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Ever heard of the “Vixen sew-in weave”? If you follow various protective styling or weave-magic Instagram or Pinterest pages, you might have heard of this look. Essentially, the Vixen sew-in is a newly popular weave installation method that applies tracks in 4 different sections, rather than the single “hive” method that is traditionally used. There is hair left out all around the edges, as well as in two parts cutting down the middle of your hair, and cutting across. Here’s a video to explain:

While there aren’t too many examples of a vixen weave with curly or kinky textured hair (shout out to whoever makes the video first!), I do think this install method is the greatest choice for naturals who want to wear a weave that matches their hair texture, perhaps by one of these lines. But before I get into the awesome benefits, a word of caution:

If you plan on getting a STRAIGHT weave or a weave that is a vastly different texture than your own natural hair, the Vixen install process is actually NOT a better idea for your hair. Leaving out more hair means potentially damaging more hair trying to get it to blend with your install. It’s one struggle to have the hair around your edges heat damaged after a weave, but a completely different level of hair woe if you end up with a fro — aside from a random t shape of straight hair after you takedown the weave. This is also more suitable for naturals with hair no more than 6 inches shorter than their weave of choice, lest the “blend” ends up looking more like jacked up layers. 


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On to the two main reasons you should ask your weaveologist to do a vixen sew-in for your next curly/kinky weave install:

Reason #1 – You can take better care of your hair under the weave

While shampooing, it’s easier to reach between your tracks with an applicator bottle

The notorious weave itch is minimized since it is easier to oil your scalp

Working with smaller, pre-made sections can make the detangling process easier

Nighttime maintenance is a breeze – just put your hair into 4 bantu knots or buns

Reason #2 – You have WAY more styling versatility

You can wear your curly/kinky weave in a high bun

You can wear afro puffs – either side by side or one on top of the other

You can do crown twists, french braids, flat twist updos, and countless other updos and half updo styles


Have you tried the Vixen weave with straight hair? Do you think it could work with curly/kinky weaves for us weave-wearing naturals?


Klassy Kinks founder and editor, Ijeoma Eboh, is on a mission to change perceptions of kinky textured hair around the world. You can find her on social media @klassykinks.

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This is wonderful for me, all i want to do is add length to my hair. I’ll find a 3b long hair weave to match my hair and we should be good to go. thanks guys. 🙂


I have 3 bundles of Peruvian hair but I want to do a 4 way vixen sew in


This style looks beautiful & is amazing,but it looks like it would put too much stress on ones hair,looks itch worthy also.


if you have thin edges are vixen sew ins a bad idea ?


For beginners wanting to install from scratch BY THEMSELVES


If you are afraid of not being able to get access to your scalp..try vixen sew in wig SELF INSTALL

I’ve never been a fan of weave but just installed my first one. It’s a vixen weave and used kinky straight from I only had to blow out my hair, oil my scalp and edges, and leave it in french braids. No one can tell the remy hair is fake because I have so much leave out in the middle and the perimeter. My own hair is 11 inches front and side and 9 inches in back because I needed to trim it badly[just plan to keep it braided in cornrows so it can grow back quickly]. The weave… Read more »

With so much hair being left out, I don’t know I’d consider it a protective style, even if you do use curly hair. However, I’m more interesting in this as another style option. I like to wear braids, crotechet, etc mostly for that reason, so I like the idea of having something. Braids are probably my favorite style chose because of the versatility. I like that I could more with this type of install. I’d consider doing it in the future, with curly hair.


Yea too much leave out for me. Maybe for a night out or a photo shoot. Also seems better for just adding volume rather than length, I think it looks king of obvious in the video where her hair ended. Would look better shorter.


I always use weaves as protective styles and this leaves too much of my hair out. Plus I don’t have a perm so I would have to put a lot of heat on my hair too. I don’t think I would recommend this to anyone without a perm even though it is versatile


Hey destiny Bodley on YouTube dite a curly version of the vixen with one of her clients. Here is the link


I think this is different, I like the idea but the damage your hair is going to endure.having to straighten that much hair on a regular and especially the middle of your hair. The middle of your hair is so vital to the thickness of your hair. I would keep it simple with a regular center part lol

Check out For Fashion and Natural hair


If this was 5 years ago, I would have been up for this. For me there is way too much hair that is left out. I am not really paying attention to the model of the video because her hair is damaged. If they use curly hair, I maybe up for it.


I feel like whoever isn’t lazy with their weave can do this. No need to scare people off with the threat of damaged hair.
This method is interesting though


This is my next style but I can’t fathom spending $100+ on hair that isn’t growing out of my head so I have to find a way to get some affordable kinky, natural-looking weave. Any suggestions?


Go on have good deals.

Keisha Abney

Have you thought about trying express your kinks hair? They have a human synthetic blend of hair on a weft. Or read many reviews about it. And the hair seems to be legit. The cost of it is affordable as well. And depending on your hair length and style you want to achieve you will probably need to purchase one bundle. Those are just my thoughts :0)

Darian Bacon

If you look up a Tumblr famous person named “VintageDollRisa” her curly weave is amazing. I didn’t even know it was weave until she came right out and said it. Fortunately, she’s all for everyone slaying like she does so she gave the link to her hair vendor. it’s $150, but it’s worth it. I’m about to get it installed myself.


Hello everyone. Please be careful who you let install a weave on you. This so called “protective” style can be more damaging than anything else…traction alopecia is permanent. No castor oil can bring back permanently damaged hair follicles. It only takes one time for permanent damage.


I actually don’t wear weaves, but this method seems way more damaging to your natural hair – especially if you have a straight weave. The minute it rains or gets humid you are going to have to get out the straighteners – not good.


As a weave wearing natural this is not a method I would consider. It defeats the purpose of me wearing a weave…long before I went natural I used weave as a protective style (I would DC moisturize and braid the sew in my weave) when I needed to give my hair a break from manipulation. .


This method is not new at all and it’s a horrible idea for natural’ to consider for various realistic reasons. This technique is for the girls that aren’t hung up over their hair. I’ll stick with the traditional technique that grows the hair quicker and better

I personally really like weaves… But I wouldn’t get this technique because I put my hair away as a long term protective style, the less leave out, the better! And since my nape is more prone to breakage, I’d rather just have it braided up and off of my clothes. Also, if you buy hair, you know you don’t want to just cut your tracks all willy nilly because cutting the tracks can make the weave hair more likely to shed… You pay too much money for that. So although I love the versatility of this style, it’s just not… Read more »

All the nope.
*fluffs my fro*


Umm the curly one is me I was surprised to see my picture on here


Not interested. Way to much leave out to maintain

Great technique! Thanks for sharing. Although I dislike weaves( and avoid wearing them ), I would recommend this to my mum because she wears weaves a lot. This technique will increase the versatility and styling options of her sew-in’s. However, I’m hesitant to recommend it to her( or others ) because this method has a lot more leave-out hair and thus more real hair to damage. It’s basically sacrificing the health and protection of a person’s real hair for more styling options for fake hair aka weaves. This equals to damage, damage and more damage for the person’s real hair.… Read more »

I would love to see this done with kinky/curly textured hair. Nothing worse than having a protective style and sacrificing your leave out for it.


Amazing! !!


Wonderful job


i actually saw a girl with this today and i had to double check because it looked so much like her hair (it was super long). it seems very versatile for hairstyles.

Clarissa Evans

Wow, this woman’s hair looks so damaged, maybe it’s time to leave the weaves alone?



Yes I have heard of the vixen sew in, several months ago. I plan to try it out one day with curly and straight styles. I’m very excited because TheChicNatural on YT has a great method for dry setting your hair (even though she doesn’t call it that) that gives a lot of definition and doesn’t uuse too much heat. I think the biggest struggle for me will be getting my hair smooth enough around the roller, but once your hair has dried and is stretched, which she recommends doing before you remoisturize and set your hair, it’s easier to… Read more »

I really don’t like weaves. No offence


That tutorial is terrible! My God just own “your” hair! I could clearly see the difference in textures. Not cute! Love the hair you have and own it. #nomoreweaves!


Idk why you assume she doesn’t “love” her hair.


Telling some of these black women to love themselves and their hair is a waste of time.Our hair is beautiful just the way


What I find counter productive about using weaves as a protective style is that the part that you leave out is most likely the part that needs protecting in the first place, yes?


Full weaves are an option…But I always leave my edges out but I wear kinky curly hair so it is regularly condotioned and moisturized….When I wore looser curly patterns I gained a tad bit of heat damage but.nothing major…


Wonderful,and insightful article!


Wow, this is great info..something I will definitely consider.


This is a great technique!