by Ijeo­ma of Klassy Kinks

It’s fun to bor­row style tips from the oppo­site gen­der, from boyfriend jeans and fedo­ras to blaz­ers and wing-tipped oxfords. Nat­u­ral­is­tas are increas­ing­ly turn­ing to the fel­las for hair­cut and hair­style inspi­ra­tions. Check out these women who are doing things “like a boy” and slay­ing it!

The Buzz Cut

This is the quin­tes­sen­tial men’s hair­cut and is often worn by women who do a real (very low to the scalp) big chop. These women have made it their sig­na­ture style for it’s clas­sic vibe and low main­te­nance prop­er­ties.

felicia-leatherwoodFeli­cia Leather­wood

alex elle big chop

Alex Elle


The Deep Part

Bold and beau­ti­ful nat­u­rals who rock low cuts with deep parts cut in take a cue from guys who get razor sharp parts cut into their shape ups. To fake it, use hair clips to hold down your part after wet­ting and detan­gling your hair.

lupita nyong'o deep partLupi­ta Nyong’o

joy adaezeJoy Adaeze


The High-Top Fade

Pop­u­lar­ized by Kid n Play in the 80s, the high top fade is back in style again for both men and women. Nat­u­ral­is­tas make the style more excit­ing with added width and tex­ture.

Jenell B Stewart

Jenell. B. Stew­art





Bor­rowed from rock band mem­bers, the fro-hawk is a com­mon hair­style among nat­u­rals using some bob­by pins or hair clips, but only a few are bold enough to rock the style every­day.

ScarlettScar­lett Rocourt

MaiMaiya Batie


Have you embraced a tra­di­tion­al­ly male hair­cut dur­ing your nat­ur­al hair jour­ney? Do you think nat­ur­al hair blurred the gen­der lines in black hair? founder and edi­tor, Ijeo­ma Eboh, is on a mis­sion to change per­cep­tions of kinky tex­tured hair around the world. You can find her on social media @klassykinks.

Klassy Kinks founder and edi­tor, Ijeo­ma Eboh, is on a mis­sion to change per­cep­tions of kinky tex­tured hair around the world. You can find her on social media @klassykinks.

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Mariah Summers

I love this arti­cle so much. I am cur­rent­ly rock­ing a 80s flat­top fade hair­cut. I just have it done for two weeks ago now. I love my new look. It’s very low main­te­nance than high top fade hair­cut.


Fan­tas­tic arti­cle, very infor­ma­tive indeed. For more advice on mens hair styles in gen­er­al, feel free to check out


I cut my hair in a short girly curly cut to my neck to go nat­ur­al and I get told I look ugly and like a boy and it’s a girly cut I could nev­er go bold or do so called Boy­ish styles because i would get ridiculed and look ugly I’m already told I look ugly and like a boy with a short girly hair cut .


Girl…whoever is say­ing that to you is a hater and suf­fer­ing from envy. Don’t lis­ten to them and keep rock­ing your short nat­ur­al cut. And, I’m sure you’re beau­ti­ful.

The styles are love­ly, thanks for the images, though they are all quite old.  The author sounds real­ly young or cul­tur­al­ly con­ser­v­a­tive or iso­lat­ed. I’m curi­ous about the ‘USA’ ref­er­ences from some posters because I’m Amer­i­can and from NY and in my 30s, and shaved heads and short cuts on women — no secret, been around FOREVER.  Any­one remem­ber (or Google) some­thing called the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s? Bik­er cuts, shaved heads, punks? Any of this ring a bell? Hell research women in the 20s and 30s for razor and short cuts, it’s a trea­sure trove. We’ve been doing… Read more »

@ Elle,

I do not think the arti­cle is high­light­ing *just* short cuts on women, per se, but short *NATURAL* black hair cuts.

Most of the styles you men­tioned have been worn by many of us, but for­give my igno­rance, but I nev­er saw any of them on nat­ur­al black hair in pho­tos I have seen of black women from the 1920s — 1940s. Any of those styles you’ve high­light­ed with short hair I’ve only seen on straight­ened short hair, which is what many of us in the com­ments were pri­mar­i­ly con­cerned about (I thought?).


From junior year in high school to my fresh­man year in col­lege I rocked a Mohawk. I nev­er had the balls to spike it up but It was either lay­ing to one side or in some updo. I just start­ed grow­ing it out and noticed men and women dog­ging on girls with shaved sides say­ing that it’s ugly, even on some of tat­too mod­els I fol­low! Like lack of hair deter­mines how pret­ty you are -.- And you can eas­i­ly part you’re hair to hide it. Grow­ing it out how­ev­er is a whooooooole oth­er sto­ry…
[imgcomment image[/img]


I love my short tapered cut. It’s so easy to main­tain.
[imgcomment image[/img]

Love­ly! I don’t see any­thing wrong with how the author labeled this arti­cle. In Asia, where the “female hair should be long and flow­ing down­wards” men­tal­i­ty is ram­pant, they per­pet­u­ate that notion/mentality ALL THE TIME. I felt so scared to wear my nat­ur­al hair which grows upwards and out­wards. Though, I wore my nat­ur­al hair despite my fear… There was a lot of snick­er­ing, loud laugh­ter, rude com­ments and star­ing from gos­sip­ing Asians, a lot of curios­i­ty, a lot of ques­tions and some­times bla­tant crit­i­cism but in spite of it, I learnt a lot of things which my nat­ur­al hair can… Read more »
Jacky, This com­ment, while I can com­plete­ly under­stand your rea­son­ing behind the author’s selec­tion and even your accep­tance of it–I ques­tion this accep­tance. I under­stood why the author chose the title, but I reject it and I hope many oth­er Africans on the con­ti­nent, in Asia, in the Americas–ANYWHERE, but most espe­cial­ly on a web­site cel­e­brat­ing BLACK HAIR–will reject or will learn to reject these notions about our hair. You say you are in an Asian coun­try. OK, that is *their* stan­dard. At some point, we have to real­ize that it’s NOT okay to duti­ful­ly accept and inter­nal­ize stan­dards which are… Read more »
If I am under­stand­ing you cor­rect­ly, I have no issues with the title of the arti­cle. I think the author is sim­ply say­ing that black women are rock­ing short buzz and/or hair­cuts in gen­er­al that are seen tra­di­tion­al­ly on men. White women do it too. I for one will con­tin­ue to rock my short nat­ur­al hair until the day I die. I used to have shoul­der length hair up to 4yrs ago. I enjoy my trips to the bar­ber­shop to get my cut. And, inter­est­ing­ly enough…it’s one of those things that makes me feel so much like a woman and puts… Read more »
I under­stand your point. I nev­er said that the notion was a good one. I don’t mind the title because I feel like the author is say­ing that even though some hair­styles are seen as unfem­i­nine or even mas­cu­line, some ladies are rock­ing( and slay­ing ) them hard­core! To me, these ladies actions are a revolt against the biased notions of the world( like the “only long silky hair is beau­ti­ful” and the “long silky hair is an absolute must for women” men­tal­i­ties of the world ) and I won­der why I won’t sup­port what they’re doing. They’re turn­ing the tables… Read more »
Every­one needs to pause and con­sid­er their lan­guage so we can break down stereo­types and oppres­sive expec­ta­tions for women and unfor­tu­nate­ly this arti­cle did not do that and actu­al­ly rein­forced gen­der stereo­types. And it also com­plete­ly lacked any social com­men­tary on how these hair­styles sub­vert patri­archy atti­tudes towards women hav­ing long hair or rather sub­vert­ing the expec­ta­tion that women need to craft an image of our­selves that is pleas­ing to men. So either the author need­ed to address that direct­ly or instead just con­sid­er these a hair­style a assumed real­i­ty for women which they have been for many women for… Read more »
I do not agree that nat­ur­al hair blends gen­der lines in black hair. Per­haps if you are still accept­ing and believ­ing that long hair = fem­i­nine and short hair = mas­cu­line. I do not accept this. For brevity’s sake: I reject it.  I think I can kin­da under­stand why the author of this arti­cle chose to say “boy’s”–in the USA, many women may find dif­fi­cul­ty get­ting these hair­styles from gen­er­al “women’s salons” any­more because of the preva­lence of such faulty notions that short *nat­ur­al* hair = mas­cu­line. But… When I think of the high-top fad­ed look, I think of Kid n… Read more »

cor­rec­tion janet is not the kabaka’s wife she is the president’s wife. first lady


Thanks HOPE!


“in the USA, many women may find dif­fi­cul­ty get­ting these hair­styles from gen­er­al “women’s salons” any­more because of the preva­lence of such faulty notions that short *nat­ur­al* hair = mas­cu­line”

Where do some of you live in the States, lol! I’ve seen nat­ur­al short cuts on women for ages. This younger gen­er­a­tion is per­haps dif­fer­ent from mine and my moth­ers.

Peo­ple are get­ting bent out of shape because of the title of the arti­cle BUT these are men’s styles… No mat­ter what you say these are GENERALLY seen on men. NOT women. And for the record, some­one men­tioned Tia Mowry’s deci­sion to keep her son’s hair long. Long hair is FOR girls, peo­ple. IT is YOUR choice to wear what ever style you chose but it will be seen as a “girl’s” style or a “boy’s style. Peo­ple have become so MODERN now that they lie to them­selves and oth­ers to make them­selves feel bet­ter but where has the truth… Read more »

Long hair is FOR girls, peo­ple… Peo­ple have become so MODERN now that they lie to them­selves and oth­ers to make them­selves feel bet­ter but where has the truth gone to?

There are many com­mu­ni­ties across the world where it is tra­di­tion­al for men to have long hair. There is no ulti­mate sin­gle rigid truth about what hair length is for what gen­der. And people’s per­cep­tions change all the time, that’s why things go in out and of fash­ion. One year we per­ceive them to be cool/stylish and the next year we don’t. Such are the winds of change.



But we can change people’s per­cep­tions!

Oth­er­wise, many of us black women would not have stopped relax­ing and straight­en­ing our hair because it wasn’t “fem­i­nine” enough. Because it wasn’t “pro­fes­sion­al” enough. 

If you change the hair tex­ture from kinky coily to relaxed for every sin­gle woman in this arti­cle, I guar­an­tee that most would not even be called “boy’s hair­styles.”

After all, many of us *were* and *are* rock­ing the same hair­styles of Lupi­ta, Joy Adaeze and Yaasoulrebel–we just had straight hair.


I nev­er knew there were “gen­der lines” in hair styling.
I think it’s just a mind­set.

But real­ly, these hair­styles look great! :D

Knotty Natural

Hey Klassy Kinks! You for­got me ;), although I don’t con­sid­er the style a high-top fade…

[imgcomment image[/img]


i absolute­ly love your cut! I am so inspired now!!!

Knotty Natural

Thank you hon­ey!

I nev­er thought I’d have side­burns, but I love them! It adds an edgi­ness to my look. I feel like I have the best of both worlds though because when I do any style where my hair is down (blow out, braid or twist out) you can’t even tell I have 1/4 of my hair shaved off. 

Very ver­sa­tile style!

C in Colorado

Knot­ty Nat­ur­al, you are gor­geous. You and the oth­er ladies pic­tured in this arti­cle have style for miles. Givin’ me life!

Amma Mama

All these ladies look good. I fol­low quite a few of them on Insta­gram. One day when I get some guts,I am gonna try that #shaved­hair­dont­care life. I’ve thought about it for some time now. Grow­ing up, my mom used to always shave her hair off. She loved it!

Miss Elisa K.

LOVE IT!!!! They are all fly!


I smell a dou­ble standard.….:/

Truth Hurts

Im sur­prise at the title of this arti­cle. Two weeks ago BGLH was defend­ing Tia Mowry deci­sion to keep her sons hair long and defend­ed her deci­sion against those that his hair style is for girls. But, now u call these love­ly ladies hair styles “Like a Boy” & “Men Hair cuts”. So its ok to say these women are rock­ing “boy” hair­styles but not ok for folks to say Tia son’s hair looks like a girl!


Love the cuts! But couldn’t you have left out the lame boy ref­er­ence? We would all be bet­ter served if we’d stop it with the arbi­trary gen­der con­straints espe­cial­ly when it comes to fash­ion. If it’s on a woman it’s clear­ly not just for men and vice ver­sa.

They don’t look like men and they aren’t try­ing to be like men. They look fash­ion­able and awe­some!


Oh how mag­nif­i­cent­ly lib­er­al of you. No big­gie if your dude starts Ban­tu knot­ting his hair and don­ning bet­ter twists outs than you! Oh per­haps even rock­ing your heels and under­gar­ments too.


why don’t you hop on over to fox news if you want to keep it con­ser­v­a­tive, hun?


:) they all look so awe­some! Nat­ur­al hair gives me lii­ife! (T.T).


I don’t con­sid­er these to be men’s hair­cuts.

This implies that any nat­ur­al who wears her hair short is wear­ing a men’s cut. I mean a TWA can said to be a guy­ish look, and some peo­ple believe that.

It’s a bit insult­ing and maybe even too west­ern a take on this issue in light of how our hair grows — up and out. In this men­tal­i­ty, fem­i­nine hair hangs down.

I agree. When I see black women with short cuts like these I don’t auto­mat­i­cal­ly think that its a men’s hair cut. I do think that is a west­ern bias.And the very rea­son why women in this coun­try( USA) can be death­ly afraid to big chop or heck even go nat­ur­al as I have heard many say that to wear nat­ur­al hair is unfem­i­nine! I have always per­son­al­ly believed that black woman are the only women who can pull off real­ly short hair like these with­out look­ing crazy. The best word to describe these type of cuts is MODERN or… Read more »
@Jenni & Mer­ry, you are total­ly on point. I wouldn’t call these mas­cu­line styles either. And I think such char­ac­ter­i­za­tions ARE why so many women are afraid to cut their hair or feel it has to be weaved down their back to be “fem­i­nine.” It’s non­sense. I love short hair…whether relaxed or nat­ur­al. My hair is nat­ur­al and even though it grows like a weed, I always cut it short. I think it takes con­fi­dence to wear short hair, espe­cial­ly in light of com­ments like those in this arti­cle char­ac­ter­iz­ing such styles as being “mas­cu­line.” These women look amaz­ing and… Read more »

These women are brave for tak­ing these leaps in hair styles! I’ve seen so many beau­ti­ful women who wear the buzz cut and it looks amaz­ing. Kudos to them!

only black women

*sigh* why?.…


Because it’s trendy and every one even adults want to be trendy.


Why not?


ok, but where are the style icons?


These styles are so cool. I live in South Africa and every woman is now rock­ing the “Kendrick Lamar” cut. It costs less that 1 dol­lar at any bar­ber­shop.