Nat­u­rals with short to medi­um-length hair may find pro­tec­tive styling to be a chal­lenge giv­en their length.  (I’ve been there so I can def­i­nite­ly relate.)  Here on BGLH, we have show­cased a num­ber of style options for you ladies and here is our lat­est roundup for 2014!

1. Vin­tage Style Bun and Bang

For this look, Chi­a­ka starts on pre­vi­ous­ly stretched hair that can be achieved via thread­ing, blow dry­ing, or an old flat iron job.  This style is effort­less­ly beau­ti­ful and can be done on medi­um-length nat­ur­al hair.

Descrip­tion:  Donut bun with vin­tage-style bang.
Tools need­ed: comb (for part­ing), foam foun­da­tion hair roll, bob­by pins, hair hold­er, hair donut

2. Pin Curled Twists

Nat­u­ral­lyNel­lzy shows you how to achieve this cute pin curl updo on a set of chunky twists.  This look is ide­al for nat­u­rals with short hair who don’t quite know what to do with stub­by, mis­be­hav­ing twists.

Descrip­tion:  Chunky twists pin curled.
Prod­ucts used: oil or pomade
Tools need­ed: bob­by pins

3. Jum­bo Mar­ley Hair Flat Twist with Chignon

In this tuto­r­i­al, Coily­bel­la demon­strates how to cre­ate beau­ti­ful flat twists going towards the crown into a chignon.  You can use your real hair and a faux bun, or flat twist with Mar­ley braid hair (as she does) for added length and full­ness.  The look is ide­al for nat­ur­al with short to medi­um-length fine hair.

Descrip­tion:  Flat twists going towards the crown into the chignon.
Prod­ucts used: Bei­ja Flor’s Creme Brûlée
Tools need­ed: Mar­ley braid hair, clips, bob­by pins, comb (for part­ing)

4. Flat Twist, Bouf­fant and Donut Bun

For this demon­stra­tion, Chi­a­ka cre­ates anoth­er look with stretched hair and a donut bun.  She does two “god­dess” flat twists in the front, a slight bouf­fant in the mid­dle, and a donut bun in the very back.  Start from hair that has been pre­vi­ous­ly stretched via thread­ing, blow dry­ing, etc.

Descrip­tion:  Two flat twists into a slight bouf­fant and donut bun.
Prod­ucts used: Eco Styler Gel, ORS Edge con­trol, SheaMois­ture Coconut & Hibis­cus Curl & Style Milk
Tools need­ed: boar brush, hair donut, bob­by pins, rat­tail comb (for part­ing)

5. Chunky Twists into Updo

In the fol­low­ing video, Christy demon­strates how to achieve a gor­geous, sim­ple updo from a set of big twists.  For nat­u­rals with short to medi­um-length hair, this is anoth­er way to style stub­by twists.

Descrip­tion: Chunky twists pinned down the cen­ter into an updo.
Prod­ucts used: water
Tools need­ed: bob­by pins

For my nat­u­rals with short to medi­um-length hair, how are you pro­tec­tive styling?


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Love this!


Apolo­gies Chichewa, I meant to like your com­ment. I am in the same boat as you!


#4 & #5


I am lov­ing mini twists. Its sum­mer here in Zam­bia and I real­ly don’t feel like being both­ered with my 7 inch hair for a while.