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brandy g short natural hair cut fade

The nat­ur­al hair com­mu­ni­ty is larg­er than ever and long, lus­cious, strands are what most women cov­et. Every woman is watch­ing and wait­ing for any prod­uct that can help them grow their hair to unimag­in­able lengths. There’s always a com­pa­ny tot­ing a pill, oil, or cream that will alleged­ly give their con­sumer the longest hair they’ve ever had in their life. How­ev­er, there is some­thing inspi­ra­tional about a woman who desires to keep her nat­ur­al hair short.

The nat­ur­al hair com­mu­ni­ty has become so obsessed with length, that they aren’t tru­ly enjoy­ing their nat­ur­al hair at every stage. Some are for­get­ting that there is beau­ty in all hair lengths and tex­tures. Some even assume that if a woman has been nat­ur­al for years and her hair is not down her back, then that means that her hair is not healthy. Con­verse­ly, that is far from the truth. There are woman with­in the com­mu­ni­ty who choose to keep their healthy nat­ur­al hair fierce and short.  Brandy Gueary and LaToya Chenelle Hud­son are nat­ur­al ladies who dis­prove every short nat­ur­al hair myth and rock their short locs with con­fi­dence.

Brandy Gueary

brandy g short natural hair cut

Brandy Gueary from Hous­ton, TX has been nat­ur­al for a total of 4 years. She proves that long hair isn’t every­thing and short hair can be very ver­sa­tile. Gueary decid­ed to do the big chop after he sis­ter sent her YouTube videos of women and their nat­ur­al hair jour­neys. She was very inspired and sought her own nat­ur­al hair jour­ney.

“I stayed up until 2 a.m. (on a work night) watch­ing more hair jour­ney videos than I could count. From then on, I was hooked and stopped relax­ing my hair,” said Guery.

Gueary is no stranger to long hair. Before becom­ing nat­ur­al, her hair was long and healthy. She received count­less com­pli­ments on how beau­ti­ful her hair was. The com­pli­ments were nice, but her long hair was not as impor­tant to her as it was to oth­ers.

brandy guery long natural hair

“It was the hair I always had, so I worked to main­tain it,” she said.

She orig­i­nal­ly want­ed to tran­si­tion her hair from being relaxed to nat­ur­al by grad­u­al­ly trim­ming off the relax­er. A method some women adopt when they’d rather not go through with doing a big chop How­ev­er, after see­ing two dif­fer­ent tex­tures of hair that need­ed two dif­fer­ent reg­i­mens, she opt­ed to do the big chop. When she cut her hair, her first goal was to grow it long. What she didn’t real­ize was that she had the option to keep her hair short. Gueary received a lot of back­lash for her deci­sion to big chop.

“Some of the looks and com­ments I received after cut­ting my hair were sur­pris­ing. Peo­ple would say, ‘Why would you cut all that long hair?’ Peo­ple tried to make me feel like my long hair was all I had going for myself. Oth­ers real­ly think that their opin­ion and input about your choic­es are valid based on their life expe­ri­ences. If you aren’t strong in your­self and with God, it can get to you and make you feel like your phys­i­cal appear­ance is every­thing,” she said

Once Gueary’s nat­ur­al hair grew to the long lengths that she was used to, she became bored. After she mar­ried and had her son, she became cre­ative with her hair and shaved off hair from both sides of her head to form a Mohawk. She lat­er became bored with that style as well and decid­ed to do the big chop for the sec­ond time in Jan­u­ary of 2014. Gueary real­ized that she want­ed to wear her hair short for the first time in her life.

brandy guery short natural hair cut

While Gueary doesn’t know how long she’ll keep her fierce, short cut, she is cer­tain­ly enjoy­ing its ver­sa­til­i­ty. It might even be more ver­sa­tile than longer hair. Hav­ing short hair has made Gueary much more open to dif­fer­ent hair­cuts and col­ors. She used to have a fear of dying her hair, but now she’s lost that fear because she no longer has to wor­ry about main­tain­ing length. If she gets tired of look­ing at a cer­tain col­or, she just gets rid of it by get­ting a new hair­cut and try­ing a new col­or.

brandy guery short natural hair

Short hair is chic and Gueary proves that you don’t have to stick to one cut. Her nat­ur­al hair styles con­sist of try­ing var­i­ous hair­cuts with var­ied lengths, includ­ing parts. At the moment, Guery isn’t inter­est­ed in grow­ing her hair any time soon.

“My best advice is that a TWA doesn’t have to be a phase. It can be a style. It’s easy, con­ve­nient, low main­te­nance, and so sassy!”

If you’d like to fol­low Brandy Gueary’s nat­ur­al hair jour­ney fol­low her on Insta­gram, @naturallybrandyysmith, Face­book, Brandy Gueary (Smith), and YouTube, Brandy Smith Nat­ur­al Hair.

LaToya Chenelle Hud­son

latoya natural hair

When LaToya Chenelle Hud­son decid­ed to embrace her nat­ur­al curls in 2008, she was super obsessed with hav­ing long hair in the begin­ning of her nat­ur­al hair jour­ney. Like most nat­u­rals, she want­ed her hair to be mas­sive. How­ev­er, cut­ting her hair made her real­ize that women some­times hide behind their hair or feel less fem­i­nine with­out it.

“The sheer thought of cut­ting our hair some­times sends shud­ders down our spines. I have women come up to me every day com­pli­ment­ing my hair and the con­fi­dence to do it. They say ‘I wish I could, but I don’t have the nerve’ or ‘My head is big’, said Hud­son.

The San Anto­nio, TX native is no stranger to receiv­ing com­pli­ments from men as well. If you thought that short hair would some­how make you less appeal­ing to the oppo­site sex, guess again.

latoya short natural hair

“I mean, the amount of men that give me kudos is crazy espe­cial­ly because you would think that most men would loathe a woman with a fade. My hub­by loves it and is the one that cuts my hair”, she said.

As a fash­ion design­er and web host, Hud­son enjoys being cre­ative and she needs to express that cre­ativ­i­ty through her hair and cloth­ing. One day, she found her­self bored with her look, so she start­ed col­or­ing her hair. It wasn’t long before she decid­ed to cut her huge, fire engine red afro down to a sassy fade. While she did a big chop in 2008 to kick off her nat­ur­al hair jour­ney, she didn’t keep it short for long.

latoya short natural hair cut

As for her hair reg­i­men, Hud­son keeps it very sim­ple. She makes sure to sham­poo or co-wash her almost every day. After wash­ing, she applies coconut oil and Paul Mitchell Barber’s Clas­sic. Hud­son also gives her hair a good brush­ing. She may believe in keep­ing her hair reg­i­men sim­ple, but she likes to keep peo­ple guess­ing when it comes to styling her funky mane.

“Short hair can be very ver­sa­tile because you can do dif­fer­ent cuts, fades, designs and col­ors more fre­quent­ly. When my hair was longer, I found myself always try­ing to think of a style to cre­ate,” said Hud­son.

She has cer­tain­ly donned some incred­i­ble hair­cuts. She’s had every­thing from lines, stars, and hearts etched in her head. You name it and she’s prob­a­bly done it or will do it one day.

latoya short natural hair cut design

“I am the queen of bar­ber designs in my head,” she said.

Hud­son also has some impor­tant advice for women who are in the TWA stage of their nat­ur­al jour­ney and for women who just want some­thing dif­fer­ent.

“Find a real­ly good bar­ber and get a good fade around the nape of your neck and ears, so that it looks neat and pret­ty. Many times I see new TWA’s with no shape and even with a longer fro, a great shape makes a world of dif­fer­ence and cre­ates fash­ion for­ward style.”

Hud­son also believes that wear­ing a good bold lip and a gor­geous pair of ear­rings doesn’t hurt either.

If you’d like to fol­low this beau­ty as she con­tin­ues her nat­ur­al hair jour­ney, you can fol­low her blog You can also fol­low her on Insta­gram and Twit­ter @latoyachenelle.

Were you inspired by Brandy and LaToya’s hair jour­ney? Do you have any plans for a short, sexy cut?

Por­tia is a wife and moth­er who enjoys mak­ing things and peo­ple look pret­ty! As a grad­u­ate of Rowan Uni­ver­si­ty, Por­tia has an insa­tiable crav­ing for nat­ur­al hair, beau­ty, and fash­ion, but she also enjoys trav­el­ing and home decor. If you’d like to know more about her, vis­it her blog at

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Oh my gosh they look gor­geous. I think that the first lady real­ly does suit hav­ing a shaved do.
I am Cau­casian and have shaved my head sev­er­al times, but when I see a shaved head on a black sis­ter, I think it looks so much nicer!


I just cut all my hair off on Jan­u­ary 1st, 20161. I just got tired of the stress of detan­gling. I want to be able to work­out 5 days a week with­out wor­ry­ing about the stick sweaty scalp under my pro­tec­tive style or my fresh­ly done twist out. It is lib­er­at­ing for me. I miss my length and all but right now, for right now, this short shaved head is good for my lifestyle.


I only had short nat­ur­al hair once when I big chopped nope not going back to that . Short hair is beau­ti­ful on them but I look bet­ter with medi­um to long hair . My hair is col­lar­bone medi­um lengh and I’m so hap­py . I’m grow­ing it long . I just love hav­ing longer hair . I had short twa for less than a year then it grew to my col­lar­bone ( when stretched ) . I’m a lit­tle over a year nat­ur­al .


It’s not only about confidence…it’s about your face and your body shape…twa does not flat­ter every woman. Some woman look bet­ter with medi­um or with long hair. Oth­ers with TWA…Others no mat­ter what is their hair­style. Women who don’t feel pret­ty with a TWA should not be told “u have to be more con­fi­dent” or this or that…


Pret­ty hair­cut but I dont like the intro­duc­tion at all. Just because a woman’s goal is to have long hair does­nt make her obsessed, that is just your goal. Doesn’t mean you aren’t embrac­ing your jour­ney. Some peo­ple dont like twa.


Great con­fi­dent women can pull any­thing off. Live Life to the end.Smile




SOOOOO INSPIRED! I’ve love short nat­ur­al hair and fades and these two women look fab­u­lous. And I love how they CHOOSE to wear it short. I think once I hit my senior year, I’m chop­ping it all off! (Can’t wait)


They are gor­geous. It’s like some of their beau­ty was hid­ing under their hair


thank you so very much for shar­ing. I have been grow­ing my nat­ur­al hair out now for almost 5 years. I used to yearn for long fab­u­lous nat­ur­al hair, but the main­te­nance some­times just isn’t worth it. I’ve worn my hair short before and I absolute­ly loved it. I know I will get back­lash for cut­ting my hair but I think it’s about time. I’m get­ting to the point where my only options are perming and cut­ting or stay­ing nat­ur­al and cut­ting. Either way I am cut­ting!


Girls looks fab­u­lous! They are young and hav­ing fun. Good on them.


Thanks for shar­ing. I cry when I trim, and this def­i­nite­ly helped change my mind­set a lit­tle bit.


Thanks for shar­ing these cuts. They are beau­ti­ful. I think half the bat­tle is find­ing an artist/styler and not just a bar­ber. A styl­ist with a good eye can make short hair look good on just about any­one.



youngin girl
I am in awe and It makes me smile to see the cre­ativ­i­ty of short hair. When women cut all of their hair, it high­lights con­fi­dence. That’s the point of this thread. The short fade is definit­ley befit­ting on them and they pull it off so well. Ear­rings, make-up, cute clothes-Short hair does make you want to be styl­ish and bold. All of the com­ments said it all. I love that cut in the front. It reminds me of the 90’s when the men wored em’ like 2pac. I think it’s refresh­ing to see short hair being rep­re­sent­ed in a… Read more »

I wore a fad­ed cut like above for 5 years after my bc. I received so many com­pli­ments. Then I grew it out and it was fine too, but I com­plained about the main­te­nance. Then I cut it short­er, to a tapered long in the top short on the sides n back, and I’m lov­ing that now. It gives me length to exper­i­ment with and keeps me from an all day wash day. Being a 4c I just wore it twist­ed 24 7 any­way. And it’s much health­i­er now because I’m bet­ter edu­cat­ed on my hair.


It real­ly does­nt mat­ter what col­or you are. Most women cringe at the thought of short hair. Not just black women.


Beau­ti­ful!! And I am right behind them!! My life has become increas­ing­ly busy and I feel like a short shaped from is very styl­ish! With a twa along with shape, I can final­ly embrace a wash n go style.


Gor­geous Ladies <3

I loved the arti­cle and I love that women can be ver­sa­tile but still be fem­i­nine with short cuts. I don’t plan to cut my nat­ur­al hair short any­time soon. I’ve had dam­aged neck-length relaxed hair which I exchanged for short cuts on healthy nat­ur­al hair( which I main­tained for three years ). Then I grew out my nat­ur­al hair for two years, after which I relaxed it( I didn’t know much about nat­ur­al hair care then, I was just doing what I thought was right: treat­ing my nat­ur­al hair like relaxed hair, which was wrong ). I grew my… Read more »

How I hate arti­cles like this:(… I’m a recov­er­ing hair cut­ter-holic and when I see arti­cles like this I just wan­na cut my hair again!!! Why do peo­ple have to be this beau­ti­ful??? *love­ly styles*


Brandy is look­ing GOOD w/ that cut…yaaassss ma’am to that side part. She looks real­ly dif­fer­ent in those pics. I want to start my jour­ney over(due to two years of poor hair care) and I think I found a cut. & LaToya bet­ter werk them designs. *snaps*


Total­ly agree, that cut is so her.


I ADORE short hair on Black women, it makes our fea­tures stand out, show off our beau­ti­ful com­plex­ions and is very styl­ish!
I also love how more more we play­ing up with our nat­ur­al tress­es and are not afraid any more to get short hair cuts as we know we can get it grow back any­time we want!


Wow they are gor­geous. The first girl’s beau­ty stands out so much more with her hair short. I wish I could pull off short hair. My head is too darn big.


So glad to see the short hair being repped!!! Y’all are rock­ing these cuts!!! Mine is fad­ed out and I love it. If my fore­head wasn’t so high I would shave it all off. I need some bangs though, LOL.

I am lov­ing the resur­gence of the lines and designs in bar­ber cuts. I think they are so cre­ative! Oh this arti­cle is so not help­ing me right now lol. I have been try­ing to stay away from the scis­sors to try out long nat­ur­al hair but these ladies are push­ing me back the oth­er way. I love short hair. I think short hair looks so mod­ern and fresh all the time. So ele­gant. I’ve been nat­ur­al for 13 years now and have nev­er tried to grow my hair out past shoul­der length because I would always end up see­ing… Read more »
AMEN and two snaps up… :) (Those who are over­ly sen­si­tive may want to skip this com­ment…) It’s why I often tune out these sis­ters who like to gripe about how wash day is an all-day affair. (I know not every­one gripes…this ain’t about y’all.) There’s always anoth­er option that doesn’t involve going back to the perm. It doesn’t even have to be a *big* chop…simply tak­ing off a few inch­es can speed up hair care quite a bit. (Unless you’re one of these sis­ters who’s been chas­ing curl def­i­n­i­tion since your hair was long enough to keep your scalp… Read more »

Yes! I agree with every­thing you said. About time short hair is fea­tured. I cut mine off in April and had the sides and back fad­ed. I love it. Go ahead and do it. A You Tube guru said in one of her videos that every­one should get their hair cut into a shape and style and not just have hair on your head and you would feel much bet­ter about your hair — best advice I’ve seen.


LOVE!! These ladies look amaz­ing and styl­ish with their short hair! I wish when I chopped my hair off I had learned the great tips they share here (def­i­nite­ly guilty of hav­ing no shape). I def­i­nite­ly plan on wear­ing my hair short again and this was a great arti­cle! Thanks!


OMG They both look so gor­geous with short hair.


Very pret­ty! Lots of hair can over­pow­er a pret­ty face some­times and low cuts are def­i­nite­ly becom­ing more and more fash­ion­able for women a la Lupi­ta Nyon­ga and oth­er women. I think its beau­ti­ful and the women are beau­ti­ful.


I just HAD to stum­ble across this arti­cle after 6 hours of tak­ing out mini/micro twists and upward of 6 hours of detan­gling… I want­ed to grow my hair as long as pos­si­ble, but styling is mak­ing me want to take a pair of scis­sors and hack it all off. I miss my short cut now.


I feel your pain, espe­cial­ly on the detan­gling! LOL By the way, have you seen Naptural85’s 25 minute detan­gling video? It was a rev­e­la­tion for me. I can’t do it as fast as Whit­ney (I am clumb­sy), but I did go from 4 hours to 45 min­utes in one ses­sion. Take a gan­der. Hope that it helps.


Thank you for the sug­ges­tion! I actu­al­ly tried this method and it still took for­ev­er! My hair was tan­gled, mat­ting, and knot­ted and a just a night­mare. It will prob­a­bly work bet­ter on an old wash-n-go hair as opposed to twists.


Gosh so beau­ti­ful!!! I would leave my hair short but I am stuck on base and these bar­bers can’t cut in the px. I am jeal­ous :)


I love both looks! I cut my hair off this year as well. I shaved it all by myself after going through some life chang­ing things. Do I miss my huge fro? Yes, I do, but I want­ed a new look…a fresh look. After­all, it’s hair and it will grow back. :)

Emma J B W

I would love to have the shape of head that would work with a super short hair­cut. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, my giant head doesn’t work with­out a big fluffy do.
Thanks for show­ing us how sexy you can look with super short hair xox