solange-3-435Credit: Patriot Pics/SBMF/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

“I decided you are the him for me.” 

Solange said it best herself on her 2008 hit, “I Decided”. The 28-year old talent took to the altar to marry her long-time boyfriend, music video director, Alan Ferguson in New Orleans, LA. The bride and groom rode up on cruiser bikes to set an eclectic stage to their nuptials.

enhanced-7969-1416178550-9Credit: Patriot Pics/SBMF/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

Solange’s cream caped pantsuit is stunning.

solange-knowles-wedding-dressCredit: Rog Walker

The wedding gown was nothing short of royalty and her fro looks flawless! (No pun intended)

Image by Rog Walker

Credit: Rog Walker

Image by Rog Walker

The bride and wedding party posed for photos by Vogue photographer, Rog Walker. We spy a certain Android smiling away in the background! Hey Janelle Monae, girl!

Image by Rog Walker

Credit: Rog Walker


Big sis, Beyonce has the niece, Blue Ivy in tow with a big beautiful fro!

Congrats to the happy couple!

Do you love their wedding looks? Have you already started a wedding inspo board on Pinterest?

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I was wondering what she was going to do with her hair. I really thought she would have worn some hair accessories


Solange looks so fabulous! 🙂


She looks like an angel with that beautiful halo of hair. I love the dress with the cape and the pants suit. Perfection!


Solange looks beautiful from head to toe! Can someone tell me why Beyonce doesn’t go Natural or wears her hair Naturally curly??

Claire Taylor

Does it matter? Each to their own – no?

Vanessa Osbourne

I love Solange. Such a strong person and always true to herself!

Aliyah Morrison

Solange looks gorgeous beautiful afro


This was a breath of fresh air! Everything looked like it was genuinely them. Their style is awesome and I adore how Miss Blue Ivy was rocking a fro that could certainly rival that of her auntie. Everyone looked gorgeous. I wish them a long, healthy, joyful union!

Ms. Vee

Beautiful! Just beautiful 🙂


Everything was beautiful. Everyone was gorgeous. Loved seeing Janelle Monae support her friend (she looked great too!)


Is that her to (our) left of Beyonce? They all look so amazing and gorgeous. I need my wedding to be like this. I am SO taking that pant suit and cape idea for my wedding, AND it’s cream colored. I love it SO much.


The photographs are amazing…I can see a couple of new trends in wedding photography arising from this event.


This is truly art.


Amazing looking wedding. Everything was perfect. I love Jay’s suit. Baby Blue’s fro is to die for.


Love! I saw that she unfortunately broke out in hives! At least she is now the wife to the love of her life.

I love that Blue was sporting a fro. Real talk though, as she gets older, she will probably want her hair to look like her mother’s hair.


I always thought the same thing. The older Blue gets the more her mothers look is going to influence her.
I will wear weaves sparingly when I have daughters, I never want them to feel as inadequate as i did growing up. Every child is different, but anything I can do that will have a positive effect on my little black girls self worth… I will do it.


I love Solange! Her wedding party looks so elegant and unique, she did it her way. I just love her.


Solange is beautiful. The wedding party looks as if they are ready to rumble.

naima hilario

The more I see these pictures, the more I find to love…lovin’ the positive feedback I am reading here, too! Continued happiness to the noble couple.


Simply Beautiful! Everyone looks stunning.


The thumbs down was a big mistake. Meant to do the opposite. Last time I was on this blog the thumbs was in reverse!! I think the party as a whole looked fabulous!!


I love how non-traditional this wedding is. Beautiful inspiration.


Solange looked like a queen!!!

Beyonce looks good as always but I feel like she looks like she doesn’t belong in the pictures because she is dressed sexy and everyone else is a more conservative get up.


Yonce hardly has cleavage showing, and her dress goes to her ankles -____-


How does Beyonce NOT belong? She is Solange’s sister, so it doesn’t make sense. Besides, there were at least four or five other women with low cut necklines. Big deal. They all looked beautiful regardless.


People can be so annoying. All of the Knowles family look exceptional! The bride is gorgeous. And yes Bey does look like she “belongs” in the picture. She belongs right next to her sister! Damn!, stop hating on beautiful, successful Black women for one damn second. Let them all give us life and live honey! Do better…


Goodness, this just makes my heart pop! So beautiful. Everyone looks so regal! Of course, most notably, Bride & Groom. Huge congratulations.


The photo of the bride + wedding party looks ominous #wooooo


It’s official: Solange is the new Supreme.

No, but seriously, I thought everything looked great!!! Congrats to the newly weds!!!


“the new Supreme” -best comment ever!


Everyone looks so nice and distinguished. That white suit is killn it! I love it. Really nice with the use of white. How on earth is Beyoncé walking in those shoes. I would’ve been tipping slow like an old lady if I wore those lol.


Yasssss! Honey yes!!! That’s how you break the internet..with class and style. And did she represent the natural hair community?! Made me so proud to be natural!!




Solange looks amazing!! I loved everything, they all look great!


love photos, i love Solange


Just plain Yes

Amma Mama

She looks AMAZING! Her and Blu look like twins. Everyone looks great.

Beautifully Curled

Love it! Stepping outside the box. Classy. And Blue looking amazing with her own fro going on!

Coconut + Cream

Literally a goddess – my my my what a beauty Solange is!


I love it all. Just simply beautiful!


One word…FLAWLESS!


I love it. She looks beautiful. Her style is classy and I wish the two a happy and long union. Congrats.