There are so many hair styles for nat­u­rals to try, but some­times your own hair may be too short or too long to pull some of these looks off. We can all appre­ci­ate an awe­some updo, god­dess braid, TWA, and flexi rod set. Now, you have hope to achieve these styles with­out cut­ting your hair or wait­ing for years for it to grow.

Faux God­dess Braid

Hercurlzrbadd Natural Hair Faux Goddess Braid

Even though the god­dess braid isn’t a new hair style, it has tak­en on new life recent­ly. While I would love to wear the god­dess braid, I sim­ply can’t get it right. If you’re like me and have a hard time with this style, then nat­ur­al hair YouTu­ber, Her­curlzr­badd, has the per­fect tuto­r­i­al. Her ver­sion of the god­dess braid requires no braid­ing of your actu­al hair because she sim­ply wraps a long piece of braid­ed Kanekalon hair around her head and pins it down. The style is sim­ple and it is a great pro­tec­tive style.

Faux TWA

MsDanti1 Natural Hair Faux Tapered TWA

Even though a lot of nat­u­rals are on the long hair don’t care train, there are still some long hair nat­u­rals who miss their tee­ny wee­ny afros. The TWA is cute, fun and chic. Make­up artist and nat­ur­al hair YouTu­ber, MsDan­ti1, shows you how to achieve the per­fect faux tapered TWA even if your hair isn’t short. After using a com­bi­na­tion of perm rods and strawb­bers, MsDan­ti1 was able to cre­ate a beau­ti­ful faux tapered cut. She strate­gi­cal­ly sec­tioned off her hair and placed dif­fer­ent sized rollers in dif­fer­ent sec­tions to achieve her look.

Faux Bun Hawk

Tiffany Naturay Hair Faux Bun Hawk

Buns and updo’s that twist and turn are pop­u­lar right now. How­ev­er, let’s be real. Some nat­ur­al ladies just don’t have the thick­ness or length that these styles need in order for them to look amaz­ing. Nat­ur­al hair Youtu­ber, TiffanyN­i­chols­De­sign, achieves the bun hawk by using a cou­ple of packs of Kanekalon braid­ing hair and bob­by pins. Her method is so easy, but it’s also very ele­gant. This would also make for a great pro­tec­tive style.

Faux Flexi Rod Set

Naptural85 Natural Hair Faux Flexi Rod Set

Naptural85 Natural Hair Faux Flexi Rod Set 2Flexi rod sets look beau­ti­ful on nat­ur­al hair and pro­duce boun­cy curls. How­ev­er, not every woman has the patience or time to per­fect the flexi rod set. It can be tedious, frus­trat­ing and hard to sleep on. Nat­ur­al hair guru and YouTu­ber, Nap­tural85 demon­strates how you can fake a flexi rod set, but still achieve the same look that a flexi rod set pro­vides. With home­made flax seed gel, shea but­ter and flexi rods, Naptural85’s curls came out full and pret­ty.


Are you going to try these styles?

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Bridget Bailey

I am defi­nate­ly try­ing these nat­ur­al braids this week­end


Love­ly Post! I feel hon­ored to be fea­tured! Thank you!


Thanks for shar­ing. Very help­ful


I have two faux con­nect­ed buns on my head right now. I’m attempt­ing to try the 3rd look as I already had it saved in one of my favorite fold­ers.


Thx for the post! But wait, how is the last one a faux style? She installs the flexi rods and then lets them airdry while she sleeps. That’s essen­tial­ly a flexi rod set lol Am I miss­ing some­thing?

naturally tee

me either a fake it to you make it style I keep see­ing is crotch­et braids. I keep get­ting fooled think­ing it’s the per­sons real hair then read­ing fur­ther and see­ing they are crotch­et braids


I think because she does the set on dry hair instead of wet hair its not a typ­i­cal way to approach a flex rod set but I don’t know how it applies to “Fake it Til You Make it” part of this arti­cle. Its still great video that cuts time in half

Portia C.

Lol, yes. Tech­ni­cal­ly, you could say this is a flexi Rod set. How­ev­er, the orig­i­nal way to do a flexi Rod set is much more com­pli­cat­ed and time con­sum­ing. You also end up with a lot of flexi rods stick­ing up all over your head. Her way is more prac­ti­cal and much eas­i­er, yet she gets sim­i­lar results. Hope this clar­i­fied a lit­tle! Thanks for read­ing.