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It’s fun to borrow style tips from the opposite gender, from boyfriend jeans and fedoras to blazers and wing-tipped oxfords. Naturalistas are increasingly turning to the fellas for haircut and hairstyle inspirations. Check out these women who are doing things “like a boy” and slaying it!

The Buzz Cut

This is the quintessential men’s haircut and is often worn by women who do a real (very low to the scalp) big chop. These women have made it their signature style for it’s classic vibe and low maintenance properties.

felicia-leatherwoodFelicia Leatherwood

alex elle big chop

Alex Elle


The Deep Part

Bold and beautiful naturals who rock low cuts with deep parts cut in take a cue from guys who get razor sharp parts cut into their shape ups. To fake it, use hair clips to hold down your part after wetting and detangling your hair.

lupita nyong'o deep partLupita Nyong’o

joy adaezeJoy Adaeze


The High-Top Fade

Popularized by Kid n Play in the 80s, the high top fade is back in style again for both men and women. Naturalistas make the style more exciting with added width and texture.

Jenell B Stewart

Jenell. B. Stewart





Borrowed from rock band members, the fro-hawk is a common hairstyle among naturals using some bobby pins or hair clips, but only a few are bold enough to rock the style everyday.

ScarlettScarlett Rocourt

MaiMaiya Batie


Have you embraced a traditionally male haircut during your natural hair journey? Do you think natural hair blurred the gender lines in black hair? founder and editor, Ijeoma Eboh, is on a mission to change perceptions of kinky textured hair around the world. You can find her on social media @klassykinks.

Klassy Kinks founder and editor, Ijeoma Eboh, is on a mission to change perceptions of kinky textured hair around the world. You can find her on social media @klassykinks.

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Mariah Summers

I love this article so much. I am currently rocking a 80s flattop fade haircut. I just have it done for two weeks ago now. I love my new look. It’s very low maintenance than high top fade haircut.


Fantastic article, very informative indeed. For more advice on mens hair styles in general, feel free to check out


I cut my hair in a short girly curly cut to my neck to go natural and I get told I look ugly and like a boy and it’s a girly cut I could never go bold or do so called Boyish styles because i would get ridiculed and look ugly I’m already told I look ugly and like a boy with a short girly hair cut .


Girl…whoever is saying that to you is a hater and suffering from envy. Don’t listen to them and keep rocking your short natural cut. And, I’m sure you’re beautiful.

The styles are lovely, thanks for the images, though they are all quite old. The author sounds really young or culturally conservative or isolated. I’m curious about the ‘USA’ references from some posters because I’m American and from NY and in my 30s, and shaved heads and short cuts on women – no secret, been around FOREVER. Anyone remember (or Google) something called the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s? Biker cuts, shaved heads, punks? Any of this ring a bell? Hell research women in the 20s and 30s for razor and short cuts, it’s a treasure trove. We’ve been… Read more »

@ Elle,

I do not think the article is highlighting *just* short cuts on women, per se, but short *NATURAL* black hair cuts.

Most of the styles you mentioned have been worn by many of us, but forgive my ignorance, but I never saw any of them on natural black hair in photos I have seen of black women from the 1920s – 1940s. Any of those styles you’ve highlighted with short hair I’ve only seen on straightened short hair, which is what many of us in the comments were primarily concerned about (I thought?).


From junior year in high school to my freshman year in college I rocked a Mohawk. I never had the balls to spike it up but It was either laying to one side or in some updo. I just started growing it out and noticed men and women dogging on girls with shaved sides saying that it’s ugly, even on some of tattoo models I follow! Like lack of hair determines how pretty you are -.- And you can easily part you’re hair to hide it. Growing it out however is a whooooooole other story…
[imgcomment image[/img]


I love my short tapered cut. It’s so easy to maintain.
[imgcomment image[/img]

Lovely! I don’t see anything wrong with how the author labeled this article. In Asia, where the “female hair should be long and flowing downwards” mentality is rampant, they perpetuate that notion/mentality ALL THE TIME. I felt so scared to wear my natural hair which grows upwards and outwards. Though, I wore my natural hair despite my fear… There was a lot of snickering, loud laughter, rude comments and staring from gossiping Asians, a lot of curiosity, a lot of questions and sometimes blatant criticism but in spite of it, I learnt a lot of things which my natural hair… Read more »
Jacky, This comment, while I can completely understand your reasoning behind the author’s selection and even your acceptance of it–I question this acceptance. I understood why the author chose the title, but I reject it and I hope many other Africans on the continent, in Asia, in the Americas–ANYWHERE, but most especially on a website celebrating BLACK HAIR–will reject or will learn to reject these notions about our hair. You say you are in an Asian country. OK, that is *their* standard. At some point, we have to realize that it’s NOT okay to dutifully accept and internalize standards which… Read more »
If I am understanding you correctly, I have no issues with the title of the article. I think the author is simply saying that black women are rocking short buzz and/or haircuts in general that are seen traditionally on men. White women do it too. I for one will continue to rock my short natural hair until the day I die. I used to have shoulder length hair up to 4yrs ago. I enjoy my trips to the barbershop to get my cut. And, interestingly enough…it’s one of those things that makes me feel so much like a woman and… Read more »
I understand your point. I never said that the notion was a good one. I don’t mind the title because I feel like the author is saying that even though some hairstyles are seen as unfeminine or even masculine, some ladies are rocking( and slaying ) them hardcore! To me, these ladies actions are a revolt against the biased notions of the world( like the “only long silky hair is beautiful” and the “long silky hair is an absolute must for women” mentalities of the world ) and I wonder why I won’t support what they’re doing. They’re turning the… Read more »
Everyone needs to pause and consider their language so we can break down stereotypes and oppressive expectations for women and unfortunately this article did not do that and actually reinforced gender stereotypes. And it also completely lacked any social commentary on how these hairstyles subvert patriarchy attitudes towards women having long hair or rather subverting the expectation that women need to craft an image of ourselves that is pleasing to men. So either the author needed to address that directly or instead just consider these a hairstyle a assumed reality for women which they have been for many women for… Read more »
I do not agree that natural hair blends gender lines in black hair. Perhaps if you are still accepting and believing that long hair = feminine and short hair = masculine. I do not accept this. For brevity’s sake: I reject it. I think I can kinda understand why the author of this article chose to say “boy’s”–in the USA, many women may find difficulty getting these hairstyles from general “women’s salons” anymore because of the prevalence of such faulty notions that short *natural* hair = masculine. But… When I think of the high-top faded look, I think of Kid… Read more »

correction janet is not the kabaka’s wife she is the president’s wife. first lady


Thanks HOPE!


“in the USA, many women may find difficulty getting these hairstyles from general “women’s salons” anymore because of the prevalence of such faulty notions that short *natural* hair = masculine”

Where do some of you live in the States, lol! I’ve seen natural short cuts on women for ages. This younger generation is perhaps different from mine and my mothers.

People are getting bent out of shape because of the title of the article BUT these are men’s styles… No matter what you say these are GENERALLY seen on men. NOT women. And for the record, someone mentioned Tia Mowry’s decision to keep her son’s hair long. Long hair is FOR girls, people. IT is YOUR choice to wear what ever style you chose but it will be seen as a “girl’s” style or a “boy’s style. People have become so MODERN now that they lie to themselves and others to make themselves feel better but where has the truth… Read more »

Long hair is FOR girls, people… People have become so MODERN now that they lie to themselves and others to make themselves feel better but where has the truth gone to?

There are many communities across the world where it is traditional for men to have long hair. There is no ultimate single rigid truth about what hair length is for what gender. And people’s perceptions change all the time, that’s why things go in out and of fashion. One year we perceive them to be cool/stylish and the next year we don’t. Such are the winds of change.



But we can change people’s perceptions!

Otherwise, many of us black women would not have stopped relaxing and straightening our hair because it wasn’t “feminine” enough. Because it wasn’t “professional” enough.

If you change the hair texture from kinky coily to relaxed for every single woman in this article, I guarantee that most would not even be called “boy’s hairstyles.”

After all, many of us *were* and *are* rocking the same hairstyles of Lupita, Joy Adaeze and Yaasoulrebel–we just had straight hair.


I never knew there were “gender lines” in hair styling.
I think it’s just a mindset.

But really, these hairstyles look great! 😀

Knotty Natural

Hey Klassy Kinks! You forgot me ;), although I don’t consider the style a high-top fade…

[imgcomment image[/img]


i absolutely love your cut! I am so inspired now!!!

Knotty Natural

Thank you honey!

I never thought I’d have sideburns, but I love them! It adds an edginess to my look. I feel like I have the best of both worlds though because when I do any style where my hair is down (blow out, braid or twist out) you can’t even tell I have 1/4 of my hair shaved off.

Very versatile style!

C in Colorado

Knotty Natural, you are gorgeous. You and the other ladies pictured in this article have style for miles. Givin’ me life!

Amma Mama

All these ladies look good. I follow quite a few of them on Instagram. One day when I get some guts,I am gonna try that #shavedhairdontcare life. I’ve thought about it for some time now. Growing up, my mom used to always shave her hair off. She loved it!

Miss Elisa K.

LOVE IT!!!! They are all fly!


I smell a double standard…..:/

Truth Hurts

Im surprise at the title of this article. Two weeks ago BGLH was defending Tia Mowry decision to keep her sons hair long and defended her decision against those that his hair style is for girls. But, now u call these lovely ladies hair styles “Like a Boy” & “Men Hair cuts”. So its ok to say these women are rocking “boy” hairstyles but not ok for folks to say Tia son’s hair looks like a girl!


Love the cuts! But couldn’t you have left out the lame boy reference? We would all be better served if we’d stop it with the arbitrary gender constraints especially when it comes to fashion. If it’s on a woman it’s clearly not just for men and vice versa.

They don’t look like men and they aren’t trying to be like men. They look fashionable and awesome!


Oh how magnificently liberal of you. No biggie if your dude starts Bantu knotting his hair and donning better twists outs than you! Oh perhaps even rocking your heels and undergarments too.


why don’t you hop on over to fox news if you want to keep it conservative, hun?


🙂 they all look so awesome! Natural hair gives me liiife! (T.T).


I don’t consider these to be men’s haircuts.

This implies that any natural who wears her hair short is wearing a men’s cut. I mean a TWA can said to be a guyish look, and some people believe that.

It’s a bit insulting and maybe even too western a take on this issue in light of how our hair grows – up and out. In this mentality, feminine hair hangs down.

I agree. When I see black women with short cuts like these I don’t automatically think that its a men’s hair cut. I do think that is a western bias.And the very reason why women in this country( USA) can be deathly afraid to big chop or heck even go natural as I have heard many say that to wear natural hair is unfeminine! I have always personally believed that black woman are the only women who can pull off really short hair like these without looking crazy. The best word to describe these type of cuts is MODERN or… Read more »
@Jenni & Merry, you are totally on point. I wouldn’t call these masculine styles either. And I think such characterizations ARE why so many women are afraid to cut their hair or feel it has to be weaved down their back to be “feminine.” It’s nonsense. I love short hair…whether relaxed or natural. My hair is natural and even though it grows like a weed, I always cut it short. I think it takes confidence to wear short hair, especially in light of comments like those in this article characterizing such styles as being “masculine.” These women look amazing and… Read more »

These women are brave for taking these leaps in hair styles! I’ve seen so many beautiful women who wear the buzz cut and it looks amazing. Kudos to them!

only black women

*sigh* why?….


Because it’s trendy and every one even adults want to be trendy.


Why not?


ok, but where are the style icons?


These styles are so cool. I live in South Africa and every woman is now rocking the “Kendrick Lamar” cut. It costs less that 1 dollar at any barbershop.