solange-3-435Credit: Patriot Pics/SBMF/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

“I decid­ed you are the him for me.” 

Solange said it best her­self on her 2008 hit, “I Decid­ed”. The 28-year old tal­ent took to the altar to mar­ry her long-time boyfriend, music video direc­tor, Alan Fer­gu­son in New Orleans, LA. The bride and groom rode up on cruis­er bikes to set an eclec­tic stage to their nup­tials.

enhanced-7969-1416178550-9Credit: Patriot Pics/SBMF/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

Solange’s cream caped pantsuit is stun­ning.

solange-knowles-wedding-dressCredit: Rog Walker

The wed­ding gown was noth­ing short of roy­al­ty and her fro looks flaw­less! (No pun intend­ed)

Image by Rog Walker

Cred­it: Rog Walk­er

Image by Rog Walker

The bride and wed­ding par­ty posed for pho­tos by Vogue pho­tog­ra­ph­er, Rog Walk­er. We spy a cer­tain Android smil­ing away in the back­ground! Hey Janelle Mon­ae, girl!

Image by Rog Walker

Cred­it: Rog Walk­er


Big sis, Bey­once has the niece, Blue Ivy in tow with a big beau­ti­ful fro!

Con­grats to the hap­py cou­ple!

Do you love their wed­ding looks? Have you already start­ed a wed­ding inspo board on Pin­ter­est?

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I was won­der­ing what she was going to do with her hair. I real­ly thought she would have worn some hair acces­sories


Solange looks so fab­u­lous! :-)


She looks like an angel with that beau­ti­ful halo of hair. I love the dress with the cape and the pants suit. Per­fec­tion!


Solange looks beau­ti­ful from head to toe! Can some­one tell me why Bey­once doesn’t go Nat­ur­al or wears her hair Nat­u­ral­ly curly??

Claire Taylor

Does it mat­ter? Each to their own — no?

Vanessa Osbourne

I love Solange. Such a strong per­son and always true to her­self!

Aliyah Morrison

Solange looks gor­geous beau­ti­ful afro


This was a breath of fresh air! Every­thing looked like it was gen­uine­ly them. Their style is awe­some and I adore how Miss Blue Ivy was rock­ing a fro that could cer­tain­ly rival that of her aun­tie. Every­one looked gor­geous. I wish them a long, healthy, joy­ful union!

Ms. Vee

Beau­ti­ful! Just beau­ti­ful :)


Every­thing was beau­ti­ful. Every­one was gor­geous. Loved see­ing Janelle Mon­ae sup­port her friend (she looked great too!)


Is that her to (our) left of Bey­once? They all look so amaz­ing and gor­geous. I need my wed­ding to be like this. I am SO tak­ing that pant suit and cape idea for my wed­ding, AND it’s cream col­ored. I love it SO much.


The pho­tographs are amazing…I can see a cou­ple of new trends in wed­ding pho­tog­ra­phy aris­ing from this event.


This is tru­ly art.


Amaz­ing look­ing wed­ding. Every­thing was per­fect. I love Jay’s suit. Baby Blue’s fro is to die for.


Love! I saw that she unfor­tu­nate­ly broke out in hives! At least she is now the wife to the love of her life.

I love that Blue was sport­ing a fro. Real talk though, as she gets old­er, she will prob­a­bly want her hair to look like her mother’s hair.


I always thought the same thing. The old­er Blue gets the more her moth­ers look is going to influ­ence her.
I will wear weaves spar­ing­ly when I have daugh­ters, I nev­er want them to feel as inad­e­quate as i did grow­ing up. Every child is dif­fer­ent, but any­thing I can do that will have a pos­i­tive effect on my lit­tle black girls self worth… I will do it.


I love Solange! Her wed­ding par­ty looks so ele­gant and unique, she did it her way. I just love her.


Solange is beau­ti­ful. The wed­ding par­ty looks as if they are ready to rum­ble.

naima hilario

The more I see these pic­tures, the more I find to love…lovin’ the pos­i­tive feed­back I am read­ing here, too! Con­tin­ued hap­pi­ness to the noble cou­ple.


Sim­ply Beau­ti­ful! Every­one looks stun­ning.


The thumbs down was a big mis­take. Meant to do the oppo­site. Last time I was on this blog the thumbs was in reverse!! I think the par­ty as a whole looked fab­u­lous!!


I love how non-tra­di­tion­al this wed­ding is. Beau­ti­ful inspi­ra­tion.


Solange looked like a queen!!!

Bey­once looks good as always but I feel like she looks like she doesn’t belong in the pic­tures because she is dressed sexy and every­one else is a more con­ser­v­a­tive get up.


Yonce hard­ly has cleav­age show­ing, and her dress goes to her ankles -____–


How does Bey­once NOT belong? She is Solange’s sis­ter, so it doesn’t make sense. Besides, there were at least four or five oth­er women with low cut neck­lines. Big deal. They all looked beau­ti­ful regard­less.


Peo­ple can be so annoy­ing. All of the Knowles fam­i­ly look excep­tion­al! The bride is gor­geous. And yes Bey does look like she “belongs” in the pic­ture. She belongs right next to her sis­ter! Damn!, stop hat­ing on beau­ti­ful, suc­cess­ful Black women for one damn sec­ond. Let them all give us life and live hon­ey! Do bet­ter…


Good­ness, this just makes my heart pop! So beau­ti­ful. Every­one looks so regal! Of course, most notably, Bride & Groom. Huge con­grat­u­la­tions.


The pho­to of the bride + wed­ding par­ty looks omi­nous #wooooo


It’s offi­cial: Solange is the new Supreme.

No, but seri­ous­ly, I thought every­thing looked great!!! Con­grats to the new­ly weds!!!


“the new Supreme” -best com­ment ever!


Every­one looks so nice and dis­tin­guished. That white suit is killn it! I love it. Real­ly nice with the use of white. How on earth is Bey­on­cé walk­ing in those shoes. I would’ve been tip­ping slow like an old lady if I wore those lol.


Yasssss! Hon­ey yes!!! That’s how you break the internet..with class and style. And did she rep­re­sent the nat­ur­al hair com­mu­ni­ty?! Made me so proud to be nat­ur­al!!




Solange looks amaz­ing!! I loved every­thing, they all look great!


love pho­tos, i love Solange


Just plain Yes

Amma Mama

She looks AMAZING! Her and Blu look like twins. Every­one looks great.

Beautifully Curled

Love it! Step­ping out­side the box. Classy. And Blue look­ing amaz­ing with her own fro going on!

Coconut + Cream

Lit­er­al­ly a god­dess — my my my what a beau­ty Solange is!


I love it all. Just sim­ply beau­ti­ful!


One word…FLAWLESS!


I love it. She looks beau­ti­ful. Her style is classy and I wish the two a hap­py and long union. Con­grats.