. now im con­fused.


wowwwww r you seri­ous that’s crazy


I’m going to give xoD­VF a big “HMMMMMM…”