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If you’re like many nat­u­rals, the idea of cut­ting your hair is not only unpalat­able, but can also give you night­mares for weeks! Since many are striv­ing to grow long, healthy nat­u­ral hair; hair cut­ting just seems coun­ter­pro­duc­tive. But, what if I told you cut­ting your hair is exact­ly what you need to do to save your length and grow you hair to new lengths in 2015? You might then be inter­est­ed in hear­ing more, right?

1. Your hair is at a length plateau.
Cut­ting your hair doesn’t make your hair grow any faster, but it does expose qual­i­ty ends not destroyed by age and accu­mu­lat­ed dam­age. Your new ends will be stronger and more able to resist the wear and tear that comes from every­day hair care prac­tices. Old ends are the part of your hair that has sus­tained the most dam­age and are sus­cep­ti­ble to those 1/4″ breaks that steal length. Cut­ting your hair cor­rects that prob­lem.

2. Your hair won’t take to the con­di­tion­er and prod­ucts you use any­more.
While there are a num­ber of rea­sons your hair may have stopped respond­ing to your old and even new­er prod­ucts, one may be that your ends have passed the point of no return. If they’ve lost most of their cuti­cle lay­ers, you’ll be hard pressed to find any pro­duct that will help them retain mois­ture. Some­times, a good cut is just what you need to help your hair to respond more pos­i­tive­ly to the prod­ucts you use.

3. You need a change.
You didn’t think I was going to skip out on this rea­son, did you? I’m the kind of girl that just auto­mat­i­cal­ly feels bet­ter about life when I feel I look good. A 2 inch cut will help your twist outs and ban­tu knot outs look fuller, and cut­ting more than two inch­es can dra­mat­i­cal­ly enhance your facial fea­tures and put that extra pep in your step and give a boost of con­fi­dence for the new year.

What kind of dra­mat­ic changes are you mak­ing to your hair for 2015?

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I just cut my hair Sat­ur­day. It feels much bet­ter and I had a ton of split ends so they HAD TO GO. Over­all it is exact­ly as the arti­cle states. My hair feels fuller, takes con­di­tion­er MUCH bet­ter, and it feels soft­er too. Oh but I would like to add if you don’t want to go to a salon then it is very impor­tant that you buy brand new hair cut­ting scis­sors. Dull scis­sors can actu­al­ly do more harm than good. i got a pair from Wal­greens for $7 and they got the job done. No need for a… Read more »

This arti­cle is the con­fir­ma­tion and inspi­ra­tion I need­ed to encour­age me to cut my hair. I’ve been debat­ing it, but now that I’ve read this arti­cle and everyone’s com­ments, I’m going for it. I think a good cut (not a trim or a dust­ing) is what my hair needs!


This arti­cle is right on time! I have dis­cussed all week­end how I want a fresh look and begin­ning with a hair cut. My hair is at a length plateau and with me turn­ing a new age last week, I want some­thing new, inspir­ing an funky yet pro­fes­sion­al. Thanks for shar­ing!

Jill Thompson

The tim­ing of this post is so per­fect for me! I just cut about two inch­es in the back of my hair a few days ago. I have been strug­gling with sin­gle strand knots and gen­er­al­ly unhap­py with my hairs per­for­mance. I also cut four inch­es in the front, so now I have bangs and I love them! I feel like I have a fresh new look going into the hol­i­days and new year.


I would loooove to give my hair a nice cut prefer­ably a bob. How­ev­er im cur­rent­ly stuck in an awk­ward length/shape stage that can only be solved by time and trims :(

Jennifer Kennedy

I’m total­ly chop­ping off my hair in 2015. It’s been a long time com­ing. All of those rea­sons are exact­ly why. My hair is break­ing at the ends, I want a new look (may­be a new col­or), and I want my hair to be eas­ier to main­tain!

Now, the task of find­ing some­one I trust to cut it! Ha. (I haven’t been to the salon in at least 7 years.)


I just chopped off my hair and it is great!
You could also try find­ing a bar­ber to chop it off. I think they are real­ly good with being cre­ative with short looks. I called a bar­ber and he was awe­some (and real­ly hot and flir­ta­tious, haha!).
Hap­py chop­ping! :D


I just did a DIY tapered cut on my hair in Sep­tem­ber and it has been amaz­ing. 13 years nat­u­ral and this was my first major hair cut in a long while. Very nice change of pace. The old­er I’m get­ting the more I real­ize that short­er hair is for me. I love long hair too but I don’t love the up keep of it any more.


I had a few inch­es cut at the begin­ning of the year and I noticed an improve­ment in the over­all health of my hair. Pri­or to the trim/cut my ends felt rough (not sure how else to phrase it) and dry, no amount of mois­tur­is­ing and seal­ing worked.