As a natural, you’re more than likely familiar with some of the challenges that come with detangling – especially if you are 4C. Some include reducing breakage, avoiding snags and holding back tears from your eyes. (Yes, tears.) If  you tack on washing, conditioning and sealing, for some, this total time can run into the realm of hours. But does this have to be the case?

How Naptural85’s method works:

The first step is to coat your entire hair with coconut oil, which will help to lubricate the hair and loosen the tangles. (According to Whitney, the coconut oil is the “secret weapon” in this entire routine.) Next, follow up with a conditioner that has great slip, and allow the combination to marinate. Afterwards, hop into the shower and finger detangle while water runs down your hair. Next, apply conditioner to your hair (for co-washing), gently comb with a wide-tooth comb, and then rinse. Finally, apply your moisturizer and sealant and you’re done!

The method on waist-length 4C natural hair:

So Asha is a 4C natural vlogger who decided to try out Whitney’s method. What was the final verdict? The coconut oil and conditioner melted her knots and tangles away, and the detangling session ended up being the fastest she’s ever had. So how long did it take her? Check out her videos below for the full results:




Have you tried Naptural85’s 25-minute co-wash and detangle method?


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Definitely trying this on my daughter. Her hair gets so tangled and even when I detangle in the shower, I still have to do it all over again. Now stalking the rest of the site for more tips!


I tried this last night on my 4a hair & to say it work was an understatement. I coated my hair w/coconut oil and applied a Tressemme conditioner and did the rinse and detangling at the sink. I cant wash my hair in the shower, I need to see what Im doing. after rinsing the condish and shampooed with Creme of Nature sulfate free shampoo then rinsed and deep condish with Aussie 3 min and that was it it took me about an hr for the entire process.


Wow. Learned a lot today


I don’t understand the hoopla over this “method” nor do I grasp why some find it so difficult to detangle their hair. It’s not rocket science, there’s no code to be cracked. Do people go weeks without doing their hair so it’s dry, matted, brittle and that’s why detangling takes so long? Why can’t folks figure out how to handle their hair unless instructed by a YT guru? I swear people make this natural hair thing more important and time consuming than it should be.

I really think that a lot of people do indeed allow a lot of time to elapse between detangling their hair. I really believe that, that is the main root (no pun intended) of the problem. Hair (100 strands its said) sheds from the scalp every day. So with every passing day the more hair loosens from your scalp, starts working its way down down and becomes tangled in your tresses. The more days that go by the harder it’s going to be. Even if, for the people who only wash once or twice a month, even if it took… Read more »
Hey all! So I’m currently in the process of taking down my locs – I’ve had them for 1 year, & I’m feeling impulsive yet again, lol. I just tested this method on the bottom portion of my hair/head and listen….my hair feels like a D-R-E-A-M!! I mean it’s so much easier to manage. Part of the reason I locd my hair was because I was tired of spending so much time washing & especially detangling my hair – hence the “4 Alternatives to Relaxers When You’re About to Give Up on Your Natural Hair” article, hehe! I’d also like… Read more »

I recently started spritzing my hair with water, and then adding hello hydration + olive oil to detangle. completely changed the game. It took me 1.5 hours to throughly detangle my hair this past weekend which was freaking awesome. I’m sure I can get it down to about an hour eventually which will make life sooo much easier.


Wow, I did not know people did not do this before washing! I applied oil and or conditioner even when I was permed. No wonder people with “4C” hair have a hard time. You need to keep curly hair moisturized.

Ugonna Wosu

GREAT METHOD! Amazing she can get all that hair done in 25 minutes and such little shed hair too. I’ll try this one day, but right now I’m still perfecting and getting comfy with my current method.

I love this method. Before learning about it, I thought that natural hair required a certain amount of time( hours ) and I just had to roll with it but after watching Naptural85’s video, I realized that it doesn’t have to be that way. I modified the method to suit my 4a natural hair: I wet my natural hair and oil it with coconut oil, then I gently but thoroughly finger-detangle it before proceeding to wash it. After washing, my hair has been detangled, my curls clump and I’m free to style my natural hair in a wash n go,… Read more »
Miss Gina Ray

I saw this video on YT. Is it me or are articles on here becoming shorter and lacking in depth these last 6 months or more? I used to feel like I needed to come here for lively discussion and debate but now the articles feel like tidbits. The style icons are definitely missed too.


Perhaps it’s because you can only say so much about natural hair until you’ve exhausted pretty much all the topics. It’s inevitable that certain subjects would be somewhat repeated.


Really? Did you miss the fierce debate of white women’s place in the natural hair community? The history of Black women’s hair in the 1800s? The Max hydration method articles one with scientific analysis of the method? The natural hair in the army articles? Advice on what to do if you’re tired of your natural hair?

There are plenty of articles with depth on this site,all you have to do is click on them.

Ugonna Wosu

agreed. I knew something was missing, but you said it perfectly.


I miss the hair icons as well, they are inspiring. Because of that, I don’t spend nearly as much time on this site as I use to because the style icons are not there anymore.

Ugonna Wosu

I think the articles lacking depth are a bigger problem though. Its nothing but links to videos, which anyone can do. I miss when I felt like I learned something here, or was made to think differently about something.


I love Naptural85! Nice job Naturally High. Your hair is beautiful & you are adorable.


dont have a shower :/

Knotty Natural

The secret is to pre-poo with oil!!!! I’ve put this into practice as a transitioner and once I was fully natural and it’s excellent! Oil type, IMO doesn’t matter (for me).

I saw Naptural85’s video and it reminded me of GreenBeautyChannel’s “How to Handle Nappy Hair ~ Detangle Method” video in January 2014. While the title receives a lot of bristling from some commenters on her channel, the detangling method GBC mentions works WONDERS. It contains the same points Nap85 points out about *generous* amounts of coconut oil to detangle on lightly dampened highly textured hair. I enjoyed Nap85’s video, but I also agreed with Asha: when I attempted this method on my 4C hair with conditioner and *under the running water*, it removed a lot of the slip I had… Read more »

Sorry wasn’t even listening, too busy starting at hair…4c hair is glorious!

Water definitely makes detangling easier on slick hair. Even without the oil coating, Nap’s hair has that certain slickness that makes strands glide over one another. I’m not convinced she has type 4 hair, but she says she does; so, I guess I’ll roll with it. Certain sections of my hair will tangle on contact with water; so, I haven’t detangled my hair in the shower in years. While combs certainly remove hair, I’m also not convinced those are “shed” hairs. I’m inclined to try the method, just to see what happens. I’d like to shorten my detangling time, but… Read more »

Naptural is type 4A, just check when her hair was shorter, it’s getting longer do the weight is dragging it down, so she’s always stretching it, watch her wash and go videos, the hair shrank right back up to her shoulders.


I guess anything that is not 4c does not qualify as type 4 hair. smh


That’s what its beginning to seem like to me.

The One

Or maybe sometimes people miscategorize their hair. Nap not being in the 4 category doesn’t take away from her hair, glory, or channel. So what’s the fuss over people noticing the correction?

The One

You just described 3c hair.


i have the same hair type, length, and density as naptural. it’s 4a. get over it. her coils’ diameter is smaller than a pencil which is the definition of 4a. 4a coils/curls stretch under the weight of water when it gets longer but will shrink the same as it drys. 4c does not have any curls or coils to stretch so that’s why there will be no loosening. when did 4c hair take over the entire category of type 4.

The One

The weight of your hair wouldn’t cause it to behave differently when immersed in water just because it’s long. Asha’s hair is just as long and the weight doesn’t change her 4c into anything other than what it is. Nap just has very dense 3 type hair, and it’s ok.

My hair is mostly 4a. When it’s dry (in an unstretched wash and go), it sits above my shoulders, almost to the bottom of my neck. When I wet it down in the shower, my hair stretches out and finds its way into my armpits. Also, the longer my hair gets, the looser my coils get between the crown of my head and the top of my ears. Sometimes they stretch out into an S wave up there. If I use a heavy leave-in conditioner after washing, my hair will hang a bit past my shoulders. (I don’t usually use… Read more »
The One

You should try it. I agree, I don’t think Nap’s hair is 4-type, and haven’t watched her video in years once I realized it. My hair is similar to Asha’s (4c everywhere except my nape, which is 4a/b), and this method works for me. My nape has always been easy to detangle wet or dry, even with a fine tooth comb, but the rest of my hair has always needed to be detangled while wet. The oil and conditioner prevent my hair from retangling immediately after detangling under the water.

naturally Tee

you can’t look at how much shrinkange Naptural85 has and see that’s it’s obviously 4 type hair


No one was questioning her hair when she first BC’s of course, lmao. It’s looser but it shrinks just as much as any other type 4. Now that it’s longer and still gorgeous they wanna shove her in the “good hurr” box. Next they’ll be trying to call her “light skinned and mixed with something” …lmao.. I can’t. My hair is looser and longer than Whitney’s and it takes me longer than 25 to detangle with this method.


Yeah, I can’t use combs or detangle under running water for most of my hair either…I modified the method by just finger detangling before the shower over the sink, (kinda like Asha did) then I twist it up and go about my business. Everything is definitely not for everyone, and I feel like most of Nap85’s tips and tricks don’t work for me because she has unicorn hair (read: a very unique hair type nobody else has). But coconut oil +slippy product is a heaven-sent detangling combo!

Pros of Naptural 85’s 25-minute video: The pre-poo treatment of coconut oil and conditioner does melt some of the tangles from my hair before washing. Cons: Co-washing makes my scalp itchy. Running that much shower water over my hair the way she does here and in other videos like her wash and go video runs up my water bill. My hair is too fragile to rake a comb through sopping wet hair – full of conditioner or not. It spells snarls and too many clumps of hair lost. Dry detangling on slightly damp hair or hair that is loaded with… Read more »

lol I like that term…unicorn hair….I feel there are a lot of types that don’t fall into the current hair type categories, thats a good term for it. I heard someone mention the other day a type 3d which was somewhere between a 3c and 4a…that had the characteristics of both type 3 and type 4 hair.


Thanks, lol.

Hair typing will forever bug me because it doesn’t really help people like me with multiple textures and curl patterns, and it doesn’t allow for people like Naptural85 to exist.


LOL @ unicorn hair. I agree with that.
I also currently detangle over the sink, but at my length and with my combination of tight coils and high density, I’ve never done it in 25 minutes. Maybe 25 minutes per section!


Why would hair type matter when detangling :l lol

Nap’s hair is thicker and much longer, if anything it should take the second girl less time to detangle.

@Sabi: I’m going to assume that you have curly textured hair as well. Now what do you think will become of your hair if you tried to detangle it with a comb, the same way a straight haired person detangled their hair? There are some textures that have very tight coils/curls/kinks with fine strands or medium-thick strands and then are others with looser coils/curls. Now combine those characteristics with high density and extra length. Which one do you think will be detangled the fastest with possibly less breakage? So considering these things, hair type does matter if you want to… Read more »

It’s relative, not a rule. My hair is very tight, very thick, kinky-coily with med-thick strands and long. Combing or finger combing takes under a minute and I have little breaking and healthy hair. What applies to some with seemingly similar hair, shouldn’t be generalized.


My hair is looser, longer, and thicker than Whitney’s and takes longer then 25 minutes to detangle.

So there goes your silly theory.

And I would never try to detangle my hair with a comb like someone with straight hair because I don’t use a comb to detangle.


you missed the point, *and* your comment was rude.


In you initial comment, you asked, “Why would hair type matter when detangling :l lol ”

So I responded to your question to say that hair type/texture does matter when it comes to detangling. Different detangling methods work for different hair types/textures. Someone with curly hair whether loose or kinky would not use the same detangling or combing methods/tools as someone with straight hair.

I’m not so sure what was silly about my “theory.” I think you may have missed the point. So we can just respectably agree to disagree.


I meant *respectfully*

The One

Nap has much looser curls than Asha. 4c hair takes a seriously long time to detangle because there’s no uniformity in the curls/coils and they wind up so tightly. It’s like detangling Christmas lights. You have to be extra careful not to break the strands of 4c hair, but looser types are not as delicate.


I LOVE the Christmas lights analogy!


What a genius analogy! 4c hair is very pretty but delicate, just like Christmas lights!! Great comment!


Because the curlier/coilier/kinkier your hair is, the more places there are for hair strands to curl/coil/kink around each other, i.e. the more opportunities for tangles. More tangles means a longer time detangling, if you’re doing it carefully.


I tried this method a couple of months ago…the video she posted is new but she also had a video titled something along the lines of Moisturizing Dry Natural Hair which was pretty much the same process….the method was a God Send..*cue the harps, trumpets and allll of that!! Seriously. Melted my 4c hair apart…easy detangling. It was so good that I had to call all my fellow natural friends and MAKE …yes MAKE them try it. Give it a try y’all!

Dar Dar

I have used this method and I have 4C hair. It absolutely cuts detangling time immensely. only thing is it’s a lot of product. My sister had serious side-eye on the amount of conditioner I used.


Unfortunately, my hair truly hates coconut oil. Is there an alternative that is just as effective?


Coconut oil does make certain parts of my hair like the crown really dry and hard feeling. It only seems to soften and moisturize my hair when its straightened; which is weird. I don’t have a problem with it being in products, so my assumption is it must be the amount that is used. Maybe if you mix it with the conditioner first or dilute it with another oil like olive or grape seed.


You can try any oil.


Sorry I forgot to add other good oils. Grapeseed oil, olive oil and Apricot oil are some other great options.


Thanks for the replies and help ladies.


No problem! I also forgot to mention that for those who dislike the feeling of their hair after applying coconut oil, but they still want the benefits it provides(very effective in preventing protein loss) you may be able to remedy that by mixing it with other oils. So maybe you can try that out.

The One
You can use almost any oil really. I’ve done variations of this method (I like to coat my hair with oil before I DC, and the shed hair practically waves goodbye), and it definitely works. Plus I always detangle under running water. My hair is very prone to ripping if I dry detangle, but the weight of the water causes my hair to hang and since my strands don’t clump they pretty much separate themselves under the water. Then all I have to do is rake my fingers through and maybe run a wide tooth comb a couple times if… Read more »

My hair/scalp and coconut oil don’t get along. I always substitute olive oil for coconut oil.

All commercial conditioners I’ve ever seen use coconut oil bases, so that will be your biggest challenge. I have never found a coconut-free conditioner.


I thought my hair hated coconut oil too. ( I have 4c hair.) But then, I realized I cant use it everyday because my hair becomes super hard. I can only detangle and prepoo overnight before washing. The next morning, my hair is always SUPER soft and it doesn’t shed as much.


I’ve tried it every possible way. No matter how little or infrequently I use it, my hair instantly becomes hard and brittle and I even get instant SSK’s, it’s nuts. I was stunned when I used it in my mom’s hair and it made her hair feel like butter.


My hairs like that too with coconut oil. I can use products with coconut oil as apart of the ingredient list, but using the oil itself on my hair=dry, tangled and straw-like hair????.


Try Almond oil or Avocado oil my hair loves it. Coconut oil my hair likes it in very small doses. just like any type of cream or butter my hair only likes Shea, any product with Shea will do the trick.

Yes, Really
First of all Gorgeous, GORGEOUS girls both Nap 85 and Naturally High (Asha – big shout out to a fellow Caribbean brit – you are fab and look like Josie d’arby!). Anyway, back to the hair…cannot WAIT to try this. I am transitioning and at 8 months post (after 20 years of relaxers) am finding it very difficult but this gives me new hope. Just co-washed my hair yesterday and so am bummed out that I am going to have to wait a while before trying this out as I cant wait! First time I said that about a wash… Read more »

I love Asha’s channel! She’s one of the few YTers I subscribe to and regularly watch.

This method definitely speeds up detangling (cuts it from 2-3 hrs to 30-45 min for my APL/BSL type 4 hair), but I find that it doesn’t help me remove all of my shed hair sometimes. To avoid mats and snarls later down the road, I alternate this method with a more thorough method every other wash day. I save the Nap85 method for my DC days to save even more time 😀


Yes, that makes a lot of sense. This method works perfect for me if I wash every week since there will be less shed hair. Now, while it has drastically cut down the time it normally takes, it’s still not exactly 25 minutes, more like 40-45 minutes but that is because I have thick butt length hair. I’m going to try and cut it down to 30-35 minutes. If I wait 2+ weeks then 25-45 minutes would not be enough time to shampoo and remove the accumulation of shed hairs and tangles.