I’m an avid believ­er in accept­ing what you’ve got. How­ev­er, I don’t shun the desire to enhance what you have to get the look you want. Some nat­u­rals with fine or thin­ning hair would love a thick­ened appear­ance to their strands. Before the days of sci­ence, that meant stick­ing to cer­tain tech­niques and styles to achieve the look. Now, there are prod­ucts that actu­al­ly thick­en your hair shaft and  stim­u­late regrowth. Here are 5 prod­ucts that are for­mu­lat­ed to help thick­en the appear­ance of your hair. If you’ve used any of these, please chime in in the com­ments to give your review.

 Red­ken Cer­afill Max­i­mize Dense Fx


This Red­ken prod­uct boasts a 9% increase to every hair strand on your head. This is like adding anoth­er 9000 strands of hair to your head. This prod­uct does con­tain Minox­i­dil; so unless you’re expe­ri­enc­ing thin­ning hair, you might want to keep it away from your scalp or not use it all.

 Niox­in Diamex Treat­ment


This treat­ment is said to thick­en the diam­e­ter of every hair strand. While it doesn’t boast of all the per­cent­ages and num­bers that Redken’s Cer­afill does, it has pret­ty good reviews. How­ev­er, I’d advise you to watch out with this one. With dena­tured alco­hol as the first ingre­di­ent and sol­vent, it’s most like­ly very dry­ing and should be used with pre­cau­tions in place to com­bat that effect.

 Pan­tene Age Defy Thick­en­ing Treat­ment


Pan­tene Age Defy Thick­en­ing Treat­ment is 1/3 of the price or less of the oth­er two treat­ments list­ed above. It promis­es a thick­er appear­ance that will “feel like you’ve grown 6500 new hairs on your head.”



Hen­na has been around for a while. Although, there may not be any for­mal sci­en­tif­ic stud­ies on it’s hair thick­en­ing effects, there’s enough anec­do­tal evi­dence to sug­gest that hen­na is excel­lent can­di­date in this respect.

Cas­tor Oil

Cas­tor oil is one of the thick­est oils out there. While it only lasts until your next wash, it may be the least time-con­sum­ing and most afford­able option.

Ladies, have you tried any of these prod­ucts? What was your expe­ri­ence? And what prod­ucts have you used to help you hair appear thick­er?

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I can attest to the role of hen­na in thick­en­ing my hair. I would say research the brand that you use. Not all brands are equal.

The One
I’m for­ev­er skep­ti­cal of any­thing that’s for sale with brazen promis­es. Now when these com­pa­nies say “thick­en­ing” do they mean the cur­rent hair strands on my head will become swollen some­how and the diam­e­ter of each strand is going to increase? Or do they mean the diam­e­ter of the new growth will become thick­er as my hair grows out while using these prod­ucts? Or do they mean that these prod­ucts will cre­ate new hair fol­li­cles and pores or reac­ti­vate pores that have stopped or slowed down the process of grow­ing hair? The thing is when I ask all these ques­tions (because… Read more »

I total­ly agree, espe­cial­ly what you said about cas­tor oil. The only thing this prod­ucts *might* do is improve length reten­tion which a host of oth­er prod­ucts already do with­out mak­ing ridicu­lous claims. Also, I’ll add that some prod­ucts “thick­en” hair by mak­ing it less weighed down at the roots.


Cas­tor oil didn’t work for me.

Sarah @ The Hair Essentials

Yea for me nei­ther. How­ev­er it does soft­en my hair quite a bit.