Grow­ing your 4B/4C nat­u­ral hair to waist length is NO small feat. After all, learn­ing your nat­u­ral kinks after years of relax­ing them takes both time and a shift in the way you think about hair care. How­ev­er, I do want to acknowl­edge those who have sur­passed waist length because such a mile­stone fur­ther demon­strates that kinky hair can grow real­ly long. Here are three such wom­en on YouTube:

1. Booty­furl – Tail­bone Length| Fin­ger Detan­gle and Pro­tec­tive Styles

First off is Booty­furl! She was first fea­tured on BGLH years ago, and I’ve been fol­low­ing her ever since. Hav­ing reached waist length and then hip length, she is now in the realm of tail­bone length!

Does not have a strict rou­tine, per say, but is a big advo­cate of “keep­ing it sim­ple” and “not doing so much”.
Strict­ly fin­ger detan­gle.
Wear small twists or stretched pro­tec­tive styles.
Her sta­ple prod­ucts include coconut oil and cas­tor oil.
Pro­tects her hair every night.
Mois­tur­izes reg­u­lar­ly.

Fin­ger detan­gling
Pro­tec­tive styling
Keep­ing it sim­ple

WHERE YOU CAN FIND HER: Bootyfurl’s Chan­nel

2. JoStylin – Almost Tail­bone Length| Blow dry and Braids

Some of you may rec­og­nize JoStylin from this ear­lier post on a relat­ed top­ic. Well since then, she has gone from waist length to almost tail­bone length, and this is with blowdry­ing and big braids!

Biweek­ly wash, con­di­tion, and seal fol­lowed by blow dry­ing and jum­bo braids.
Some­times she will undo the braids and wear a braid out. How­ev­er, this has become a rare occur­rence as her hair has got­ten longer.
Fin­ger detan­gle on damp hair, rather than dry or soak­ing wet.
Wash­es in twisted/plaited sec­tions.

Low manip­u­la­tion
Keep­ing her hair stretched (via blow dry and braids/braid outs)
Keep­ing it sim­ple

WHERE YOU CAN FIND HER: JoStylin’s Chan­nel

3. Nat­u­ral­ly High – Hip Length | Blow dry, Fin­ger Detan­gle, and Buns

I have men­tioned Nat­u­ral­ly High a cou­ple of times on BGLH because her hair blows my mind con­sid­er­ing that we rarely see 4C nat­u­rals at a solid waist length. (At the time, I could only think of Ser­a25 and Aijo/Kemi21 from the Fotki hair album days.) Right now, Nat­u­ral­ly High is hip length!

Fin­ger detan­gle on dry hair after a coconut oil pre-poo.
Some­times uses hair exten­sions (Mar­ley Braid Hair) so that her hair isn’t exposed but fur­ther pro­tect­ed.
Sham­poos once a mon­th and co-wash­es in between.
Does hard core pro­tein treat­ments (Aphogee 2-Step) to keep her hair strong.
Wash­es in twisted/plaited sec­tions.
When she does blow dry, it is for stretch­ing her roots; she does not use it much on the ends of her hair.

Pro­tec­tive styles (usu­al­ly stretched buns)
Keep­ing her hair stretched
Leav­ing the hair alone

WHERE YOU CAN FIND HER: Nat­u­ral­ly High’s Chan­nel

Have you checked out the­se ladies? Do you know of any oth­er super long 4B/4C nat­u­rals?


Empow­er­ing wom­en of col­or to break bar­ri­ers. Cherish.Thy.Melanin.

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Deb G

I have learned so much from the­se and oth­er vlog­gers. I def­i­nite­ly have 4B/4C hair and am learn­ing how to care for it prop­er­ly. I still get very rude and neg­a­tive com­ments about my hair from oth­ers. How­ev­er, I do not care and have hopes of hav­ing very healthy and long hair. I love this web­site as well.

Sweet Cheecks

Deb, you can’t let those peo­ple dis­cour­age you. The entire process you, did for YOU! It’s your jour­ney. Your hair will come back health­ier than ever. When they see you a year from now they will be???? your hair is so beau­ti­ful. It’s grown so much. Then in your head say yup , but u were hat­ing on it in the begin­ning. That’s always the best way to qui­et the haters. Do u!????????

Deb G

Thanks Sweet Cheecks for the sup­port. ????

Sweet Cheecks

Thought of you when I received this email. Hap­py Shop­ping

Deb G

Thanks. You prob­a­bly rec­og­nized that I was a under­cov­er PJ! lol

Sweet Cheecks

Deb, how r u? I just tried to log onto the Cas­tor Oil Week 8 . Did you notice the web­site is chang­ing people’s pic­tures into aliens pic­tures? It’s also ask­ing if you are human. I just want to be sure before I post any­thing. I know her site has been hacked before . Be cau­tious.

Deb G

Hi, I am doing well. I noticed that the web­site changed as well. I have post­ed for Week 8 but you can­not post pho­tos. I will take your advice and be car­ful


20 years ago I went nat­u­ral before it was pop­u­lar and my cous­in called
me nap­py-head­ed behind my back, but a few years lat­er when I had a head
full of long curls, she ran her fin­gers through my hair and said, “I
wish my hair was curly like yours!” The sh*t talk­ers will be jeal­ous one day!

Deb G

Lol, You are right about it! ????