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make money with natural hair

Research has recent­ly shown that big hair and beau­ty brands are los­ing mon­ey due to drops in relax­er sales. It’s clear that nat­u­rals are spend­ing their mon­ey else­where. If you’re so inclined, here are some ways to respon­si­bly cash in on the nat­ur­al hair move­ment:

1. Sell Your Own Prod­ucts

DIY hair prod­ucts have been a big part of the nat­ur­al hair move­ment, as women increas­ing­ly steer away from the chem­i­cal-laden store-bought prod­ucts in favor of more nat­ur­al ingre­di­ents. Many big name nat­ur­al hair prod­uct brands began small such as Carol’s Daugh­ter and EDEN Body­Works. But any­one can get in on the prod­uct game since there will for­ev­er be prod­uct junkies who’ve got to try every­thing! The most suc­cess­ful small nat­ur­al hair com­pa­nies find a niche pop­u­la­tion (for exam­ple, kids or nat­u­rals with very coarse hair), have great scents and use rare and inno­v­a­tive ingre­di­ents. Nat­u­rals of all ages can make and sell their own prod­ucts too! Start sell­ing on Etsy until you’re ready for a web­site with e-com­merce and send sam­ples to blog­gers to get the word out.

2. Become a Blog­ger

Set­ting up a blog these days can take as lit­tle as 10 min­utes. All you need is a domain name and some per­son­al­i­ty! Whether you choose to use sim­ple blog for­mats like Tum­blr, Blog­ger or, host your own web­site using Square­Space, Wix or or make videos on YouTube, blog­ging is the way to make mon­ey with­out any start­up costs. Don’t expect the dol­lars to come flow­ing though; mon­e­ti­za­tion is a slow process and true net flow requires a lot of time, ded­i­ca­tion, high qual­i­ty posts, and con­sis­ten­cy. For tips on nav­i­gat­ing all the scary tech things, hav­ing a visu­al­ly pleas­ant blog, and get­ting your blog off the ground, check out Luvvie’s Awe­some­ly Techie, The Native New Yawk­er, and my recent arti­cle about start­ing a nat­ur­al hair blog.

3. Hook Someone’s Head Up

If your cousins and friends are always ask­ing you to do their hair, con­sid­er charg­ing! While nat­u­rals may seem like they are anti-hair­dressers, they’re real­ly just anti-igno­rance and rough­ness around nat­ur­al hair care. If you’re gen­tle and can put togeth­er fly styles, start tak­ing pic­tures and put togeth­er a pricelist. Style­Seat is a great resource for both pro­fes­sion­al and at-home hair­styl­ists, as it allows you to have your own styl­ist page with­out pay­ing for a com­plete web­site. Be sure to check the licens­ing laws in your state so you don’t run into any legal woes.

4. Invent New Tools

From portable hair steam­ers to heat-free straight­en­ing devices, there are a myr­i­ad of inven­tions that have risen out of or been pro­pelled for­ward by the nat­ur­al hair move­ment. Peo­ple need hair acces­sories that don’t pull at their strands (i.e. fash­ion­able hair bon­nets and tur­bans, detan­gling tools and count­less oth­er things we’ve yet to think of). If you’ve always had an idea of a tech­nol­o­gy that would make nat­ur­al hair even more awe­some than it already is, crowd-source some fund­ing and get it out on the mar­ket! As with mar­ket­ing hair prod­ucts, get some blog­gers or celebri­ties on board to co-sign your inven­tion and you’ll be run­ning to the bank in no time.

5. Plan and Host Nat­ur­al Hair Events

I debat­ed adding this one because it could go either way; but some­times nat­ur­al hair events can rake up a whole lot of ched­dar. If you nat­u­ral­ly find your­self plan­ning big bash­es for your four year old nephew’s pre-school grad­u­a­tion, you may be able to chan­nel that orga­niz­ing pow­er and ini­tia­tive towards host­ing a meet­up, fash­ion show, pan­el, or even an expo. Liaise with oth­er nat­u­rals in your area for tips on venues, spon­sors and pric­ing — or work with a hair com­pa­ny to pro­mote their brand. Event plan­ning for prof­it is an art though, since venues and food have to be paid for ahead of time, you could end up los­ing mon­ey if you over­es­ti­mate tick­et sales. The best events aren’t always the one who have the most famous blog­gers or the biggest gift bag, but rather are the ones that offer the most unique expe­ri­ences!


What oth­er ways can we sup­port each oth­er finan­cial­ly with­in the nat­ur­al hair move­ment? Do you have a prob­lem with peo­ple mak­ing mon­ey off the move­ment? founder and edi­tor, Ijeo­ma Eboh, is on a mis­sion to change per­cep­tions of kinky tex­tured hair around the world.

Klassy Kinks founder and edi­tor, Ijeo­ma Eboh, is on a mis­sion to change per­cep­tions of kinky tex­tured hair around the world. You can find her on social media @klassykinks.

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I love the arti­cle! I’ve stayed my own blog on nat­ur­al hair care abs I also blog about race in Amer­i­ca since these are two of my pas­sions.

Check it out:


[…] by black girl long hair […]


This was a real­ly great arti­cle. Thank you for shar­ing!

Jen. Miller

I love love love this arti­cle. I want to get more involved local­ly but it seems as though the focus is on larg­er urban areas like NY and the DMV area. Lets get some­thing start­ed South Flori­da nat­u­rals!!

Ive been blog­ging about hair care for myself and my daugh­ter-I would love to see more infor­ma­tion and resources for our lit­tle girls too! Check us out:


Nice tips, par­tic­u­lar­ly No.s 1 and 5.

I noticed you didn’t men­tion sell­ing hair exten­sions. These can be nat­ur­al too! I have been sell­ing to salons for a cou­ple of years but look­ing to start online with my own brand:

I don’t think the mar­ket is so big here in the UK but to me the idea of hair events or par­ties cer­tain­ly seems like a good idea as its a nat­ur­al way to get peo­ple inter­est­ed and have some fun at the same time.


There’s Nat­ur­al Hair Week UK which comes around every year. I went to the Man­ches­ter and Lon­don ones and thought they were great fun :)


Thanks this arti­cle was extreme­ly help­ful I’m already doing 1 and 3 with the infor­ma­tion pro­vid­ed I can take step two out of the plan­ning stage.


Good read. I’ve start­ed a com­pa­ny myself. I have a face­book page, Essence of Oshun, ig:srbanks81 and to see prod­ucts for pur­chase Love to see you all stop by!

Marra Joelle

great tips!

I’ve just start­ed a lifestyle and fash­ion blog:

And I also blog about nat­ur­al hair and style on YT:

Most­ly for fun now and I would love it if I can make a lit­tle change but most­ly I just love to share.


[…] 5 Ways to Make Mon­ey in the Nat­ur­al Hair Indus­try […]


I think it’s cool. Let’s keep this a monop­oly, we do not need those large cor­po­ra­tions lol..I’m. think­ing about doing a lil some­thing myself

Nice arti­cle. I’ve been mean­ing to start a blog and a youtube chan­nel on nat­ur­al hair but sur­pris­ing­ly I’m not look­ing to do it for the pur­pose of earn­ing mon­ey. I just want to edu­cate peo­ple, espe­cial­ly naturals,about nat­ur­al hair and how beau­ti­ful and ver­sa­tile it is, while show­ing why nat­ur­al hair shrink­age is not such a bad thing( In my case, i use it to deter­mine how long, short or thick my nat­ur­al hair will be, then i rock it, stand back and watch peo­ple stare in con­fu­sion… “What!? But her hair was so short yes­ter­day, how is it… Read more »

Jacky I real­ly like that your focus is on edu­ca­tion not pure­ly finan­cial gain. I feel that going nat­ur­al is good for the health and the pur­pose of regain­ing what we lost dur­ing slav­ery that mon­ey should be a sec­ondary ben­e­fit. I pray that you have much suc­cess in your endeav­or!

~MJ Lewis

Blair Cadet

Love the arti­cle, espe­cial­ly num­ber 2 and 4. I am cre­at­ing a blog and invent­ing some­thing that I believe all Nat­u­rals will real­ly like :)


I’m not mad at folks mak­ing mon­ey off of the nat­ur­al hair move­ment so long as our folks get in on the action. I’m real­ly tired of Asian peo­ple and peo­ple of oth­er races mak­ing so much mon­ey at beau­ty sup­ply stores that Black peo­ple patron­ize, but not going to places that we own. I got extreme­ly excit­ed to find SageNat­u­ral­ceu­ti­cals as a store and see­ing CD and SheaMois­ture in Tar­get, but I’d be just as hap­py to see a few more beau­ty sup­ply stores and estab­lish­ments run by us for us :)

Yogini Lady
For num­ber 3, please make sure you’re tru­ly tal­ent­ed and you know what you’re doing. Charge fair­ly. I just had Havana Twists put in my hair on Mon­day. By Tues­day morn­ing, ten fell out the “at home styl­ist” want­ed to charge me 60 dol­lars to get them put back in. All I had done was wrap my hair and sleep. She admit­ed to learn­ing how to do Havanan Twists on YouTube. I asked her were the pic­tures of her work were from and she said some­one else did that hair. I’m new to the area I live in and I… Read more »

I am sor­ry you had to go through that. I was not ready for this sto­ry, you had me crack­ing up at work. Thats a HOT MESS!!! #Sneakypeo­ple

I’m writ­ing a book because there is no such thing as too much infor­ma­tion. Some of us have been blessed with an apti­tude for man­ag­ing hair. Others…not so much. When it comes to curly hair…particularly tight­ly coiled hair…there is no one book fits all. I think the curly girl method was rev­o­lu­tion­ary for those with curly hair. How­ev­er, the book was a bit short-sight­ed for coily girls. I’ve devel­oped some per­son­al meth­ods that can ben­e­fit coily girls that are inter­est­ed in learn­ing from some­one with hair sim­i­lar to theirs. Tight coils are nat­u­ral­ly beau­ti­ful and low main­te­nance, but require dif­fer­ent con­cepts for… Read more »

I would love to become a blog­ger. I’m actu­al­ly in the process of start­ing up my blog but it’ll be more of a lifestyle blog than a nat­ur­al hair blog. I’m not sure if I want to dis­cuss nat­ur­al hair on it yet.


I like to host Hair events, Nat­ur­al or relax, all my beau­ti­ful ladies are wel­come. I am think­ing about a blog but I don’t know :s

Ms. Prince

I would love to plan and host hair events but I don’t know the first thing to do?


Awe­some arti­cle. I am already mak­ing some mon­ey sell­ing my DIY mix­es and my blog is get­ting more page views by the day. Lov­ing my nat­ur­al hair every­day!