Don’t be fooled, short haired nat­u­rals; your hair’s length has noth­ing to do with how fab­u­lous it can look! Nat­u­ral hair can be rocked in var­i­ous styles, even at super short lengths. Thank­ful­ly, you don’t have to be a mas­ter styl­ist or cre­ative to come up with a show stop­ping hair­do. See below for styles and tuto­ri­als that will for sure get you many more admir­ers!

Straw Set

Coily Bel­la shares her secrets to a mean strawset that accen­tu­ates your nat­u­ral curls and kinks. 

Aislinn Straw Set
Rec­om­mend­ed Prod­ucts:
125+ straws
Hood­ed dry­er (option­al)
Approx­i­mate Set­ting Time:
You may need up to 2 hours to put in all the straws. Allow to ful­ly dry for 1 hour under a hood­ed dry­er or to air dry overnight.

Sponge Twists

I’m sure, by now you may have heard of the tech­nique of using a  ginor­mous sponge with holes in it to get super cute twists at a frac­tion of the time it would take if you palm rolled to get them instead.  She’Kia Renae shows us how to get incred­i­ble twists on her TWA with a DIY twist sponge. 

sponge twistssponge twists
Rec­om­mend­ed Prod­ucts:
DIY twist­ing sponge (cre­at­ed using a big sponge and scis­sors)
Approx­i­mate Set­ting Time:
Up to 30 min­utes.

Stylized Mini Twists

Mini twists are a fab­u­lous ‘do for all lengths and for short hair nat­u­rals it pro­vides an array of styling options. Check out AnnisaLiMara’s short to medi­um length twists and the 5 styles she whipped up with them.

Mini Twists Styles
Rec­om­mend­ed Prod­ucts:
Approx­i­mate Set­ting Time:
Most of the­se styles will take 10 min­utes or less to com­plete. The mini twists can take up to 6 hours to com­plete.

Asymmetrical Afro

My Nat­u­ral Sis­ta hooks up with the cutest asym­met­ri­cal afro look for high style nat­u­ral­is­tas with short hair. While her cut is tapered at the sides, she explains any lady can chose to pat your hair down at the sides to get the look. I would sug­gest employ­ing a sat­in scarf to fur­ther pat down the sides. 

Asymmetrical Afro Natural Hair Sistas
Rec­om­mend­ed Prod­ucts:
Approx­i­mate Set­ting Time:
This style will take more tech­nique than time and I pre­dict 20 min­utes of worth of part­ing, rolling and pat­ting is in order.

Chunky Twist Out

Chunky twist outs are tru­ly a style for all length and look espe­cial­ly cute on the awk­ward in between short and medi­um lengths. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 3.31.30 PMchunky twists
Rec­om­mend­ed Prod­ucts:
Approx­i­mate Set­ting Time:
Depend­ing on whether your hair is already mois­tur­ized this style can take up to 30 min­utes to set.

Flat Twisted Updo

Some nat­u­rals are of the mind that you can’t do updos with your own hair until it’s at least shoul­der length. but this nat­u­ral­is­ta doc­tor puts that mis­con­cep­tion to rest. 

flat twisted updo on short natural hair

flat twisted updo on short natural hair

Rec­om­mend­ed Prod­ucts:
Approx­i­mate Set­ting Time:
Depend­ing on your lev­el of skill for flat twist­ing, this style may take up to 60 min­utes to com­plete.

Curly Fro Updo

Jes­si­ca Pettway shows us how to do short to medi­um length nat­u­ral hair right in this tuto­ri­al or a curly fro updo. Ladies- this one is cute, cute, cute! Watch it here.

Jessica pettwayjessica pettway
Rec­om­mend­ed Prod­ucts:
Approx­i­mate Set­ting Time:
40 min­utes to twist and add perm rods
10–15 min­utes to take them out and twist hair up

Ladies, what do you think of the­se styles? Which would you try?

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Try­ing the asym­met­ri­cal afro. How­ev­er, I need­ed a lot of hair­pins to make the sides as low as hers. I don’t think pat­ting is enough, for any­one.

Asma Shahzadi

Much appre­ci­at­ed, this sim­ply helped me alot, I gen­er­al­ly felt that you need­ed to pon­der face shape. I show some kind­ness formed face, and thick wavy hair, I need to have a medi­um to long Short­er hair style, how­ev­er I sim­ply can not dis­cov­er the style that I like. I like medi­um hair­styles with bangs.


After being loc­ced for near­ly nine years, it’s been rough being back to sim­ply nat­u­ral. The locs made me lazy because the upkeep was sim­pler. The cute­ness of the­se styles have me inspired to style my hair again.

Elodie Careme

I deal with the same issues. 8 years of locs and now 10 months of growth and I don’t know what do do with my hair! The­se styles are inspi­ra­tional.


I’m going to try the curly fro updo.


I liked the chunky twistout. :)




I’d try the chunky twist out and curly fro undo. Great arti­cle!


I love the­se hair­styles. But I’m lazy, and have such a poor selec­tion of hair prod­ucts where I live. :(


Where are you locat­ed? You can always shop online or with a box sub­scrip­tion and get prod­ucts mailed right to your house like with curl­box or curlk­it.