If you are look­ing for more long hair inspi­ra­tion (or long hair to drool over) on YouTube, check out these hip-length nat­ur­al hair ladies!

1. Melis­sa Denise

Melissa Denise 2

Melis­sa tran­si­tioned from thin, relaxed strands to nat­ur­al hair in 2006. Being nat­ur­al was ini­tial­ly tough as there was lit­tle hair care infor­ma­tion at the time. As a result, she fre­quent­ly straight­ened her curls until they ulti­mate­ly became dam­aged and thin. Guard­ed with new hair care infor­ma­tion, she went from apply­ing heat every two weeks to once a month and saw some improve­ment.  She expe­ri­enced even more length reten­tion after going months with­out using heat and sim­ply becom­ing more com­fort­able with wear­ing her nat­ur­al curls.

Some of her tips:
Reduce/eliminate heat straight­en­ing
Wear braid-outs and twist-outs as alter­na­tives
Pre-poo with con­di­tion­er and oil for 4–8 hours
Deep con­di­tion after each wash (she does it for 35 min­utes)

2. Curly Prover­bz

Curly Proverbz 2

Curly Prover­bz start­ed from shoul­der length strands before ulti­mate­ly reach­ing hip length. Her hair trou­bles began when she was texlaxed at 8 years old. Length reten­tion became dif­fi­cult, and her strands would stay stuck at shoul­der length for years.  She even­tu­al­ly returned to nat­ur­al and saw improve­ments in her hair with patience, time, and care.

Some of her tips:
Reg­u­lar hen­na treat­ments
Pro­tec­tive style reg­u­lar­ly
Deep con­di­tions with oils
Min­i­mize han­dling of your hair
Fin­ger detan­gle before using a comb
Min­i­mize heat straight­en­ing

3. Razorem­press


You may rec­og­nize Razorem­press (and Curly Prover­bz) from the BGLH icon series.  She has been nat­ur­al all her life, but did not take the best care of her hair.  It became dry, dam­aged and stunt­ed as a result. In 2012, she start­ed a hair growth and weight loss jour­ney, both of which dras­ti­cal­ly trans­formed her from the inside out.  Her hair is now hip length and she has lost about 50 lbs.

Some of her tips:
Grease for extra seal­ing (but avoid scalp)
Eat clean and healthy
Com­bat hand-in-the-hair syn­drome
Co-wash more than sham­poo 

4. Jostylin

jostylin 2

Jostylin took a long hia­tus from YouTube, but when she returned, she did so with a bang – tail­bone length nat­ur­al hair. If you rec­og­nize her from here, it is prob­a­bly because she was men­tioned last year in the post “3 YouTu­bers with REALLY Long 4B/4C Nat­ur­al Hair and Sim­ple Reg­i­mens”. In spite of this repeat, the list would not be com­plete with­out includ­ing her.

Some of tips:
Sat­u­rate hair with con­di­tion­er (after wash)
Pro­tec­tive style reg­u­lar­ly
Wash with braids for eas­i­er man­ag­ing
Fin­ger detan­gle

What ris­ing nat­ur­al hair YouTu­bers have recent­ly inspired you?


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Maryam M

And 22nd­cen­tu­ry Nat­ur­al Woman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xwlT8w8VzM


I’m not even try­ing to grow my hair waist length but I am sub­scribed to razor empress .


15 years nat­ur­al. Tons of pro­tec­tive styling. My hair has only grown to a lit­tle past my shoul­ders. I won­der if I have a short ter­mi­nal length.


hii, just curi­ous and try­ing to help, what is your reg­i­men like? pro­tec­tive styling by itself does noth­ing. you have to pay atten­tion to mois­tur­iz­ing, how small your braids or twists are, how porous your hair is, etc. just get back to me when you can


Pro­tec­tive style does not work for me. I am 4A/B and i retain lenght bet­ter with wash & go than pro­tec­tive styles.


Ive been nat­ur­al for a long ass time and my hair still isn’t this long. The jeal­ousy :)

Just keep try­ing, I guess…


You will get there! I promise sis­ter! I went from dread­locks in 2012 to boob length now in 2015. It just takes a lot of patience, time and hard work. :)


Very beau­ti­ful girls!!!!!Really hope could make a coop­er­a­tion with any­one!!!!


#3 she greas­es her hair but not her scalp how does that work if any­thing I would be greas­ing my scalp before any­thing else to be healthy


Grease isn’t healthy for the scalp. The ingre­di­ents it’s made with will clog your pores which can result in build up and stunt­ed growth. She uses grease as a sealant to help keep her hair mois­tur­ized.

Crystal B

Oh. That makes sense.

true 4BC

I like #1(Melisa) all of them are an inspi­ra­tion


LaNat­u­ral­ista. She has hip-length 4c hair, though her chan­nel is a bit under the radar. 




I’ve tried to watch her videos but she kind of ram­bles on lol
When I watch videos I want peo­ple to *show* me their hair — show in detail your process for wash­ing, styling, mois­tur­iz­ing, etc. Not just talk the entire time. Hope­ful­ly her new­er videos will get bet­ter.

Chauncey Butler

About 2 more years I will be hip length I 4b 4c hair I cur­rent­ly at waist length


i sub­scribe to all the beau­ties except Melis­sa Denise! i got­ta go check her out! all these ladies are awe­some and i love their down to earth advice! waist length before i hit 60? hey, why not? :) i’m lov­ing watch­ing mod­ern ms. huxtable too! all these ladies are thor­ough, informed and encour­ag­ing!


Jostylin been on the radar for awhile lol I’ve been watch­ing her videos for years. And I have just become a new fan of Razorem­press. I think I first saw her on fot­ki (I could be wrong).


Amaz­ing and Awe­some!


aww this is my goal hip length! good to see more nat­u­rals going for super long lengths beau­ti­ful healthy hair rules!


All the girls have a beau­ti­ful head of hair. I would like to know a lit­tle about the regimine, as my own hair gets longer my arms are alot more tired, and more mus­cu­lar than before. At hip length how “easy” is it?


As a per­son with 4b/c hair. Jostylin gives my hope.


Wow! Sim­ply beau­ti­ful.