Some­times, when you want to look extra spe­cial, that 5 day old twist-out just won’t do. When the nat­u­ral hair move­ment start­ed out there weren’t a whole lot of style ideas float­ing around, but now beau­ti­ful style ideas are ubiq­ui­tous. When there are so many places to look, it’s hard not to become over­whelmed with choic­es. So, as your sur­ro­gate big sis­ter, I’ve tak­en the time to gath­er some of the hottest, evening out hair­styles (thank me lat­er) that I’ve seen. Go on girl, with your sex­aaay self!

1. Twisted Beauty

Evening Out Natural Hairstyle by Tiffany Nichols Design

Evening Out Hairstyles FOR Natural Hair

Have you seen the gor­geous­ness hap­pen­ing here? I don’t even under­stand how it can be so love­ly!! YouTu­ber, Tiffany Nichols Design pulls off this gor­geous, unique look in just a few min­utes and with her tuto­ri­al you can too!

Prod­ucts Used:

Amount of Time Need­ed:

Approx­i­mate­ly 15–20 min­utes.

2. Glorified Twist & Curlevening out hairstyles for naturals

All I have to say about this style is YAAAAAS! A  twist out is always a good choice because it looks fab­u­lous on any air length, but a twist and curl is beyond fab­u­lous because of the inter­est, dimen­sion and tex­ture it adds to the old, depend­able twist out.  Check out Nat­u­ral Hair Sis­tas divine inter­pre­ta­tion of the twist out.

Prod­ucts Used:

Amount Of Time Need­ed:

Minus the twist­ing the two strand twist, approx­i­mate­ly 15 min­utes.

3. Fab French Braided Updo

This look is not only suit­able for a night out, but it fits the bill for most cor­po­rate set­tings and oth­er events. You need a lit­tle bit of inge­nu­ity and skill to get that upside down french braid right, but know­ing you ladies, you will make it hap­pen. The Chic Nat­u­ral teach­es us how we can have a fab­u­lous french braid­ed updo in this video.

evening out hairstyles for naturals

evening out hairstyles for naturals

Prod­ucts Used:

Amount Of Time Need­ed:

Approx­i­mate­ly 10 min­utes.

4. Fro-Outevening out hairstyles for naturals

When all else fails, you can hard­ly go wrong with rock­ing the hair that yo’ mama gave you! Blow outs remind us nat­u­rals just how amaz­ing and dra­mat­ic our hair is and if those aren’t must-have qual­i­ties of an evening out look, than I don’t know what is! Christine Amor shares her secrets to gor­geous blown out nat­u­ral hair and how you can achieve the “I know you want to get to know me” look with your hair.

Prod­ucts Used:

Amount Of Time Need­ed:

Depend­ing on hair length any­where from 15–25 min­utes.

5. Pompadour Pretty

I adore pom­padours (see what I did there with my rhyming skills??) and this one is no excep­tion! Solange takes us on a jour­ney as she gets ready for an event and we catch a glimpse (and more) of this fab­u­lous ‘do and how to do it. Don’t wor­ry if you don’t have a whole lot of hair to spare for this front heavy look, Solange shows us how to use Mar­ley hair to com­pen­sate.

evening out hairstyles for naturals

Prod­ucts Need­ed:

Amount Of Time Need­ed:

Approx­i­mate­ly 10–15 min­utes.

Ladies, which look do you plan on rock­ing on your next evening out?


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Soooo pretty.….just wish there were mire styles high­light­ed for short hair :(

Kate at PrimeHairTools

The­se are just won­der­ful hair­styles! This post is so help­ful to many. My per­son­al favorite is the Fab French Braid­ed Updo. I think it can fit per­fect­ly for a casu­al night out. Nice posts!


The­se are all gor­geous and just in time for my birth­day!!!!! A com­bi­na­tion of #2 & #3 would real­ly set off my birth­day par­ty out­fit! Thank you Cas­san­dre, for mak­ing that easy for me:) Lol

Juan-Tu Frifor

Won­der­ful ideas!


OMG, I love every sin­gle one of them