“Some­times we for­get that hair is just hair. Whether it’s nat­u­ral or processed…it’s all…just…hair”. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, I can’t recall who made that state­ment, but the moment I heard it, I began to think. Am I over doing it because I’ve become nat­u­ral? So, I began to reflect back on my jour­ney…

Now, I will say that switch­ing to nat­u­ral saved me a lot of mon­ey on salon appoint­ments (see what I did there?), but I real­ly can’t say the same for the prod­ucts I was using. Before and dur­ing my tran­si­tion, I was huge on the Organ­ic Roots Stim­u­la­tor line. I loved it and had no issues at all…but the moment I com­plet­ed my tran­si­tion, I threw those out and start­ed spend­ing a crazy amount of mon­ey on “nat­u­ral hair prod­ucts”. I’ve since changed my ways and now incor­po­rate both “nat­u­ral hair” prod­ucts and “reg­u­lar” prod­ucts in my reg­i­men. How­ev­er, I want to com­pare some that I’ve used to help answer the ques­tion: Do we some­times spend unnec­es­sar­i­ly on “nat­u­ral hair” prod­ucts?


Camille Rose Nat­u­rals Curlaide Mois­ture But­ter vs. Elas­ta QP Olive Oil and Man­go But­ter Mois­tur­iz­er



First up…Camille Rose, here are the deets:

- Key ingre­di­ents: Water, Organ­ic rice milk, green tea, jojoba, macadamia, shea but­ter, and coconut oil
— Promis­es to mois­tur­ized, soft and min­i­mizes break­age
— Pack­aged in an 8 oz. jar
— Retails for $16.99

Elas­ta QP:

- Key ingre­di­ents: Water, olive fruit oil, capric capryl­lic triglyc­erides (coconut/palm oil fat­ty acids), PEG-75 lano­lin    (processed lano­lin)
— Promis­es soft­er, fuller look­ing hair; helps strength­en and pro­tect hair again­st break­age, split ends and dry­ness
— Typ­i­cal­ly pack­aged in a 6 oz. jar
— Retails for $4.99


I can hon­est­ly say that I LOVE both of the­se prod­ucts. Each one does what it says it’s going to do and they both smell deli­cious! I have nev­er had a prob­lem with either one and I’ve used both inter­change­ably for over a year now. How­ev­er, the fact that I’m get­ting pret­ty much the same results baf­fles me. With the price point of the Camille Rose Nat­u­rals but­ter, one would think that my hair remains mois­tur­ized for weeks at a time! But that’s not the case. And please don’t get me wrong, I under­stand that we’re pay­ing for the ingre­di­ents (which are great), but if I can get the same results using the Elas­ta QP for a whole 10 bucks cheap­er, then sign me up! The ingre­di­ents in Elas­ta QP’s mois­tur­iz­er aren’t nec­es­sar­i­ly organ­ic, but my tid bit of research proved that they aren’t bad for your hair either! So in this case, I would say that the choice is up to you. You can’t tru­ly go wrong with either pro­duct. It just all boils down to how fru­gal you are.


Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave In Conditioner/Detangler vs. Gio­van­ni Direct Leave In


Kinky Curly:

- Key ingre­di­ents: organ­ic man­go fruit extract, organ­ic slip­pery elm, organ­ic marsh­mal­low root, organ­ic lemon­grass, cetyl   alco­hol, behent­ri­mo­ni­um metho­sul­fate (ammo­ni­um com­pound for slip), cit­ric acid
— Designed to con­di­tion, smooth the cuti­cle and remove knots, snarls, from thick tex­tured, curly hair
— Typ­i­cal­ly pack­aged in an 8 oz. bot­tle
— Retails for $12.99


- Key ingre­di­ents: water, cetyl alco­hol, toco­pherol (vit­a­m­in E), Pan­thenol (pro-vit­a­m­in B5), cit­ric acid
— Promis­es to restore strength, lus­ter, and nour­ish­ment to abused hair, mois­tur­ize and builds body, detan­gle for easy  comb-out/styling, plump each strand for unde­ni­able thick­ness that lasts, and great for all hair types
— Typ­i­cal­ly pack­aged in an 8.5 oz bot­tle
— Retails for $7.99


I used to be in love with Kinky Curly Knot Today until I cheat­ed on it with Gio­van­ni Direct Leave-in… *sings* “aaaaw the­se curls ain’t loy­al!” But I must say I’m glad that I did! Kinky Curly Knot Today was great for detan­gling my hair, but it wasn’t so hot when it came to the con­di­tion­ing side of things. My hair would feel mois­tur­ized while it was damp, but as it dried it was as if all the mois­ture evap­o­rat­ed. I thought my hair was just super thirsty and thought noth­ing of it. Oh but one day, I came across Gio­van­ni…and that was all she wrote. This has become a sta­ple pro­duct for me! Every­thing that it promis­es, it pro­vides; my hair loves this stuff! Detan­gling is a breeze and my hair is nour­ished and mois­tur­ized for a sig­nif­i­cant amount of time. What I will say is this: Kinky Curly says that it’s designed for “thick tex­tured, curly hair”, which is exact­ly what I have, but it dropped the ball on me. On the oth­er hand, Gio­van­ni is designed for ALL hair types and has yet to dis­ap­point! It’s quite obvi­ous that my hair can do with­out all the organ­ic ingre­di­ents; so for a whole 5 bucks cheap­er and extra half an ounce, I must say that Gio­van­ni Direct Leave-In gets the award!


I know not all of us are strung up on only using “nat­u­ral” prod­ucts, but there are some peo­ple that are. I know it’s all about pref­er­ence, in fact the great MiMi Faust said it best, “I like what I like! (LOL)” How­ev­er, I would sug­gest tak­ing the time out to ana­lyze what you’re pay­ing for ver­sus what you’re receiv­ing. Just because it’s hand­made and has 100% organ­ic ingre­di­ents  doesn’t make it the absolute BEST thing for your hair. If you can find some­thing that gives you the same results or BETTER for a much cheap­er price, I say why not go for it?! If you ask me, I would say that we are def­i­nite­ly pay­ing too much for “nat­u­ral” prod­ucts. The results just aren’t sig­nif­i­cant enough. So until those organ­ic prod­ucts make me some­thing like Rapun­zel in a year, I’ll con­tin­ue to save my lit­tle change and put it in my tank!


Which prod­ucts do you prefer and do you think you’re over­spend­ing? Why or why not?


About Alon­dra: Joke telling, hair pick tot­ing, life-liv­ing South­ern Bell by way of Mem­phis, Ten­nessee. I’m a young,educated black wom­an pur­su­ing dreams by day and a super hero by night; my pow­ers reside in my mind. To state it sim­ply, I plan to save the world one con­ver­sa­tion at a time. @Color_Me_Diva @MyManeThang

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Whitney Bianca

Define­ly Giovanni’s


You got me want­i­ng to try Elas­ta QP.


I feel the oppo­site about KCKT and GDLI. The Gio­van­ni did absolute­ly noth­ing for my hair *sigh* I want­ed to like it! I used Aussie Moist as a leave in for a while but then I tried Sally’s GVP “The Con­di­tion­er” (Paul Mitchell knock off) It was ok. When I tried KCNT I was soooooo impressed at how mois­tur­ized my hair felt! I think this one might be a new sta­ple. It took me so long to try because I didn’t wan­na spend that $$$ :-( 

Now…I LOVE my Curlaide buu­u­ut I need to see what this Elas­ta QP is hit­tin’ for! Lol


Inter­est­ing arti­cle. Cer­tain­ly some­thing to think about.

Nickisha McClean Parris
Nickisha McClean Parris

I per­son­al­ly just love the Pro­fec­tiv brand. It has worked for me with relaxed hair and has been a God send with my nat­u­ral hair…just say­ing. (Sor­ry Nat­u­ral hair prod­ucts :))


I used all man­ner of cheap reg­u­lar prod­ucts when I first went nat­u­ral. Then, I used the expen­sive prod­ucts like Carol’s Daugh­ter and Miss Jessie’s, etc. From there, I went com­plete­ly organ­ic, using kitchen items. Now, I use a mix­ture of organ­ic kitchen items and reg­u­lar prod­ucts and the com­bi­na­tion works for me. I’ve run the gamut with prod­ucts, but I agree that if a cheap pro­duct with “low­er qual­i­ty” ingre­di­ents works just as well or bet­ter than its more expen­sive organ­ic or nat­u­ral coun­ter­part, then why spend the extra coins?


I don’t con­sid­er Gio­vani a non nat­u­ral pro­duct. if it wasn’t they wouldn’t sell it at Whole Foods. I can use a few cheap­er prod­ucts but over­all myhair prefers nat­u­ral ingre­di­ents. cheap­er to make my own gel, spritzes, leave in. I invest­ed in essen­tial oils and add them to cheap­er cow­ash­es.


For me, it’s all about how much pro­duct will build up on my scalp and how fast. Cer­tain non organ­ic prod­ucts will force me to wash my hair every­day or 4 times a week. And uh, ain’t non got time for that, specif­i­cal­ly not an engi­neer­ing major. Sheamois­ture? I can go about a mon­th and a cou­ple weeks (max lol I try to wash every mon­th) with­out wor­ry­ing about crazy itch­ing or bad build up! :)


I use ACE Oil’s Milk with Silk Pro­tein as a spray on (mixed with a lit­tle water) fol­lowed by plain old cas­tor oil.
I’ll use some but­ters and creams too but only if they don’t have “car­bomer”. If that’s any­where on the ingre­di­ent list, my hair becomes hard and dry.


I real­ly like Kinky Curly when my hair is wet but it dries out pret­ty bad­ly.

I real­ly appre­ci­at­ed the insight in this arti­cle. Some­times organ­ic prod­ucts are con­sid­ered best sim­ply by nature of being organ­ic. We do have to be more dis­cern­ing in the prod­ucts we’re using in our hair and not just get some­thing because it’s more expen­sive, so it just has to be bet­ter. HOWEVER, I see that the arti­cle only focus­es on “key ingre­di­ents” in its com­par­ison of organic/natural vs. “reg­u­lar.” It’s impor­tant to review all of the ingre­di­ents in a pro­duct and con­sid­er its poten­tial affect on our bod­ies as a whole, espe­cial­ly because so much can be absorbed through the… Read more »

I’ve tried oth­er leave-in con­di­tion­ers and always come back to KCKT. I also love Eden’s Coconut Cow­ash, their Jojoba monoi DC and their Jojoba monoi oil. By far, my best trade off has been Cantu’s Curling Cus­tard over As I AM’s Curling Jel­ly. Both prod­ucts are awe­some for my wash and go’s but the AIA is pricier. And the ingre­di­ents are essen­tial­ly the same.


Camille Rose Almond Jai Twist­ing But­ter and Kinky Curly Knot Today are the truth for my hair.

I stick with nat­u­ral prod­ucts most­ly because I don’t use sham­poo and there­fore can only use prod­ucts that won’t cause too much build up.

I’ve rocked nat­u­ral hair on and off my entire life, but read­ing that relax­ers were linked to fibroids (whether it’s true or not) was the cat­a­lyst for decid­ing to sport my nat­u­ral hair for the rest of my life. Nat­u­ral ingre­di­ents are my pref­er­ence, but they don’t have to be organ­ic. Refined is ok. How­ev­er, prod­ucts with sil­i­cones make my hair feel dirty or waxy or gum­my. I don’t like added col­ors or unnat­u­ral fra­grances. Strong­ly scent­ed prod­ucts make me nau­seous or give me a headache. So many preser­v­a­tives and ques­tion­able ingre­di­ents have been linked to can­cer. I have a long… Read more »

The stud­ies on relax­ers and fibroids have sta­tis­ti­cal and pro­ce­du­ral flaws in them. 

Regard­less I use a mix­ture of prod­ucts sim­ply because lots of chem­i­cals are derived from nat­u­ral prod­ucts any­way. Also not every­thing that is nat­u­ral is good for you — ask peo­ple with hay fever and allergies to ani­mals.

I love the Gio­van­ni prod­ucts I use. I found the sham­poo by acci­dent when I was work­ing away at a health food store. The cashier noticed it and start­ed rav­ing about it like it was the Holy Grail.


I agree with the clos­ing para­graph. I get annoyed when peo­ple bash prod­ucts that didn’t work for them, and then oth­er peo­ple avoid those prod­ucts for fear they’ll have the same results. You real­ly don’t know until you try it. Me and my sis­ters all have very sim­i­lar hair tex­tures and poros­i­ty but I thrive from olive oil, one sis­ter with aloe vera and the oth­er with car­rot based con­coc­tions. One uses nat­u­ral only, one store bought only and I’m a com­bi­na­tion. There’s no uni­ver­sal truth when it comes to hair prod­ucts.

ss (short & sweet)

I agree — poros­i­ty is an over­looked fac­tor in how a pro­duct works!

I’m sur­prised that the Eden Body­works line was men­tioned in the comparisons.especially the leave-in and dc. Most of the ingre­di­ents (if not all) of them are nat­u­ral and the prod­ucts are less than $10. Thats a pret­ty good deal to me. At sallys between the sallys beau­ty card and the fre­quent sales on hair­care prod­ucts and the $10 off $20 coupon codes, this can be an eco­nom­i­cal way to pur­chase more nat­u­ral prod­ucts for a dis­count. I get that not every ingre­di­ent is com­pat­i­ble to your hair so you just have to see how the ingre­di­ents (nat­u­ral or unnat­u­ral) are… Read more »

You can get the liter size Gio­van­ni direct leave in from massagewarehouse.com for about $18 includ­ing ship­ping. That’s where I buy mine from and it’s more cost effec­tive. I’d rather get 32oz. for just under $20 than buy 8oz. for $8


the don’t seem to seel the gion­va­n­ni direct leave in any­more. at least i haven’t seen it in over a year. it was def­i­nite­ly my favorite pro­duct and now it’s gone with the wind. my styl­ist uses nairo­bi prod­ucts on my hair. unlike most nat­u­rals, i go the salon every two weeks just like before. my styl­ist knows far more about hair and hair prod­ucts than i ever care to, so i’ll keep sit­ting my self in her chair!

I’ve tried a few leave ins and always come back to the knot today. It detan­gles, and leaves my hair soft to the touch. Gio­van­ni and can­tu both left my hair feel­ing like a pile of hay. Beau­ti­ful tex­tures did noth­ing for me as well. it coat­ed my hair and that was it. I even think it caused the mas­sive shed­ding I was bat­tling at the time. Now I stick to knot today and shea mois­ture curl and shine milk. I do want to try the new leave in they have for their jbco line but it’s not where I… Read more »
Thanks Alon­dra for that review! I have also been look­ing for cheap­er alter­na­tive to hair care prod­ucts. That would be nice if we could have more sim­i­lar reviews. I love the idea of using organ­ic hair care prod­ucts and I under­stand that organ­ic ingre­di­ents are more expen­sive so I don’t want to blame man­u­fac­tur­ers. With that said, I am still a stu­dent and I real­ized that the amount of mon­ey I spend on some­thing that is noth­ing more than a dead fiber is crazy. If any­thing what has improved the appeare­ance of my hair is actu­al­ly to stop relax­ing them.… Read more »

I swear by sheamois­ture but i only buy them when i see a sale so i can save some mon­ey but I’ve tried prod­ucts that cost more and cost less with sim­i­lar results but i real­ly LOVE sheamois­ture. in my 3 years of being nat­u­ral I’vetried many things but i always go back to sheamois­ture lol




Me too lol


KC Knot Today have a lot com­pe­ti­tion the­se days. Along with the Gio­van­ni brand, there’s also Shea Moisture’s Leave-in, Can­tu and my recent dis­cov­ery; Beau­ti­ful Tex­tures Tan­gle Tam­ing Leave-In. (I know there’s anoth­er one I’m forgetting.)I real­ly like the BTTT Leave-In. I just try to stick with what works for me and what’s afford­able not so much the ingre­di­ents (I don’t like much petro­le­um though). It is what it is.

naturally Tee

shea moisture’s first ingre­di­ent is Glyc­er­in and my hair becomes a poof ball I am gonna try to save it for win­ter but I real­ly regret buy­ing it