5 Products That Claim To Make Fine Hair Appear Thicker

I’m an avid believer in accepting what you’ve got. However, I don’t shun the desire to enhance what you have to get the look you want. Some naturals with fine or thinning hair would love a thickened appearance to their strands. Before the days of science, that meant sticking to certain techniques and styles to achieve the look. Now, there are products that actually thicken your hair shaft and  stimulate regrowth. Here are 5 products that are formulated to help thicken the appearance of your hair. If you’ve used any of these, please chime in in the comments to give your review.

 Redken Cerafill Maximize Dense Fx


This Redken product boasts a 9% increase to every hair strand on your head. This is like adding another 9000 strands of hair to your head. This product does contain Minoxidil; so unless you’re experiencing thinning hair, you might want to keep it away from your scalp or not use it all.

 Nioxin Diamex Treatment


This treatment is said to thicken the diameter of every hair strand. While it doesn’t boast of all the percentages and numbers that Redken’s Cerafill does, it has pretty good reviews. However, I’d advise you to watch out with this one. With denatured alcohol as the first ingredient and solvent, it’s most likely very drying and should be used with precautions in place to combat that effect.

 Pantene Age Defy Thickening Treatment


Pantene Age Defy Thickening Treatment is 1/3 of the price or less of the other two treatments listed above. It promises a thicker appearance that will “feel like you’ve grown 6500 new hairs on your head.”



Henna has been around for a while. Although, there may not be any formal scientific studies on it’s hair thickening effects, there’s enough anecdotal evidence to suggest that henna is excellent candidate in this respect.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is one of the thickest oils out there. While it only lasts until your next wash, it may be the least time-consuming and most affordable option.

Ladies, have you tried any of these products? What was your experience? And what products have you used to help you hair appear thicker?


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5 thoughts on “5 Products That Claim To Make Fine Hair Appear Thicker

  1. I’m forever skeptical of anything that’s for sale with brazen promises. Now when these companies say “thickening” do they mean the current hair strands on my head will become swollen somehow and the diameter of each strand is going to increase? Or do they mean the diameter of the new growth will become thicker as my hair grows out while using these products? Or do they mean that these products will create new hair follicles and pores or reactivate pores that have stopped or slowed down the process of growing hair?

    The thing is when I ask all these questions (because I’m inquisitive by nature, and I spend a lot of time making sure I understand what people say before jumping on any bandwagons), the promise of any of those scenarios sound highly unlikely to me. If I’m wrong, I’d like to see the research behind it (i.e. “this will increase your hair shaft’s diameter by xx micrometers within xx days/months of consistent use”).

    As for castor oil, which I use regularly, it doesn’t thicken my hair at all. What it does for me is soothe my dry scalp and draw moisture into my roots, leaving my strands soft and easy to separate with my fingers (when applied consistently). My hair strands are as fine as they’ve always been, and I have no new hair follicles. The closest I could come to saying it “thickens” my hair is that my consistent scalp massage regimen using the castor oil aids in stimulating blood flow, which stimulates growth, and the moisture retention aids in length retention, so since fewer of my strands are shedding/breaking, my head of hair is as dense as it’s going to get. However, that’s not specific to the castor oil itself. I believe any oil used in the same way would have the same results. It just so happens that castor oil has the added benefit of soothing my scalp itch, so it’s the oil I use. I can’t speak for any of the other products since I don’t use them.

    • I totally agree, especially what you said about castor oil. The only thing this products *might* do is improve length retention which a host of other products already do without making ridiculous claims. Also, I’ll add that some products “thicken” hair by making it less weighed down at the roots.

  2. I can attest to the role of henna in thickening my hair. I would say research the brand that you use. Not all brands are equal.

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