Will Naptural85’s 25-Minute Co-wash and Detangle Method Work On 4C Hair?


As a natural, you’re more than likely familiar with some of the challenges that come with detangling – especially if you are 4C. Some include reducing breakage, avoiding snags and holding back tears from your eyes. (Yes, tears.) If  you tack on washing, conditioning and sealing, for some, this total time can run into the realm of hours. But does this have to be the case?

How Naptural85’s method works:

The first step is to coat your entire hair with coconut oil, which will help to lubricate the hair and loosen the tangles. (According to Whitney, the coconut oil is the “secret weapon” in this entire routine.) Next, follow up with a conditioner that has great slip, and allow the combination to marinate. Afterwards, hop into the shower and finger detangle while water runs down your hair. Next, apply conditioner to your hair (for co-washing), gently comb with a wide-tooth comb, and then rinse. Finally, apply your moisturizer and sealant and you’re done!

The method on waist-length 4C natural hair:

So Asha is a 4C natural vlogger who decided to try out Whitney’s method. What was the final verdict? The coconut oil and conditioner melted her knots and tangles away, and the detangling session ended up being the fastest she’s ever had. So how long did it take her? Check out her videos below for the full results:




Have you tried Naptural85’s 25-minute co-wash and detangle method?



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69 thoughts on “Will Naptural85’s 25-Minute Co-wash and Detangle Method Work On 4C Hair?

  1. I tried this last night on my 4a hair & to say it work was an understatement. I coated my hair w/coconut oil and applied a Tressemme conditioner and did the rinse and detangling at the sink. I cant wash my hair in the shower, I need to see what Im doing. after rinsing the condish and shampooed with Creme of Nature sulfate free shampoo then rinsed and deep condish with Aussie 3 min and that was it it took me about an hr for the entire process.

  2. Definitely trying this on my daughter. Her hair gets so tangled and even when I detangle in the shower, I still have to do it all over again. Now stalking the rest of the site for more tips!

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