Portia Cole Natural Hair Twist Out on Wet Hair After Pregnancy and After Texture Change

by Por­tia of huneybflyy.com (pic­tured above)

Over one year ago, I was blessed to become the moth­er of a baby boy. Preg­nan­cy was a new jour­ney for me and I didn’t know what to expect. Grant­ed, the expe­ri­enced women in my life gave me a wealth of infor­ma­tion regard­ing what may or may not hap­pen dur­ing my preg­nan­cy, but for the most part every­thing was a sur­prise. The biggest sur­prise came when I was wash­ing my hair one day.

I wet my hair in the show­er and applied my sham­poo as I nor­mal­ly do. How­ev­er, when I went to mas­sage the sham­poo into my scalp, my roots felt thick­er and sort of dense. I’m assum­ing because my hair was super stretched, that’s why I didn’t feel the den­si­ty pri­or to wash­ing. I heard for years that preg­nan­cy can cause your hair to grow sig­nif­i­cant­ly, but I didn’t expect for my hair to change tex­ture. My hair had nev­er grown out this way. It had always been thick, but not THIS thick. I chalked the new tex­ture change up to hor­mones and didn’t dig too deeply into any­thing.

Portia Cole Natural Hair Twist Out on Dry Hair During Pregnancy Before Texture Change3

Through­out the dura­tion of my preg­nan­cy, I decid­ed to embrace the new tex­ture and try to style my hair accord­ing­ly. I did my usu­al twist-outs, but my roots were becom­ing strange for me to work with. My usu­al prod­ucts and tech­niques, weren’t work­ing on my entire head like before.  My twist-outs would look how they nor­mal­ly did, except my roots were so thick that they looked like they were sit­ting an inch off of my scalp (at least to me any­way). They also didn’t have the same def­i­n­i­tion as the rest of my head. I assumed that my hair would return to nor­mal once I had the baby, so I wore a pro­tec­tive style (twists) for the rest of my preg­nan­cy.

Portia Cole Natural Hair Twist Out On Dry Hair After Pregnancy and After Texture Change2

Of course after I had my baby boy, the last thing on my mind was my hair. It was some­thing I didn’t feel like being both­ered with while try­ing to bond with my son, so I opt­ed for anoth­er round of twists. Before my next set of twists were put in, I washed, con­di­tioned and blow dried my hair as usu­al. My roots were crazy thick at this point, but I fig­ured since I just had the baby that it would take a while for my hair to grow nor­mal­ly again.

It’s been about 15 months since I was preg­nant and my hair is still grow­ing out dense­ly and super thick. I even had to change the way that I detan­gle my hair because my Den­man brush, which I used for detan­gling, was lit­er­al­ly rip­ping my hair out. This wasn’t just a lit­tle bit of hair that was com­ing out in the brush; whole curls were being torn out of my head. It was becom­ing dif­fi­cult for me to pull the brush through my roots, even though I already detan­gled the ends of my hair and worked my way up. That was a seri­ous wake-up call for me and I now fin­ger detan­gle my hair as a result.

I’ve also had to change up my styling prod­ucts. On wash day, I would wash my hair with a VO5 sham­poo (cheap, but my hair loved it), con­di­tion with cho­les­terol con­di­tion­er and apply coconut oil or extra vir­gin olive oil as a hot oil treat­ment.  I also used to use a com­bi­na­tion of Shea Moisture’s Curl and Style Milk, raw shea but­ter and Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel on my twist outs. Now, that my hair is a dif­fer­ent tex­ture, I’ve had to change a few of the prod­ucts that I use. I still use the same con­di­tion­er, but I’ve switched my sham­poo to a mois­tur­iz­ing sham­poo. My hair now needs some­thing heav­ier than Shea Moisture’s Curl and Style Milk, so I switched to Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhanc­ing Smooth­ie. In addi­tion, I’ve changed the amount of shea but­ter that I use. I used to apply the but­ter with a light hand, but I now use a lit­tle more. I’ve also changed the oils that I use for my hot oil treat­ment.

Pre­vi­ous­ly, I would only use cas­tor oil on occa­sion for my hot oil treat­ments, but I’ve recent­ly added it as a hot oil treat­ment sta­ple since it heav­ier than coconut oil or olive oil; and it works bet­ter with my new-growth tex­ture. Even the amount of time that it takes my hair to dry has increased. To help with dry­ing time, I either sit under a dry­er after twist­ing my hair on wash day or I air dry overnight while sleep­ing on a silk pil­low­case. I used to wear a satin bon­net and air dry overnight, but the bon­net began to leave my hair damp in the morn­ing. Even with­out the bon­net, I still have to pray that my hair will be dry enough for me to have frizz free hair the next day.

Portia Cole Natural Hair Twist Out on Dry Hair During Pregnancy Before Texture Change

I nev­er expect­ed to have to re-learn my hair’s likes and dis­likes after years of being nat­ur­al. I had my wash days and styling tech­niques down to a sci­ence. I would try new prod­ucts here and there, but I nev­er ven­tured far from my sta­ples. For the first time in years, I had a moment of pan­ic and was com­plete­ly lost. It took me a few months to fig­ure out what to do. Cur­rent­ly, my new rou­tine has been work­ing out great, but I’m still learn­ing. I’m not sure if my hair will ever return to the way it was before. If it does, great! If it doesn’t, I won’t lose any sleep. Nat­ur­al hair is tru­ly a jour­ney, even for a vet­er­an like myself.


Has your hair tex­ture changed since hav­ing your child(ren)? How are you deal­ing with the new tex­ture?


Por­tia is a wife and moth­er who enjoys mak­ing things and peo­ple look pret­ty! As a grad­u­ate of Rowan Uni­ver­si­ty, Por­tia has an insa­tiable crav­ing for nat­ur­al hair, beau­ty, and fash­ion, but she also enjoys trav­el­ing and home decor. If you’d like to know more about her, vis­it her blog at huneybflyy.com

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Ashlee Carnes
I know this post is old but I’ve been search­ing the net to find some­one with an expe­ri­ence sim­i­lar to mine. Before preg­nan­cy, I already had real­ly thick hair that was very curly (think Rachel True), but my roots got much thick­er after giv­ing birth, and it looks like it sits far off my scalp. Once I stopped nurs­ing (around 6mos), my tex­ture changed com­plete­ly. Instead of ringlets, I now have loose curls, more like Amand­la Sten­berg. Could this be a change due to hor­mones? I don’t know what to do with my hair any­more! I was the queen of… Read more »
I’m in that same predica­ment with a total hair tex­ture change, which my hair went from a thick relaxed tex­ture to not being able to hold a curl at all. I thought the rem­e­dy would be to cut it off and start from scratch with a relax­er, that didn’t work so I grew out the relax­er and went nat­ur­al. I am now back to shoul­der length and healthy but alas my hair is STILL fine. I can’t do any thing real­ly but wrap it at night, it’s such a tired look I usu­al­ly opt for crotch­et braids. I need some… Read more »
Penny Grace

Yes, my hair has def­i­nite­ly changed dur­ing my preg­nan­cy. My roots are super thick and it’s grown tremen­dous­ly. I am real­ly excit­ed about it and I want to see what it will be like a few months from now after my deliv­ery.

WOw! I love this arti­cle because i nev­er heard any­one else talk about this. i had the dis­ap­pear­ing edges yes..but more than that my hair has changed dras­ti­cal­ly over the course of my preg­nan­cies and after. i have 5 chil­dren. and i almost dont rec­og­nize my hair. its not bad, its just that things that worked for 20 years all of a sud­den dont work. its amaz­ing. right now my hair takes for­ev­er to dry after wash­ing, thin­ner than before, and absolute­ly hates any and every oil ive tried. with the excep­tion of a lit­tle bit of argan oil. every­thing… Read more »

I have this exact issue. My hair roots are grow­ing in much thick­er. I’ve been nat­ur­al for 5 years and am now hav­ing to find new prod­ucts that will work for my hair. What once worked doesn’t any­more. It’s a bit frus­trat­ing but I find that either twist­ing my hair in either small­er sec­tions, or braid­ing at the root, then twist­ing ( both that I don’t have time for), gives me bet­ter results, although not great…no amount of deep con­di­tion­ing, steam treat­ments, or hot oil treat­ments have made a big difference…yet

It was 25 years ago this past month that I mis­car­ried a pre­cious lit­tle boy. Among the things I was left with from that expe­ri­ence was what my moth­er told me was a “cowlick”, a small but obvi­ous inden­ta­tion of edge-thin­ning that inter­rupts the cur­va­ture of your hair­line. Well, over the years, that cow has kept on lick­ing, and not even JBCO has helped it. Hair grows there, but seems more like body hair for length and fine­ness than like head hair, although it still has some of the den­si­ty (actu­al num­ber of hairs grow­ing). It’s frus­trat­ing, because, espe­cial­ly now… Read more »
I’m at 36 weeks now with my third child and accord­ing to my obste­tri­cian while you may find that your hair feels fuller when you’re preg­nant, you’re not actu­al­ly grow­ing more hair (and the strands them­selves aren’t any thick­er) – you’re just los­ing it more slow­ly than you usu­al­ly do. Here’s what’s going on: Nor­mal­ly, 85 to 95 per­cent of the hair on your head is grow­ing and the oth­er 5 to 15 per­cent is in a rest­ing stage. After the rest­ing peri­od, this hair nat­u­ral­ly falls out (often while you’re brush­ing or sham­poo­ing your hair) and is replaced by new… Read more »

Fas­ci­nat­ing. I nev­er heard of anyon’e hair chang­ing tex­ture or get­ting denser like that. The author seemed ready to take on the chal­lenge though.


Yes, it’s been 8 months for me I had twin boys and before my hair was ver man­age­able now it’s so hard to deal with and my edges have been pulled most­ly from weaves… So I just start­ed tak­ing name choice but I feel like after the babies my hair is like super car­pet nap­py (4c)


The hair change is most like­ly due to hor­mon­al changes. The fur­ther along you are, most­ly 2nd and 3rd trimester, your body changes to make you look more attrac­tive. This includes grow­ing thick­er hair. The point is to keep your mate attract­ed to you through the end of the preg­nan­cy.


Keep your mate attract­ed to you. Um okay.… First time I heard that one.

Hope Morgan

I suf­fered 2 ectopic preg­nan­cies in the same year and my hair fell out like crazy. It still hasn’t grown back and it’s been 2 years.


ok. As much as peo­ple com­plain about bald­ing after preg­nan­cy? This lady bet­ter be thank­ing her god that she was­nt left with only two strands for her twists. Its the biggest rea­son I aint wor­ried about get­ting preg­nant. I would like my hair to stay put.


Thanks for shar­ing your expe­ri­ence. I had heard that hair changes dur­ing each major change in life: puber­ty, preg­nan­cy, etc.


My hair changed so much! I am 10 months post par­tum and the strug­gle is real. I lost ao much hair 4 months after the baby. Ive got a TWA in the front now and long hair in the back. And my hair doesn’t respond to prod­ucts the way it use to. It’s ao frus­trat­ing to relearn my hair all over again. But my baby is worth it. :)


Me too! My sweet pea will be 10 months on Fri­day but this hair is a mess.I am going to begin try­ing some twists again to hide this hair­line. It’s grow­ing back but I can­not wear a bun because my edges are too short and will not even com­ply with Fan­ta­sia IC gel which used to work well on my hair.


Your hair tex­ture did not change, but the thick­ness of your strands changed. It looks like before your preg­nan­cy your hair was medi­um and after your preg­nan­cy your hair is now coarse. Me per­son­al­ly I like coarse hair (it is my nat­ur­al hair thickness)because there are many ben­e­fits to it. The only dif­fi­cul­ty is that when there are weath­er changes then your hair has a fit, but all it is ask­ing for is mois­ture and to be left alone!

Napturally Kia

bet­ter than extreme shed­ding. hope things work out for you!


Soooo, what exact­ly was your hair tex­ture before com­pared to after preg­nan­cy? Is it just denser with thick­er strands or did your curl pat­tern change or both? Your hair looks most­ly the same in the pics but denser. Good on you that you were able to get onboard with your new hair demands so quick­ly!

Portia C.

Hel­lo! My curl pat­tern didn’t change much, but my hair is cer­tain­ly thick­er and a lot more dense. It hangs a lot more when it’s wet because it’s heav­ier. Pri­or to my preg­nan­cy, my hair was not thin, but thick­er than the norm. Noth­ing notice­able, but now my thick­ness is real­ly notice­able. Hope this answers your ques­tion.


My hair didn’t get thick­er BUT my edges almost dis­ap­peared on me. It’s been 10 months since birth and there are still con­sid­er­able short­er than the rest of my head. If any­one has any sug­ges­tions I wel­come them.


Same here; it’s been 10 months and I now have peach fuzz where my hair­line used to be. My hair gets tan­gled a lot eas­i­er now too.

pisces girl shar

Cas­tor Oil works very well for bring­ing back edges. Give that a try :)


I have four chil­dren and with­out fail my edges fell out post par­tum with all of them. Around 12 weeks post par­tum. My youngest is 8 months old and they are just start­ing to fill in. You are not alone, mas­sage with cas­tor oil. It does help. Dont for­get to mois­tur­ize your edges every night and tie them down to stop fric­tion while sleep­ing, even on satin.


Have you tried dai­ly mois­tur­iz­ing then seal­ing with JBCO?