As a nat­u­ral, you’re more than like­ly famil­iar with some of the chal­lenges that come with detan­gling – espe­cial­ly if you are 4C. Some include reduc­ing break­age, avoid­ing snags and hold­ing back tears from your eyes. (Yes, tears.) If  you tack on wash­ing, con­di­tion­ing and seal­ing, for some, this total time can run into the realm of hours. But does this have to be the case?

How Naptural85’s method works:

The first step is to coat your entire hair with coconut oil, which will help to lubri­cate the hair and loosen the tan­gles. (Accord­ing to Whit­ney, the coconut oil is the “secret weapon” in this entire rou­tine.) Next, fol­low up with a con­di­tion­er that has great slip, and allow the com­bi­na­tion to mar­i­nate. After­wards, hop into the show­er and fin­ger detan­gle while water runs down your hair. Next, apply con­di­tion­er to your hair (for co-wash­ing), gen­tly comb with a wide-tooth comb, and then rin­se. Final­ly, apply your mois­tur­iz­er and sealant and you’re done!

The method on waist-length 4C nat­u­ral hair:

So Asha is a 4C nat­u­ral vlog­ger who decid­ed to try out Whitney’s method. What was the final ver­dict? The coconut oil and con­di­tion­er melt­ed her knots and tan­gles away, and the detan­gling ses­sion end­ed up being the fastest she’s ever had. So how long did it take her? Check out her videos below for the full results:




Have you tried Naptural85’s 25-min­ute co-wash and detan­gle method?


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Def­i­nite­ly try­ing this on my daugh­ter. Her hair gets so tan­gled and even when I detan­gle in the show­er, I still have to do it all over again. Now stalk­ing the rest of the site for more tips!


I tried this last night on my 4a hair & to say it work was an under­state­ment. I coat­ed my hair w/coconut oil and applied a Tressem­me con­di­tion­er and did the rin­se and detan­gling at the sink. I cant wash my hair in the show­er, I need to see what Im doing. after rins­ing the condish and sham­pooed with Cre­me of Nature sul­fate free sham­poo then rinsed and deep condish with Aussie 3 min and that was it it took me about an hr for the entire process.


Wow. Learned a lot today


I don’t under­stand the hoopla over this “method” nor do I grasp why some find it so dif­fi­cult to detan­gle their hair. It’s not rock­et sci­ence, there’s no code to be cracked. Do peo­ple go weeks with­out doing their hair so it’s dry, mat­ted, brit­tle and that’s why detan­gling takes so long? Why can’t folks fig­ure out how to han­dle their hair unless instruct­ed by a YT guru? I swear peo­ple make this nat­u­ral hair thing more impor­tant and time con­sum­ing than it should be.

I real­ly think that a lot of peo­ple do indeed allow a lot of time to elapse between detan­gling their hair. I real­ly believe that, that is the main root (no pun intend­ed) of the prob­lem. Hair (100 strands its said) sheds from the scalp every day. So with every pass­ing day the more hair loosens from your scalp, starts work­ing its way down down and becomes tan­gled in your tress­es. The more days that go by the hard­er it’s going to be.  Even if, for the peo­ple who only wash once or twice a mon­th, even if it took you… Read more »
Hey all! So I’m cur­rent­ly in the process of tak­ing down my locs — I’ve had them for 1 year, & I’m feel­ing impul­sive yet again, lol. I just test­ed this method on the bot­tom por­tion of my hair/head and listen.…my hair feels like a D-R-E-A-M!! I mean it’s so much eas­ier to man­age. Part of the rea­son I locd my hair was because I was tired of spend­ing so much time wash­ing & espe­cial­ly detan­gling my hair — hence the “4 Alter­na­tives to Relax­ers When You’re About to Give Up on Your Nat­u­ral Hair” arti­cle, hehe!  I’d also like to… Read more »

I recent­ly start­ed spritz­ing my hair with water, and then adding hel­lo hydra­tion + olive oil to detan­gle. com­plete­ly changed the game. It took me 1.5 hours to through­ly detan­gle my hair this past week­end which was freak­ing awe­some. I’m sure I can get it down to about an hour even­tu­al­ly which will make life sooo much eas­ier.


Wow, I did not know peo­ple did not do this before wash­ing! I applied oil and or con­di­tion­er even when I was per­med. No won­der peo­ple with “4C” hair have a hard time. You need to keep curly hair mois­tur­ized.

Ugonna Wosu

GREAT METHOD! Amaz­ing she can get all that hair done in 25 min­utes and such lit­tle shed hair too. I’ll try this one day, but right now I’m still per­fect­ing and get­ting com­fy with my cur­rent method.

I love this method. Before learn­ing about it, I thought that nat­u­ral hair required a cer­tain amount of time( hours ) and I just had to roll with it but after watch­ing Naptural85’s video, I real­ized that it doesn’t have to be that way. I mod­i­fied the method to suit my 4a nat­u­ral hair: I wet my nat­u­ral hair and oil it with coconut oil, then I gen­tly but thor­ough­ly fin­ger-detan­gle it before pro­ceed­ing to wash it. After wash­ing, my hair has been detan­gled, my curls clump and I’m free to style my nat­u­ral hair in a wash n go,… Read more »
Miss Gina Ray

I saw this video on YT. Is it me or are arti­cles on here becom­ing short­er and lack­ing in depth the­se last 6 months or more? I used to feel like I need­ed to come here for live­ly dis­cus­sion and debate but now the arti­cles feel like tid­bits. The style icons are def­i­nite­ly missed too.


Per­haps it’s because you can only say so much about nat­u­ral hair until you’ve exhaust­ed pret­ty much all the top­ics. It’s inevitable that cer­tain sub­jects would be some­what repeat­ed.


Real­ly? Did you miss the fierce debate of white women’s place in the nat­u­ral hair com­mu­ni­ty? The his­to­ry of Black women’s hair in the 1800s? The Max hydra­tion method arti­cles one with sci­en­tific analy­sis of the method? The nat­u­ral hair in the army arti­cles? Advice on what to do if you’re tired of your nat­u­ral hair?

There are plen­ty of arti­cles with depth on this site,all you have to do is click on them.

Ugonna Wosu

agreed. I knew some­thing was miss­ing, but you said it per­fect­ly.


I miss the hair icons as well, they are inspir­ing. Because of that, I don’t spend near­ly as much time on this site as I use to because the style icons are not there any­more.

Ugonna Wosu

I think the arti­cles lack­ing depth are a big­ger prob­lem though. Its noth­ing but links to videos, which any­one can do. I miss when I felt like I learned some­thing here, or was made to think dif­fer­ent­ly about some­thing.


I love Nap­tural85! Nice job Nat­u­ral­ly High. Your hair is beau­ti­ful & you are adorable.


dont have a show­er :/

Knotty Natural

The secret is to pre-poo with oil!!!! I’ve put this into prac­tice as a tran­si­tion­er and once I was ful­ly nat­u­ral and it’s excel­lent! Oil type, IMO doesn’t mat­ter (for me).

I saw Naptural85’s video and it remind­ed me of GreenBeautyChannel’s “How to Han­dle Nap­py Hair ~ Detan­gle Method” video in Jan­u­ary 2014.  While the title receives a lot of bristling from some com­menters on her chan­nel, the detan­gling method GBC men­tions works WONDERS. It con­tains the same points Nap85 points out about *gen­er­ous* amounts of coconut oil to detan­gle on light­ly damp­ened high­ly tex­tured hair.  I enjoyed Nap85’s video, but I also agreed with Asha: when I attempt­ed this method on my 4C hair with con­di­tion­er and *under the run­ning water*, it removed a lot of the slip I had achieved, putting… Read more »

Sor­ry wasn’t even lis­ten­ing, too busy start­ing at hair…4c hair is glo­ri­ous!

Water def­i­nite­ly makes detan­gling eas­ier on slick hair. Even with­out the oil coat­ing, Nap’s hair has that cer­tain slick­ness that makes strands glide over one anoth­er. I’m not con­vinced she has type 4 hair, but she says she does; so, I guess I’ll roll with it. Cer­tain sec­tions of my hair will tan­gle on con­tact with water; so, I haven’t detan­gled my hair in the show­er in years. While combs cer­tain­ly remove hair, I’m also not con­vinced those are “shed” hairs. I’m inclined to try the method, just to see what hap­pens. I’d like to short­en my detan­gling time, but… Read more »

Nap­tural is type 4A, just check when her hair was short­er, it’s get­ting longer do the weight is drag­ging it down, so she’s always stretch­ing it, watch her wash and go videos, the hair shrank right back up to her shoul­ders.


I guess any­thing that is not 4c does not qual­i­fy as type 4 hair. smh


That’s what its begin­ning to seem like to me.

The One

Or may­be some­times peo­ple mis­cat­e­go­rize their hair. Nap not being in the 4 cat­e­go­ry doesn’t take away from her hair, glo­ry, or chan­nel. So what’s the fuss over peo­ple notic­ing the cor­rec­tion?

The One

You just described 3c hair.


i have the same hair type, length, and den­si­ty as nap­tural. it’s 4a. get over it. her coils’ diam­e­ter is small­er than a pen­cil which is the def­i­n­i­tion of 4a. 4a coils/curls stretch under the weight of water when it gets longer but will shrink the same as it drys. 4c does not have any curls or coils to stretch so that’s why there will be no loos­en­ing. when did 4c hair take over the entire cat­e­go­ry of type 4.

The One

The weight of your hair wouldn’t cause it to behave dif­fer­ent­ly when immersed in water just because it’s long. Asha’s hair is just as long and the weight doesn’t change her 4c into any­thing oth­er than what it is. Nap just has very dense 3 type hair, and it’s ok.

My hair is most­ly 4a. When it’s dry (in an unstretched wash and go), it sits above my shoul­ders, almost to the bot­tom of my neck. When I wet it down in the show­er, my hair stretch­es out and finds its way into my armpits. Also, the longer my hair gets, the looser my coils get between the crown of my head and the top of my ears. Some­times they stretch out into an S wave up there. If I use a heavy leave-in con­di­tion­er after wash­ing, my hair will hang a bit past my shoul­ders. (I don’t usu­al­ly use… Read more »
The One

You should try it. I agree, I don’t think Nap’s hair is 4-type, and haven’t watched her video in years once I real­ized it. My hair is sim­i­lar to Asha’s (4c every­where except my nape, which is 4a/b), and this method works for me. My nape has always been easy to detan­gle wet or dry, even with a fine tooth comb, but the rest of my hair has always need­ed to be detan­gled while wet. The oil and con­di­tion­er pre­vent my hair from retan­gling imme­di­ate­ly after detan­gling under the water.

naturally Tee

you can’t look at how much shrinkange Nap­tural85 has and see that’s it’s obvi­ous­ly 4 type hair


No one was ques­tion­ing her hair when she first BC’s of course, lmao. It’s looser but it shrinks just as much as any oth­er type 4. Now that it’s longer and still gor­geous they wan­na shove her in the “good hurr” box. Next they’ll be try­ing to call her “light skinned and mixed with some­thing” …lmao.. I can’t. My hair is looser and longer than Whitney’s and it takes me longer than 25 to detan­gle with this method.


Yeah, I can’t use combs or detan­gle under run­ning water for most of my hair either…I mod­i­fied the method by just fin­ger detan­gling before the show­er over the sink, (kin­da like Asha did) then I twist it up and go about my busi­ness. Every­thing is def­i­nite­ly not for every­one, and I feel like most of Nap85’s tips and tricks don’t work for me because she has uni­corn hair (read: a very unique hair type nobody else has). But coconut oil +slip­py pro­duct is a heav­en-sent detan­gling com­bo!

Pros of Nap­tural 85’s 25-min­ute video: The pre-poo treat­ment of coconut oil and con­di­tion­er does melt some of the tan­gles from my hair before wash­ing. Cons: Co-wash­ing makes my scalp itchy. Run­ning that much show­er water over my hair the way she does here and in oth­er videos like her wash and go video runs up my water bill. My hair is too frag­ile to rake a comb through sop­ping wet hair — full of con­di­tion­er or not. It spells snarls and too many clumps of hair lost. Dry detan­gling on slight­ly damp hair or hair that is load­ed with oil or leave-in works… Read more »

lol I like that term…unicorn hair.…I feel there are a lot of types that don’t fall into the cur­rent hair type cat­e­gories, thats a good term for it. I heard some­one men­tion the oth­er day a type 3d which was some­where between a 3c and 4a…that had the char­ac­ter­is­tics of both type 3 and type 4 hair.


Thanks, lol.

Hair typ­ing will forever bug me because it doesn’t real­ly help peo­ple like me with mul­ti­ple tex­tures and curl pat­terns, and it doesn’t allow for peo­ple like Nap­tural85 to exist.


LOL @ uni­corn hair. I agree with that.
I also cur­rent­ly detan­gle over the sink, but at my length and with my com­bi­na­tion of tight coils and high den­si­ty, I’ve nev­er done it in 25 min­utes. May­be 25 min­utes per sec­tion!


Why would hair type mat­ter when detan­gling :l lol

Nap’s hair is thick­er and much longer, if any­thing it should take the sec­ond girl less time to detan­gle.

@Sabi: I’m going to assume that you have curly tex­tured hair as well. Now what do you think will become of your hair if you tried to detan­gle it with a comb, the same way a straight haired per­son detan­gled their hair?  There are some tex­tures that have very tight coils/curls/kinks with fine strands or medi­um-thick strands and then are oth­ers with looser coils/curls. Now com­bine those char­ac­ter­is­tics with high den­si­ty and extra length. Which one do you think will be detan­gled the fastest with pos­si­bly less break­age? So con­sid­er­ing the­se things, hair type does mat­ter if you want to main­tain… Read more »

It’s rel­a­tive, not a rule. My hair is very tight, very thick, kinky-coily with med-thick strands and long. Comb­ing or fin­ger comb­ing takes under a min­ute and I have lit­tle break­ing and healthy hair. What applies to some with seem­ing­ly sim­i­lar hair, shouldn’t be gen­er­al­ized.


My hair is looser, longer, and thick­er than Whitney’s and takes longer then 25 min­utes to detan­gle.

So there goes your sil­ly the­o­ry.

And I would nev­er try to detan­gle my hair with a comb like some­one with straight hair because I don’t use a comb to detan­gle.


you missed the point, *and* your com­ment was rude.


In you ini­tial com­ment, you asked, “Why would hair type mat­ter when detan­gling :l lol ” 

So I respond­ed to your ques­tion to say that hair type/texture does mat­ter when it comes to detan­gling. Dif­fer­ent detan­gling meth­ods work for dif­fer­ent hair types/textures. Some­one with curly hair whether loose or kinky would not use the same detan­gling or comb­ing methods/tools as some­one with straight hair.

I’m not so sure what was sil­ly about my “the­o­ry.” I think you may have missed the point. So we can just respectably agree to dis­agree.


I meant *respect­ful­ly*

The One

Nap has much looser curls than Asha. 4c hair takes a seri­ous­ly long time to detan­gle because there’s no uni­for­mi­ty in the curls/coils and they wind up so tight­ly. It’s like detan­gling Christ­mas lights. You have to be extra care­ful not to break the strands of 4c hair, but looser types are not as del­i­cate.


I LOVE the Christ­mas lights anal­o­gy!


What a genius anal­o­gy! 4c hair is very pret­ty but del­i­cate, just like Christ­mas lights!! Great com­ment!


Because the curlier/coilier/kinkier your hair is, the more places there are for hair strands to curl/coil/kink around each oth­er, i.e. the more oppor­tu­ni­ties for tan­gles. More tan­gles means a longer time detan­gling, if you’re doing it care­ful­ly.


I tried this method a cou­ple of months ago…the video she post­ed is new but she also had a video titled some­thing along the lines of Mois­tur­iz­ing Dry Nat­u­ral Hair which was pret­ty much the same process.…the method was a God Send..*cue the harps, trum­pets and all­ll of that!! Seri­ous­ly. Melt­ed my 4c hair apart…easy detan­gling. It was so good that I had to call all my fel­low nat­u­ral friends and MAKE …yes MAKE them try it. Give it a try y’all!

Dar Dar

I have used this method and I have 4C hair. It absolute­ly cuts detan­gling time immense­ly. only thing is it’s a lot of pro­duct. My sis­ter had seri­ous side-eye on the amount of con­di­tion­er I used.


Unfor­tu­nate­ly, my hair tru­ly hates coconut oil. Is there an alter­na­tive that is just as effec­tive?


Coconut oil does make cer­tain parts of my hair like the crown real­ly dry and hard feel­ing. It only seems to soft­en and mois­tur­ize my hair when its straight­ened; which is weird. I don’t have a prob­lem with it being in prod­ucts, so my assump­tion is it must be the amount that is used. May­be if you mix it with the con­di­tion­er first or dilute it with anoth­er oil like olive or grape seed.


You can try any oil.


Sor­ry I for­got to add oth­er good oils. Grape­seed oil, olive oil and Apri­cot oil are some oth­er great options.


Thanks for the replies and help ladies.


No prob­lem! I also for­got to men­tion that for those who dis­like the feel­ing of their hair after apply­ing coconut oil, but they still want the ben­e­fits it provides(very effec­tive in pre­vent­ing pro­tein loss) you may be able to rem­e­dy that by mix­ing it with oth­er oils. So may­be you can try that out.

The One
You can use almost any oil real­ly. I’ve done vari­a­tions of this method (I like to coat my hair with oil before I DC, and the shed hair prac­ti­cal­ly waves good­bye), and it def­i­nite­ly works. Plus I always detan­gle under run­ning water. My hair is very prone to rip­ping if I dry detan­gle, but the weight of the water caus­es my hair to hang and since my strands don’t clump they pret­ty much sep­a­rate them­selves under the water. Then all I have to do is rake my fin­gers through and may­be run a wide tooth comb a cou­ple times if… Read more »

My hair/scalp and coconut oil don’t get along. I always sub­sti­tute olive oil for coconut oil. 

All com­mer­cial con­di­tion­ers I’ve ever seen use coconut oil bases, so that will be your biggest chal­lenge. I have nev­er found a coconut-free con­di­tion­er.


I thought my hair hat­ed coconut oil too. ( I have 4c hair.) But then, I real­ized I cant use it every­day because my hair becomes super hard. I can only detan­gle and pre­poo overnight before wash­ing. The next morn­ing, my hair is always SUPER soft and it doesn’t shed as much.


I’ve tried it every pos­si­ble way. No mat­ter how lit­tle or infre­quent­ly I use it, my hair instant­ly becomes hard and brit­tle and I even get instant SSK’s, it’s nuts. I was stunned when I used it in my mom’s hair and it made her hair feel like but­ter.


My hairs like that too with coconut oil. I can use prod­ucts with coconut oil as apart of the ingre­di­ent list, but using the oil itself on my hair=dry, tan­gled and straw-like hair????.


Try Almond oil or Avo­cado oil my hair loves it. Coconut oil my hair likes it in very small dos­es. just like any type of cream or but­ter my hair only likes Shea, any pro­duct with Shea will do the trick.

Yes, Really
First of all Gor­geous, GORGEOUS girls both Nap 85 and Nat­u­ral­ly High (Asha — big shout out to a fel­low Caribbean brit — you are fab and look like Josie d’arby!). Any­way, back to the hair…cannot WAIT to try this. I am tran­si­tion­ing and at 8 months post (after 20 years of relax­ers) am find­ing it very dif­fi­cult but this gives me new hope. Just co-washed my hair yes­ter­day and so am bummed out that I am going to have to wait a while before try­ing this out as I cant wait! First time I said that about a wash… Read more »

I love Asha’s chan­nel! She’s one of the few YTers I sub­scribe to and reg­u­lar­ly watch. 

This method def­i­nite­ly speeds up detan­gling (cuts it from 2–3 hrs to 30–45 min for my APL/BSL type 4 hair), but I find that it doesn’t help me remove all of my shed hair some­times. To avoid mats and snarls lat­er down the road, I alter­nate this method with a more thor­ough method every oth­er wash day. I save the Nap85 method for my DC days to save even more time :D


Yes, that makes a lot of sense. This method works per­fect for me if I wash every week since there will be less shed hair. Now, while it has dras­ti­cal­ly cut down the time it nor­mal­ly takes, it’s still not exact­ly 25 min­utes, more like 40–45 min­utes but that is because I have thick butt length hair. I’m going to try and cut it down to 30–35 min­utes. If I wait 2+ weeks then 25–45 min­utes would not be enough time to sham­poo and remove the accu­mu­la­tion of shed hairs and tan­gles.