Are you scis­sor hap­py? Do you reach for the scis­sors every time you see a split end or com­plex knot (knot that has more than 2 strands entan­gled). Are you hap­py to trim your hair again if you see splits imme­di­ate­ly after a fresh trim? Has your hair become stag­nant at a cer­tain length and do you think the rea­son for it is that either you trim your hair a lot OR your hair shows signs of dam­age and has to be trimmed?

If you answered yes to any of the ques­tions above, it is pos­si­ble that you are scis­sor hap­py and your hair may thrive if you set the scis­sors down for a while. Here are some tips to help you get over being scis­sor hap­py.

1. Undo knots instead of trim­ming

So before you roll your eyes , no I am not ask­ing you to use a nee­dle to undo fairy knots, even though it must be said that some long haired nat­u­rals do actu­al­ly use this method, most of us would con­sid­er this tedious! I am, how­ev­er, ask­ing you to work on com­plex knots strand by strand with a lit­tle bit of oil or con­di­tion­er for slip. You can save a lot of length by pris­ing out strands from a com­plex knot rather than just lop­ping the whole lot off. You may have to cut some hair, but isn’t it bet­ter to pull 4 strands undam­aged from the knot and just trim the two which will not untan­gle rather than cut all 6?

2. Stop check­ing for it — Stick to a trim­ming sched­ule

If you search for split ends, you will find split ends and pos­si­bly some knots too along the way. In order to keep the scis­sors down, not look­ing for signs of dam­age between trims can help because as the old adage goes , igno­rance is bliss. If you do a fort­night­ly search and destroy, then in the two weeks in between, do not stare down your ends for signs of splits. This would apply too in the event that you are dust­ing once a month or trim­ming once every three months. What­ev­er the inter­ven­ing peri­od is, just don’t go look­ing for split ends to attack.

3. Let it go — Do not trim again if you see split ends imme­di­ate­ly after a trim

It is entire­ly pos­si­ble that if you see split ends imme­di­ate­ly after trim­ming that you did not trim your hair enough but it is also pos­si­ble that these are just a few left­overs that were missed. Let it go, leave those split ends alone and deal with them the next time that you are trim­ming hair. Some peo­ple have hair that is more sus­cep­ti­ble to split­ting, but con­stant­ly cut­ting the hair is not the solu­tion, instead, go down the route of baby­ing those ends until the next trim.

4. Do not keep your scis­sor handy

If you know that you will begin to look at your ends as you watch TV in the evening and keep your scis­sor hand­i­ly in the draw­er of your cof­fee table, it is time to move the scis­sor. Have your scis­sor avail­able when it is time to trim but out of easy reach at oth­er times.

Are you a scis­sor-hap­py nat­ur­al? How do you com­bat the urge to trim con­stant­ly?

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I am scis­sor hap­py when it comes to hav­ing uneven ends. But now it has been going on 4 weeks since I had scis­sors to my hair. I’m so proud of myself! I was think­ing my hair wasn’t grow­ing and that it needs to be even. But now it’s grow­ing and I’m retain­ing length.


Man I feel as if my name should of been scis­sorhands this is ter­ri­ble. I’ve been nat­ur­al for about ten months now with hair that is boy­ish, it’s still on my fore­head hasn’t even touch my nose yet. Where have I gone wrong? trim­ming hair is so con­fus­ing I don’t know whether to trim every 3month or 4 or wait longer or less I need help.


Wel­come to CMEA!


Need­ed this post! The strug­gle is real and some­times I feel like there should be a sup­port group smh lol. Peo­ple are get­ting upset with me over my hair for being scis­sor-hap­py. I’m gonna see to it that I trim way less/not at all for 2015 for my own progress.

I am was guilty of this! I was so scis­sor hap­py that I have to lit­er­al­ly hide my scis­sors from myself (which nev­er works bc I know where they are duh). The main rea­son for this obses­sion was bc I was very new to the nat­ur­al hair scene (BC 2.19.13) and many nat­u­rals that I fol­lowed that had lux­u­ri­ous locks would always say “trim dem endz!”. Pret­ty soon I was going from trims to cuts and ulti­mate­ly to my sec­ond big chop last Decem­ber. And after I cut it all off, I was so dis­ap­point­ed in myself. My hair was… Read more »

I need­ed this. I go on a search-and-destroy mis­sion for SSKs (while watch­ing TV) when­ev­er my hair is down.I


Hi, my name is Crys­tal and I am addict­ed to clip­ping my ends.


I was trim hap­py because frankly it was beat into me when I had permed hair. I had to do the steps above to stop it. My hair grows fast so it has been a God­send! It was so deeply sub­con­scious that it took me a while to real­ize it!!! Great arti­cle!


I think that I’m a bit addict­ed to trim­ming. I’ve decid­ed to set a sched­ule at this point since I want to grow out my lay­ers.