Medium length afros don’t receive nearly as much love as they should. If you ask some naturals, this length can be a little awkward at times. These four ladies prove that even during that awkward phase, medium length natural hair are fros to be reckoned with!

Schylo Phillips from Aurora, Colorado

schylo phillips1
Schylo Phillips
schylo phillips
Schylo Phillips

This 22 year old beauty has been natural for one year and 7 months. Phillips admits that she doesn’t have a strict hair regiment, but she washes her mane about twice a week. After she applies her leave in conditioner, she combs it and lets her hair air dry. Her texture is includes curls and waves and she loves anything from the brand Dark and Lovely Au Naturale, especially their coil moisturizing soufflé.

Her Advice for Medium Length Ladies:

“Don’t get frustrated because of the length. It’s a weird period where your hair isn’t short anymore so you can’t just wake up and go, but it isn’t really long either. If you can’t just comb your hair and wear it out ( which is what I do a lot), experiment with some other styles. My hair is long enough now to be put in a bun, braids, twists and coils. I also straighten my hair once every couple of months and wear it like that. Just enjoy the hair you have! If you take care of it, it will grow but until then, the medium length is still very versatile.”

Where you can find her: Instagram @Shytopia

Candise Zepherin from Brooklyn, New York


Candise Zepherin
Candise Zepherin
Candise Zepherin
Candise Zepherin

This 24 year student and mother has never had a relaxer, but she did straighten her hair frequently. After suffering from head damaged hair for 8 years, she decided to embrace her natural hair a year and a half ago. Currently, she deep conditions her hair weekly, alternating between intensive moisturizing conditioners and protein conditioners. When styling, she sections her hair while wet and applies a moisturizing leave in, styling primer, styling product, and seals with an oil after diffusing her curls. Some of her favorite products are from Ouidad. Zepherin enjoys their super fruit clarifying cream and shampoo, their ultra nourishing cleansing oil, their whipped curls daily conditioner, and their melt down extreme repair mask.

Because Ouidad’s products can be a bit pricey, she also uses Camille Rose Naturals products, like their curl maker and algae renew deep conditioner.

Her advice for medium length ladies:

“Love every step of your natural hair journey! At one point I was only concerned about the length of my hair. Now I’ve learned to be patient and enjoy my hair at whatever length it is and to appreciate the fact that it’s healthy.”

Where you can find her: Instagram @Cee.leigh She is also in the process of starting a YouTube channel, so be on the look out!

Ashely Odom from Houston, Texas

Ashley Odom
Ashley Odom
Ashley Odom
Ashley Odom

Odom is an Instructional Technology Specialist and has been natural for 6.5 years. Her favorite products are Coco Moisturizing and Styling Crème, Shea Butter, and coconut oil. Every two weeks, she washes or co-washes her hair with CoCo Curls shampoo and conditioner. Her go to style is a twist out which she achieves using Coco Curls Moisturizing and Styling Crème. After allowing her hair to air dry, she either wears her twists as a protective style or she separates them the next day.

Her advice for medium length ladies:

“Don’t be surprised if your hair grows pretty rapidly after doing your chop and take your time with styling the shorter sections of hair. Never be afraid to change up your fro by adding braids or twist in your styling and/or by adding a pop of color.”

Where you can find her: Instagram @deepimpact403, Twitter @deepimpact403, and Facebook

Victoria Phillips from Aurora, Colorado

Victoria Phillips
Victoria Phillips
Victoria Phillips
Victoria Phillips

No, you’re not seeing double. Victoria is Schylo’s twin sister! She will be natural for 3 years this April. The full time college student’s hair regimen includes washing/detangling her hair once a week. She also deep conditions at least every two week and she does an apple cider vinegar cleanse once a month. Every night, Victoria tries to massage her scalp with castor oil and coconut oil.

Some over her favorite hair products include shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner by Shea Moisture. She also enjoys Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie (it’s her favorite!) and Jamaican Black Castor Oil and raw coconut oil.

Her advice for medium length ladies:

“Little to no manipulation! I try not to do too much to my hair besides washing it and keeping it clean and detangled on a regular basis. Patience is also key. And try not to compare your journey to anyone else’s, because it is YOURS and you need to love and accept your hair no matter what!”

Where you can find her: Instagram @Vikkihelene and FaceBook Vicktoria Phillips.

La’Tanya Ramos from Williamsburg, Virginia

La"Tanya Ramos
La”Tanya Ramos
willow rome2
La’Tanya Ramos

Although Ramos has been natural for three years, she has big chopped twice. The 28 year old  is a Army Veteran and she doesn’t have a strict hair regimen. She used to schedule washes, co-washes and deep conditioning treatments based off of what she saw on YouTube, but now she realizes all the manipulation stunted her hair growth.

Today, Ramos only shampoos her hair if she uses gel, which isn’t often. She also cleanses her hair daily by using Just for Me Crème Cleanser. Her hair loves water, so if she’s not wearing a twist out for a few days, she wets her hair in the shower. Some of her favorite products come from the Just For Me! line. She also uses Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie for her twist outs.

Her advice for medium length ladies:

“Don’t worry about curl definition or achieving perfect twist or braid outs, just let your hair do it’s own thing. Definition is awesome, especially when you see a natural sister without a frizz in sight but there is nothing more beautiful then seeing a natural exuding so much self respect and confidence in their untamed mane.”

Where you can find her: Instagram @Willow_Rome

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I love their hair . I have medium length natural hair so I understand their struggle. I wear my hair in spiral twists pinned in the back for a few weeks then take it down in a twist out for two weeks then I get it twisted again. I love Candia first hair style.

Azul Aurora

I love Ashley’s and Candise’s hair. Candise’s curls are just perfect. I looked up the products Ashley uses. I Googled to find out more about her styling techniques, because I do need new styles. I wonder what product she uses to color her hair, and what Candise’s technique is for highlighting hers.

Leah James

I have medium length hair and it’s so frustrating it’s too short to do long hair styles but too long to do twa styles and just wash and go . So I always do two styles braid my hair and wear two buns. I never wear it out because it tangles a lot and dried it’s better when it’s up and out of the way. I miss the tea stage but since I’m growing it long I’m going in strong. 🙂


I really wish I could have a perfectly round afro.
But… my hair decided to naturally be all different wavelengths instead >_>


I’m in love with La’Tanya’s curls in the first pic. I keep going back to look at them. I think they look absolutely perfect! They look so uniformed. Not this this girl’s curls…my curls are so schizophrenic but I love them anyway 🙂


One more thing, posts like this are why this site is so important. Every day, we are bombarded with imagery which shows white women as beautiful or the ubiquitous stripper/sex worker as being the ideal woman. I love that sites like this show intelligent, positive, demure women as beautiful for once. Sometimes I get discouraged or wonder why my looks/style aren’t good enough. Then I come to sites like this where I feel beautiful too because my style is center stage. I enjoy and learn from intelligent women who are admirable in more ways than just their looks.


Gorgeous. Medium length afros are so cute! All of the women have very different, yet all very cute, haircuts! I think that is where a good fro starts–a good hair cut/shape.


Candice’s second photo reminds me of Whitney Houston. All the ladies are beautiful!


Great advice Ladies. I’m medium length right now.


Victoria resembles Sanaa Lathan in her first pic…
Four lovely ladies with gorgeous hair!!


I was thinking the same thing when I saw that pic!


Yep, me too!

Elodie Careme

Mdeium lenght ? If my hair was like this I would call it long and certainly not medium…


Exactly! Especially when it’s stretched…it IS long!

Leah James

My Hair is that length that is medium length not long . Long hair is way longer and bigger .