I Got a Deva Cut and HATED It: Why It Didn’t Work for My Hair Type

Deva Cut Natural Hair

by Alondra (pictured above)


Shape. It’s a word that has so much power…we pin, scrunch, push and pull all in the name of a nicely sculpted mane. Personally, I believe that the shape of your curls or coils can make or break your look and many women become very meticulous when it comes to who cuts it and how.

We watch YouTube videos, stalk Instagrams and ask questions in forums…you would think we were writing a thesis! But even with all the researching and interviewing, it all boils down to this: there are either two ways in which the hair can be cut…curly or straight. The following steps are based solely off of that ONE decision.

When I was on my quest for the perfect shape, I opted to go with a very popular curly cut called “The Deva Cut”. I chose this because I thought I was doing something by not straightening my hair and I thought that the shape it created was perfect for me….but laaawd somebody should have warned me because instead of the Deva Cut I got the “Dummy Chop”.

 Now I know there are many naturals who swear by this cut, but I’m here to tell you that it’s not for everybody! Here are some things to consider when thinking about getting a Deva Cut:

How Do You Wear Your Hair?

If you don’t wear a wash-n-go 25/8 then the Deva cut is NOT FOR YOU! I would repeat that but I feel like you got it the first time. Because they are cutting the hair while curly, you should definitely expect to have an uneven or even choppy look when you stretch your hair. Now if it all worked out for you, then that’s awesome! I’ve actually seen them come out beautifully, but I’m just giving a fair warning. I didn’t blow dry my hair until a month after my deva cut, and y’all…I promise I cried. My hair was severely uneven. In fact, one side was longer than the other. I was doomed. alondra deva cut natural hair

What Is Your Curl Type?

I believe the quality of your curly cut and your curl pattern goes hand in hand. If you have a looser curl pattern and it’s more consistent across your head, then nine times out of ten you will have a more precise, even cut. Because looser curl patterns (1-3B) really don’t experience a drastic amount of shrinkage so it’s easier to see what the shape will be both curly and straight. Now if you’re more on the kinky/coily side like myself and really don’t quite know what category you fall in, then I’d suggest you’d stay away. I’ve seriously got about 3 or 4 different patterns in my hair and I swear each one had its own length after the cut. In some places of my hair it shrinks up more than others so while the deva cut makes everything appear to look even while curly, it’s a whole ‘notha ball game when it’s stretched. It looked like I let somebody blindfold themselves and play Edward Scissorhands on my head.

Alondra Deva cut Natural Hair 2

Do You Obsess Over Imperfections?

This is last question but, in my opinion, it’s the most important. If you cannot, in any shape, form or fashion, deal with seeing unevenness in the slightest, then this cut is not for you. Take it from me; it is the HARDEST cut to correct. Because it’s so heavily layered that the only way to seriously fix it is to chop it all off. If you feel like your head is too grand to rock a short cut, like me, then you know that option is a no go. You’ll be forced to deal with it as your hair grows out. In my case, it’s been a year since I got the Deva cut and over time things are starting to look a lot better. But for about 8 months, I was extremely miserable. If you’re the type to analyze your strands one by one and cherish uniformity, then girl, just go ahead and pass on being a “Deva,” because you’re bound to drive yourself insane.

Alondra Deva Cut Natural 3

Now it goes without saying, that you definitely want to find a skilled stylist no matter what cut you are receiving. However, with the nature of the Deva Cut, it is my opinion that only Jesus can get it right the first time. If you still want to take the leap of faith, then by all means, do so. But I don’t want your perception of it to be skewed by the perfection we often see on the net. The truth is…everything just doesn’t work out for everybody. So keep that in mind when you’re considering any hairstyle, especially a cut!

If you have ever gotten a deva cut, tell me what you thought of it! I’d love to hear about it!


About Alondra: Joke telling, hair pick toting, life-living Southern Bell by way of Memphis, Tennessee. I’m a young,educated black woman pursuing dreams by day and a super hero by night; my powers reside in my mind. To state it simply, I plan to save the world one conversation at a time. @Color_Me_Diva @MyManeThang


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62 thoughts on “I Got a Deva Cut and HATED It: Why It Didn’t Work for My Hair Type

  1. I haven’t got the official “deva cut”, but I did get a curly cut that shaped my hair, and I LOVED it! I will say that I only rock wash & go’s when I wear my hair curly. When I straighten my hair, it is pretty uneven and kind of choppy, but that’s to be expected as my hair was cut to wear it curly. When I straighten my hair and bump it, it looks pretty good and camoflauges the choppiness. I think it all depends on your stylist and your expectations. I got to Haiya at Studio 1514 in downtown Dallas, and she is the bomb and very affordable.

  2. Alondra…THANK YOU. It’s time for my first serious trim as a natural and you prolly just saved my (hair) life. May your hair be bountiful :-)

  3. Omg, you nailed it on every level! I am Caucasian and have uneven curl patterns – some parts very tight curls, other parts just wavy – and Deva cuts have been NIGHTMARISH for me, for exactly the reasons you’ve described here. So. Damn. Choppy! Typically it will look nice in the salon the day of, but as soon as I wash it, game over. Good to know I’m not alone in wanting to run far, far away from any stylist who insists that Deva is the only way to go w/ curly hair!

  4. I don’t know why anyone would expect a Deva Cut to be suitable for blown hair… It’s meant to be for people who wear their hair curly. This cut is advertised as such. If its purpose and intent wasn’t relayed, it isn’t the fault of the cut or its originator, it’s the fault of the stylist chosen. I love the Deva Cut BECUASE my curls are not all the same length or even lengths. That’s what makes the cut and that’s why the hair is cut dry. To get that more wild, voluminous look. Curly hair is incredibly boring, to me, when it’s one length, but when I did used to wear it more tame or knew I’d be blowing it out, I never even considered a Deva Cut – because I knew it was a very particular and specialized cut. Every natural girl I know WITH a Deva Cut, specifically, loves the unevenness because of the texture it gives. If you’re looking for tame hair, you have mistakenly chosen the Deva Cut, you didn’t do your research. I keep seeing negative reviews for the DC because girls aren’t doing proper research ahead of time. The title of this article reflects the cut negatively and is incredibly annoying to me. As this is a public forum, I am entitled to that opinion :)

  5. I experienced a ton of single strand knots and severe dryness whic probably has nothing to do with the cut but thought I’d add that. I’ve had to cut a lot of randomness stringy pieces and knots. Cut is nice but super afraid to blow it out or straightened.

  6. I am caucasian with a very uneven, unpredictable curl pattern. Unfortunately, I ruined my hair with adventure in coloring last year, so I ultimately ended up with a pixie cut. It has been awful trying to grow it back out. I really just wanted to comment and say I would NEVER dare let anyone attempt this technique on my hair. It never lays the same from one wash to the next. I always straighten (with LOTS of heat protectant) and get a dry cut with subtle layers. My hair shows scissor marks, so having it cut dry is always better. It takes some skill, for sure!

  7. I just got my first $175 devacut at devachan salon in NYC. It was cute when I left the salon, though much shorter than I expected. My stylist didn’t want me to open my hair all the way up because it was raining that day. By the end of the night, it was a big frizzy mess. When I got home to Maryland and tried using my own styling products, the shape was awful! One side was longer than the other and it looked nothing like it did the day I got it done. I ended up trimming of a few stray pieces on my own to help even it out….

    I just ordered devcurl products, hoping that it will make the difference. I wear my hair curly 98.5 percent of the tim, but this is my first and last devacut.

  8. geez, y so much hate?! the only problem I see is with cutting lock by lock -which is too random and easy to make mistakes.. other than that, DEVA CUT is a revolution to get curly hair look great, even with frizz and tighter hair textures, just bcs it’s got a great shape.. if you’re not happy with your hair, just straighten it or… do what like but let’s agree that the DEVA CUT is beyond criticism :

  9. this cut ain’t for long hair black women. her hair is curl and it looks like some nightmare you do at home not pay for. every uneven. on looser curl patterns it looks better.

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