Deva Cut Natural Hair

by Alon­dra (pic­tured above)


Shape. It’s a word that has so much power…we pin, scrunch, push and pull all in the name of a nice­ly sculpt­ed mane. Per­son­al­ly, I believe that the shape of your curls or coils can make or break your look and many wom­en become very metic­u­lous when it comes to who cuts it and how.

We watch YouTube videos, stalk Insta­grams and ask ques­tions in forums…you would think we were writ­ing a the­sis! But even with all the research­ing and inter­view­ing, it all boils down to this: there are either two ways in which the hair can be cut…curly or straight. The fol­low­ing steps are based sole­ly off of that ONE deci­sion.

When I was on my quest for the per­fect shape, I opt­ed to go with a very pop­u­lar curly cut called “The Deva Cut”. I chose this because I thought I was doing some­thing by not straight­en­ing my hair and I thought that the shape it cre­at­ed was per­fect for me….but laaawd some­body should have warned me because instead of the Deva Cut I got the “Dum­my Chop”.

 Now I know there are many nat­u­rals who swear by this cut, but I’m here to tell you that it’s not for every­body! Here are some things to con­sid­er when think­ing about get­ting a Deva Cut:

How Do You Wear Your Hair?

If you don’t wear a wash-n-go 25/8 then the Deva cut is NOT FOR YOU! I would repeat that but I feel like you got it the first time. Because they are cut­ting the hair while curly, you should def­i­nite­ly expect to have an uneven or even chop­py look when you stretch your hair. Now if it all worked out for you, then that’s awe­some! I’ve actu­al­ly seen them come out beau­ti­ful­ly, but I’m just giv­ing a fair warn­ing. I didn’t blow dry my hair until a mon­th after my deva cut, and y’all…I promise I cried. My hair was severe­ly uneven. In fact, one side was longer than the oth­er. I was doomed. alondra deva cut natural hair

What Is Your Curl Type?

I believe the qual­i­ty of your curly cut and your curl pat­tern goes hand in hand. If you have a looser curl pat­tern and it’s more con­sis­tent across your head, then nine times out of ten you will have a more pre­cise, even cut. Because looser curl pat­terns (1–3B) real­ly don’t expe­ri­ence a dras­tic amount of shrink­age so it’s eas­ier to see what the shape will be both curly and straight. Now if you’re more on the kinky/coily side like myself and real­ly don’t quite know what cat­e­go­ry you fall in, then I’d sug­gest you’d stay away. I’ve seri­ous­ly got about 3 or 4 dif­fer­ent pat­terns in my hair and I swear each one had its own length after the cut. In some places of my hair it shrinks up more than oth­ers so while the deva cut makes every­thing appear to look even while curly, it’s a whole ‘notha ball game when it’s stretched. It looked like I let some­body blind­fold them­selves and play Edward Scis­sorhands on my head.

Alondra Deva cut Natural Hair 2

Do You Obsess Over Imper­fec­tions?

This is last ques­tion but, in my opin­ion, it’s the most impor­tant. If you can­not, in any shape, form or fash­ion, deal with see­ing uneven­ness in the slight­est, then this cut is not for you. Take it from me; it is the HARDEST cut to cor­rect. Because it’s so heav­i­ly lay­ered that the only way to seri­ous­ly fix it is to chop it all off. If you feel like your head is too grand to rock a short cut, like me, then you know that option is a no go. You’ll be forced to deal with it as your hair grows out. In my case, it’s been a year since I got the Deva cut and over time things are start­ing to look a lot bet­ter. But for about 8 months, I was extreme­ly mis­er­able. If you’re the type to ana­lyze your strands one by one and cher­ish uni­for­mi­ty, then girl, just go ahead and pass on being a “Deva,” because you’re bound to dri­ve your­self insane.

Alondra Deva Cut Natural 3

Now it goes with­out say­ing, that you def­i­nite­ly want to find a skilled styl­ist no mat­ter what cut you are receiv­ing. How­ev­er, with the nature of the Deva Cut, it is my opin­ion that only Jesus can get it right the first time. If you still want to take the leap of faith, then by all means, do so. But I don’t want your per­cep­tion of it to be skewed by the per­fec­tion we often see on the net. The truth is…everything just doesn’t work out for every­body. So keep that in mind when you’re con­sid­er­ing any hair­style, espe­cial­ly a cut!

If you have ever got­ten a deva cut, tell me what you thought of it! I’d love to hear about it!


About Alon­dra: Joke telling, hair pick tot­ing, life-liv­ing South­ern Bell by way of Mem­phis, Ten­nessee. I’m a young,educated black wom­an pur­su­ing dreams by day and a super hero by night; my pow­ers reside in my mind. To state it sim­ply, I plan to save the world one con­ver­sa­tion at a time. @Color_Me_Diva @MyManeThang

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I like the way your hair looks. But this is just anoth­er exam­ple of not every­thing works for every­one. Tri­al and error.


Do you have any pic of when you first got the cut? All the pics above look like you blew your hair out. I do see the lop­sid­ed­ness on the pics above, but it doesn’t look hor­ri­ble. Have you decid­ed what you plan to do? Mean­ing are you gonna keep curly? Or are you gonna trim until you get the shape you want on blown out hair? Thanks for shar­ing your sto­ry!


$c hair chim­ing in here… Yeah, nev­er EVER gonna try this, I wear my hair stretched all the time.



Just to clear every­thing up, I researched the salon (I always do) and they rant­ed and raved about the styl­ist that I sched­uled with. I noticed she had only worked with looser curl pat­terns but I didn’t think any­thing of it. Also, those pic­tures were tak­en over time. I had 2 addi­tion­al cuts after the Deva cut to try to cor­rect it. The one in the gray pull over is when I blew it out and real­ized that one was obvi­ous­ly longer than the oth­er. The sec­ond pic (U of M shirt) was tak­en after I went back to the… Read more »

Am I the only one who thinks the hair­cut looks nice? May­be it’s the angle of the pho­tos but I don’t see any uneven­ness. :/

good luck

I see the uneven sides in all the pics except the leop­ard print one and that one the part isn’t direct­ly down the mid­dle so that may have helped.

Ubah Luar

Final­ly, i was think­ing the same thing:)


Nope looks like a lay­ered cut to me. I would have loved to see the wash n go look of this hair cut for com­par­ison.


@ Iva — I was scrolling down look­ing for the pho­tos of the hair­cut look­ing uneven/unflattering before real­is­ing those ARE the pho­tos! It looks real­ly nice to me and it seems like the cut enhances the vol­ume of the hair. 

I got a Deva cut recent­ly and whilst I hat­ed the way the hair­dresser styled my hair & the prod­ucts she used (I hate too much curl cream/gel and prefer a more soft­er, less defined look with a lit­tle frizz) I absolute­ly loved the cut the next day once I had washed the prod­ucts out.


I urge you to look again at the pic­ture of me in the Uni­ver­si­ty of Mem­phis shirt, lol. One side is obvi­ous­ly ver­rrry angled and the oth­er is straight down pret­ty much.


I live in Mem­phis and look­ing for some­one the past 2 years to cut my hair cor­rect­ly. Who cut your Deva cut? Also, who cuts your hair now?


I agree. But when it’s your own hair, you lit­er­al­ly notice EVERYTHING! Lol


Great arti­cle. I’ve been think­ing about get­ting a deva cut but I’ve been won­der­ing if it was real­ly for me. I like the idea of not hav­ing to use heat to have my hair trimmed. Gen­er­al­ly the under­stand­ing has been that the cut is great for peo­ple that were their hair curly 90% of the time. How­ev­er, she makes a great point about stretch­ing the hair because while I don’t use heat, I do, how­ev­er, flat twist my hair at night to stretch my “wash n go.” Guess I’ll stick to trim­ming my hair my self for now.

I have 4a chin length hair with at least 90% shrink­age. I got a deva cut and loved it! I also had the inten­tion of wear­ing wash n gos most of the time. I agree that the cut does not look “pol­ished” when the hair is stretched, but I don’t like stretch­ing my hair any­way (I have thin hair and it looks limp). If you going to get a deva cut make sure to research your salon. I found a fan­tas­tic salon that spe­cial­ized in curly hair. I had an awe­some expe­ri­ence since the hair­styl­ist spend the entire two hours… Read more »

The pic of your hair where u are wear­ing the ani­mal print top is cute, you can see the “Deva” cut shape. Our hair grows at dif­fer­ent rates I have nev­er had any type of cut and one side is nat­u­ral­ly longer than the oth­er, although u would­nt know wear­ing my hair curly, and even then its not noti­cia­ble even when i blow dry it.


Hey! I had to get my hair cut 2 more times after the ini­tial Deva Cut to final­ly achieve the “deva cut shape”. I got the cut in June, that pic­ture was tak­en in Jan­u­ary. My friend is the one who actu­al­ly cut it when I had on the leop­ard shirt. It looked sym­met­ric then, but believe me, it was still very uneven through­out my head. That was just enough to get me through it lol.


Thanks for this. It real­ly cleared up a lot of ques­tions for me.


This hap­pened to me too. I end­ed up look­ing like a young Jon­ah Hill for a year. In my case also the Deva cut was a dis­as­ter — and a not cheap one either!!
[imgcomment image[/img]


I’ve nev­er got­ten the cut, but I’ve cov­et­ed it for years because I am the wom­an for whom it’s designed. I don’t stretch or straight­en my hair for out styles. I just want some tal­ent­ed per­son to make sense of my many tex­tures so my wash-n-go looks right. If I get a per­fect­ly blunt cut on straight­ened hair it looks like a com­ple­men­tary night­mare for your curly cut/stretched style on my curls because of my mul­ti­ple curl sizes. Mul­let City ahoy!